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16 Best Things to Do in Manzanita, OR

  • Published 2022/08/01

Striking sights of nature and various attractions fill Oregon, making the Beaver State worth visiting.

Manzanita, a coastal city in Tillamook County, is just as abundant as the other towns and cities in Oregon.

If you’re looking for someplace with a relaxed atmosphere and amusing attractions, Manzanita is one of your best bets.

Stylish restaurants, shops, white sandy beaches, vast evergreen mountains, crystal clear waters, and more embody the city.

It’s not named the “third-most photographed scenery in Oregon” for no reason—the city has everything you’re looking for in a retreat.

With that all said, check out this list of the best things to do in Manzanita, Oregon:

Take a Lovely Trip Down to Laneda Avenue

When you’re in Manzanita, you can’t miss out on its heart and soul—Laneda Avenue.

The fascinating streets of Laneda Avenue have a lot in store for you, such as classy restaurants, adorable gift shops, relaxing spas, and other worthy places to visit.

The avenue stretches to the stunning coasts of Oregon’s oceans.

As you walk through the streets, the vibrant flowers and healthy-looking plants add more to the grandeur of the streets.

You’ll see people with bright and happy faces everywhere while strolling along the charming avenue.

Have a lovely time while exploring Manzanita’s famous Laneda Avenue!

Visit Manzanita City Park

If you want to visit one of Manzanita’s core places, head to Manzanita City Park.

Located on Pacific Lane, this park has plenty of amenities, including a tennis court, volleyball court, picnic shelters, and more.

It’s a great place to go when you feel like moving your body around or simply relaxing with its scenic sights.

The vast and well-kept emerald lawn makes it a perfect area for picnics.

You can visit Manzanity State Park with your family and friends—the more, the merrier.

If you prefer alone time to unwind and reflect, it would be best to come earlier than most as the park is even better early in the morning when you can greet the rising sun.

Visit Manzanita City Park and enjoy its tranquility!

Experience the Abundance of Nature’s Grandeur at Oswald West State Park

A beach at Oswald West State Park

steve estvanik /

One of Oregon’s treasures, Oswald West State Park offers you the boundless magnificence of nature.

This 2,484-acre park offers you many recreational activities and a spectacular panorama.

You’ll see scenic winding trails, luminous and majestic trees, and breathtaking views of the ocean and the white sands along the shore.

Nature trail at Oswald West State Park

Bob Pool /

If you want to delight in the beauty of nature alone, you can hike along the winding and picturesque trails.

You can also surf along the aqua blue waters of the ocean if you’re a surfing enthusiast!

Spend a fascinating and peaceful time with nature at Oswald West State Park!

Smuglers cove at Oswald West State Park

Gerald Cosby /

Witness the Sun Setting at Short Sand Beach

Sunset at Short Sand Beach

Cavan-Images /

Have you ever seen the sunset on a beach?

If not yet, have your first at Short Sand Beach!

Nicknamed Shorty’s by locals, the famous beach is surrounded by luminous forests and sandstone cliffs.

A surfer at Short Sand Beach

CSNafzger /

With the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, the whistling of the seabirds, and the cool breeze circulating, the beach is a perfect setting for watching the majestic sunset.

You can relish the spectacular sight of the sunset at Short Sand Beach alone, or you can bring a loved one with you to make the moment even more unforgettable.

Spend a Day at Manzanita Beach

People walking along Manzanita Beach

Rob Crandall /

The seven-mile Manzanita Beach is one of Manzanita’s biggest attractions.

You can do plenty of things while you’re on the beach—you can go surfing, biking, and horseback riding.

What’s even better about this beach is that despite being a public one, it doesn’t get too crowded.

Storm cloud over Manzanita Beach

Arnab Ghosh Photography /

People just prefer to relish the beauty and peacefulness of the attraction.

Your dogs are welcome at this beach, and they can even run leash-free.

They’ll have as great a time as you do while playing on the sand.

When you feel the weather is perfect, spend a day at Manzanita Beach!

