15 Best Things to Do in Troy, OH

Troy, OH
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Among the different cities in Ohio, Troy offers its share of history and outdoor fun.

Located in Miami County, in the northwestern part of Ohio, and established in 1808, Troy has plenty of stories for you to explore.

When visiting this city, you can find a selection of museums, locations for recreational activities, and other hidden gems to discover.

Whether you are a fan of either history or nature, you can try out plenty of options in this city.

Here are the best things to do in Troy, OH:

Stroll through Eldean Bridge

Exterior of the Eldean Bridge
Ppfox, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you are interested in exploring all the historic locations in Troy, you need to check out the Eldean Bridge.

The Eldean Bridge, otherwise known as the Eldean Covered Bridge, is a historic structure located on the northern side of the city by Eldean Road and sits over the Great Miami River.

Wooden structure of Eldean Bridge
Ppfox, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The covered bridge has been around since 1860 and gained recognition as a historical landmark in 2016.

Eldean Bridge spans 224 feet in length and provides access to the Staunton Township and Concord Township.

It is one of the longest-standing landmarks in Troy and an ideal spot for historical enthusiasts to visit.

Explore the Lost Creek Reserve & Knoop Agricultural Heritage Center

Discover a combination of history and nature by visiting the Lost Creek Reserve & Knoop Agricultural Heritage Center.

Located at Route 41 and spanning 457 acres, the reserve has both natural and historical features for you to explore.

When it comes to the historical features of the reserve, there is a total of seven historic structures for you to find, including barns and a Victorian-era house.

As for the natural features available in the park, you can find different landscapes ranging from woodlands to farm fields.

There is also a nature trail nearly six miles long and a working organic farm you can check out.

Besides these features, the reserve is a venue for several fall events and hosts several nature programs.

As a reserve with historical features that dates hundreds of years and has several sights for you to find, there is plenty for you to see at the Lost Creek Reserve & Knoop Agricultural Heritage Center.

See the Deer and Sculptures at the Hobart Urban Nature Preserve

If you want to explore the natural locations available in Troy, check out the Hobart Urban Nature Preserve.

The Hobart Urban Nature Preserve is a nature preserve that features 80 acres of land and trails that span two miles.

A notable feature of this preserve you should check out is the several welded sculptures scattered in the area.

You can find five sculptures in different habitats in the preserve and look out for various birds and other wildlife.

Aside from the different sights in the preserve, there are many programs you can check out there.

Hike around the Brukner Nature Center

The Brukner Nature Center is one of the best places to visit in Troy if you want to explore the city's nature spots.

You can find the center at Horseshoe Bend Road and see several facilities in the area.

Some of the facilities you can enjoy at the center include a bird-watching area and an interpretive center that features art exhibits and a gift shop.

The center also has nature trails you can hike through, spanning six miles long.

In addition to the many facilities available, the center has various programs ranging from workshops to seasonal camps.

If you want to check out the best recreational locations in the city, the Brukner Nature Center is a top choice.

Go Fishing and Exploring at the Twin Arch Reserve

Among the different natural areas of the city, the Twin Arch Reserve is one of the few spots where you can enjoy fishing.

The Twin Arch Reserve has 35 acres of land and features twin arches that date back to the 1830s.

If you are interested in hiking the area, there is a .7-mile-long trail you can check out along with a recreational path by the Great Miami River.

A few other features at this reserve include a fishing pond and rain garden.

Whether you want to go fishing, hiking, or look for local wildlife, there are plenty of recreational options at the Twin Arch Reserve.

Have Fun in the Water at the Troy Aquatic Park

There are plenty of places where you can have fun in Troy, and one of them is the Troy Aquatic Park.

The Troy Aquatic Park is an ideal spot to visit if you want to enjoy some fun in the water.

A few of the facilities you can find at the aquatic park include slides and a diving board.

In addition to facilities, the park holds swimming programs, lounge spaces, and a cafe.

You can also book the aquatic park for events or parties.

To visit the park, you need to head to West Staunton Drive.

Meet a Sloth and Other Animals at the Idle-Hour Ranch

Idle-Hour Ranch is where to go if you're a fan of animals.

Unfortunately, the ranch is not open year-round but is usually available for visitors from summer to fall.

Depending on the month, there are different facilities you can enjoy at the ranch.

No matter the month, though, there are various animals you can see at the ranch, such as camels and a sloth.

In addition to featuring several animals, the ranch offers several services and facilities for events.

Some of the services available at the ranch include a corn maze and a petting zoo.

You can also book a tour of the ranch and check out their seasonal programs.

Enjoy Events and Outdoor Activities at the Treasure Island Park

Several parks are available in Troy.

