15 Best Things to Do in Tenerife

Tenerife, Canary Islands
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The Canary Islands is located just off the coast of Morocco.

Even if you haven’t heard much about this, Tenerife, the largest one from these islands, has always been a favorite travel destination of many, garnering as many as five million tourists annually.

And deservedly so, as the island is teeming with exotic nature, stunning beaches, mountains as well as great food and comfortable accommodations.

There is no way one can miss out on this wonderful place!

Now let's look at the 15 best things to do in Tenerife, Canary Islands!

Explore the Playa de Las Amèricas

View of  Playa de Las Amèricas
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Not only is Playa de Las Amèricas rich in daily activities, but it also provides amazing nightlife!

It is one of the important locations of Tenerife's thriving nightlife, the others being the Patch, Starco Commercial Centre, and the Veronicas Strip.

Built in the 1960s, the place is a bustling holiday resort that offers many activities, including an 18-hole golf course, exciting water activities, and whale and dolphins watching, among others.

View of  Playa de Las Amèricas
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As for the nightlife, the resort gives you easy access to restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and other attractions and man-made beaches filled with imported African sand because of the dark shade of the native sand.

As you can see, you can spend all of your time at Playa de Las Amèricas!

Explore the Teide National Park

View of Teide National Park
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Teide National Park is one of the most visited places in Tenerife, not only because of its rich and peaceful surroundings but also because of the presence of active volcanoes, making it a stunning geomorphological wonder.

It was established in 1954, making it the Canary Islands’ oldest national park.

View of Teide National Park
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However, the main attraction of this park is Mount Teide, considered to be the highest mountain not just in the Canary Islands but in the whole of Spain, standing tall at 12,198 feet.

There is also Pico Viejo, another active volcano and the second highest in the islands.

Indeed, it is not surprising when this stunning park has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

View of Teide National Park
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Take a Sightseeing Tour at Aqualand Costa Adeje

Aqualand Costa Adeje is the only water park and Dolphinarium you’ll encounter on the island, complete with amazing water rides, such as the Tornado, flying boats, and multi-surf, and access to pools and an open-air spa, complete with hydro-massage showers and a heated Jacuzzi.

The most beautiful sight here, though, are the Bottlenose Dolphins.

Labeled as the ‘best dolphin show in the world' by none other than the International Association of Marine Animal Trainers, these dolphins put on an impressive show.

Have Picnic at Siam Park

View of Siam Park
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Another notable waterpark on the sands of Tenerife is Siam Park, a Thai-themed waterpark!

It was opened by Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, the Princess of Thailand, in 2008 and featured exciting rides, restaurants, and other park buildings.

Some of the rides include Wave Palace, a wave pool, Tower of Power, a vertical ProSlide Freefall, Naga Racer, a six-lane mat racing slide, and Lost City, a structure with more than 100 games for children!

Not only do the slides have a natural sloping terrain, since the park is built on a hill, but the waters around are heated to a cool and comfortable 25 °C.

View of Siam Park
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Try M.B at Ritz Carlton Abama's Food

One of the top restaurants in Tenerife – and the only one on the island that has two Michelin Stars – is M.B., located at The Ritz Carlton Abama.

This American hotel has been around since 2005, owned by the renowned Basque chef, Martin Berasategui.

That means that the menu is not only luxurious but also ever-changing in catering to everyone.

Some of the much-ordered dishes include roasted sea bass with bouillabaisse, caramelized smoked eel, and Spaghetti and Macaroni pasta with calamari sauce.

The restaurant demands you to come in a formal yet elegant attire, which is why M.B. at Ritz Carlton Abama is the most preferred for special occasions!

Have Fun at Parque Rural de Anaga

View of Parque Rural de Anaga
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Just a little away from Tenerife’s capital is Parque Rural de Anaga, a range of mountains featuring a stunning blend of sharp peaks and deep gorges.

This blend also gives the visitors free access to the beaches, where they can relax and enjoy the sparkling waters.

If that’s not impressive enough, Anaga Country Park is filled with exotic and beautiful flora and fauna, most of which are native species.

View of Parque Rural de Anaga
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The park, obviously, is one of the popular spots for hiking.

However, the locals and the tourists love the authentic rural experience it provides, which takes you to the time when nature and humans were closer together – a quality that is still preserved in Tenerife.

Wander Around San Cristobal de la Laguna

View of San Cristobal de la Laguna
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Located in the northern part of Tenerife is San Cristobal de la Laguna, a wonderful city and the cultural capital, not just of Tenerife but of the whole Canary Islands.

Situated between Anaga mountain range and La Esperanza slopes, La Laguna features many sweet attractions, including the popular city center, Plaza del Adelantado, Ermita de San Miguel, Museum of the History of Tenerife, Casa Lercaro, and Palacio de Nava, a stunning historical building featuring the unusual Canarian architecture.

However, the most important tourist spot is the historical center of La Laguna, which has long been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

View of San Cristobal de la Laguna
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Dine at Nub Restaurante

Nub Restaurante, located in Tenerife’s inviting town of Costa Adeje, is a unique establishment, providing good food since 2016.

Nub – pronounced as Noob – was first located in La Laguna before receiving Michelin Star there and relocated to Hotel Bahia del Duque, their current location.

