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20 Best Things to Do in Dalton, GA

  • Published 2022/09/30

The City of Dalton, Georgia, has been known for its floor-covering industry, which earned the tag “Carpet Capital of the World.”

Do you know that there is more to the county seat of Whitfield that makes it an interesting destination for your next travel?

The second biggest city in the northern part of Georgia takes pride in having many things to offer to its locals and visitors.

Dalton has several attractions for different interests – from wine-tasting and local eats to history and outdoor activities.

Here are the 20 best things to do in Dalton, Georgia:

Visit the Blunt House

This house will always be part of Dalton’s history since this is where its first-ever mayor lived before he migrated with his family to Illinois in 1864.

Ainsworth Emery Blunt, who was also the city’s first postmaster, completed his Federal-style abode in 1848.

The Blunt House, one of the first two-story structures built in Dalton, served as a hospital for the Union Army soon after the Blunt family left.

In 1980, it became part of the National Register of Historic Places officially.

If you are traveling to Dalton, either alone or with family and friends, this place would be a great start to an exhilarating journey ahead.

Get awed by the original furnishings in each of the rooms the Blunt family used.

Explore the Dalton Freight Depot Visitor Center

The facility, which used to be the Southern Railway Freight Depot when it was built in 1911, was restored in 2009.

This attraction in the city is not your regular museum.

While other historical galleries feature various relics and artifacts about a place’s past, the Dalton Freight Depot’s exhibits focus on railroads.

You will be treated to a comprehensive display of anything that shows the development of trains and railroads, especially those during the Civil War.

Apart from enriching your mind with train development-related facts, you can proceed to the view deck from the exhibit area.

Whether you are a train fan or not, you will still find delight while standing on the platform where you can have the best view of the incoming trains and listen to the live feed from the train radios.

It is where you can observe, too, the 45-degree rail “Dalton Diamond,” where you can find the Norfolk Southern Railroads and CSX pass through the dual tracks.

Have a Drink at Dalton Distillery

Along East Morris Street in the city’s downtown area is a gem you need to visit if you and your friends are at least 21 years old.

The Dalton Distillery is the home of the best-tasting whiskey in town, which boasts of a recipe that has been around for more than 100 years already.

As a Dalton tourist, you should not miss the chance of having some of the distillery’s intriguing century-old moonshine, the Raymond’s Reserve.

The TazaRay, which features a perfect mix of malted corn and sunflower seeds, is another concoction that you must try from this nook.

True to its commitment to coming up with engaging flavors of their distilled alcoholic drinks, Dalton Distillery has already ventured into vodka production, a new reason to visit the place soon.

Nevertheless, make sure that you drink responsibly with your clique.

Take a Tour of the Hamilton House

This brick home, which is the oldest of its kind in Dalton, Georgia, has many stories to tell because of the numerous purposes it served in the past.

The 1840 house of civil engineer John Hamilton and wife Rachel owes its popularity to the diversity of people that used it for a specific reason.

During winter from 1863 to 1864, Kentucky Orphan Brigade commander General Joseph H. Lewis and his men camped within the property.

In 1884, the Crown Cotton Mill acquired the Hamilton House and used it as the headquarters of the company’s superintendent.

One more fascinating fact about the vintage home was the relocation of another Hamilton family, who lived here from 1904 to 1983.

It must be noted, though, that the “new” Hamiltons were not related to the “original” Hamiltons in any way.

The Hamilton House in Dalton, Georgia, has been part of the National Register of Historic Places since 1997.

Taste the Difference of Craft Beer at Dalton Brewing Company

The Dalton Brewing Company, although relatively new since it was only established in 2018, is already a popular name in craft beer production.

The company is proud of how it came up with its beer flavors, claiming that everything it offers is “engineered.”

When arriving in Dalton on a summer day, you can proceed to W. King Street and find this nook where you can unwind with your travel companions.

You will be amazed by the variants it serves – from the juicy ones to the nutty-flavored craft beer.

The Mango IPA 2.0 is Dalton Brewing Company’s version of the citrusy Indian Pale Ale, while the ReTHICCulous is a good mix of malt and roasted grains, which give it a rich flavor.

In the meantime, if you are a fan of unique blends, you can go for Witches and Pumpkins or Hazelnut Coffee Porter.

