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20 Best Things to Do in Pacific City, OR

  • Published 2022/09/13

The Pacific City is a tranquil coastal hamlet on the border of Three Capes Scenic Drive with the impressive headland of Cape Kiwanda.

It is a great spot to have peace of mind with a couple of beers, climb massive dunes, catch waves on the beach, bike unto the picturesque trail, and take in various wildlife.

Undoubtedly, the Pacific City is a great place to relax and enjoy a variety of recreational activities.

Without going any further, here are the 20 best things to do in Pacific City, Oregon:

See the Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area

View of Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area

Peter K. Ziminski /

Cape Kiwanda was often viewed as the smallest among the Three Capes Scenic Route.

Nevertheless, despite the size of the area, it never fails to provide lots of attractions if you are looking for a stunning adventure!

A distinctive trademark of the place is the massive sandstone cliffs and dunes that will never bar you from doing the things that you love, such as hand gliding, hiking, bird viewing, whale watching, and a lot more!

During the daytime, you can see various vehicles on the beach as the area is freely open, and you can bring your vehicle as well.

Scenic view of Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area

Nicholas Steven /

If the beach is at low tide, you can still enjoy it by dipping your toes in the water and discovering other species such as purple starfish, red crabs, and other gorgeous sea creatures!

If you are looking for a stunning view, you can climb at the tip of the Cape and feel like the strongest person in the world while watching a breathtaking view.

Rock formations at Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area

© Steven Pavlov /

At the back of the Cape, where you can see at the top, there is a colossal mudstone hill.

Its views are tremendously amazing, and if you want more challenging hiking, you can climb that mudstone hill!

Make sure never to forget to bring your camera because there are lots of views in the place worth capturing!

The waters of Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area

Peter K. Ziminski /

Enjoy Surfing at the Moment Surf Company

Surfing is one of the reasons why Pacific City became popular among tourists aside from its comprehensive attractions.

Besides the stunning views, there are also lots of water activities, and one of the best is surfing!

The wide beach is not just suitable for surfing, but the waves in the ocean are what took it to the next level.

Just don’t forget to wear your safety and protect yourself with booties, a wetsuit, gloves, and a hood to prevent yourself from experiencing brain freeze while surfing.

If you are looking for a more exciting surfing experience, the best time to have an adrenaline rush surfing is after a storm occurs.

Just know how to handle big waves because they can keep you in water for several hours.

Still, there is no doubt that it is an exciting and unique kind of adventure!

The place is also suitable for your family and group of friends to have camping and spend the rest of the hours together.

The area also has many brew spots, such as the Pelican Brew Pub, where you can enjoy beer bottles while having a moment with the beautiful kind of place.

Kayak at Nestucca Adventures

The relaxing views and tranquil waters in the Nestucca River Paddle are an impressively perfect place if you want to go kayaking!

Kayaking is just one of the most popular water activities which can be enjoyed in any river in the world.

But in Pacific City, your kayaking experience is the one that you will never forget if you try, whether it is your first time or not.

Other than kayaking, why not try another water activity which is paddleboarding?

If you are not comfortable trying various water activities in the place, nothing to worry about because an instructor will be with you to freely enjoy with safety.

Ride a Bike at Cape Kiwanda Fat Bike Route

Cape Kiwanda Fat Bike Route is one of the most enjoyable activities in the Pacific City, Oregon, where you can experience solitude or with your friends and family.

You can start the route at the Pacific City, and from there, you can go in any direction you would wish.

In this place, bicyclists are permitted to enjoy the beach by riding a fat bike that enables you to ride smoothly on the sand near the ocean.

Bikes are allowed, but it is worth remembering that vehicles are not permitted in the area, especially motorized ones.

From the Pacific City, you can ride to Bob Straub State Park or North Spit, or anywhere you would prefer with your friends.

Just don’t forget to wear a helmet and other safety gear!

Try Hang Gliding and Paragliding at Kiwanda Kites Adventures

Hang-gliding at Kiwanda Kites Adventures

Bandersnatch /

Pacific City, Oregon, has impressive winds that are perfect for paragliding and hang gliding which is also one of the most popular activities.

If you haven’t tried this before or you don’t have any idea what this is, Hang Gliding and Paragliding is a kind of recreational activity that you can enjoy with a glider along with the wind.

There is nothing to worry about if it is your first time because you can enroll in the lessons before doing the actual activity.

The lessons vary based on age; the standard class is held on the northern side of Cape, and the children’s lesson will be held at the lower dunes of Cape Kiwanda.

Hang Gliding and Paragliding is a great recreational activity that makes you feel like a Superman.

While flying along with the wind, you can see vast attractions by looking down below.

Whether you are afraid of heights or not, this is the best opportunity to live your life to the fullest by trying things that are not common!

If you have a genuine passion for knowledge, it would not be nearly as intimidating as it appears.

