15 Best Things to Do in South Bend

15 Best Things to Do in South Bend

South Bend is a beautiful metropolitan city in Indiana, United States. The city is full of art and architecture, and is home to a great variety of Flora and Fauna. There are a number of historical sites and a great deal of tourist attractions in this city.

In fact, some of the historic sites in South Bend are the most famous tourist attractions in the United States. So let us take you into the heart of this city and explore the top 13 places to visit in South Bend, United States.

Visit the Potawotami Zoo

Potawotami Zoo
Skadiseven, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This nature and wildlife preserve in Indiana is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. With over a hundred species of birds and animals, the Potawotami zoo is the oldest zoo in the town. The zoo is well-maintained and clean.

The animals in this zoo are all healthy and look very happy. You can get a chance to view some wild animals like lions and tigers, or meet cute little bears and pandas in this zoo. You can feed the giraffe some lettuce leaves, or pet some cute pandas.

You can also photograph all different species of animals. This zoo is a great place to teach your kids about the importance of local wildlife and give them a real experience of these friendly and cute animals.

There is also a cute gift shop in the zoo from where you can buy souvenirs for your friends and family. This zoo is perfect if you want to have a peaceful experience of the wildlife.

Studebaker National Museum

Studebaker national museum
Steven Heim / Shutterstock.com

This automobile museum in Indiana is one of the biggest tourist attractions of the town. The museum has a 3 storey building and has various different exhibits on each level. One of the most exquisite and interesting exhibitions is the vintage car display, which is most loved by the people.

This historic museum is a great and interesting place to learn about the history of the town. The museum is very informative and has very cool objects in display. It spreads awareness about women voting rights through some of its exhibits.

You can find a lot of vintage automobile exhibits in this museum and loads of other things at a very pocket friendly price! So do pay a visit to this historic automobile museum and learn newer things about classic vintage articles.

Experience the Art Museums

Snite museum of art in South Bend
Arthur LeBon, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Art museums hold such beauty in them that no other historic place could ever hold. Let us take you into the Snite museum of art in South Bend, United States.

The museum has in display various exhibits from old classic art to newer modern abstract art. The museum is situated in the campus of university of Notre De and has various artwork displays made by students of art and design from the same university.

The aesthetics of this museum are truly beautiful and mesmerizing. The museum has a collection of artwork from all around the world. The best part of the museum is the beautiful abstract paintings that evoke different feelings in different people.

The museum holds various events, lectures, programmes, exhibitions and workshops which people from all around the city come to attend. It is a very fascinating and interesting art museum to visit in the city. Do get an experience of this beautiful site whenever you are in and around the town.

The South bend museum of art in South bend is another amazing art museum in town and it isn’t any different from the Snite, both these places are equally beautiful and creative and are a must-visit.

Basilica of Sacred Jesus

The Basilica of sacred Jesus in United States is the described as the most beautiful and amazing churches of the country. This church is one of the most famous tourist attractions of the States and people from all around the country come to visit this beautiful site at least once in their lifetime, such beauty this place holds.

The art and architecture of this church is extremely beautiful to gaze at. People feel very peaceful just by being here. The whole church is filled with creative and beautiful paintings and art.

You can attend a Sunday mass in this church or simply visit to adore the magnificence of this church that is filled with serenity. Do pay a visit to this classic tourist attraction and experience the beauty of this church by yourself! We promise, it wouldn’t fail to amuse you.

St Patrick County Park

The St Patrick County Park is a very beautiful, clean and well-maintained park in the city. The park is usually sunny, bright and warm in the summers and is a great place for lakeside camping.

You can go for a cute little picnic in the day and for a beautiful stargazing and camping at night. You can get a chance to experience wildlife in this riverfront park. You can also rent a boat during the day and go for a boating in the inbuilt river in the park which is beautiful, clear and filled with crystal blue water. This place is filled with different well-marked trails for you to go hiking on.

It is a perfect place to go to whenever one feels out of touch with nature. You can visit this park with your family and spend some quality time in the nature’s lap. The park is well-lit at night making it the perfect spot for overnight camping. It is a great spot for taking pictures and enjoying the beauty of nature.

