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17 Best Things to Do in Stockbridge, GA

  • Published 2022/08/02

Experience Martin Luther King, Sr.’s birthplace by trying the best things to do in Stockbridge, Georgia.

The icon of the Civil Rights Movement once preached at the Floyd Chapel Baptist Church, which still holds services today, attracting many tourists.

Founded in 1829, Stockbridge became a town in 1895.

However, it only became a city in 1920.

Stockbridge also celebrated its centennial recently.

The city owes its rapid expansion to its supportive economic development, high-quality public services, and friendly small-town atmosphere.

Whether traveling to the “Peach State” for business or pleasure, Stockbridge is a great place to stop for a few days if you’re looking for something different.

Are you preparing to visit the region?

Read on to discover the best things to do in Stockbridge, Georgia.

Explore Panola Mountain State Park

Rocky outcrop of Panola Mountain State Park

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Panola Mountain State Park is a recreational sanctuary for people of all ages and interests.

Visitors may picnic as their youngsters burn off some energy on the park’s play structure.

Alexander Lake is a fantastic place to cast a line and reel in a meal for the family.

There’s also a tree-climbing and bird-watching program, archery, geocaching, boat rental, orienteering, and other outdoor activities.

Leaf on a small creek at Panola Mountain State Park

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You may also enjoy biking, rollerblading, jogging, and dog walking on the paved route.

Then, you can hike or run along the woodland fitness trails.

Similar in size and pristineness to Stone Mountain, Panola Mountain’s 100-acre granite outcrop is a must-see.

Like Native Americans of long ago, tourists can also observe the rocky outcrop and its unique environment.

Reservations are necessary for park ranger treks to learn about the habitat’s unusual flora and creatures.

Spend the day at the Panola Mountain State Park.

Play Golf at Rum Creek Sports & Event Center at Eagle’s Landing

Rum Creek Sports & Events Center at Eagles Landing is a family-run business.

You can play a nine-hole executive par-3 golf course and go to the driving range at Rum Creek Golf.

The 12-acre landing area has many target greens and a driving range with grass tees and artificial turf hitting stations.

There are three tee sets on every hole.

It offers junior golf lessons for children under 16 years old all year.

Rum Creek Sports & Events Center at Eagles Landing also offers group trips and fundraising events.

Hike the Martin Luther King Sr. Heritage Trail

The Civil Rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born in Stockbridge; he also spent his formative years there.

A brief historical route in the middle of town follows the old train tracks.

During his youth, he regularly went to the Floyd Chapel Baptist Church, a secure place of worship for African-Americans since the late 19th century.

Before he moved to the Ebenezer Baptist Church, King delivered his first sermon at the Floyd Chapel.

Stockbridge City Hall’s outside wall bears a plaque honoring the King family’s contributions to the city.

Follow the Martin Luther King, Jr. Heritage Trail and learn more about the historical figure.

Enjoy a Friendly Game at JP Moseley Park Disc Golf Course

J.P. Moseley Park is a championship-caliber disc golf course.

The Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) recognizes this disc golf course.

All players, regardless of ability levels, are welcome to play there.

This 27-hole layout is Atlanta’s best golf course by a wide margin.

Other amenities include a jogging track, paved walking, a picnic pavilion, and a kids’ playground.

Then, you can go to a concession stand, softball, and football fields in the 170-acre park.

The surrounding landscape is equally spectacular.

Bring your friends to the J. P. Moseley Park Disc Golf Course.

Go Hiking along Reeves Creek Trail

Bring your dog to the Reeves Creek Trail in Stockbridge and reconnect with nature.

The three-mile walk follows Reeves Creek as it meanders from the start on Flippen Road to Memorial Park.

You can access this location via Flippen Road or Memorial Park.

Both sites provide ample parking.

The exercise equipment at the Flippen Road entry makes it easier for trail users to warm up before heading out on the route.

You may find waste stations along the path for those who want to walk or run with their dogs.

If you brought your pet with you, clean up after your furry companions and dispose of waste in the containers.

