15 Best Things to Do in Tillamook

15 Best Things to Do in Tillamook

Tillamook is a beautiful county in Oregon located along the Tillamook bay. Tillamook is an indigenous tribe of the area which is known for its cheese, and hence the name of the city.

Falling on the coast of Tillamook bay, the place has a lot of beautiful views and places to visit. The town and the nearby places offers adventure in almost all the seasons. With its lively activities and natural beauty, the place will take you by surprise and you would not even know it.

In this article we will be covering the best places that you should visit in Tillamook to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Cape Lookout State Park

Cape Lookout State Park
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Cape Lookout State Park is one of the most significantly located Park on the Cape Lookout. The park is famous for providing some of the best views and scenic panoramas in the Pacific Northwest.

The Park also has a 3-mile beachfront which is secured by a 50-foot stone revetment. All these facilities are open to general public where they can enjoy activities like beach combing, paragliding, and hand gliding at all the times of the year.

The park also has walking trails which are just perfectly ideal for hiking and walking through the park and enjoying its lush green forest and vegetation. The park also has facilities for renting tents and RV hookups in order to allow the visitors to enjoy camping in the area.

Along with the tent facility, the visitors can also rent cabins and enjoy their time in the park.

Cape Meares Light

Cape Meares Light
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Cape Meares light is a light house in Tillamook which was originally built in the year 1890. For many years, this lighthouse was the primary light station in Tillamook. During its original construction, the lighthouse had two keeper houses, two cisterns and two oil houses.

However, the lighthouse was deactivated in 1963 and its demolition was planned by the US Coast Guard. But the efforts of the citizens and the Oregon State parks department resulted in its survival. Now the property belongs to Oregon State parks department.

The lighthouse also made its place on the national register of historic places in the year 1993. At present it is a museum where you can enjoy the views of the Bay as well as take self-guided tour to understand the functioning of lighthouses.

Munson Creek Falls State Natural Site

Munson Creek Falls State Natural Site
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Munson Creek Falls state natural site is a very famous State Park which is managed and maintained by the Oregon Park and recreation department.

The park is famous for its significant waterfall which is located at a height of 319 feet. This waterfall is one of the tallest waterfall in Tillamook coast range. The waterfall is set within a very scenic landscape and is surrounded with spruce and Sitka trees, giving it a very beautiful reddish and greenish color.

Along with the creek, there are also some walking trails which lead to specific places where you can enjoy the site of the waterfall. This park is also known for housing the tallest Sitka trees in the entire nation, which are almost 260 feet above the ground level.

Tillamook Forest Center

Tillamook Forest Center
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Tillamook Forest center is a very unique and educational center which is located 22 miles away from Tillamook on the Oregon Highway number six. The Forest Centre is believed to be the largest Forest-based learning Centre in Tillamook.

It is also the biggest outdoor classroom which represents the legacy of Tillamook and its forest regions. With its unique educational programmes, the visitors can explore the forest center and learn about the vegetation in the area.

The Centre is also famous for its views shown in an award-winning documentary. You can do a lot of fun activities in this forest center such as climbing a replica of forest fire which is as high as 40 feet, or just travelling along the food pedestrian bridge which is located at a height of 250 feet, etc. You can also enjoy camping in the Wilson River Trail and Jones Creek campground.

As part of its programmes, the Forest Centre also allows free program scheduling for schools, students, as well as groups in order to make them familiar with the natural setting of Tillamook.

Tillamook Air Museum

Tillamook Air Museum
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Tillamook air Museum is a very famous aviation museum located in the world’s largest wooden structure with a clear span. The museum was named after one of the most famous private world war II aircraft in 2004.

At present, the museum has a wide collection which exhibits classic aircrafts such as Skyhawk, Sea-ranger, Cessna 180f sky-wagon and more like these. The museum is also famous for housing Cessna sky-wagon as it is one of the two lightest aircraft that landed on the north pole.

A special exhibition which showcases all the aircrafts from historical wars and important events is also present in the museum. If you are interested in scrolling through the history of aviation, this is the place for you.

Tillamook County pioneer museum

Opened in the year 1935 under the guidance of Tillamook County Pioneer Association, this museum is a very famous museum which describes the history of Tillamook. The museum outlines how the Tillamook coast developed from its past to how it is at present.

The museum has an extensive collection of 55,000 items depicting the history of the city. In addition, 20,000 photographs are also present in the museum. It has 19 gallery rooms which are filled with artefacts ranging from prehistoric era to the contemporary times.

These artefacts generally include military items, transportation items, items depicting the farming and dairy industry in the city, etc. The museum is open throughout the week and you can enjoy permanent as well as rotating exhibitions of this museum at very affordable prices.

Latimer Quilt and Textile Center

A very unique and different place in itself, Latimer Quilt and textile center is a museum which revolves around textile arts and unique quilting techniques.