It is run by an Italian-Chilean descent couple, who took painstaking efforts to blend their cultures in their menu.

Like most of the restaurants in Tenerife, the restaurant focuses more on locally sourced ingredients.

The taste of the dishes has gone from merely delicious to absolutely exquisite, even though some may find them out of their taste palette.

But it wouldn’t harm to check them out once and then decide, don’t you think?

Climb the Los Gigantes Cliffs

View of Los Gigantes Cliffs
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Tenerife features a basalt wall that stretches from Los Gigante's port to Punta de Teno – the island’s westernmost end – known as Los Gigantes Cliffs.

But what is so special about a basalt wall, you might ask?

Well, the cliffs stand tall at 1,970 feet and is an absolutely mesmerizing sight to see as it drops down from a dizzying height.

View of Los Gigantes Cliffs
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The ocean floors surrounding the cliffs’ base house many exciting sea life, which has constantly lured divers and fishing enthusiasts.

It’s ironic because the island’s original indigenous inhabitants, Guanches, regarded this place as the end of the world and, therefore calling it as ‘Wall of Hell.’

View of Los Gigantes Cliffs
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Visit the Pirámide de Arona

Pirámide de Arona is the single most spectacular building on the premises of the Mare Nostrum Resort in the southern part of the island, which gives free access to the Golden Mile of Playas de las Américas, a luxurious shopping center as well as El Camisón Beach.

It boasts 22 multi-purpose halls designed in different sizes and can hold more than 2,000 people.

Great performances are scheduled there frequently, with one of the popular ones being The Malizia Show.

A great way to spend your evenings, indeed!

Get Lost in the Masca Mountain and Valley

Scenic View of Masca Mountain and Valley
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Tenerife has a beautiful village tucked away in its folds and ready to be explored – Masca!

This small mountain village, situated in the western part of the island, was originally a Guanche settlement and now has around 90 residents.

Masca features Masca Gorge, which can be scaled with the help of a hiking trail, stretching from the village and down the gorge to the beach.

Scenic View of Masca Mountain and Valley
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Even though the hike is challenging, the surrounding scenery, peppered with cypresses and palm trees, is enough to chase your fatigue away.

You can take a boat to Los Gigantes once you reach the end of the trail to make your Masca experience even more fulfilling!

Scenic View of Masca Mountain and Valley
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Dine at El Secreto de Chimiche

El Secreto de Chimiche is not a restaurant you could encounter anywhere else.


Because along with being perfect for all kinds of outings, it is all about absolute discretion.

There are fig trees all around this lovely little private place, featuring white walls, timber ceilings, ceiling-to-floor glass coolers, and authentic Canarian décor.

The menu features many delicious dishes, the customers’ favorites being the lobster carpaccio, black pig croquettes, oxtail stew cannelloni, and beef tenderloin, among others.

Their pantry is filled with locally produced ingredients, including some rare ones, such as Gofio, colored potatoes, and Arico Olive Oil.

Small activities are conducted frequently, making the restaurant a really exciting yet relaxing place to hang out at!

Pay a Visit to the Pyramids of Güímar

View of Pyramids of Güímar
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Make your way to the town of Güímar on Tenerife, and you’ll encounter six rectangular pyramid-shaped structures, like terraces stacked above each other.

These are known as The Pyramids of Güímar built in the 19th century.

What’s more impressive is that they were built – and still stand tall – without mortar.

The place has been claimed by a Norwegian researcher, Thor Heyerdahl, to be a geographic and temporal stopping point between ancient Egypt and Maya Civilization.

This theory and the latter related events form an enchanting history, adding to the ever-present mysterious charm of the pyramids.

Meet Different Animals at Loro Parque

View of Loro Parque
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Tenerife features a beautiful zoo located on the outskirts of Puerto de la Cruz, by the name of Loro Parque, or just Loro Park!

Since the place is teeming with parrots, it only makes sense to name it Loro Park, as Loro means ‘parrot’ in Spanish.

View of Loro Parque
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Apart from the parrots, the zoo is blessed with an immense variety of flora and fauna, including western gorillas, tigers, jaguars, black swans, flamingos, and exotic fish, seahorses, and sharks.

In addition to that, the zoo also offers a whole lot of rides that let you interact with the zoo residents even more closely.

There are many ticket options to choose from!

Take Pictures With the Dragon Tree

View of the Dragon Tree
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Every tourist visiting Tenerife never forgets to visit the Dragon Tree, locally known as El Drago.

But what is so special about just a tree, you might ask?

Well, El Drago is not only the largest – and living example – of the Dracaena draco genus but it is also believed to be a thousand-year-old tree.

This beautiful tree is 20 meters broad and stands tall at 21 meters.

It was declared as a national monument in the year 1917, in addition to being used on the 1,000 peseta note before it became de facto in 2002.

You can either get a closer view of the stunning tree in the Parque del Drago for a minimal fee or utilize the complimentary view from the town square!

Final Thoughts

Now you see why one simply can’t resist visiting this former capital of Tenerife?

Right from pristine beaches and incredible parks to old trees and mysterious cities, everything on the island of Tenerife is just teeming with pleasant vibes and inviting charm.

A trip to any top destination would be good, but a trip to Tenerife – one of the most picturesque islands in the world – would be even better!

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