16 Best Things to Do in Warwick, NY

Warwick, NY
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Warwick is a famous town in Orange County, New York.

It is 55 miles away from New York City and has three villages.

Warwick is a great tourist destination for those who wander and want to be lost in nature.

A visit to Warwick is sure to be full of fun and relaxation, and its natural beauty is sure to enamor tourists.

Biking on the country roads alongside the beautiful Appalachians is a great experience.

Greenwood Lake is brimming with tranquil beauty, waiting to be explored.

Horseback rides and golf courses are particularly famous in Warwick.

The Fall Harvest and Applefest are celebrations worth waiting for.

Warwick’s cross-country and downhill skiing are an absolute joy in winters.

Let's take a look at some amazing things to do in Warwick!

Hiking and Birdwatching at Wawayanda State Park

Trail at Wawayanda State Park
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Wawayanda State Park is huge and about a 10-minute ride from Warwick.

There are hiking trails of about 60 miles in the park.

The 20-mile stretch alone is alongside the Appalachian Trail.

The Trail Conference of New Jersey maintains this hiking trail of the park.

Wawayanda Park is part of the Northeastern Coastal Forests Ecoregion.

It is the abode of the barred owl, the red-shouldered hawk, and the grand blue heron.

Boardwalk at Wawayanda State Park
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The park includes the 1300-foot Wawayanda Mountain, which is a sight to behold.

Wawayanda Lake, which is glacial and spring-fed, is also a feature of this park.

Swimming beaches, group camping, and boat launches are not to be missed.

The Bearfort Mountain Natural Area comprising 1325 acres is also here with a Terrace Pond at 1380 feet.

Wawayanda Lake
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Apple-Picking at Masker Orchards

This is a huge orchard with a great variety of seasonal fruits.

It is another must-visit tourist destination in Warwick.

There is no parking or entry fee, so you can freely drive and explore.

However, the road might be a bit too rocky for certain cars, so a walk would be preferable.

You can also buy cider, fresh apple pie, and donuts here.

It is a favorite place to pick apples amidst the New York people and the surrounding states.

They have a wonderful market as well, which is great for jams and pies.

However, since it's so popular, it always becomes crowded, so an early visit is preferable during the day.

Sightseeing at Greenwood Lake

Greenwood Lake
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Greenwood Lake is a lake in between the two states of New York and New Jersey.

It is a famous sightseeing spot for people visiting Warwick.

This lake is about seven miles long and is the Wanaque River’s source of origin.

It has a long history. It was first named Quampium by the native Americans.

Then it was changed to Long Pond by the European settlers in the 18th century.

Soon it got its current name, “Greenwood Lake."

Greenwood Lake
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Golfing at Warwick County Park

Warwick County Park is famous for its golf course.

The golf course here has a very nice layout.

Greens get a little hilly, but they are good overall.

Food and cocktails are also available and are great refreshments.

Apart from golfing, the sunset here is a great sight.

The county is well-maintained and is a regular visiting place for many local people.

Some people come here for a walk too, with pets or otherwise.

If you're a golf-lover, be sure to visit!

Explore Biodiversity at Glenmere Lake

Glenmere Lake is located in Orange County, New York.

It is a reservoir and the largest habitat of the Northern Cricket Frog in New York State.

It is a biologically diverse feature with shale ridgelines, mossy county, hardwood swamp, an open-water reservoir, and vernal pools.

Glenmere, with its unique habitat, is the bedrock of New York’s biodiversity.

The Glenmere Reservoir is home to six species of hawk, owls, and the famous species of bald eagles.

Glenmere also has two watershed basins of the Hudson River, namely the Wallkill and the Moodna.

Take a Tour at Warwick Historical Society

Old School Baptist Meeting House
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The Warwick Historical Society is a beautiful church laden with a rich history.

It continues to amaze visitors with its stunning beauty, irrespective of the season or the time of day.

If you plan a spring, summer, fall, or winter wedding, be assured that it will be as you always hoped for.

Built in 1810, the Old School Baptist Meeting House has witnessed countless weddings, memorials, christenings, and ceremonies.

The Church is the perfect venue for various celebrations, be it a sunlit christening or a candlelit marriage reception.

Outdoor Activities at Stanley Deming Park

Stanley Deming Park is the perfect place for breathtaking views while also being extremely entertaining to the kids!

The playground is massive when compared to conventional playgrounds in large cities.

Activities include two zip lines, one for the young ones and the other for the elders, barnyards for the toddlers, swings, and slides.

It is a fun place to relax, even for the elderly!

There are picnic benches close to the swings, well-thought-out bathrooms, and the park is perfectly accessible for the physically challenged.

The park layout is simple and very well-planned.

Plus, it is on the ice cream truck route!

Plan a Picnic at Demarest Hill Winery

Demarest Hill Winery is hailed as the largest winery in Warwick.

They stock around 80 varieties of wine and ciders.

They also produce four varieties of vinegar, including Balsamic, Bombita Red, Apple, and Apple Balsamic vinegar.

The winery is located on top of a beautiful hill.

It is home to Francesco Ciummo, also known locally as Frank, and his wife, Orietta, who have built the winery together from the ground up.

The estate overlooks a gorgeous valley view, ideal for picnic lunches on a relaxing weekend getaway.

What Francesco started, merely as a passion, is now a booming business, growing exponentially year by year as he discovers new inventions.

Demarest Hill Winery allows you to explore the exquisite taste of southern Italy in Warwick.

