15 Best Things to Do in The Bronx

15 Best Things to Do in The Bronx

The Bronx is famous for being the origin of rap/hip hop music and Yankees stadium and its sites of significance in the American history. The traditional and cultural hub known as Little Italy and world renowned Museum of arts are some of its attractions. Home of one of the largest research and conservation programs of plants, the Bronx is filled with museums and botanical gardens dedicated to plant and Flowers.

If you find yourself travelling to Bronx, contemplating how to plan your trip, then these are the top 15 things to do in Bronx;

Confront the wildlife at Bronx Zoo

Bronx Zoo
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Inaugurated in 1899, featuring more than 4000 animals across 650 species, covering an area of 250 acres. The Bronx zoo is one of the biggest zoos in the world and the largest urban zoo in the USA. The zoo is overseen by the wildlife conservation society and consists of many true-to-life habitats for wildlife animals. It also has several NYC landmarks, like, Rainey gate entrance, Astor court and Rockefeller fountain.

Learn history at the Van Cortlandt House Museum

Van Cortlandt House Museum
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It’s an 18th-century house, sitting on a 1000acre civic park, converted into a museum. It has various ancient heirlooms on display along with arts and crafts owned by the Cortlandt family. Placed in Van Cortlandt Park, erected in 1748 for its owner Frederick Van Cortlandt, deemed one of the finest Georgian style houses in the nation.

It’s located at 246th St & Broadway, Van Courtlandt Park, Bronx, NY 10471. Admission fees are $5 for adults $3 for senior citizens and $3 for students, kids under 12 are free.

Walk around in Bronx little Italy

Bronx little Italy
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If you are in town and looking for a place to shop exotic items, perhaps buy some souvenirs, then Little Italy is a good place to wander around in. Little Italy area is famously known for being traditional and cultural as well as economic hub of Bronx. Popular among tourists for its European feel, its markets are filled with exotic imported items, bargained at the most affordable prices, which is one of the major reasons why tourists and locals flock to this area.

Local crafts and authentic traditional items are also sold in this area, which cannot be bought anywhere else. The food culture in the restaurant is also decidedly European. Best place to walk around, whether alone or with a group of friends.

Plan an Adventure at Everett’s garden

Opened to public in 1998, Everett’s garden is a one of a kind plant museum, dedicated to the kids and their recreational activities.

It is a fine place to be for even lone travellers and a group of friends but if you have kids with you, then this must be on the top of your To-Do List. From Boulder mazes to more than forty fun-filled nature-discovery recreational activities, plaza and a place to have picnic with your family and friends, Everett's garden is a full-on package of natural adventure activities for kids.

If you want your kids to take more of an interest in the world outside their phones, then try bringing them here. Nature never disappoints.

Be one with nature at the NY Botanical Garden, Bronx

NY Botanical garden, Bronx
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Located at 2900 Southern Blvd, it is known as a “living museum” home to more than a million plants organized in beautiful natural displays of their natural habitat.

Some of the salient features of the botanical garden include an Aboriginal American forest spanning the area of 50 acres, with forest, waterfall and hills. A total 50 luxuriant gardens, indoor dense rainforest, desert environment and uncountable varieties of plants. The garden is famously known for being home to one of the most expansive plant conservation and research programs in the world, employing around 600 staff members to preserve the plants.

Open-up to creativity at Museum of Arts

Bronx Museum of Arts
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Established back in 1971, placed at concourse, the arts museum is popular around the world for its amazing collection of 20th century American art and contemporary pieces.

Along with its speciality focus, the museum is known to temporarily host works of artists and designers from Africa, Asia and Latin America. In its permanent collection, there are more than 800 art sculptures, exotic photographs and sensational paintings. The Museum hosts many events and tours for educational institutions, playing the lead to connecting the gap between ethnic and cultural diversity through pure expressions of art.

Enjoy the view at Wave Hill Estate

Wave hill estate
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28 acres of natural scenic beauty, facing the Hudson River, with horticulture gardens a cultural center and phenomenal view of new jersey Palisades. Tempted yet? It’s a beautiful place to relax while Visiting the cultural centre and its displays of visual arts.

The smaller house named Glyndor was converted into an art gallery and the garage of old was turned into a visitor center and gift shop for tourists.
It’s located at 675 W 252nd St, Bronx, NY 10471.

Learn Nautical history at the Museum near pelham Bay Park

 Bronx Victory Memorial in Pelham Bay Park
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This area is a small community off rich historical significance. Located nearby Pelham bay park. The museum contains crafts and artefacts of the local shipping industry. Preserving the tradition of old times along with more than a few model ships, tools, memorabilia and various other attractions.

