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15 Best Things to Do in Noblesville, IN

  • Published 2022/08/11

Noblesville is a city that prides itself on its historical roots while fully embracing modern times.

As the 14th largest city in Indiana, this thriving suburb is one of the oldest communities in Hamilton County.

The city is home to old-fashioned aesthetics, peppered with stunning Victorian-style homes preserved with its historic buildings.

You can walk down roads with original bricks to experience their historical beauty.

Likewise, visit the central square where the Hamilton County Courthouse stands.

There are also plenty of local eateries and boutiques in the surrounding area.

Explore and take in the city’s vibrant culture deeply rooted in its history and openness to the modern world.

Here are the best things to do in Noblesville, Indiana:

Take a Stroll through Historic Noblesville Square

Hamilton County Courthouse at the Historic Noblesville Square

Roberto Galan /

The Historic Noblesville Square is a downtown hub home to a wide variety of local eateries and boutiques.

At the center of it all stands the Hamilton County Courthouse, whose iconic clocktower shows a commanding view of the city.

It is also one of the two central art districts in Hamilton County.

Around the square, you can find stores for antiques, fashion, and other novelties, as well as thrift shops filled with affordable vintage clothing.

There are also a variety of local cafes and restaurants favored by locals that visitors will love.

Uptown Cafe is a Noblesville staple.

Since the 1930s, local tradition says you need to drop by there if it’s your first time in Noblesville.

At night, you can go drinking at the local pubs to relax and have fun with your friends or meet other locals.

Explore the Historic Noblesville Square to find hidden treasures in their boutiques or find a new favorite diner.

Go Boating at Morse Marina

Are you looking for a relaxing outdoor experience with your loved ones?

Then make sure you head on over to the Morse Marina!

This marina has offered fun and family-friendly activities on the Morse Reservoir, just a few minutes away from Historic Noblesville Square.

They offer eight high-quality pontoons that can take you around the reservoir.

Otherwise, you can also swim and go fishing.

If you’re worried about not knowing how to drive a boat, don’t fret, as the marina doesn’t require boating experience!

Rest assured, their instructors will teach you everything you need to know as long as you pass their basic requirements.

With or without boating, you’ll still have a fun and relaxing time with Morse Marina.

Book in advance and rent one of their boats to experience the relaxing waters of Morse Reservoir!

Play Golf at Forest Park

Located at the heart of Noblesville, Forest Park is a 150-acre property with many activities and amenities.

One of their most-visited amenities is their nine-hole golf course.

With elevated greens and contours challenging seasoned golfers, this course sports a well-maintained play area free of water hazards.

However, this isn’t the only thing to enjoy in Forest Park!

The park is also home to the famous “Little Beauty” Carousel, hand-built in 1920, which became a permanent attraction in 1996.

You can also enjoy your favorite sports such as baseball, tennis, and skating in their designated parks and courts.

If that wasn’t enough, the Aquatic Center contains all your swimming pool needs to beat the summer heat!

This center features an Olympic-sized pool, a kiddie pool, and fun additions to liven up your swimming experience.

Get your pass to Forest Park to enjoy all the activities their park offers to people of all ages!

Go on an Excursion at Nickel Plate Express

The Nickel Plate Express is a family-friendly train excursion that you can also find in Forest Park.

Founded in 2017, the train is a non-profit attraction that runs through the Nickel Plate Road between Noblesville and Atlanta.

Each ride is a roundtrip excursion that runs for approximately an hour.

To preserve railroad history, they use historic 1956 Santa Fe El Capitan cars to host fun and educational trips.

The Nickel Plate Express offers adults aged 21 and above beer samples they can enjoy throughout the ride!

They also offer families with kids superhero and wizard-themed rides.

These trains also host special events, including a murder mystery dinner and a holiday-themed excursion.

If you’d like to enjoy the view outside their stunning train cars while enjoying an education ride, book a ticket to the Nickel Plate Express!

Visit the Hamilton County Museum of History and Old Sheriff’s Residence

The Hamilton County Museum of History and Old Sheriff’s Residence display the county’s 200 years of rich history.

Also foundon the National Register of Historic Places, this building functioned as a jail from 1876 until 1977.

The Hamilton County Historical Society then had the building renovated, turning it into a museum to promote and preserve the county’s history.

You can explore and learn about the notorious inmates once locked up in the old jail.

The building also hosts a Ghost Tour where you can learn about the county’s chilling past.

Visit the non-profit Hamilton County Museum of History and Old Sheriff’s Residence and learn more about county history.

Enjoy the Outdoors at Potter’s Bridge Park

Another famous park in this city is Potter’s Bridge Park.

Here you can find the last remaining covered bridge in Hamilton County.

Josiah Durfee and the Company of Hamilton County built Potter’s Bridge from 1870 to 1871.

Stretching 246 feet, the bridge stands amid a 66-acre park filled with fun activities for the family and kid-friendly playgrounds.

The park has numerous nature-rich trails under a beautiful forest canopy, making it an incredible path to hike or to spot some wildlife.

You can also try canoeing or kayaking through the White River for quick fishing.

In October, the park hosts the Potter’s Bridge Fall Festival, where you can enjoy fantastic live music and over 70 booths that offer fun crafts and pottery.

If you want a relaxing day at the park to enjoy nature, Potter’s Bridge Park can give you what you’re looking for.

Sip Wine at Country Moon Winery

Country Moon Winery welcomes visitors of all ages.

However, only those of the legal drinking age can enjoy the variety of wines there.

This winery can accommodate people in their indoor and outdoor seatings.

They offer ten kinds of wine paired with a plate of sliced cheeses for tasting.

Otherwise, sip the wine at your own pace with their sampler trays.