Score Vintage Collections at Bucket List Antiques & Collectibles

If you and your family are into historical pieces, you may consider the Bucket List Antiques & Collectibles to be part of your itinerary.

It has an array of options that you can choose from, ranging from fashion accessories to home furnishings and decorations.

When roaming the downtown area of Dalton, Georgia, just walk towards 300 N. Hamilton Street to get to this place.

Meanwhile, you can also buy unique items for your loved ones back home.

Shop Everything You Need at Dalton Shopping Center

When on a vacation, there are instances when you forget some of your essentials.

When in the City of Dalton, you need not worry about this scenario since the Dalton Shopping Center has everything you need to make your stay even more comfortable.

Located at 323 W Walnut Avenue, the humongous shopping destination houses 27 stores that sell various products – from clothing to packed goodies and a lot more.

What will make your visit even more exciting and fun are the endless sale promotions it holds throughout the year.

Therefore, whatever month you decide to be here, you can still avail yourself of the discounted prices and promo rates!

Catch a Live Concert for Free at Burr Performing Arts Park

One of the things you can do in Dalton, Georgia, is to watch a free live concert at the Burr Performing Arts Park at 101 S. Hamilton Street.

Since everyone is welcome inside the park, you can still bond with the young members of your family even if there is a band playing on stage.

Its lush space of 1.1 acres is a great venue to relax with your family and friends while listening to the featured band performing familiar songs.

You can watch live performances while the children are playing on the grass and enjoying the vast green field.

At the same time, when everyone is hungry already, there are food trucks around the area and experience a unique set-up al fresco.

Bike and Hike at Dug Gap Mountain and Battlefield

If you want to get thrilled by heart-pumping outdoor activities, you need to check the Dug Gap Mountain and Battlefield.

You can invite your family or friends to go biking and hiking all the way to the top of the rocky mountain to get a lovely view of the city and Whitfield Country.

The trail can be challenging at specific points, but the picturesque scenes you will see on your way up are enough to keep you moving further.

Behind the beauty of the Dug Gap Mountain and Battlefield is a history worth sharing.

This is where the Battle for Dug Gap Mountain occurred in 1864, which was the first encounter in William T. Shermans Atlanta Campaign.

You will see this part of Dalton, Georgia’s history, through the breastworks that the Confederate soldiers built anywhere in the area.

The Dug Gap Mountain and Battlefield is open daily during the daytime.

Test Your Stamina at Raisin Woods Mountain Bike Park

If you want to test your stamina and check if you can keep up with different trails, the Raisin Woods Mountain Bike Park offers you the kind of adventure you are looking for.

It does not matter if you are a novice or a pro since it has seven courses to accommodate all levels of bikers.

The Bear Course is for the beginners, while the Grizzly, Whitey Woo, and Gray Ghost Holler are for the intermediate bikers.

Meanwhile, if you belong to the advanced category, you can choose any of the three options: Holey Coley, Rootie Tootie, and Whitey Titey.

Each of these courses varies in nature, especially in the level of intensity that you want to experience.

You need not worry, too, about the particular days you will be in Dalton, Georgia, since the bike park is open any time of the week.

Support Local Artistry at Creative Arts Guild

At 520 West Waugh Street lies the Creative Arts Guild, whose primary goal is to keep the local art scene alive.

The center nurtures and promotes various art forms, including dance, music, gymnastics, culinary, visual, and theatre.

The people behind this attraction in Dalton, Georgia, see it as the most feasible avenue to educate everyone about the value of creative arts and its role in preserving the community’s rich culture.

Hence, its events are anchored on the idea that art appreciation must be introduced early to everyone.

Aside from the awesome shows, the Creative Arts Guild also houses the Robert T. Webb Sculpture Garden, an outdoor museum that occupies a total of five acres.

Play Your Dream Role at Dalton Little Theatre

Did you ever dream of playing an important role in a live production?

The Dalton Little Theatre will give you a chance to live your dream.

The community theatre holds auditions regularly, wherein you can choose to play one of the lead roles if acting on stage is what you love doing.

You can likewise volunteer to help the team behind the stage, who takes charge of designing and building the set, creating costumes, ushering shows, and other things.

The long history of performances it has staged since 1869 has earned it the community’s respect that recognizes it as among the most reputable theatre groups in Dalton, Georgia.