One of them is Treasure Island Park.

Treasure Island Park is where to go to check out local concerts and other events.

During these concerts, you can enjoy a selection of dishes from different vendors.

You can also check out Smith's Boathouse Restaurant nearby and grab lunch.

There are no admission fees for the concerts, and other than the local events, there are different facilities you can check out at the park.

Some of the facilities available at the park include picnic spaces and trails you can hike or cycle.

You can find the park at North Elm Street and enjoy plenty of outdoor activities.

Experience Camping on Water with Float Troy

Take the chance to try something new by booking a tent with Float Troy.

What is Float Troy?

Float Troy is a public service that features floating tents.

By booking this service, you get a chance to try camping on a river.

If you want to find the tents, you need to enter Treasure Park Island on North Elm Road and look for the river.

Besides the tents, there are kayaks available for rent and a space where you can enjoy a grilled meal.

The tent service is not available year-round, and if you want to experience Float Troy, book a tent fast.

Ride a Plane at the WACO Air Museum & Aviation Learning Center

Have fun and learn something new by visiting the WACO Air Museum & Aviation Learning Center.

The WACO Air Museum & Aviation Learning Center's history dates back to 1997, and currently, there are various facilities and programs for you to check out at this venue.

You can find the museum and learning center on South County Road and peruse various artifacts related to flying.

Besides the different facilities you can explore at the venue, WACO Air Museum & Aviation Learning Center offers you the chance to ride a biplane for up to 30 minutes.

Likewise, the museum and learning center offers different seasonal programs and events you can check out.

Whether or not you're interested in aircraft, you can find plenty to experience at the WACO Air Museum & Aviation Learning Center.

Take a Look around the Overfield Tavern Museum

Among the several historical locations in Troy, Overfield Tavern Museum is one of the oldest structures you can find in the city.

The Overfield Tavern has been around since the early nineteenth century and was once a hotspot for local events.

In 1976, the building gained recognition as a historical structure.

Unfortunately, the museum only opens on weekends, from April to October.

You can find several furnishings and items from the tavern's prime and see that several rooms got transformed over the years.

Some of the rooms you'll find at the museum include an art gallery and another for a library.

Their museum has two stories you can explore and several artifacts you can peruse.

If you want to visit the tavern-turned-museum, you need to head for East Water Street and look around the banks of the Great Miami River.

Browse the History, Art, and Music Pieces at the Troy-Hayner Cultural Center

The Troy-Hayner Cultural Center is a prime location to browse local art and other exhibits.

Located on West Main Street and set within a 1914 Romanesque mansion, the cultural center features various facilities and programs that you can enjoy.

Some of the things you can find at the cultural center include history exhibits, art galleries, and a ballroom where music concerts play.

You'll also find that the mansion retains plenty of old furnishings and other details of the past.

The center has no admission fee, and you can have fun with several events throughout the year.

In addition to the history and art pieces, plus the events, the center features classes where you can learn different crafts.

When it comes to art and music, the Troy-Hayner Cultural Center is a top option to visit.

Look Into Local History at the Museum of Troy History

While you can find several museums and centers in Troy that feature different types of history, the Museum of Troy History is where to go to learn local history.

The Museum of Troy History is a museum that holds artifacts featuring all things related to the city's history.

Some of the artifacts and displays you can find in this museum date back to the 1850s.

You can also find rooms that feature Victorian furnishings and designs in the museum.

The museum is not open throughout the year, so you'll need to check with the staff if you plan to visit the venue.

Try Skating at the Hobart Arena

You can find several places to enjoy different activities in Troy; one of them is the Hobart Arena.

Hobart Arena is a multi-purpose arena existing since 1950 and features different facilities and events.

If you want to try ice-skating, the arena is where you need to go.

The rink is not open the whole year, so you'll need to check with staff before planning anything.

Other facilities you can find at this arena include a party room and a multi-purpose room where you can hold meetings and lunches.

A few of the events you can enjoy at the arena include concerts and skate performances.

Bowl at Troy Bowl

If you like bowling, drop by Troy Bowl.

Located on McKaig Avenue, Troy Bowl is a bowling center that offers different bowling facilities.

These bowling facilities include lanes with neon lights and a shop for gear.

Besides these bowling facilities, you can enjoy a menu of snacks and dishes ranging from cheese sticks to burgers.

It is one of the more straightforward locations you can enjoy in the city, and it also hosts competitions.

Final Thoughts

Have fun with history and nature by making a stop at Troy.

The Ohio city has plenty to explore, from museums to nature reserves and other hidden gems.

You can also enjoy various recreational activities and other fun options.

If you happen to be in the Ohio area and want to take an adventure through history and nature, consider Troy your next stop.