There is a “Little Free Library” on Flippen Road near the Reeves Creek Trail entryway to encourage the exchange of books through the City’s Main Street Program.

Work up a sweat at the Reeves Creek Trail.

Take a Retreat at Eagle’s Landing Country Club

Eagle’s Landing is a retreat for welcoming members who appreciate family-oriented events and a concentration on golf.

Tom Fazio designed the 27-hole golf course, originally a stop on the LPGA tour.

The system is one of Atlanta’s ten best courses.

Some features of the 51,000-square-foot clubhouse are 51,000 square feet of extravagant chandeliers, tall majestic columns, and an attractive double staircase entry.

From weddings to banquets to birthday celebrations to anniversaries to business meetings, the Grand Ballroom can accommodate gatherings of any size.

Celebrate milestones at the Eagle’s Landing Country Club.

Play with Your Friends at Pin Strikes – Stockbridge

Pin Strikes is a family-friendly experience in Stockbridge.

If you’re looking for the best bowling and entertainment experience in Georgia’s Stockbridge, Pin Strikes is the place to go.

It’s a 38,000-square-foot bowling complex with world-class lanes, high-tech plasma displays, and glitzy decor.

Play the newest video games or billiards, take a spin in the bumper cars, or engage in some furious laser tag action.

Splitz Bar and Grill is a great place to meet friends and eat delicious meals.

Expect a metropolis vibe without the high expenses of a large city like Atlanta by visiting Pine Strikes – Stockbridge.

Explore the Aaron and Margaret Parker Jr. House

Exterior of Aaron and Margaret Parker Jr. House

Tim Farley, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Built in 1830, the house dates back to the founding days of Stockbridge.

It’s one of Rockdale County’s earliest surviving buildings.

It now stands within the Panola Mountain State Park, roughly nine miles away.

Although just one-and-a-half floors high, it followed the Plantation Plains style using bricks and clapboard wooden boards.

Visitors to Panola Mountain State Park should stop by Aaron Parker and his wife’s farmhouse, which formerly occupied 1,200 hectares of land.

The Aaron Parker and Margaret Parker Jr. House should be a priority in your itinerary.

Spend the Holidays at Yule Forest

Regarding Yule Forest, it’s true what they say: a Christmas tree farm isn’t only for the holidays.

Yule Forest is more than just a spot to cut down a tree and drink hot cider during the holiday season.

It’s a destination in and of itself.

Also worth a visit at other times of the year is a pumpkin patch that boasts one of Georgia’s biggest pumpkins.

You can buy locally made preserves and other treats at the nearby store.

There’s also a petting zoo at the Yule Forest to teach children about the reality of farm life.

Get Creative at LMB Bisque & Art Studio

You won’t find anything like LMB Bisque & Art Studio.

It is where you can be yourself and express yourself via art.

Positive energy permeates the surroundings and creates a relaxing but energizing feel.

Its goal is to empower individuals and let them express themselves through art.

Try painting, pouring, creating jewelry, making pottery, breaking pottery, Kintsugi, or sewing pottery back together.

You don’t need any creative skills.

All you need is to be who you are without apology or compromise.

You will expand your horizons and allow your creativity to show through by just being yourself.

Unleash your creativity at LMB Bisque & Art Studio.

Check Out the Woodworks at BarnBeautiful

BarnBeautiful, located in Stockbridge’s historic downtown, revitalizes aged barns by salvaging their worn wood before they degrade.

All Georgia-sourced wood gets heat-treated to eliminate dirt and pests without pesticides.

Once finished, each item has unique imperfections that add to its individuality.

Greg Horton founded BarnBeautiful in 2009.

The Stockbridge business is a one-stop shop for reclaimed barn wood art, beds, headboards, barn doors, benches, chairs, sconces, shelves, and tables.

Each BarnBeautiful product comes with a detailed history.

As a result, BarnBeautiful customers will learn more about the product’s provenance while making a purchase.