The winery is also open to hosting parties for big groups where you can plan your food and wine menu for the best party possible.

You can also join their vineyard tours hosted every Saturday or book a private tour for close groups.

Nature paths in this vineyard also allow you to sip wine on a patio surrounded by butterflies in August.

Make sure you get a taste of the growing vineyard culture in the state at the Country Moon Winery.

Catch a Live Show at Ruoff Music Center

A live concert in Ruoff Music Center

Sarah Poole, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Ruoff Music Center is the largest outdoor amphitheater in the entire state.

This venue can accommodate more than 24,000 people on its 228 acres of land.

The summer season lineups are announced in advance and run almost daily from May to September.

This amphitheater is a staple for pop stars and rock legends, hosting concerts and festivals for everyone to enjoy.

Stay updated with their upcoming shows.

Join thousands of like-minded music lovers singing along with your favorite bands and musicians at the Ruoff Music Center.

Spend the Day on the Water at White River Canoe Company

Are you looking for a fun way to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Noblesville?

The White River Canoe Company offers fun kayaking and canoeing trips on the White River, where you can take in the nature that surrounds the area.

The company offers canoe, kayak, and tubing trips.

Choose between the different half-day and full-day trips they offer.

You can book these amenities for the whole family to enjoy!

Book a ride down the White River at the White River Canoe Company for a relaxing trip through the river surrounded by nature.

Bring the Kids to Morse Park and Beach

The Morse Park and Beach is a 23-acre park with activities and amenities!

The beach is open all summer; you can beat the heat for a small fee.

However, the beach is only one of the many amenities to enjoy.

Pack your sports attire because you can also play at the 18-hole disc golf course.

Then, go to the volleyball court and a softball complex that hosts leagues in the spring and summer.

You can also sit back and relax at their picnic grounds, shelters for rent, and bathhouse.

Kids will enjoy the newly redesigned playground featuring multiple levels, rock climbing walls, and swings!

Whether alone or with your family, you’re sure to enjoy this park’s extensive list of activities and relaxing leisure activities.

Make sure you drop by Morse Park and Beach!

Indulge in Outdoor Activities at Strawtown Koteewi Park

If you’re looking to enjoy a wide variety of outdoor adventures, then Strawtown Koteewi Park is just for you!

As the largest and most scenic park in Hamilton County, the park offers more than eight miles of trails and many outdoor activities.

You can enjoy different activities in the surrounding nature.

You can traverse nature at the park’s Aerial Adventure Park by overcoming obstacles and zip lines.

You can also explore the park on horseback at the K-Trails Equestrian Adventures.

The park also offers lessons, tournaments, or leisurely archery experiences for kids and adults at the Sport and Target Archery Center.

When the weather’s right, you can also enjoy a day of tubing down snowy hills at the Seasonal Slopes Snow Tubing Adventures!

You can set up camp at the White River Campground if you enjoy more laid-back activities.

Otherwise, you can discover the county’s colorful history at the Taylor Center of Natural History.

Whether you want to enjoy exhilarating activities or to relax and discover the history, Strawtown Koteewi Park has all the activities you need.

Learn about Native American History at the Taylor Center of Natural History

Also located in Strawtown Koteewi Park, you can find the Taylor Center of Natural History, which showcases the rich and fascinating history of Hamilton County.

The Koteewi Trace Exhibit houses comprehensive, full-scale Native American structures.

You can also learn about and view the exhibition of exciting archeological discoveries found at the park itself.

As the centerpiece of this park’s educational efforts, the museum lets visitors understand these artifacts from an archaeologist’s perspective.

Science and history lovers will enjoy this center’s different exhibits and educational tours.

Stop by the Taylor Center of Natural History and expand your knowledge!

Drop by Russell Farms Pumpkin Patch

The Russell Farms Pumpkin Patch is the best place for you and your family for entertainment during the fall.

You can enjoy a day here with your loved ones.

Ride a wagon with your family and pick out special pumpkins.

You can also join their item hunt around their five-acre maze at the corn mazes!

They also house a petting zoo where you can visit farm animals and learn about their roles at the farm.

Bring your family to Russell Farms Pumpkin Patch!

Explore the White River Greenway

The White River Greenway is a 5.9-mile trail that runs through Noblesville.

Also found around Potter’s Bridge Park, this trail will surely give you a pleasant day of walking through the surrounding nature.

You can enjoy skating through their asphalt trails.

You can also take out your bike for a quick ride under the trees, lay out a picnic blanket, and enjoy the shade.

If you’re looking for an active day outdoors, go through the trails at White River Greenway.

Try Laser Tag at Bowl 32 & 3-2-FUN

Bowl 32 & 3-2-FUN is an indoor entertainment center situated within the center of Noblesville and provides much fun and excitement for all!

Some of their main attractions include a glow-in-the-dark laser tag and indoor golf that can accommodate small kids.

They also offer axe-throwing, where you can release your stress or challenge a loved one to a friendly round!

The Game Zone at this facility is a major hit with both kids and adults, with popular games such as The Walking Dead, The Wizard of Oz Jackpot Game, and other classic arcade games!

After your day of fun, head to their eatery, Big Dawg Pizza and More, and grab a hearty meal to keep you energized.

You’re guaranteed an entire day of fun with the whole family, so try and visit Bowl 32 & 3-2-FUN!

Final Thoughts

Noblesville, Indiana, is a city filled to the brim with a colorful history, stunning historical buildings, and a long list of fun activities enjoyable for people of all ages.

Whether you are looking for an exciting adventure immersed in nature or an informative learning journey, this city is for people looking for new things to do.

Allow yourself to be charmed by this stunning city famous for its love for its history while still moving forward.

Book your trip today and find more things to do in Noblesville, Indiana!

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