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21 Best Things to Do in St. George, UT

  • Published 2023/01/09

St. George teems with several natural spots of exquisite beauty.

It is a thriving cultural center, where you can rejoice in many galleries and museums.

These are also areas that provide plenty of opportunities for physical activities, such as hiking, trekking, and kayaking.

Interested to know more about this place?

Here are the 21 best things to do in St. George, Utah:

Pay a Visit to Brigham Young Winter Home

Beautiful view of Brigham Young Winter Home

Kit Leong /

Brigham Young was the leader of the motley band of Mormons who were the early settlers in Utah.

He spent the final few days of his life in what is now preserved as the Brigham Young Winter Home.

You can visit this site to get a closer look at Young’s life and the events during the early settlement days.

The brick structure is constructed simply, with a porch and balcony.

Side view of Brigham Young Winter Home

Kit Leong /

A white picket goes around the two-story house, and you can sense the calm of the quiet neighborhood.

Guided tours will let you know about how Brigham Young furthered the cause of the Mormon religion.

In addition, you can see the furnishings and styles of those times in the house and its items.

Wander around St. George Historic Downtown

The downtown area of the city is its historical and cultural hub.

Packed with beautiful art galleries and historical structures of great significance, it is the ideal location to begin your tour of St. George.

Several museums in downtown provide rich insights into the history of this proud city.

Other than these, this spot is also a central entertainment zone.

You can wander through its exciting shops and food joints to have a relaxing, fun time.

Make sure to halt at the Painted Pony Restaurant.

They tell us the food here is as delightful as its colorful name!

See the Sandstone Rocks at Little Black Mountain Petroglyph

Little Black Mountain Petroglyph

kojihirano /

You can enjoy a thrilling hike through enormous sandstone rocks at the Little Black Mountain Petroglyph Site.

This site is a short 1-mile trail on the border between Arizona and Utah.

However, the landscape formations are some of the best you will encounter, with exciting petroglyphs from centuries ago decorating the stone rocks.

View of Little Black Mountain Petroglyph

sumikophoto /

Along with the richness of these petroglyphs, the Little Black Mountain Site offers you an excellent opportunity to enjoy nature amid the exquisite geology of the place in an effortless manner.

It is unnecessary to be a highly-skilled, seasoned hiker or spend days navigating the trail here.

Hiking trail at Little Black Mountain Petroglyph

photosgenius /

Enjoy the Stunning Views of Utah’s Rich Landscapes with Palledin Balloon Excursions

Enjoy stunning views of Utah’s rich landscapes of gorgeous rocks, canyons, and endless desert sands, perched high up in the sky by taking an aerial trip with the Palledin Balloon Excursions.

Their experienced crew will accompany you on this joy ride.

From this high vantage point, they will also pinpoint to you essential landmarks in the region below.

Seeing these monumental sites with a bird’s eye view from your balloon can be exhilarating.

Have a Fun Excursion with Paragon Adventures

Adventure lovers can have their dose of adrenaline rush by undertaking an excursion with Paragon Adventures.

Be prepared for a host of exciting activities, including hiking, climbing, biking in the mountains, and canyoneering among the lucid rocky terrains of Utah.

Paragon Adventures equips the guests with high-quality gear and provides them with ample guidance to make their tours successful.

Even families can undertake some of their lighter tours to feel the adventures in a safe environment.

In addition, caving, rappelling, ziplining, and rock climbing are also on offer.

For those looking to get in the heart of the wilderness, it is best to set up an overnight camp and experience life on the frontier in its truest sense!

See Desert Plants at Red Hills Desert Garden

Cactus display at Red Hills Desert Garden

Kip Robinson, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you are also smitten with Hollywood’s love for cactus and other desert plants, then Red Hills Desert Garden should be at the top of your list of things to do in St. George.

You can have a great time exploring more than 5,000 species of desert plants.

Each of the plants is a fascinating study in their unique features to withstand the harsh desert climate.

