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17 Best Things to Do in Columbia County, GA

  • Published 2022/10/29

Columbia County is home to some of the best attractions in Georgia.

It has sprawling state parks that utilize many of the natural wonders surrounding the county, particularly its lakes and rivers.

The county is also rich in flora and fauna, making it an ideal outdoor destination.

Its cities and towns are steeped in culture as well, with museums and amusement centers present in several areas.

To get you started on your itinerary, here are the best things to do in Columbia County, Georgia:

Enjoy the Outdoors at Mistletoe State Park

The waters of Mistletoe State Park

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Mistletoe State Park is one of the most attractive destinations in Columbia County, known for its rich lake waters, sandy beach, and camping amenities.

You’ll have access to Clark Hills Lake from Mistletoe State Park, which offers many opportunities to catch wild bass, which the lake is rich in.

Apart from fishing, you can also relax at Mistletoe State Park as a camper or beachgoer.

Camping at Mistletoe State Park

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The state park is a scenic location, perfect for strolls and nature photography.

Located along Mistletoe Road in the community of Appling, Mistletoe State Park is a must-visit for any outdoor lover.

A person fishing at Mistletoe State Park

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Rent a Boat and Enjoy the Lake at Clarks Hill Marina

Clarks Hill Marina is another fun way to enjoy the waters of Clarks Hill Lake.

It offers various services, such as boat rentals and fishing piers.

The marina also sells boats and provides boating maintenance services such as storage and repair.

If you choose to rent a boat, you’ll have access to their modern watercraft that’s perfect for group activities, such as fishing, tubing, water skiing, or even simple sunbathing.

Clark Hills Marina can be found along Old Lincoln Road in the community of Appling.

Learn about City History at the Harlem Museum and Welcome Center

Harlem is the first-ever city in Columbia County, and the Harlem Museum and Welcome Center is the best place to learn about the city’s rich history.

Harlem City is known for being the birthplace of Oliver Norvell Hardy, one of the most famous American silent comedians of the 1930s.

At the Harlem Museum and Welcome Center, you can find an exhibit that celebrates the actor’s life, as well as a little theater that plays his most famous shows.

Apart from that, there’s a lot of city history to unpack as you go through each exhibit that depicts Harlem’s communities since its founding in the early 20th century.

The Harlem Museum and Welcome Center is located along North Louisville Street in Harlem City.

Relax at Evans Towne Center Park

Evans Towne Center Park is one of the must-visit city parks in Georgia because of its versatility.

It’s a large state park with sprawling amenities for all kinds of visitors.

Here, you can bring your dog for a walk, take the kids to a splash pad, have a picnic, or watch a live performance in the park’s concert pavilion.

There are also biking trails and playgrounds in the area perfect for kids.

You can visit Evans Towne State Park in the community of Evans, along Evans Town Center Boulevard.

Observe Wildlife at Reed Creek Nature Park & Interpretive Center

Reed Creek Nature Park and Interpretive Center is one of the best places to observe wildlife or appreciate the rich flora and fauna of Columbia County.

As the name implies, it’s situated along Reed Creek that’s dotted with beautiful flowers.

At the park, you’ll find migratory birds, various insects, and reptiles like non-venomous snakes and lizards.

There are also different nature trails along with a wooden bridge walk that takes you through the park’s creek area.

Reed Creek Nature Park and Interpretive Center is located in the community of Martinez along Park Lane.

Take a Picturesque Tour at Lights of the South

Lights of the South is a famous seasonal attraction in Columbia County, normally open during the months leading up to Christmas.

You’ll see amazing light shows and displays here, perfect for a magical night out with family and friends.

While most of its attractions are Christmas-themed, you can enjoy other displays here, too, such as dioramas, fantasy characters, and other fascinating exhibits.

The place also offers an intimate atmosphere great for couples.

Lights of the South is located along Louisville Road in Grovetown.

Rent a Kayak and Explore the River at Savannah Rapids Kayak Rentals

Savannah River is another prominent freshwater attraction in Columbia County, separating the state of Georgia from South Carolina.

Renting a kayak through Savannah Rapids Kayak Rentals is one of the best ways to discover the river’s beauty.

Before you kayak through the river, Savannah Rapids Kayak Rentals will introduce you to their highly trained staff, who will guide you on the river path as well as provide kayaking tips if you’re a beginner.

They also offer a shuttle service to get you to the starting point, along with bike rentals in case you prefer to just cycle through the area.

Savannah Rapids Kayak Rentals is located in Savannah Rapids Park in Martinez.

Cool Down at West Dam Recreation Area

West Dam Recreation Area is another scenic place in Columbia County where you can take a break and relax.

It’s situated along Lake Spring Creek, which directly connects to the expansive Savannah River that goes through Georgia.

There’s a nice beach in West Dam Recreation Area where swimming is allowed, making it a great place for cooling down after a full day of touring.

The place is also surrounded by lush trees, which during the fall, turn into picturesque foliage.

If you wish to just relax and enjoy some quiet time, West Dam Recreation Area along Sparrow Lane in the Appling community is a great option.