The Museum is located on Wilson river Loop Road and is housed in a school building. The museum has a stunning collection of antique and unique quilts as well as textiles. Some of these items are as old as early 19th century. Along with the textiles, some of the tools for making these items are also on display.

These tools majorly include crochet tools which are from 1930s. The museum also exhibits some clothing pieces which are made using different textile methods such as handwoven textiles, hand-painted textiles, etc.

Along with the permanent exhibitions, the museum also has six rotating exhibitions which represent the different eras of the textile industry and its development in the area. The Centre is also famous for organizing a lot number of events and programmes.

Some of the most famous programs are the weaving programs and spinning demonstration courses. The museum is overall very colorful and beautiful, and is definitely worth a visit.

La Tea Da Tea Room

La Tea Da Tea Room is a very famous tea room which has been serving people in Tillamook for more than 15 consecutive years. The property is owned by a duo of a mother and daughter who have curated the special Tea recipes which are served in the Tea room.

All the teas which are offered are made freshly from organic ingredients each morning using unique flavors and different cooking techniques. The place also offers sandwiches, scones, and desert along with their signature Teas.

The place also offers lunch options where you are served tea sandwiches with salad and daily soup selections. Along with their own creations, the tearoom also serves famous international teas. For all the people who are looking for some refreshment in Tillamook, this is the perfect place.

The Tillamook Creamery

Tillamook Creamery Factory
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The Tillamook creamery is one of the places which offers tastiest creamery products in Tillamook. The creamery welcomes the visitors for tasting as well as learning about the functioning of this creamery.

You can have a self-guided tour of the creamery where you can view windows, videos, and interact with the workers. You can also watch how the products are being made. Since the place churns a lot of cheese, it also has its own farm where livestock is bred.

A farm exhibit is also a part of exploring the creamery where you can learn how cheese is produced on the farm. The best part about this creamery is that all the products they make are made using fresh and organic healthy ingredients.

The dinner hall of the creamery has the ice cream counter, an espresso counter, and a yoghurt bar. You can enjoy all these items in the creamery and keep their taste forever with yourself.

Tillamook store

Tillamook store
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Tillamook store is a store near the Tillamook creamery. The store is a one stop shop where you can buy products from the creamery as well as clothing items.

You can buy some cool merchandise which is produced by the local workers of the city. The shop also offers specially made kitchen staples which are great gift items. The shop is quite affordable and offers fresh eatables.

Cape Meares National Wildlife Refuge

Cape Meares Beach
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Cape Meares National wildlife refuge is a big span of area covered with forest. It is almost 140 acres of land which is covered with lush green forest and offers beautiful views. This wildlife refuge has multiple attractions like coastal cliffs, rolling headlands, rocky outcroppings, and hemlock trees.

The place has a lot of wildlife species which can be viewed from various spots in the center. For instance, the headland is a great place to get a chance of spotting Migrating gray whales, sea lions and seals.

In the refuge, you can spot land animals like black bears, elk, black-tailed deer, etc. Smaller animals including moles, bugs, frogs, salamanders, etc. The place is also ideal for getting stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

The refuge has some unique trees as well which ad as old as 750 to 800 years. Some must see trees are The Champion Spruce, the octopus tree, etc. The place is also a good fit for hikers.

The Trail is just a mile long and is moderately difficult. The other trail is half a mile and easier. The place is a well blessed area with its access open round the year. More information about the refuge can be found on its website.


Manzanita is a very famous gift shop in Tillamook which offers some unique and best gift items in the city. The shop sells locally produced items. Some of the famous gift items in the shop are art craft, serving bowls, rugs and jewelry, wine glasses, home decor, sustainable clothing, furnishing, etc.

Cloud and leaf bookstore

Cloud and leaf bookstore is a famous bookstore in Tillamook coast which offers a great collection of books for all ages. From fiction to scientific, the bookstore has books from almost all genres. The owner can also recommend you with some good books depending on your preferences.

Unfurl Clothing

Unfurl clothing is a famous clothing store which offers great clothing options for women, men, and kids. The place offers shoes and accessories as well. In addition to clothing and accessorizing, the place is also famous for selling cute gift items. The store is specifically known for its high quality items which are made using non-toxic dyes and recyclable items.

Oregon Coast Scenic railroad

Oregon Coast Scenic railroad
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Oregon coast scenic rail road is a different kind of experience altogether. It is a way of experiencing the city while riding on the historic locomotives of the city.

The best part about this adventure is that you will enjoy fresh breeze while exploring the city. The views during the scenic route are an additional perk to this entire rail route.

It can be easily said that Tillamook in Oregon is not less than a bliss spread in hundreds of miles. The place offers a lot of new experiences and lifetime memories to all the visitors.

From enjoying basic activities like climbing fire Towers to adventurous activities like surfing with the seals, the place is definitely going to make you the happiest in the moment. If you get time and opportunity to visit Tillamook, just give it a big yes and start your adventure right away.