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15 Best Things to Do in Warsaw, IN

  • Published 2021/11/23

Warsaw, Indiana, prides itself as the “Orthopedic Capital of the World.”

Many of the long-standing orthopedic device makers are still around today.

At the same time, the industry is the number one job creator in town.

However, it’s not just a city that makes orthopedic machines, but it’s also a welcoming community with several attractions.

Even though Warsaw is a small city, it doesn’t suffer a shortage of attractions to satisfy travelers of any stripe.

For instance, history buffs will like that Warsaw has five sites named to the National Register of Historic Places.

Likewise, Warsaw has an abundance of natural destinations for adventurers.

You can choose any of the three lakes surrounding the city for outdoors fun, like Center Lake, Pike Lake, and Hidden Lake.

Each lake offers a variety of exhilarating or relaxing activities, depending on your mood.

Do you want to know more about Warsaw, Indiana? Check out the list below.

Marvel at the Historic Kosciusko County Courthouse Building

Front View of the Historic Kosciusko County Courthouse Building

Henryk Sadura /

As a city steeped in history, Warsaw has several buildings in the National Register of Historic Places.

Make sure to visit them when you’re in town.

You can see the Old Jail first and then move to the Kosciusko County Courthouse next.

What’s essential about the Kosciusko County Courthouse building?

Front View of the Historic Kosciusko County Courthouse Building

Wendy van Overstreet /

It’s one of the oldest structures in the city, with its cornerstone laid in 1882.

Likewise, it’s a marvel of construction because of the materials that went into its Second Empire style.

You can pull out all of the iron in the limestone building and fill 16 semitrailers.

Set all the bricks on a line, and it’ll extend to 85 miles.

Front View of the Historic Kosciusko County Courthouse Building

Henryk Sadura /

Finally, the plaster in the building is enough to fill a whole football field.

Today, the courthouse building still serves the legal needs of Warsaw residents.

You can stand beneath the façade and take some photographs or take postcard-quality photos of the building itself.

Visit the Kosciusko County Courthouse building at 100 W Center St., Warsaw, IN 46580.

See a Show at the Wagon Wheel Center for the Arts

In 1955, Herbert Petrie built the city’s first performing arts theatre after experiencing the magic of performance in Washington’s Penthouse Theatre.

He wanted to bring the intimacy of the theatre-in-the-round form to Warsaw.

Back then, the theatre only comprised a gravel floor, some canvas chairs, a chicken coop, and a dressing room.

The chicken coop was where the troupe made costumes and sets.

Today, the Wagon Wheel has become home to numerous spellbinding performances that have mesmerized audiences from all over.

You’ll get to see multiple shows and productions to make for an unforgettable Warsaw trip.

Visit the Wagon Wheel Center for the Arts at 2515 E. Center Street, Warsaw, IN 46580.

Join Events at Central Park

Depending on when you visit Warsaw, you can catch different shows or events at Central Park.

The park stages live concerts every Friday night during the summer.

Besides concerts, you can also see a movie screening there.

Other park events include the Rockin’ for Riley Concert, Blues & BBQ Festival, and the Country Concert for St. Jude.

Without events, the Park remains a conventional open space filled with leisure amenities.

You can enjoy its several gardens or have a picnic under its shelters.

If you want to take a stroll, you can take the sidewalk along the grounds.

Otherwise, you can simply play catch with your kids or read a book in the grassy area.

Visit the Central Park at 225 E Ft. Wayne St., Warsaw, IN 46580.

Learn Local History at the Old County Jail Museum

Front View of Old County Jail Museum

Holly Ramsey, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

For 112 years, Warsaw’s Old County Jail has been the city’s primary detention center.

A tremendous sense of history permeates the jail walls, making you feel more deeply about its importance to the community.

The sheriff and his family also lived in the building, where they even fed the inmates back then.

Today, the repurposed jail is a museum and home of the Kosciusko County Historical Society.

It contains several historical artifacts, such as items taken from the notorious armed robber John Dillinger.

You’ll also see the original cells and bullpens in the three-floor jail.