Play Disc Golf at Wildwood Park

Wildwood Park is another camping ground that offers several nature trails and a lakefront.

The best thing to do here though is to try the disc golf courses managed by the International Disc Golf Center.

There are a lot of courses in the expansive lands of Wildwood Park, so any disc golf enthusiast will have a blast here.

There’s also a small disc golf hall of fame museum and a pro shop in the area.

If you’re an avid disc golf player, Wildwood Park along Dogwood Lane in the community of Appling is a must-visit.

Make Your Own Pottery Art at Artsy Me

Located in the community of Evans along Washington Road 2 lies Artsy Me, a ceramic studio and art center.

Here, you can make your own pottery art by painting on your chosen product.

They have an end-to-end service when making your souvenir—a package that includes the firing and glazing of your finished artwork.

Artsy Me is a family-friendly place and a prime destination for kids who love arts, especially painting.

It’s a great addition to your itinerary as it offers a fun and artsy experience, plus a unique and customized souvenir.

Play a Variety of Sports at Blanchard Woods Park

Blanchard Woods Park is one of the best places to indulge in various sports in Columbia County.

Situated in the Evans community, the park is an ideal place to play soccer and baseball with its expansive fields.

Another fun thing to do here is to try BMX Park.

There’s also a skate park along with several mile-long hiking trails.

Found along Blanchard Woods Drive, this large park is a must-visit if you love sports activities.

Take a Serene Stroll on Grovetown Trails at Euchee Creek

Another scenic destination in Columbia County is the Grovetown Trails at Euchee Creek.

It’s a picturesque place with rich foliage which is a must-see during the autumn months.

The trails here are ideal even for kids and the elderly as they feature paved walkways; amenities like benches and restrooms are also available.

Grovetown Trails is also famous among locals for its wild ducks which you can feed—a great experience for the kids.

Grovetown Trails can be accessed along Harlem Grovetown Road in Grovetown City.

Go on a Farmland Adventure at Steed’s Dairy

Steed’s Dairy is a family-owned farm that’s a famous choice for school field trips among the local schools in Columbia County.

Using their maize farm, Steed’s Dairy creates actual mazes for you to solve—it’s a fun activity for all ages, with the layout changing every year.

Besides their maze, Steed’s Dairy also aims to educate visitors about farm life through other fun activities, such as cow-milking demonstrations, hayrides, and its petting zoo.

There are also kiddie zip lines, pony cart rides, and a play area for children to enjoy.

Found at Grovetown’s Wrightsboro Road, Steed’s Dairy offers a unique adventure for the whole family.

Enjoy an Adrenaline Rush at Active Climbing

Active Climbing is an indoor rock climbing gym nestled along Old Bel Air Road in Grovetown City.

Newbies will particularly love its beginner-friendly rock climbing facility.

The gym’s personnel will guide you and young children on proper rock climbing and bouldering.

If you wish to break a sweat, their facility offers plenty of interesting challenges.

If you’re an experienced climber, on the other hand, you’ll find something here as well, as there are harder walls to scale.

Active Climbing has a little bit of something for everyone!

Take a Swing at Champions Retreat Golf Club

If you’re into golf, Columbia County is a great place to play the sport.

Champions Retreat Golf Club is a highly-rated golf course that offers a lot of challenges for seasoned golfers.

Its fast greens and well-planned layout ensure a fun golfing adventure.

It’s also situated by the Savannah River, providing scenic views while playing.

Champions Retreat Golf Club is in Evans and can be accessed through Champions Parkway.

Spend Some Time with Parrots at Feathered Friends Forever

Feathered Friends Forever is a non-profit animal shelter and rescue organization that has been the home of various rescued birds for over 20 years now.

The place is open to the public and allows non-trained visitors to help provide companionship to their lovely birds.

If you’re not planning to volunteer due to the limited time, Feathered Friends Forever also tours visitors around their sanctuary and offers insights on their rescue and rehabilitation efforts.

Overall, it’s a fantastic place for families where children can learn about animal welfare.

Feathered Friends Forever is located in Harlem City along Byrd Drive.

Pamper Yourself at Tuscany Spa

Tuscany Spa is the best place to visit after a tiring day of exploring Columbia County.

It offers an Italian vibe, from the ambiance of the spa to its relaxation packages.

You can avail of services such as facials, massages, and different body treatments.

They also offer hydrotherapy in the form of aromatherapy soak or lavender goat’s milk soak, which are interesting services to try if you feel the need for extra pampering.

Located along Ponder Plaza Drive in Evans, Tuscany Spa makes for a fantastic stopover during your trip.

Final Thoughts

Columbia County’s cities and communities offer a host of interesting places to discover.

Attractions like the Mistletoe State Park, West Dam Recreation Area, and Clark Hills Marina are stellar places to enjoy the many freshwater areas surrounding the county.

Several sporty and cultural attractions are also available in the busier districts.

With its urban culture and interesting outdoor attractions and activities, Columbia County offers a fun adventure, making it an ideal addition to your Georgia itinerary.

Plan your trip today with our guide on the best things to do in Columbia County, Georgia.

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