BarnBeautiful offers a wide selection of ready-to-ship home accents and custom-made items.

Indulge in Cuban Cuisine at Papi’s Cuban & Caribbean Grill

You don’t have to go to Cuba or the Caribbean to taste tropical cuisine.

Papi’s offers you the best of the South Seas, focusing on authenticity and devotion to generations-old recipes.

Get started with this Cuban Sampler.

Papi’s famous fried potato puff, Papa Rellena, is stuffed with spiced ground beef.

Meanwhile, the croquettes de Jamon are breaded and fried patties of spicy ground ham.

Likewise, you can try the yellow and white rice, salad, black beans, and plantains on the menu at this restaurant.

Stop by Papi’s Cuban & Caribbean Grill to get a real sense of Cuba in Stockbridge.

Chill at Smokin’ Cues

If you’re looking for a new place to hang out, you’ve come to the right place.

Smokin’ Cues is a hidden gem in Stockbridge.

This bar and restaurant got you covered when it comes to having a good time!

You’ll enjoy various activities, including live music, sports, refreshments, and relaxation, all in one place.

The pool hall always offers something to do.

Enjoy a live band, drink the best beer in town, and brush up your pool skills at Smokin’ Cues.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Check out the Krog Street Tunnel

Colorful graffiti in Krog Street Tunnel

Jon Bilous /

On the way into downtown Atlanta, the Krog Street Tunnel is a must-see for any art enthusiast traveling through the city.

Krog Street Tunnel is a paradise for street artists, even if it doesn’t sound like a great site to see several best artworks in the city.

Take photos of the graffiti sprayed on the concrete walls of this tiny tunnel since the 1960s.

View inside the Krog Street Tunnel

red7255 /

The majority of graffiti used a thick layer of paint.

Moreover, this isn’t a static piece of art but constantly evolving, so you can always expect something new.

It takes around 27 minutes to drive from Stockbridge to the Krog Street Tunnel, just outside downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

Have a Good Laugh at Uptown Comedy Corner

Atlanta’s Uptown Comedy Corner has become a staple of the urban comedy scene for decades.

Comedy giants like Chris Rock and Steve Harvey have performed there.

Even hip-hop legends Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg have played there, too.

Additionally, Uptown Comedy Corner is a terrific way to catch the next big thing before the high ticket costs kick in.

It also frequently hosts nationally known comedians.

You can find the Uptown Comedy Center in Hapeville, Georgia, 20 minutes from Stockbridge.

See Vintage Aircraft at Delta Flight Museum

The Delta Flight Museum stands just a few miles from Uptown Comedy Corner in Hapeville, 22 minutes from Stockbridge.

It complements the Museum of Aviation of the United States Air Force in Warner Robins, Georgia.

At the Delta Flight Museum, visitors may learn about the airline’s rich history, including acquisitions made throughout the middle of the 20th century.

The museum’s historic posters transport visitors back to a bygone era, while the two hangars date from the 1940s.

Exhibits at the Delta Flight Museum include anything from modest six-seater planes to the 767 that served as the airline’s crown jewel for decades.

Stroll around Fairlie-Poplar District

Entryway of Fairlie-Poplar District

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Go beyond the comedy bars and museums to get an authentic feel of contemporary Atlanta.

In Atlanta’s Fairlie-Poplar District, 28 minutes from Stockbridge, you’ll find a diverse collection of architecture from the 19th and 20th centuries.

The Triangular Flatiron Building and Healy Building are two examples of skyscrapers built before WWI.

Shops at Fairlie-Poplar District

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You can find the SkyView Ferris Wheel to the north, affording views over Centennial Olympic Park and the city of Atlanta.

Final Thoughts

Treat yourself to outdoor attractions in Stockbridge.

Hiking paths in the region are an excellent way for adventure seekers to experience the area’s natural beauty and different ecosystems.

The city also maintains a small-town feel while being just a short drive from the attractions of Atlanta and the surrounding metropolitan region.

Book your trip today and discover the things to do in Stockbridge.

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