People enjoying a picnic at Manzanita Beach

Bob Pool /

Let Your Body Melt into Relaxation at Spa Manzanita

If you feel your body needs to loosen up, head to Laneda Avenue and relax at Spa Manzanita.

Spa Manzanita offers you a full-package service, including a full-body massage, mani-pedi, and using various body treatments for your body.

You can also get facial treatments and a foot spa.

Professionals manage the spa and use high-quality products for body treatment to give you the best spa experience.

You can assure yourself to have a great time.

You can undoubtedly look forward to a revitalization, rejuvenating your mind, body, and spirit.

Treat yourself or can come with your loved ones to experience a spa day at Spa Manzanita!

Dine at Laneda Avenue’s Neah-Kah-Nie Bistro

After exploring the streets of Laneda Avenue, you might find yourself starving.

Worry not!

Restaurants line Laneda Avenue, with Neah-Kah-Nie Bistro being one of the best.

At this restaurant, you can enjoy fine dining in a warm and cozy ambiance while listening to soft music.

The gourmet they serve is so comforting that it will make you feel like you’re eating your mom’s homemade meals.

You can have seafood entrees paired with a pleasant mix of cocktails to suit your taste.

They also serve great wines from Oregon and around the world, if you prefer to have them.

If having tasty meals while drinking delicious drinks by the patio with fire pit tables sounds like a great time, make sure to stop by Neah-Kah-Nie Bistro!

Satiate Your Pizza Cravings at Marzano’s Pizza Pie

Exterior of Marzano’s Pizza Pie

Another Believer, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If pizzas are one of your go-to foods when you’re hungry, head over to Marzano’s Pizza Pie.

Located on Laneda Avenue, this restaurant makes the tastiest pizzas in Manzanita.

The pizzas they serve are freshly baked on a fire-heated stone and hand-tossed.

The savory tomato sauce filling the crust is made with high-quality tomato products, along with Italian spices and fresh herbs.

You can choose which grated cheese topping you want—mozzarella, Parmesan, provolone, and other imported Italian cheeses.

Italian sausage, produced with premium cuts of pork, tops the savory pizzas.

There are also no preservatives, making it healthier.

So if you’re craving pizza, stop by Marzano’s Pizza Pie!

Have a Glass of Wine at Dixie’s Vino

Located along Laneda Avenue, Dixie’s Vino is one of Manzanita’s excellent winery bars.

It functions as a wine tasting room and bottle shop.

The bar offers wine tastings, sparkling wines, champagne, beer, sake, dessert wines, and more, along with great food.

The wines are made with fresh grapes, making their drinks deliciously intoxicating.

There are so many wines to choose from, so take your time and enjoy spending time at Dixie’s Vino!

Check Out the Stalls at Manzanita Farmers Market

When you’re in Manzanita, don’t forget to explore the Manzanita Farmers Market!

Not only do they sell fresh and high-quality fruits and vegetables, but more than 50 food stands lining up the area.

You can enjoy the locally made pastries from bakeries, spirits from distilleries, tacos, smoked fish, coffee, and donuts.

You can also purchase some souvenirs in the market to remind you of your visit to Manzanita, such as locally made candles, honey, jewelry, body treatments, and more.

What’s more, you can listen to local bands performing music!

The Manzanita Farmers Market is one of the best places to hang out if you want to know more about the fascinating coastal city.

Go Fishing at Fish the Swing

If you want to spend some time unwinding, fishing is a great way to do so.

With Fish The Swing, you can have the best fishing experience.

The rivers are inhabited by abundant fish, making them a fantastic fishing site.

You can ride on a jet, raft, or drift boat to get on the waters and go fishing.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced angler, you’ll learn new skills in fish catching with excellent equipment.

You can even set up or rent tents and have BBQs with camp stoves to make it a great experience.

Have a good catch with Fish the Swing!

Get Souvenirs at Finnesterre

Finnesterre, meaning “Land’s End,” is an excellent home goods store along Laneda Avenue.

At this store, you’ll find gorgeously curated ceramics, home goods, paintings, and jewelry, which you can purchase to give as gifts or decorate your home.

Finisterre has become a popular stop for locals and visitors as it offers beautiful and unique products.