The Dalton Little Theatre is located at 210 N. Pentz Street.

Bring the Whole Gang to Haig Mill Lake Park

The Haig Mill Lake Park has enough space for several outdoor activities for the entire family or friends.

The young children and adults have something to enjoy when visiting this place, especially when the weather is just fine for some outdoor fun.

You can jog or take your entire bunch to a walk in the 3.5-mile trail all over the park.

The boating dock can also be a huge attraction among young children.

You can also bring your family to the picnic pavilion.

Join the Spooky Fun by Dalton Ghost Tours

The downtown area of Dalton has a lot of good things to see and memories to share with your loved ones.

Behind the historical and vibrant backdrop of the city is an activity that spells a jaw-dropping journey.

Join Connie Hall-Scott, the “Haunted Dalton, Georgia” author, who will give you a tour of the city’s mythical past.

Become a paranormal investigator for 90 minutes while walking around trying to experience the eerie part of the city.

Discover Dalton’s History and Culture at Bandy Heritage Center

Among the top things to do in Dalton is a trip to the Bandy Heritage Center, which showcases the region’s rich cultural past.

Bandy Heritage Center collaborated with similar institutions to gather comprehensive data on the city’s historical holdings.

Jack Bandy’s dedication to community engagement led him to construct the facility in 2008.

The Bandy Heritage Center also provides heritage tourism in the form of a fantastic collection relating to the history of the Northwest Georgia region.

A wealth of resources here provide light on topics such as regional culture, social structure, political climate, educational progress, and the advent of the industrial revolution.

You may also donate historical relics to the Bandy Heritage Center.

Have a Blast at Dalton Falls Fun Center

Dalton Falls Fun Center caters to families and provides them with an enjoyable and unique experience.

The entertainment complex has 27 holes of mini-golf, laser tag arena, and RC Drift Cars.

Dalton Falls Fun Center has a VR arcade with games for adults and kids to enjoy.

In this exciting facility, visitors may enjoy a waterfall, holes ranging in length from 40 to 60 feet, and spray ponds.

Refreshing treats, including ice-cold beverages, shaved ice, and hand-dipped ice cream, are available at Dalton Falls Fun Center.

Fun for all ages and organizations, outdoor laser tag is ideal for birthday parties, church outings, and corporate team-building exercises.

Catch a Movie and Special Events at AMC CLASSIC Walnut Square 12

When planning your trip to Dalton, include a trip to the AMC CLASSIC Walnut Square 12 if you want to see a movie.

There are twelve theaters showing discounted matinees and combination packs, as well as enticing new releases from Hollywood.

The theater in Walnut Square 12 boasts 3D digital screens, excellent sound systems, and plush seats from AMC CLASSIC.

It also features opera performances and sports events in addition to new releases.

Get your tickets now, and prepare to have a great time.

Play with Your Kids at Lakeshore Park

With over 45 acres of space, Lakeshore Park offers various thrilling outdoor leisure opportunities.

It features a fantastic playground with lots of exciting equipment for the kids to use in the park.

It has two softball fields, a synthetic turf soccer field, walking paths, a hockey rink, ten tennis courts, and much more.

A fish pond enhances the picturesque attractiveness of the area, creating a serene setting.

Picnic areas are available at Lakeshore Park, so pack refreshments and your camera.

Hike through George W. Disney Trail

George W. Disney Trail should be on every traveler’s itinerary to Dalton looking for an exciting experience.

George W. Disney, a Confederate soldier killed in 1864 in the Battle of Dalton, is buried next to the north end of Rocky Face Mountain.

In 1912, a troop of Boy Scouts came over the tomb, and today, the George Disney Trail commemorates the fallen soldier.

George Disney Route is the state’s steepest short trail, which is somewhat tricky and provides some of the excitement that hikers desire.

The path continues beyond the burial and two rocky outcrops, offering breathtaking Whitfield’s Valley and ridge vistas.

Final Thoughts

Dalton, Georgia, has the unique attributes that make it an intriguing destination to explore.

From the heart of the city to its mountains and lake views, it surely has a ton of options for you and your family and friends.

What is essential, though, is to list down all the activities you want to try and the attractions and landmarks you are itching to visit.

Maximize your trip by keeping a well-planned itinerary complete with various things to do in Dalton, Georgia.

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