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15 Best Things to Do in Winamac, IN

  • Published 2022/08/11

Did you know that Winamac is a direct translation of catfish in the Potawatomi language?

This town in Monroe Township boosts with summer attractions for that ideal weekend escapade.

At Winamac, various family-friendly tourist spots and centers litter the neighborhood.

The mix of natural and artificial recreational sites makes this town more alluring.

Even with a population of only over 2,000, Winamac possesses a unique beauty that surpasses its small-town appeal.

This is why there’s always something new to explore and enjoy at every crook and corner.

Here are the best things to do in Winamac, IN:

Go Canoeing at Tippecanoe River State Park

The waters of Tippecanoe River State Park

Scott J. Kingery /

Tippecanoe River State Park, located to the right of Base Road, is a must-see spot for the campers at heart.

This riverside state park combines hiking and camping to the next level.

The trail stretches over 23 miles—at least nine miles for hiking, the rest for a mix of hiking and horseback riding.

This campsite also offers people the chance to admire the beauty of the waters through canoeing and kayaking.

Nature trail at Tippecanoe River State Park

Liz416 /

There are also youth tent areas within the grounds.

Among the buildings erected around Tippecanoe River State Park is the Tepicon Recreation Hall.

This hall is an excellent choice for events hosting and other planned get-togethers.

Keep your inner child scout burning as you walk around this exquisite site and rent a cabin for an immersive nature experience.

Observation tower at Tippecanoe River State Park

Liz416 /

Take a Photo at the Memorial Swinging Bridge Project

Keep your camera ready as you embark on a river tour at the Memorial Swinging Bridge Project.

This suspension bridge greets you at Main Street, where Winamac Town Park resides just a few miles away.

Known as an extension of the enchantment of the park, this bridge also serves other purposes.

On the July 4, 1983, the bridge served as a dedication to the military personnel from Pulaski County.

The bridge has survived various disasters, like fires and floods, and remains standing.

It is part of an illumination project that strives to continue the legacy of those who protected the country’s freedom.

As you walk around the bridge, remember to take a photo of this remarkable historical project.

Look down on the peaceful rivers below the Memorial Swinging Bridge and celebrate your freedom.

Discuss Antique Machinery at the Northern Indiana Power from the Past, Inc.

Across the Northern Indiana Power From the Past, Inc. lawns, you’ll find yourself marveling at the exhibits.

This exhibition camp hosts various tractor and machinery shows, all created at different points in the past.

Its mission is to represent the agricultural industry’s stationary machines, engines, and powered equipment.

More importantly, it educates and preserves all sorts of machinery for future generations.

This family display show also features some eccentric but entertaining programs.

You might catch the more popular horse pull program or the classic car cruise-in if you’re lucky.

The buildings surrounding the venue are also full of flea market vendors

Bring home a bargained souvenir right after an informative tour.

You can find the Northern Indiana Power from the Past near the Winamac Town Park, along Old State Road.

Try a Tube Trip at Riverside Rentals

Riverside Rentals offers a refreshing aquatic tour of the Tippecanoe River.

This rental service is a preferable choice for families and groups.

Its canoe and kayak trips offer special miles offerings and even an overnight trip.

Its rafting and rocket tube trips provide a fun and creative river tour with donut- and chair-shaped tubes.

You’ll feel maximum exhilaration from the rush of water moving you across historical land and aquatic reserves.

Put on your water shoes and get ready for the ride of your life.

Take a right turn from E Old State Road and plan your next tube trip with your friends at Riverside Rentals.

Expand Your Motorcycle Knowledge at the World of Motorcycles Museum

Since September 1962, Kersting’s Cycle Center has served motorcycle dealers and owners of all ages.

This family-operated business has created a name for itself as an exclusive vehicle and gear selling company.

Perhaps its most striking amenity is its museum, The World of Motorcycles Museum.

You’ll find a variety of machines spanning different countries and centuries.

Collector bikes line the exhibit, hardware, and other related clothing.

The relics result from Jim Kersting’s—the owner’s—decades of purchasing and collecting motorcycles.

Walk through the showrooms and broaden your motorcycle knowledge with fun tidbits you can get on your visit.

You can see the World of Motorcycles Museum by the roadside.

Bring Your Dog to Winamac Town Park

The grounds of Winamac Town Park

Chris Light, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Standing right along Old State Road is Winamac Town Park in all its 40-acre glory.

This dog-friendly park allows you to bring your furry pet around for a leisure walk or a recreational exercise.

Its large expanse of walking trails and shade trees gives visitors entertainment.

At the same time, it holds a playground center full of kid-safe equipment for public access.

Scattered around the premises are park benches you can choose to lounge around after an exhausting run.

Bring a picnic basket with you to share with a loved one or your furry friend on the picnic tables.

You’ll also find softball diamonds, volleyball courts, tennis courts, and shelters for rent.

If you’re feeling hungry, the park also has a concession stand to keep you full and energized for another walk with your dog.

Appreciate the Gardens at Mill Creek Gardens

Are you looking for simple bed and breakfast accommodations while you complete your Winamac town tour?

Get down to East County Road, where Mill Creek Gardens stands.

This bed and breakfast is home to spacious rooms and conference halls for your next meeting or event.

The staff offers breakfast at no additional cost if you choose to stay.