Stop by when you’re on Laneda Avenue!

Play a Round of Golf at Manzanita Links

If you want to play golf, head to Manzanita Links, located on Lakeview Drive.

This nine-hole golf course is an excellent place for you and your family or friends to hang out.

Surrounding the golf course are the lush and luminous forests filled with majestic fir trees, providing golfers with a scenic view.

The fresh green grounds are also well-kept.

Play a round of golf at Manzanita Links when you’re in Manzanita!

Go Horseback Riding with Oregon Beach Rides

Horseback riding at Oregon Beach

Natalia Bratslavsky /

Oregon’s coastlines and rugged dunes make it a great place to casually ride on horses.

When in Manzanita, you can go horseback riding with Oregon Beach Rides, a service located on Sandpiper Lane.

You’ll feel free as you ride the horse at a steady pace—it also makes your circulation better.

There are even ponies for children to ride on.

Just imagine the sea breeze, the sight of the flowing ocean, and the clear blue sky while enjoying the time riding on a horse—it’ll undoubtedly give you a great and pleasing time.

When you’re in Manzanita, book in advance, and go horseback riding at Oregon Beach Rides!

Grab a Cup of Coffee at Manzanita Roasting Coffee and Company

If you’re craving some coffee, stop by Manzanita Roasting Coffee and Company.

The coffee beans are tasty, sweet, and of high quality, sourced from small farmers in Africa and some parts of America.

You can enjoy sipping on tasty coffee of your own choice paired with delectable pastries sourced from local bakers while relaxing under the pleasing ambiance of the shop.

You can either sit indoors or outdoors—both have a cozy atmosphere.

Grab a cup of coffee at Manzanita Roasting Coffee and Company to quench your thirst for coffee!

Other Things to do Nearby

Visit Oregon’s Famous Cannon Beach

Scenic view of Cannon Beach

Dancestrokes /

One of Oregon’s famous attractions is Cannon Beach—it’s known for being the best overall beach in the state.

Cannon Beach is only 14.4 miles and 24 minutes from Manzanita, so you can go on a short road trip and check out the picturesque view of the beach’s crystal clear waters.

A person running with dogs at Cannon Beach

misszin /

The beach is exceptionally beautiful during sunset.

The ocean turns to a mix of blue and orange colors caused by the sun’s radiance—the skies also change colors pleasing to the eyes.

Whether you’re on your way to or out of Manzanita, don’t miss out on this stunning attraction!

Try Crabbing with Kelly’s Brighton Marina

Only 20 minutes and approximately 12 miles away from Manzanita, you can experience crabbing with Kelly’s Brighton Marina at Rockaway Beach.

The spot is perfect for catching crabs, camping, and delighting in tasty fresh seafood while seeing majestic and spectacular views of Nehalem Bay.

Crabbing is a great and enjoyable way to spend time with your family, making it an unforgettable experience, so visit Kelly’s Brighton Marina!

See the Stunning Mountain Backdrop of Manzanita, Neahkahnie Mountain, up Close

Daytime view of Neahkahnie Mountain

Rob Crandall /

Whether the rain is pouring or the sun glistening, exploring the enchanting mountain of Neahkahnie Mountain up close brings the most wondrous feelings.

Neahkanie Mountain, which translates to “Viewpoint of the Gods,” is the hovering piece of nature that serves as Manzanita’s backdrop.

Scenic view from Neahkahnie Mountain

Art Boardman /

You can go mountain climbing while witnessing the breathtaking sight of Neahkahnie Mountain.

When you reach the top, you’ll see the captivating view of Manzanita, along with the calming and mystical ocean.

Neahkahnie Mountain is only five miles from Manzanita’s central area.

Final Thoughts

Manzanita is undoubtedly a hidden gem in the state of Oregon.

The coastal town has plenty to offer residents and visitors, such as panoramic sights of nature, striking cliffs, majestic hazy horizons, crystal clear waters, excellent restaurants, entertaining shops, and more.

Start planning your trip to this slice of paradise and enjoy this list of the best things to do in Manzanita, Oregon!

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