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20 Best Things to Do in White Plains, NY

  • Published 2023/01/16

You don’t need to go too far to escape the stresses of everyday life.

For instance, if you’re anywhere near New York State, you can simply go to White Plains for a brief respite from big city living.

White Plains is a city in Westchester County, New York, and it offers several amenities and attractions for travelers and locals alike.

You can enjoy the company of a lively, diverse community through several activities.

If you’re still in the mood for the bright lights of city life but tinged with a bit of suburban flavor, White Plains is the city for you.

Do you want to know more about White Plains, NY?

Check out this list below.

Study Music History at the Percy Grainger Home and Studio

Outside View of Percy Grainger Home and Studio

Jesús Jiménez Flores, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

One historic building you can visit in White Plains is the former home and studio of the composer Percy Grainger.

In 1893, the house belonged to the banker David Cromwell, who was the county treasurer and White Plains chief officer.

Then, his son John Chester Cromwell moved in.

In 1921, years after Chester Cromwell’s death, Percy Grainger moved into the house.

His mother joined him.

The composer would settle down in the place for good after marrying Ella Strom in 1928.

He did live there until he died in 1961.

Today, you’ll find several historical objects, like the Cromwells’ household things and Grainger’s furnishings.

Many musicians, students, and tourists continue to visit the house to learn more about the master.

Visit the Percy Grainger Home and Studio at 7 Cromwell Pl, White Plains, NY 10601.

See the Cherry Blossoms at the J Harvey Turnure Memorial Park

One of the parks you can visit in White Plains is the J Harvey Turnure Park, a 4.05-acre park that sits on a slope opposite the Eastview School.

What’s interesting about this park?

Not only is the park worthy of hundreds of photographs, but it’s also the home of more than 100 Japanese cherry blossom trees.

If you go there in spring, you might see them all in bloom.

To celebrate their blooming, Turnure Park hosts the annual Cherry Blossom Festival.

Otherwise, you can catch live performances at the bandstand or bring your kids to the playgrounds.

You can walk along the paved paths and sit on the benches afterward.

Then, you can proceed to the grassy space and sit under the shade of the trees.

Visit the J Harvey Turnure Memorial Park at 26 Lake St., White Plains, NY 10603.

Revisit American History at the Battle of White Plains Park

Named after an important battle in the American Revolutionary War, this park is now a terrific recreation space for people of all ages.

In 1776, George Washington and his army fought the British colonial troops in this exact location.

When you visit the park, you’ll know why Washington chose this site to do battle.

It sits on high ground and overlooks the whole city of White Plains.

Today, the 1.31-acre park has a children’s playground and two seating areas.

One of these seating areas has game tables, so you can play while your children are away.

The park also contains sporadic signage that explains the moments of the Battle of White Plains.

Visit the Battle of White Plains Park at 76 Battle Avenue, White Plains, NY 10606.

Pay Respects at the Garden of Remembrance

World War II is the most violent conflict in human history, taking the lives of hundreds of millions of soldiers and civilians.

Besides the battles, the Holocaust also took place, which killed millions of innocent people in Nazi-controlled Europe.

White Plains, NY, joins the rest of the world in remembering this tragedy through the Garden of Remembrance, outside the Michaelian Office Building.

Inside the garden, you’ll also find the Gates of Remembrance.

The artist Rita Rapaport sculpted them.

When you see enter the garden, you’ll get blown back in time to the Holocaust, thanks to the many symbols incorporated in its design.

For example, the gates contain images of barbed wire and the burning Bible.

The first image evokes the concentration camps, while the second commemorates the beginning of the Holocaust.

Reflect on history at the Garden of Remembrance, located at 119 Martine Avenue, White Plains, NY 10601.

See a Show at the White Plains Performing Arts Center

If you’re in the mood to sit back and watch a show, go to the White Plains Performing Arts Center for a fun night in the theater.

The center has staged productions of various theater masterpieces, like the “Cats,” “Sweeney Todd,” and “Les Miserables.”

Many of these shows have earned rave reviews, too, so you won’t be disappointed.

The center also hosts ballet recitals, live concerts, and dance performances.

Various organizations have held shows at the center, like the Greenwich Ballet Academy and the Music Conservatory of Westchester.

Visit the White Plains Performing Arts Center at 11 City Pl, White Plains, NY 10601.

Play Golf at the Saxon Woods Park

View of Saxon Woods Park

Iana Ayres /

Perhaps you just want to stay in downtown White Plains.

That’s also not a problem, since there are many parks there, like Saxon Woods Park.

The 700-acre park offers various recreation activities for people of all ages.

Besides, it’s also a historic property, which opened in the colonial period.

Back then, it took its name from William Saxton, the owner of a sawmill by the Mamaroneck River.

Bring your golf clubs to Saxon Woods Park because its central amenity is an 18-hole golf course.

You can also try the miniature golf course.

If you’re bringing family, you can take a dip at the swimming pool, the largest in the county.

The park also has an aquatic playground your children will surely enjoy.