Visit the Old County Jail Museum at 121 N Indiana St., Warsaw, IN 46580.

Visitw the Warsaw Biblical Garden

Another park you can visit in Warsaw is the Biblical Garden, which Saralee Levin began in 1985 because of her dream to start a unique garden in the city.

The area used to be an open space, left behind after the Levin and Sons Scrapyard got removed in 1981.

However, Mrs. Levin got inspired by her visits to similar gardens and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City.

She remembered Warsaw’s rich religious history and decided to start the Biblical Garden.

The garden got its name from its diverse plant life, which the Bible’s Old and New Testaments mention.

Moreover, Mrs. Levin did careful research to keep the garden faithful to its name.

Today, you can visit several garden regions, such as the forest, brook, meadow, desert, and herb sections.

Despite only spanning 3/4 of an acre, the garden is truly unique in all United States.

Visit the Warsaw Biblical Gardens at 347 N Buffalo St., Warsaw, IN 46580.

Study Nature Along the Beyer Farm Greenway Trail

If you prefer to stretch your legs through hiking, follow the Beyer Farm Greenway Trail.

You’ll get good exercise while learning more about the surrounding wetlands.

Along the way, you might even see local animals roaming the vegetation.

The trail comprises an 1800-foot boardwalk situated in the middle of wetlands.

You’ll also find a stone amphitheater near the Kosciusko County Hospital.

Once you leave the marsh, you’ll see an asphalt trail leading to the Pike Lake Campground.

The Beyer Farm Greenway Trailhead starts at 1013 E. Arthur Street, Warsaw, IN 46580.

Grab Unique Décor at Warsaw Cut Glass Company

If you think Warsaw just produces orthopedic devices, you’re wrong.

The city also hosts a well-established glass-cutting company, the Warsaw Cut Glass Company, founded in 1911.

It used to be a branch of the Johnson-Carlson Cut Glass Company in Chicago until it grew into a Warsaw fixture.

True to its name, Warsaw Cut Glass’ products come in a variety of etching patterns.

For example, their cocktail sets have either a kitty or puppy cut into each glass.

Their etchings also give a personal touch to their collections, such as the decanter and martini ones.

Another glassware set you can buy is a pilsner set for beer-lovers, and a Manhattan pitcher set, for afternoon snack times.

Visit the Warsaw Cut Glass Company at 505 S Detroit St., Warsaw, IN 46580.

Party at Hansen’s Eastlake Skating Center

Call it old-fashioned, but roller skating is still a thrilling family-friendly adventure.

If you’ve had your fill of parks and gardens, bring your family or friends to Hansen’s Eastlake Skating Center for a night of laughs and excitement.

The center also offers party packages for special occasions, like birthdays.

So, why not treat your kids to a birthday they’ll cherish forever?

These party packages cover skate rentals, rink use, and even ice cream.

If you’re running out of team-building activities for the office, Hansen’s also offers private parties for companies, schools, and churches, among others.

Visit the Hansen’s Eastlake Skating Center at 3010 Frontage Rd, Warsaw, IN 46580.

Enjoy Delicious Meals at the One Ten Craft Meatery

All that walking around in Warsaw should make anyone hungry.

Satisfy your cravings for exquisite meals by dropping by the One Ten Craft Meatery.

They’ll serve you only the tastiest dishes prepared from the freshest sources.

You’ll also support local businesses that cultivate relationships with farmers and businesses throughout several states like Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Kentucky.

If you want meats, you can choose among different slices of steak.

You can even see the minute differences between chops, such as tenderness and marbling.

Meat-lovers will appreciate their menu.

Visit the One Ten Craft Meatery at 110 N Buffalo St., Warsaw, IN 46580.

Grab a Cup of Joe at the Wire & Steam Coffee Company

Many customers have already left glowing testimonials about Warsaw’s Wire & Steam Coffee Company, and for a good reason.

The store offers a diverse selection of coffee and tea while providing a singular ambiance conducive to work or relaxation.

If your office wants to find a new comfortable meeting place, the coffee shop also rents out a conference room.