Relax around the outdoor seating area with a book or tea for an afternoon break.

Enjoy a mix of luxury and simplicity as you avail of their suite or lounge in their entertainment rooms.

Go outside and feel the natural breeze of Winamac around Mill Creek Gardens.

Near the creek, you can also sit at the sundeck to watch as the skies turn from blue to orange during sunsets.

Join a Paintball Match at Fort Knox Paintball

Challenge your critical thinking skills and physical ability with a paintball match at Fort Knox Paintball.

This paintball park brings you quality entertainment and an improved bonding experience unlike any other.

There’s much to explore with the park’s 14 themed maps.

Among the obstacles and buildings in these maps include decks and bridges.

You may expect creative concepts from the themes available, like Area 51, Temple of Doom, and Warwick Castle.

Navigate your way around the mazes waiting for you and catch your opponents by surprise.

If you’d like to play with friends, you can join the park’s private group programs.

To get there, follow Base Road up north until you reach the vast expanse of Fort Knox Paintball.

Rent a Movie at the Pulaski County Public Library

On Riverside Drive, walk through the Pulaski County Public Library halls and get your historical facts straight.

Named the Winamac Public Library in 1905, the library has undergone various evolutionary changes.

By 1969, it officially received the name Pulaski County Public Library.

It serves nine township districts, including Jefferson, Monroe, Cass, and Franklin.

This library prides itself in progressive research, providing informational materials in various formats.

Download magazines and e-books or stream movies and TV shows by checking out titles that catch your interest.

Just be wary of checkout rules and other needed information before doing so.

Are you ready to register to get your library card number?

Set up a Tent at Broken Arrow Campground

RV camping never goes out of style at Broken Arrow Campground.

This campsite offers a variety of camping amenities, from water fill locations to tent accommodations.

It also sits near Diamond Lake, offering a stunning view of the forest and underwater scenery.

View wildlife as you go hiking further down the campsite.

If you’re interested in birds, you can study them while staying at these campgrounds.

Complete the camping experience at Broken Arrow Campground with a bonfire at night.

Check Out the Latest Movies at Isis Theatre

Exterior of Isis Theatre

Chris Light, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Enjoy the latest movies at Isis Theatre.

This cinema is along Montecillo Street in Winamac.

Likewise, the best part about this cinema is it also provides renting, sponsoring, and advertising.

You can rent the theater seven days before company events, birthday celebrations, or special get-togethers.

If you want to screen your indie film, you can ask the theater to help you.

Beyond cinema, Isis Theater hosts a Cancer Support Group every month for those needing a venue to talk.

Staying socially aware and compassionate are only two of the traits of Isis Theatre

Other Things to Do Nearby

Enjoy a Peaceful Stroll around the Clemens Vonnegut Jr. House

A 28-minute ride from Winamac can get you to Culver, Indiana, where the Clemens Vonnegut Jr. House stands.

This historical landmark rental gives off a rustic but enchanting atmosphere.

Its modern geothermal climate control settings and homemade Amish furniture exceed expectations.

The house started as a summer retreat home in 1889.

Since then, it has since undergone multiple renovations.

One thing never changes, though.

It still opens to a scenic view of the bluffs of Lake Maxinkuckee.

Right outside the rental home, enjoy a peaceful stroll along the drive.

Sit on the bench overlooking the lake and find yourself in tranquil silence.

Spend a weekend at the Clemens Vonnegut, Jr. house!

See a Movie in Your Car at Melody Drive-in Theatre

Drive-in theaters are all the rage even in today’s generation.

At Knox, Indiana, only 13 minutes from Winamac, Melody Drive-in Theatre stands proud.

Aside from the entertainment value, this theater boasts a scenic view of farmlands.

Novelty items and concession snacks are also available on the grounds.

You’ll never run out of ways to make your movie-watching the best possible experience.

Put a lawn chair in front of your car for more immersive viewing.

Bring the family to the Melody Drive-In Theater!

Admire the Wildflowers at Prairie Edge Nature Park

In Rochester, Indiana, 24 minutes away from Winamac, is Prairie Edge, Nature Park.

This easily walkable trail extends over 1.8 kilometers in a loop.

Alongside its astounding trail pathway, it also contains amenities like a gazebo, a pavilion, and a butterfly garden.

Following the trails, you’ll find yourself amid brilliant wildflowers and a variety of fowl for excellent bird-watching opportunities.

During the spring, wander around the colorful display of plants and flowers and take a picture or two.

During peak wildflower season, butterflies also come out to color the place with their unbelievable beauty.

Spend the day at the Prairie Edge Nature Park!

Pick Blueberries at Bonnell’s Blueberry Patch

You can never go wrong with Bonnell’s Blueberry Patch for an exciting fruity excursion.

This stop is on North Judson, Indiana, just 30 minutes from remarkable Winamac.

This patch has served people with fresh, high-quality blueberries for several decades.

Bring home several bunches of these tasty fruits and incorporate them into your following dessert recipe.

Head to Bonnell’s Blueberry Patch to pick blueberries on your next Winamac trip.

Final Thoughts

With its quaintness and simple glamor, Winamac continues to shine with its numerous tourist spots.

This town never runs out of places to explore and hang out, from natural preserves to historical attractions.

Now that you know the best things to do in Winamac prepare for your trip to this unique town!

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