Likewise, the park contains an inclusive playground, which the physically challenged can access.

Visit the Saxon Woods Park at 1800 Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plains, NY 10605.

Grab Fresh Produce at the White Plains Farmers’ Market

There’s no better time than now to start eating healthy.

So, even if you’re just visiting White Plains, you need to drive down to the White Plains Farmers’ Market.

Browse fresh fruits and vegetables from the selection of vendors at the open-air market.

Besides produce, you can also grab bread, fresh fish, and meat products.

The Bensidoun family runs the White Plains Farmers’ Market, bringing their 60 years of experience to the operation.

Today, they continue to enrich the open market experience by increasing the number of vendors and diversifying their offerings.

Visit the White Plains Farmers’ Market at 59 Court St., White Plains, NY 10601.

Learn Local History at the Elijah Miller House

Exterior of Elijah Miller House

NortyNort at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Like many other American cities, White Plains also has its share of buildings named to the National Register of Historic Places.

One of these buildings is the Elijah Miller House, a well-preserved 18th-century house.

What’s interesting about the Miller House?

During the American Revolutionary War, George Washington used the house as his headquarters.

The house also served as Washington’s command post during the Battle of White Plains.

To preserve the house, Westchester renovated the building, and they reopened it to the public in 2019.

Visit the Elijah Miller House at 140 Virginia Rd., North White Plains, NY 10603-2213.

Sip Fine Wine at Grapes the Wine Company

Complete your visit to White Plains by visiting Grapes the Wine Company and relaxing over a glass of delicious wine.

Since its opening in 1997, the company has offered White Plains residents a taste of the world’s most excellent wines.

The company continues to offer people a wide variety of wines from around the world.

On your visit, treat yourself to high-quality wines at an affordable value.

You never need to worry about the price of rare fine wines so that you can sip to your heart’s content.

Visit Grapes the Wine Company at 731 N Broadway, White Plains, NY 10603.

Enjoy a Thrilling Hour at The Puzzle Parlour

If you need more excitement in your visit to White Plains, you might want to try the Puzzle Parlour, an escape room and live-action adventure.

It promises to bring you thrills you’ve never experienced before, so get going!

The Puzzle Parlour also offers a unique team-building experience.

Whether you’re with family or coworkers, you need to be on the same page.

You’ll need to work with your friends to solve puzzles, complete objectives, and finish missions.

Like many other escape rooms, you’ll only have 60 minutes to escape.

The escape rooms also have different themes with different objectives, like a bank heist.

Visit the Puzzle Parlour at 131 Court St., White Plains, NY 10601.

Free Your Inner Artist at the Muse Paintbar

White Plains is also home to your definitive paint & sip experience.

Just go to the Muse Paintbar to unleash your creativity while savoring a nice glass of wine.

The center offers a pleasurable and relaxing atmosphere to help you stimulate your creative juices.

You can simply pick up a brush and paints, pick a canvas, and make your masterpiece inside the bar.

Likewise, Muse Paintbar offers live streaming services for special events.

They also provide high-quality instructional videos for aspiring artists or people who want to try painting.

Visit the Muse Paintbar at 84 Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plains, NY 10601.

Score a Strike at the Bowlmor Lanes

If you want to have good old fun with your friends or family, bring them over to the Bowlmor Lanes in White Plains.

You can engage in friendly competition with your best buds through several rounds of bowling.

Otherwise, you can venture out and enjoy the place’s other amenities.

For example, you can go to the Bowlmor’s arcades and try beating your friends at party games like Mario Kart, World’s Largest Pac-Man, or even plain old-fashioned pinball.

After that, you can move over to the billiards area and shoot some pool.

You can also bring your drinks there, which doubles the fun.

Finally, you can chill with your friends inside the lounge area, or you can celebrate your victories at the sports bar.

Visit the Bowlmor Lanes at 47 Tarrytown Rd., White Plains, NY 10607.

Explore Westchester County Center

Exterior of Westchester County Center

Anthony22 at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Westchester County Center is a multi-functional indoor recreational complex hosting community functions in the Center of White Plains.

The Center has hosted tens of thousands of concerts, trade exhibits, sporting events, meetings, seminars, theater productions, conferences, and civic and community activities during the course of its almost 80-year history.

It was constructed and furnished in the traditional Art Deco architectural style and designed by the well-regarded architectural company Walker and Gillette.

There are numerous prestigious hotels, restaurants, nightlife venues, shopping centers, and other amenities nearby.

Arrange a fun-filled Saturday by savoring a delicious dinner, catching a performance at the Center, and then getting together with friends for a night out downtown.

Showcase Your Skills at Game On Golf Center

Game On Golf Center opened its doors in 2017 under new management and a new brand after serving the community as the Westchester Golf Range since 1948.

The Golf Center provides lessons and programs to serve golfers with every skill set and budget.

PGA golf pros provide junior golf programs, personal training, and group clinics in their exclusive short-game facility.

At their Golf Shop, Game On can offer club repairs, re-gripping services, and other basics for golfers in the neighborhood, as well as advice and swing assessments.