The Museum, located at 190 Fordham St, Bronx, has an impressive collection of varieties of ship sails, various model boats, photos and additional artefacts in its display. If you are in the area of Pelham bay park, perhaps visiting the Barrow pell museum, then you may choose to spend some time getting to know the nautical history and tradition of the area.

Visit the Barrow Pell Mansion Museum

Pelham Bay Park Mansion Museum
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Placed at the Pelham bay park, its a mansion museum, a peek from the past of mid-19th century. For those tourists, interested in classic architectures and relics of the past, taking a guided tour to this place might seem like a good way to spend some of their visit to Bronx.

The mansion has been kept in good condition and filled with a luxurious display of arts, crafts and classic furniture, taking the tourists on a trip to the life and times of rich lifestyle of the old times. This museum is located at 895 shore Rd, Pelham bay park, Bronx, NY.

Admire the flowers at the Haupt Conservatory

Haupt conservatory in Bronx
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Does the beauty of plants and Flowers attract you? Are you enthusiastic about attending events based on various flowering seasons? Then you might want to kick this place up the list.

After watching the beautiful botanical garden in UK, Lord Britton and his wife lady Elizabeth ordered the construction of this Conservatory. Starting from barely a few species, now this conservative houses numerous seasonal, medicinal and economically important exotic plants, from all around the world.

The conservatory also holds flower-themed special events throughout the year, such as the holiday train show and orchid show. It’s located at Haupt Conservatory, Bronx Park Rd.

Get sporty at Van Cortlandt Park

Van Cortlandt Park in Bronx
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The third-largest park of the city, featuring two golf courses, soccer stadium, tennis court, swimming pool, cricket stadium, running trails and other recreational activity spaces. If you are looking for a place for hiking, then it is a good option. It has five well-known hiking trails, the largest freshwater lake in the Bronx and a verdant oak forest.

Spanning across the area of more than thousand acres, it is a place of historic value and beautiful views to the city. Locals and non-resident tourists alike swarm to this site in weekends and holidays. It’s located at Broadway and Van Cortlandt Park Park S, Bronx, NY 10471.

Best places to eat in the Bronx

City Island lobster house in Bronx
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Enjoy Italian at Antonio’s Trattoria - Brick oven Trattoria, popular for its authentic Italian family recipes, mouth salvation thin-crust pies and homly experience.
Eat Comfort food at City Island lobster house
Outdoor quick bites of American comfort food and seafood specialities. Experience a quality eating in budget.

Taste the Cuban cuisine at Havana cafe - Posh, fine-dining experience in Cuban speciality cuisines. A mojito lounge, with intimate and outdoor seating options available.

Check out the Seafood at The original crab shanty - A widely popular family-friendly restaurant with seafood and Italian recipes as its focus. Grab a quick bite or hang out with friends and family.

Have some Spanish cuisine at Cafe colonial restaurant - A Latin-fusion restaurant, with indoor-outdoor dining, delivery and take out options available. Best place to try quality wine in the Bronx.

Take a guided historical tour

Some tourists prefer guided tours to sites of historic and traditional significance in their travels. If you are one of them, then there are many walking tours to historical sites of the Bronx that you can be a part of.

A historical tour usually consists of Bronx 101 tour, walking around in the Bronx Little Italy region, wandering around the historical sites of south Bronx.
Many specialised guided tours focus on educating the tourists with local specialities, cuisine and traditional cultures.

Wander down the Hall of the fame

Bronx hall of fame
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The hall of fame for great Americans, planned by Stanford white, is a 630ft stone corridor with 98 figures.

Wander down the hallway Taking note of the great Americans of the past, that have been immortalised in beautiful stone sculptures in the University campus.
It is a kind of shrine, remembering the great women and men for their sacrifices and involvement in the development of the nation. It is located at Bronx community college, University Ave & W 181 St, Bronx NY 10453.

Tour the Valentine-Varian house

Valentine-varian House in Bronx
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The history of Bronx at some points intersects with the Revolutionary War. A tour to this place will help you better understand the role of Bronx in American history.
The second oldest house of the Bronx with a rich and controversial history, known for its involvement in the revolutionary war, constructed in 1758.

This place was converted into a museum in 1960 and since then it collects the artefacts, photos and memorabilia related to the history of the Bronx. A variety of fascinating pieces of history can be seen on display, telling the tale of its turbulent past. It’s located at 3266 Brainbridge Ave, Bronx NY 10467.

If you are in the town to stay for a few days, then checkout the hotels in your budget range first, keeping in mind its distance from major attractions of the Bronx.

While travelling, always keep some basic supplies with you, to name the basics, medical first aid, water bottles and your prescription medicines, if applicable.
Hire a tour guide to kndo the area more thoroughly. Walk around Little Italy and look for hidden gems. Taste the local cuisine and do not forget to click some pictures, both for your Instagram feed and yourself.