Admire Art at Pacem in Terris Sculpture Garden

Frederick Franck, a Dutch artist, sculpted Pacem in Terris throughout his lifetime.

The grounds of his home have been open to the public for the past 40 years.

Every weekend, visitors freely wander the grounds, following the brook to visit the “trans-religious chapel."

His art represents both the meditative calm and the harsh truth of disharmony, all the while aiming for a more untroubled life.

Franck used wood, metal, glass, and certain objects to create his masterpieces which house three sections of the property.

Franck’s desperate call moves visitors for peace in times of war.

This landmark is a must-visit spot for all art enthusiasts to feel the powerful impact an artist can have on worldly problems.

Go Skiing on Mount Peter

An excellent attraction for ski lovers and families!

Mount Peter has been a celebrated tourist ski spot since the 1930s and is located in the heart of Warwick.

It is the oldest ski destination in New York and features low slopes ideal for family skiing trips.

Beginners can avail free skiing lessons on weekends or holidays.

Apart from skiing and snowboarding, Mount Peter features a tubing run that is about 600 feet long.

Around the ski spot, there is excellent availability of equipment rentals and gears, resorts, souvenir shops, and a restaurant pub with live music.

Sample Homemade Ice Cream at Bellvale Farms Creamery

Bellvale Farms Creamery is a go-to place for ice cream lovers!

The Bellvale Farms Creamery was established in the 1800s and is run by the family to date.

It is famous across the Hudson Valley regions for its fine-quality dairy products.

It is a barn-style creamery based on a family farm over seven generations old and well-stocked with picnic tables and chairs.

There is a beautiful view of the farms where you can enjoy their homemade specialty ice creams in over 50 flavors.

Ice creams are served in home-baked waffle cones and Sundaes, while frozen yogurt and sorbets are also on the menu.

You can also order custom cakes at Bellvale that are made within a week.

The ideal time of the year to try out their funky flavors is between April and November.

Private reservations for farm tours can also be made for Sunday afternoons during these months.

If you have a sweet tooth and plan on visiting Warwick, Bellvale Farms is the place to go.

Wine-Tasting at Clearview Vineyard

If you plan a weekend at Warwick, be sure to go wining and dining in Clearview Vineyard.

With exquisite scenery surrounding it, Clearview Vineyard becomes a go-to destination for wine connoisseurs and gourmands.

It features a tasting room that is open from Friday to Saturday and is operational most of the year between April and December.

There are six varieties of wines available for tasting, and you also receive a souvenir glass to take home as a memento.

The vineyard is fairly spacious indoors and features a beautiful wooden patio to enjoy the lovely scenery around.

On your next trip to Warwick, be sure to visit Clearview Vineyard and bring home a bottle of fine wine to enjoy with your fruit platter!

Explore Albert Wisner Library

Warwick sure has a lot to boast about.

Not only is it rich in scenic beauty and orchards, but it also houses a library that is nearly a century old.

Albert Wisner Library was donated to the public around 1927 and had originally started as a private book collection store.

A wonderful spot for the bibliophiles, Albert Wisner Library, spans over 20000 square feet as a public spot.

The architecture is a beautiful blend of modern and classical design.

The library has an excellent collection of books and movies and also features some free programs.

There is a separate children’s library, a museum with activities for all, and excellent Wi-fi connectivity.

Activities include chess games, weekend cooking classes, children’s storytime, and movies on Monday afternoons.

It's a lovely place to visit with family, especially if you’re an avid reader.

Relish the feel of Ireland at Yesterday’s Irish Pub

Warwick’s versatility when it comes to catering to different tourist tastes is incredible.

Pub lovers can visit the cozy little Irish pub, which goes by the name of Yesterday’s Irish Pub.

It features an extensive menu for food and drinks, spanning multiple cuisines and dishes that give you a feel of Ireland right here in the USA.

The pub features a restaurant, banquet hall, and catering services for small gatherings and soirées.

You can also enjoy delicious seasonal desserts after your meal, prepared by an in-house pastry chef.

That’s a lot to offer for a little pub!

Be sure to visit on a weekend trip with friends.

Italian Dinner at Silvio’s Villa Ristorante and Martini Bar

If you’re a gourmand who’s on a visit to Warwick, be sure to visit Silvio’s Villa.

It is a chic Italian restaurant with the elegant Georgian architecture of an 18th-century mansion.

Fans of Italian cuisine can treat their taste buds to authentic delicacies, such as pasta, ravioli, calamari, and exquisite seafood platters.

The restaurant offers an amazing view of the sunset and a warm vibe by their fireplace.

All their dishes are prepared with fresh local ingredients.

It is closed on Mondays but opens all other days of the week.

It also offers vegan dishes and gluten-free pasta.

On occasions and weekends, Silvio’s hosts open mics and live music.

Be sure to visit this lovely spot for a romantic dinner or simply relish the authentic Italian food.

Healthy Detox at Conscious Fork

Conscious Fork is a delightful getaway for vegans and health-conscious people!

Conscious Fork is a posh vegan restaurant and juice bar that offers a great variety of local organic food within an affordable price range.

Their fruits and vegetables are grown in the Black Dirt Farm nearby.

The menu is seasonal and offers lunch and breakfast options alongside beverages like tea, coffee, and juices.

A must-visit spot for those who want to enjoy their time away from work and city life, Conscious Fork offers an excellent spa facility and wellness center.

You can treat yourself to their amazing food that’s plant-based and good for the gut.

Enjoy a cleansing experience at Conscious Fork on your next trip to Warwick!

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