15 Best Things to Do in Santa Claus, IN

Santa Claus, IN
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Santa Claus is situated in the southwest part of Indiana, which is popularly recognized for its Christmas theme.

This unique city with a Christmas theme was then established in the year 1849. You might be thinking, why is this city called Santa Claus?

Well, to break the excitement, Santa Claus was neither born nor once lived in this city.

But instead, the origin of this name was derived when the city applied to establish a post office.

Initially, the people put the name "Santa Fe," but it was returned to them with a recommendation to choose a different word instead of "Santa Fe."

The development of the name Santa Claus up until today remained undetermined and became a legend.

Nevertheless, the name Santa Claus was accepted by the Post Office Department in 1856.

As the "ber" months have already started this year, everybody is looking forward to making an unforgettable Christmas season with family and friends by spreading love in the air.

Santa Claus city of Indiana is not only spreading positive vibes during the Christmas season but also during the regular ones, it is naturally rooted in the city to proliferate the spirit of Christmas.

If you want to know more about Santa Claus, Indiana, here are the best things to do in this city.

Take a Breathtaking Ride and Refreshing Splash in Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

View of Holiday World & Splashin' Safari
Jeremy Thompson, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

One of Indiana's most popular theme parks is owned by a family situated in Christmas Blvd, Santa Claus.

The theme park celebrates various events every year, such as Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas.

There are many things that you can try inside this park, such as their thrilling roller coaster, enormous water park, games, live entertainment, and other things.

Splashin' Safari was proclaimed as one of the outstanding water parks today in the United States of America.

With all the most significant and longest roller coasters and slides suitable for family and friends, who can resist the feeling of excitement?

The best part of Splashin' Safari is their water coaster, by which you can experience the feeling of sliding and riding a roller coaster concomitantly.

Splashin' Safari was recognized as one of the World's Cleanest parks, and in 2016, it was proclaimed by the Guinness World Records as the longest water coaster in the world.

Get Some Treats From Santa at the Santa's Candy Castle

Just like in every Christmas season, you need to prepare your Christmas socks to get some treats from Santa.

Well, you can try them all at Santa's Candy Castle, situated at 15499 N State Road 245, Santa Claus.

Sweets, drinks, shirts, books, and gift ideas are available inside!

The employees are incredibly polite and fast, and the place's ambiance makes you beg to stay.

Who would not love to experience the spirit of Christmas while having delightful foods and drinks?

You would enjoy the treats that they offer, and don't forget to bring your camera with you because there are a lot of nice backgrounds for yourself to have a picture of.

Know More About the City in Santa Claus Museum

If you are still curious about the legends and facts that constitute the city of Santa Claus, worry no more because you can discover many things in the Santa Claus Museum.

It is open during weekends from August 9 to December 1.

Entering this feels like being taken back to when the city of Santa Claus and Indiana began.

Explore all the remarkable exhibitions of pictures, articles, and artifacts that play a substantial role in the origin of Santa Claus.

Aside from getting to know the city by exploring its historical origin, you can also get your valuable souvenir inside the gift shop.

Inside the museum, there is a giant Santa Claus statue and church built in 1800, and you can also write your letters to Santa for free at the Original Santa Claus Post Office.

Don't forget to put your name and address so that Santa Claus and his Elves will send you a response in December!

Check Out the Iconic Santa Statute

The statue was built by Carl Barett, a Chicago entrepreneur, on December 22, 1935.

It was built for the world's children, weighing 40 tons and 22 feet tall, at 69 N State Road 245, Santa Claus.

Everybody's free to visit the historical Santa statue to take some family vacation pictures and wish at the wishing well beside it.

Visit the Fun Light Show of Santa Claus Land of Lights

Witness the impressive land of lights and commemorate the story of Rudolph being expressed in brilliant sunshine.

You can roam around the beautiful lights with your family and friends situated in the Lake Rudolph Campground.

It will be an enjoyable experience for everyone to experience a holistic celebration of a comprehensive exhibition of lights throughout the town.

Write a Letter for Santa at Santa's Post Office

It has always been desirable to talk to someone who can give you gifts and happiness during every Christmas season.

Worry no more because the first-ever post office in the town of Santa Claus is still present where you can write your wishes and desires to Santa.

There are a lot of captivating views inside the post office, small wooden tables and chairs are made especially for those who want to write their letters.

The beautiful and colorful background is perfectly matched for the unique and cute stamps for letters and gifts.

By just entering the venue, the atmosphere inside will take you to the place where you will write your wants this Christmas to Santa.

Always remember not to forget your name and address so that Santa Claus will recognize you and send you a response before Christmas comes.

Have Some of the Best Berries Around the Town at HollyBerry Farm

As the Christmas season is right around the corner, brace yourself for a bountiful harvest of strawberries for Santa Claus.