The beginning of the lessons will start on a flat surface beach until you can feel comfortably safe in going to higher cliffs.

Enjoy Fishing at Haystack Fishing

View of a Boat in Haystack Fishing

Dee Browning /

If you haven’t tried your luck in catching a big fish, then why not visit Haystack Fishing?

Situated at 34280 Brooten Rd of Pacific City, this is one of the main attractions in the town as fishing is enjoyable.

You will be fishing at sea with plenty of sea creatures such as crabs, shrimps, salmon, and other big fishes!

A boat at Haystack Fishing

Bob Pool /

It would surely give you a fantastic experience, especially when you bring your family and friends fishing.

It is only at this place where you start to ride a boat with an empty bucket and finish the day with a plentiful amount of delicious and fresh fish.

There is no doubt that fresh fish always tastes good!

People at Haystack Fishing

Bob Pool /

Grab Some Delicious Wine at Twist Wine Company

Twist Wine is one of the most visited wineries in Pacific City, Oregon.

Situated at 34930 Brooten Rd of Pacific City, the famous winery started from a small family-owned business company expanding downtown.

They are one of the best tasting wineries in the town, as they uphold their philosophy that, in general, the most fantastic wines are prepared using grapes cultivated under conditions comparable to those that the grapes have experienced throughout their history.

They can impressively look unique, and the wine tastes good.

If you are looking for a place where you can have a romantic date with your significant other, spend time with your family, or even have precious solitude time with yourself, this winery is the perfect place for you.

Even though the winery is famous in the town, the area is still maintained to have a tranquil ambiance that can captivate many people.

Don’t miss that chance to have a pretty chill out at Twist Wine Company, Pacific City, Oregon.

Head Over to Ritual Coastal Soapery and Candelarium

You can get various self-care body products that are helpful for your body and soul.

They sell products that can help you lessen and eliminate any pain you are experiencing in your body.

One of their best-selling products is the essential oils that can cure insomnia and promote better sleeping and mood.

Undoubtedly, your body and soul will be healed!

Ride in the Oregon Coast Tours

Oregon Coast Tours is the iconic transportation company in the town.

Whenever you need to go somewhere far, they always get your back whether you want to enjoy a brewery, wine tours, or be invited to a wedding.

You have zero worries in terms of parking and safe driving because they are experts and professionals.

Rest assured that you will drop off at your accurate destination and pick you up safely when you need to get to your home.

Other than that, you can also ride the Oregon Coast Tours if you need to attend your flight at the soonest possible time at the airport.

The Oregon Coast Tours only proves that the people in Pacific City are generous, and the sense of brotherhood and solidarity is always present.

Have a Breakfast at Stimulus Coffee + Baker

Having a cup of coffee while eating ordinary bread is indeed one of the simple yet satisfying feelings.

In Stimulus Coffee + Baker, you can’t just get a satisfying feeling, but it would be the best feeling ever!

If you are looking for a place where you can have a chill-out, go ahead and visit Stimulus Coffee + Baker to taste their delicious coffee; and fresh and hot bread that is being baked before the sun rises.

The Stimulus Coffee + Baker opens as early as 6:00 AM and closes at 6:00 PM.

One of the best feelings is enjoying a cup of coffee while eating tasty hot bread in cold weather.

Some of their best-selling breakfast products are pulled pork, focaccia, hummus bowl, and the iconic Beach Buns to go.

More often than not, the Stimulus Coffee + Baker is not just a place for people who want to chill out, but it is also visited by a group of friends and family who want to have a special breakfast!

Go Fishing at Pacific City Fishing

Fishing boat at Pacific City Fishing

Dee Browning /

Other than Haystack Fishing, the Pacific City Fishing is one of the fishing destinations in the town.

Visiting the area will surely give you a fantastic trip, and incredible fishing expedition as you can harvest unique and extraordinary fish.

Among the extraordinary creatures that you can catch are rockfish, crabs, lingcod, salmon, shrimps, squids, and a lot more!

Fishing is always the best if you have your friends and family with you.

You can schedule your trip to go fishing early in the morning so you can have a bountiful harvest by noon and have a delicious lunch!

Take a Sightseeing Tour at Bob Straub State Park

Scenic view of Bob Straub State Park

icetsarina from United States, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Nestucca Spit is where the astounding Bob Straub State Park is situated.

Besides its impressive view, you can have free relaxation, and you can also enjoy various water and recreational activities such as fishing, hiking, horseback riding, and paddleboarding!

The Bob Straub State Park was strictly kept as genuine as it is; bikes, camping, OHVs are not permitted in the area to avoid noise and other insignificant things that will distract one’s relaxation.

The peaceful and quiet ambiance in the area makes it popular; that’s why the park must be kept like that as always to offer people a place where they can genuinely have fun and relax.