Notre Dame Golden Dome

Notre Dame Golden Dome
Scott K Baker / Shutterstock.com

The Notre Dame golden Dome is a historic landmark situated in the campus of a local University. The golden dome sparkles when sunlight hits its surface and the view is absolutely gorgeous to look at. The Dome is described to “have a personality of its own”, such is its magnificence.

The art and architecture of the dome is mind-blowing. The whole place is filled with beautiful and colourful flowers, making it a very peaceful and calming place. The whole campus is clean and well-maintained for visitors to get an amazing experience of the dome.

The Dome is filled with various artworks, paintings and sculptures made both by the university students and from artists worldwide. Both the outside and inside of the Dome are equally beautiful and definitely worth a visit.

Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes

This magnificent and peaceful shrine in South Bend is another one of its main tourist attractions and is truly a gem of the city. It is the perfect place to go to when one does not feel at ease and want to attain some peace.

The best time to visit this shrine is at dawn, for the lights of all the lit candles add an immense beauty to this place and makes it totally worth a visit. The shrine is very powerful and very peaceful, all at once. It is truly worth a visit if you are in town.

Four Winds Casino

This is for all the people who love partying, clubbing and love spending their nights outside of their hotel rooms. The Four Winds casino in South Bend is an amazing casino where you can go and drink your woes away at night.

It is the best place to go for some fun and gambling if you are in town. The whole vibe of this casino is dark, chill and fun, making it the perfect place to go to when one wants to enjoy nightlife.

The food and games here are all amazing, and the buffet is very yummy for a very pocket friendly price. Remember to spend carefully while you are at the casino. Overall, it is a great casino with amazing games, slots, food and is the perfect spot to go to if you are visiting with your friends and want to have some fun time.

River Lights Plaza

This is truly an unmissable place if you are in South bend. The river lights plaza is the most beautiful place to visit at night when the whole river is lit up and the view is extremely gorgeous to gaze at.

There are fireworks at the end of the day, every day, which is the highlight of the whole visit. The river is massive and beautiful with crystal blue waters, and is coloured with different coloured lights like red, purple, green and blue at night along with beautiful fireworks up above in the sky, making it the most wholesome experience for whoever is visiting.

Kennedy Water Park

This adventure water park in South Bend is the perfect place for visiting with your family and kids. The water park caters to the need of all age groups as fun has no age limit.

You can swim around in the pool, which is shallow and warm for kids to be in, kids can take some slides into the water, enjoy the waves, and adults can simply sip some soda while dipping their legs in the water or picnic around, however one likes it. The water park has splash pads for kids to enjoy.  

The water park has simple and easy rides available for kids. Adults can picnic around the pool while their kids swim around in water.  It overall is a great place where the whole family can spend some quality time together.

Rum Village Nature Centre

This nature centre in South Bend is a great place to take a walk in. The centre is full of well-marked trails where you can go hiking. It is also the perfect place for a day picnic with a view. The sunset here is truly breathtaking and is definitely worth a watch.

You can get the chance to experience the local animals in this nature centre. The whole area is full of greenery and colourful flowers. There are activity courses, golf pits and many fun activities for you to do when you are in this park.

Ice Box Skating Rink

Ice box skating Rink
Nagel Photography / Shutterstock.com

This skating park in South Bend is a very fun place to visit. The park is filled with ice and gives you an experience of real-life ice skating. You can visit with your friends or family and have fun and quality time together. The ring is big enough for multiple people to skate at the same time.

The professionals are always available to help and teach you how to skate.  They also have a spectator stand for people who do not want to indulge in, yet experience the fun of ice-skating. It is definitely a spot that you must visit if you are in South Bend.

Kamm Island Park

This island park is a beautiful place to go fishing in South Bend. The Kamm Island is clean, well-maintained, and has many well-marked trails and is filled with sapphire blue water.

The whole scenery of the place is very beautiful and amazing. You can have a look at Geese, Ducks and Turtles when you are around. The island also holds many events all around the year making IT a very fun and interesting spot to be at.

By now, you probably have an idea about what places to visit and what to do when you’re in this beautiful city, but the true art of travel is only in exploring the unexplored and finding newer places. So wander and explore the streets of South Bend, and complete your vacation by finding the hidden gems of the city.