Situated in the eastern part of Candy Castle Road, you can get the fresh and sweetest strawberries in the picking season.

Everything is clean, from the environment to the fruits, ensuring that all the proper sanitation is followed.

Who can resist the sweetness of the strawberry that can be enjoyed together with your loved ones?

The staff is impressively polite and fast in accommodating their valuable customers, and you can indeed feel that the sharing of love is happening.

Feel the Essence of Christmas at the Mistle Drive

You can experience the marvelous spirit of Christmas within the comfort of your car at the Mistle Drive, where you can see illimitable Christmas lights in the town.

The Mistle Drive was always regarded as one of the unique roads in the world as the names therein expressed Christmas names.

In most areas of the street, statues of Santa Clause are present.

Make sure that you are ready for a couple of hours ride, not because of the traffic, but because it will surely make you slow down to see the incredible views.

Discover More About Santa Clause at Spencer County Visitor Bureau

Situated at the Northern Kringle Place, it is one of the most visited places by tourists.

Besides its captivating view and lots of information inside, you can also take some family pictures because there are a lot of enthusiastic backgrounds inside the place.

The Spencer County Visitor Bureau is always committed to enhancing its area and showcasing a positive and polite attitude to its guests.

Purchase Some Stuff at the Santa Claus Christmas Store

If you are having a hard time figuring out the best gift for your friends and relatives this Christmas, this is the best place for you.

Located in the North Kringle Place of Santa Claus, you can have the magical experience inside the store as they will start to open from May 1 to December 31.

As the store's opening schedule each month will vary, you can call them directly so that you would know whether they open or not before your visit.

Christmas decors, gifts, nativities, candies, and others are available inside at a reasonable and affordable price!

What's best inside the Santa Claus Christmas Store, aside from its boundless decorations, is you can have the chance to meet and hug a live Santa Claus.

Enjoy Horseback Riding at Santa's Stables

If you haven't experienced pleasant horseback riding, now it's your chance.

You can visit Santa's Stables at the eastern part of the County Road of Santa Claus and experience one of the best outdoor activities with the lovely horses.

It is suitable to spend birthdays, anniversaries, and most especially Christmas.

Celebrating Christmas with family and friends by horseback riding could be a unique one.

Everybody is recommending Santa's Stables because you don't have to worry about how the horses will behave apart from its passionate ambiance. After all, they were well-trained by the experts.

Going to Santa's Stables for horseback riding could unveil your love for animals, particularly horses.

Buy Some Toy Gifts at Santa's TOYS

It cannot be denied that the spirit of Christmas is giving love and gifts, whether it is for others or yourself.

If you have your children with you, this would be the best place where you can take them.

Santa's Toys not only provides toys for the children, but everything they can offer is suitable for all ages.

Located in the northern part of Kringle Place of Santa Claus, you can have a variety of great toys inside at the most affordable price.

Aside from its affordability, its quality is also proven to be high and outstanding.

No one could resist seeing the gorgeous smiles of their sons and daughters when given an incredibly high quality of toys!

Have a Friendly and Enjoyable Competition at Frosty's Fun Center

Spending quality time with family and friends will remain incomplete without games and prizes.

Well, worry no more because you can play various arcade and crane games together at Frosty's Fun Center.

Everything inside is well sanitized, and people are accommodated very well.

The fun inside is not limited to cranes and arcade games, but you can also have a taste with their Frosty's Pizza topped with cheese and unique ingredients!

The place was built for everyone to experience the spirit of family and fun.

Play a Golf at the Christmas Lake Golf Course

It is located at the southern part of Country Club Drive in Santa Claus and has established a reputable image among golf players throughout the years, all over the world.

The Christmas Lake Golf was well established and made especially for the people who want to chill out by playing outdoor sports.

Whether you are skillful in golf or not, you can always have fun in everything when you have your family and friends with you.

Why not give it a try?

Relax and Ride a Bicycle at Ray Yellig Memorial Trail

After a long ride of exploration through the various unique places, now is your time to feel the genuine nature of Santa Claus.

The Ray Yellig Memorial Trail was made especially for recreational activities in the area, surrounded by tranquil scenery of trees.

It is a loop trail with 1.20 miles located in Ashburn Road of Santa Claus with no parking or entrance fee; only you and the sound and smell of nature.

You can have a walk together with family and friends, ride a bicycle, run, and you can also bring your dogs with you.

Feel the genuine freedom and the beauty of nature at the same time!

Final Thoughts

The attractions in Santa Claus, Indiana, are never-ending; even during regular seasons, there are plenty of things that you can enjoy with your companions.

Undoubtedly, the Christmas season is one of the most beautiful times of the year.

In Santa Claus, Indiana, everybody can say that the wait is over as the city is naturally upholding the spirit of Christmas itself.

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