You’ll hold your monthly meetings in a hassle-free location.

Customer testimonials have also praised the staff’s service, citing their kindness and professionalism.

So, what are you waiting for?

Drink your coffee in peace at Wire & Steam today!

Visit the Wire & Steam Coffee Company at 2858 Frontage Rd, Warsaw, IN 46580.

Support Local Artists at the Red Bird Art Studio

You might notice the different paintings hung up inside Wire & Steam.

These works are from a local artist, Denise Cardinal, who runs Warsaw’s Red Bird Art Studio.

She creates art for sale and commissions in her pursuit of delighting and touching people’s hearts through painting.

If you don’t know what to get as souvenirs, support local art by visiting the Red Bird Art Studio.

You can check out paintings fresh off the canvas.

Likewise, every piece in the studio is handmade, and you can see the heart and effort put into each work.

The studio also offers a 100% refund if you want to return your paintings.

You just need to prevent any damage.

Visit the Red Bird Art Studio at 504 N Bay Dr, Warsaw, IN 46580.

Play Disc Golf at Lucerne Park

If you want to try a new sport, you can head over to the disc golf courses in Warsaw.

You can try going to Lucerne Park for a game of disc golf or an afternoon of hanging out.

For tourists who don’t know disc golf, it’s the same as golf.

However, you use Frisbees instead of a ball and clubs.

You hurl your Frisbee from your tee point to a target hole, usually an elevated metal basket.

Lucerne Park offers a nine-hole disc golf course that everyone can enjoy, regardless of skill level or experience.

You can also play at your own pace, so beginners won’t need to worry.

It’s more fun to play a new sport if you’re not alone.

Visit the disc golf course at Lucerne Park, located at 800 N Park Avenue, Warsaw, IN 46580.

Go Fishing at Pike Lake Beach

Warsaw is a unique city because it hosts more than 100 natural lakes, and you can fish at any of them.

If you can’t choose, you can simply go to Pike Lake Beach, under the Warsaw Parks and Recreation Department.

From the boat launch, you can ride a boat to catch bass or bluegill.

On the other hand, you can hang out at the lakeside beach.

Moreover, you can spend the night at the beach’s campground and let your kids enjoy the playground.

However, Pike Lake Beach doesn’t have a lifeguard, so only swim if you know how.

Visit the Pike Lake Beach at 1009 E Arthur St., Warsaw, IN 46580.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Go Kayaking at the Lake House at Winona Lake

View of Winona Lake

Richard W Mazakis /

Among the lake activities you can try in Warsaw are kayaking and paddleboarding.

You can spend an afternoon, or the whole day, taking in the entirety of the waterfront village.

Just head over to the Village at Winona Lake to start your adventure.

In the village, you’ll find the Lake House that provides everything you need to enjoy the lake.

Spice up your dates by kayaking or paddleboarding!

View of Winona Lake

Andrew Latham, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Maybe this new adventure might be enough to push your relationship to the next level.

Besides, if you don’t want to go on the water, you can simply walk along the grounds and admire the sights.

Visit the Lake House at Winona Lake at 720 E Canal St., Winona Lake, IN.

It’s just a six-minute drive from downtown Warsaw.

Get Your Hands Dirty at Pottery Bayou

Still, inside the Village at Winona Lake, the Pottery Bayou gives you the chance to craft souvenirs for yourself.

After all, why spend money on trinkets when you can make them yourself?

Knowing that you created something would also work wonders for your self-esteem.

Inside Pottery Bayou, you can free your imagination by painting your pottery using the studio’s available tools.

The staff will also teach you the basics of glass fusing before creating your masterpieces of glass art.

Likewise, you can use the studio’s pottery wheel to mold your piece of clay art.

Visit the Pottery Bayou at 806 Park Avenue, Winona Lake, IN 46590.

Final Thoughts

No matter what you do at Warsaw, Indiana, you’ll leave with a handful of new memories you’ll remember for a long time.

The city offers an equal blend of adventure and relaxation, fitting everyone’s tastes.

Book your Warsaw trip today!

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