Daytime view of Bob Straub State Park

icetsarina from United States, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Besides the recreational water activities you can do in the area, you can also have an exciting hike along the trails.

You have an option to choose whether you prefer to have a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean or you want to enjoy a walk in the amazing Nestucca.

Once you approach the dividing line in the area, you can see lots of harbor shells that you can pick up and bring home for remembrance.

Shop at the Lucky Beach Boutique

If you are looking forward to shopping with one of the unique shops with trendy fashion deals, head to Lucky Beach Boutique.

You can see a variety of choices of earrings, bags, clothes, and other things.

What’s best, they are all reasonably priced.

By shopping at Lucky Beach Boutique, you can see how the Pacific City used its creative and unique design to go with the trend!

Enjoy the Ride With Oregon Outdoor Adventure

Oregon Outdoor Adventure is an iconic tour operator in Pacific City that will lead you to your enjoyable destinations within the town.

You can book with them depending on the number of people that will go on the tour.

You don’t have to worry if you have numerous friends and family members as that will always be fun!

You can book an appointment for two or more vehicles to cater your adventure together.

You can spend half of the day enjoying the tour in the Pacific City and trying the various recreational activities therein.

Make sure to bring all your necessities.

With the tremendous attractions of Pacific City, you will indeed have a long adventure!

Enjoy a Meal together with Terrific Beer at Pelican Brewing Company

In 1996, Pelican Brewing Company was established by the sea in Pacific City.

With 16 years of experience, it is a leader in the food and beverage matching field.

Understanding how food and beer flavors complement one another is a daily goal for their head cook and brewmaster.

After 20 years and over 300 outstanding honors for their cuisine and beer, Pelican Brewing Company is a market leader recognized for its genuine, one-of-a-kind, top-notch brews.

Visit their manufacturing facilities and unwind in their Pacific City tap room with friendly service, terrific beer, and delectable cuisine made with locally sourced ingredients.

Admire the Beach at Headlands Coastal Lodge & Spa

The Headlands Coastal Lodge & Spa is built to take full advantage of its unique location on the Oregon Coast.

The ocean and Pacific City’s iconic Haystack Rock are visible from the 33 Oceanfront Lodge accommodations and 18 wide Oceanfront Cottages, all of which have a personal balcony or patio.

On the Oregon Coast, there are no panoramas like those from the bedrooms and cottages.

Some of the most popular dishes from Meridian Restaurant & Bar are included in their thoughtfully prepared in-room dining option.

Grab breakfast by the fireplace, lunch, or supper on your private patio or balcony overlooking the beach.

Refresh in their seaside surroundings’ vast, open spaces, or stay blissfully alone and find yourself.

Shop Beach Items at Cape Kiwanda Marketplace

A terrific spot to get local fresh seafood, clothing, groceries, souvenirs, handmade fudge, and espresso drink is Cape Kiwanda Marketplace.

The Cape Kiwanda Marketplace has everything you need for a beach holiday.

For a beach campfire in the evening, pick up some driftwood and s’mores ingredients.

Purchase wonderful picnic supplies or all the items required to prepare a dinner at your vacation rental, like wine, beer, and fresh fish.

Shop all your beach necessities, such as bath towels, playthings, and sweatshirts.

Spend the Night at Pacific City Inn

An all-time long generational family-run motel called Pacific City Inn is in Pacific City.

They are conveniently situated in the center of Pacific City, near restaurants, retailing, the beach, the river, and trekking in the stunning south Tillamook County.

They feature 18 smoke-free bedrooms with a range of facilities to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

There is free high-speed internet access on the premises, and every room has top-quality cable television, a small ref, a microwave, and a coffee machine.

They provide pet-friendly lodging, plenty of space for boats and RVs, and secure bike storage.

Eat Your Brunch at the Grateful Bread

Since her first employment at a fast-food establishment at the age of 15, Robyn Barcroft, proprietor of The Grateful Bread, has known she wanted to operate a restaurant.

They offer families and guests of Pacific City breakfast and lunch meals prepared to order and freshly baked delicacies daily.

Omelets and scrambles in a wide range of flavors are all served with Baked Toast or Baking Powder Crackers.

They provided a variety of alternatives for vegans and vegetarians and offered a fresh, locally sourced cod sandwich and fish tacos for lunchtime.

The Grateful Bread Bakery crew is dedicated to serving its devoted customers with delicious meals and welcoming service.

It is hardly surprising that your lunch at The Grateful Bread would be nothing less than superb, including over 100 years of overall service expertise.

Final Thoughts

The Pacific City is indeed a worth visiting city in Oregon for it offers vast activities that everybody, regardless of age, can genuinely enjoy.

The place is suitable if you are looking for an extraordinary adventure with various water recreational activities. Still, it is also best if you want to have a chill out with your family, friends, and significant other.

Don’t forget to make this your reference to know the 15 Best Things To Do In Pacific City, Oregon.

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