They provide a variety of safe outdoor spaces for your upcoming social gathering, company team-building exercises, reunions, and other special events.

Treat Yourself to a Delicious Dinner at the Melting Pot

Melting Pot is a distinct, interactive fondue restaurant offering pleasant, relaxing surroundings in the heart of White Plains, New York.

Find your favorite dish on the menu by exploring the available fondue options.

They provide the ideal beginning to a wonderful dinner, offering everything from freshly cooked salads with various dressings to exquisite cheeses that are well-seasoned.

The main entrée is served once the appetizers have been served.

For your entrée, pick from several cooking methods and flavors, including flavorful steak, fish, and popular dipping vegetables.

Take a bite of their luscious chocolate delights, which come with a choice of mouthwatering dippers.

Put Your Adventure Shoes on and Visit 5th Dimension VR

5th Dimension VR believes that the greatest adventures are shared with friends and families; thus, they specialize in multiplayer games.

Share a VR experience with your buddies at one of the 18 stations.

5th Dimension VR is an excellent spot to hang out with, spend a birthday, or simply come by for some fun—whether you’re battling zombies or trying to figure out who’s the greatest paintball player!

There are over 40 different games to choose from, so there is definitely something for everyone.

The staff goes above and beyond to ensure customers have a special time.

Given their confidence and desire to deliver superior service, they arrange events that consider their guests’ needs.

Relax and Enjoy a Movie at Showcase Cinema de Lux City Center 15

Lobby bar of Showcase Cinema de Lux City Center 15

Luigi Novi, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Movie Theater, Showcase Cinema de Lux City Center 15, offers unique IMAX entertainment and a Lobby Bar with specialty drinks.

Additionally, it provides the Starpass Rewards program and conference and party theater reservations.

Watching a movie in an IMAX cinema offers much more since every feature has been carefully planned out, prepared, and placed to produce the most amazing experience imaginable.

Enjoy the newest movies while you hang back, relax, and recline on a luxurious, power-operated seat.

In the Lobby Bar, sample their signature drinks, including the mango margarita and ultra-premium Margaritas.

Wine and draft beer are also available for purchase while watching the movie.

Other Things to Do Nearby

See Nature at the Cranberry Lake Preserve

Waters of Cranberry Lake Preserve

Mad Hare Imagery /

If you want to explore nature, you can head to the Cranberry Lake Preserve, a 190-acre park filled with various species of plants and animals.

The park has protected hundreds of animal and plant species since 1967.

So, on your visit, you’ll have a high chance of seeing migratory birds and turtles.

You’ll also find various trees in different habitats like lakes, cliffs, mixed hardwood forests, and even a swamp.

People at Cranberry Lake Preserve

lev radin /

You can also follow the History Trail to reach an old 19th-century farmhouse and what remains of a stone-mining operation.

Visit the Cranberry Lake Preserve at 1609 Old Orchard St., West Harrison, NY 10604.

It’s just eight minutes away from downtown White Plains.

Spend a Day at the Kensico Dam Plaza

Trees at Kensico Dam Plaza

bleung /

If you want to head outdoors, you can go to the Kensico Dam Plaza for a full day’s worth of activities.

The county built the historic Kensico Dam in 1917, which stands at 307 feet and spans 1,843 feet.

They also took the stone from the nearby Cranberry Lake Park to build the dam.

Today, you can drive to Kensico Dam Plaza to enjoy the surrounding park or visit the 9/11 Memorial called “The Rising.”

This monument is the culmination of several pathways so that you can enter it from all directions.

You can also pass through it.

Fireworks at Kensico Dam Plaza

Big Joe/

Otherwise, you can sit back to enjoy live concerts or heritage celebrations.

You can also join fitness classes or attend a fitness course.

If you’re still restless, you can try walking or in-line skating.

Afterward, have a picnic with your family and take a nature walk.

The Kensico Dam Plaza is at 1 Bronx River Pkwy Rd, Valhalla, NY 10595.

It’s just eight minutes away from downtown White Plains.

The grounds of Kensico Dam Plaza

Vineus, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Admire Masterpieces at the Neuberger Museum of Art

Entrance to Neuberger Museum of Art

Alexandra.birenbaum, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Just six minutes away from downtown White Plains stands the Neuberger Museum of Art, a former private collection of 108 works.

The museum takes its name from Roy R. Neuberger, who donated the first batch of art in 1974.

Today, the place contains more than 6,000 pieces gathered from a variety of art movements and locations.

Interior of Neuberger Museum of Art

JaredBernacchia, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Inside the museum, you’ll find thousands of masterworks from several periods, including the modern and contemporary periods.

You’ll also find masterpieces of African art, an essential part of the entire museum’s collection.

You need to go to the Purchase College campus to reach the museum, located at 735 Anderson Hill Rd, Purchase, NY 10577.

Final Thoughts

Take a break from the troubles of everyday life by dropping by White Plains, New York.

Its parks and historic buildings will help clear your mind and refresh your spirit before you have to go back to the grind.

Book your visit today!

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