The garden is not very large, but helpful informational displays fill you with exciting details about each species.

You can walk over the trails that guide you along with the garden.

Also, a beautiful stream flows right through the center to add to the charms of the place.

Indulge Your Sweet Tooth at Thomas Judd’s Store

Exterior view of Thomas Judd's Store

Kit Leong /

If you want to learn more about St. George and the locals, go to Thomas Judd’s Store.

Reminisce on your childhood by selecting one of over 60 distinct bottled sodas available, or you can sample some of their tastier but riskier tastes.

Every day they provide perfectly produced soups with the finest ingredients and selection.

Thomas Judd’s Store has a great collection of candies to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.

A spoonful of Judd’s ice cream is the most common thing locals in St. George love to enjoy to beat the heat during the summertime.

Visit Dixie Convention Center

Seize the chance to see the Dixie Convention Center, the top conference venue in Southern Utah.

It has consistently maintained the highest level of client service while offering exceptional deals.

They provide on-site audio-visual, blended meeting alternatives, event management, decorative services, high-speed internet, and food.

Dixie Convention Center in St. George is ideal for your event since it offers free parking and is close to accommodations and restaurants.

All conference and exhibition venues are wheelchair-accessible as part of their commitment to making your visit and experience convenient.

Reconnect with Nature at Tonaquint Nature Center

The Tonaquint Wildlife Center is a haven for nature in the core of St. George.

It features outdoor learning programs, special events, and summertime environment camp initiatives at South Dixie Drive, just west of South Gate Golf Club.

Tonaquint Nature Center offers an engaging nature day camp for children ages four and up during June and July.

Every day at camp is jam-packed with fresh explorations, thrilling activities, and chances to take in the beauty of nature.

What are you waiting for? Plan a field trip or use the Tonaquint Nature Center for outdoor pursuits, activities, or events.

See Different Aircraft at Western Sky Aviation Warbird Museum

The Western Sky Aviation Warbird Museum features many famous aircraft that saw action during the Korean War and World War II.

Located in a giant hangar, aviation enthusiasts can enjoy exploring the extensive collection.

Other aircraft include some of the most famous ones from the fleet of the British Royal Air Force and military training planes.

One advantage of this museum is the educational exhibits that accompany each aircraft.

This bear rich information about the aircraft’s unique features, the time of its operation, and other exciting trivia.

Visit Rosenbruch World Wildlife Museum

The Rosenbruch World Wildlife Museum showcases representations of animals from across the globe in a setting resembling their natural habitats.

The animal collection was donated mainly by the legendary Jimmie C. Roserbruch and his family, who were master hunters of their times.

They bagged a rich haul of trophies during their hunting expeditions, and most of them now adorn the galleries of the Rosenbruch World Wildlife Museum.

Guests can learn details about the taxidermied dioramas with the accompanying electronic audio guide.

See Different Artwork at Sears Art Museum Gallery

Enjoy the sophistry of fine art by strolling through the lovely galleries at the Sears Art Museum.

They rotate their exhibits, so be prepared to find new displays every visit.

The curators have collected an ecclesiastical mix of diverse styles.

These range from classical and traditional to contemporary and avant-garde.

February’s are unique as the museum holds its annual event, the Sears Dixie Invitational Art Show and Sale.

This event aims to encourage local artists by showcasing 100 selected works from such artists.

Brink Your Little Ones to St. George Children’s Museum

Signage of St. George Children's Museum

Kit Leong /

St. George Children’s Museum welcomes visitors to play and explore through its twelve display rooms.

St. George Children’s Museum wants to give all youngsters and adults academic opportunities to enable them to gain knowledge and create memories.

The areas are intended to promote conversation between kids and adults.

Facade of St. George Children's Museum

Kit Leong /

Every service the Museum offers, every element of each exhibit piece’s specific structure, and every scheduled activity aim to allow visitors to explore, conceive, and create.

Seek out new worlds, engage in imaginative action, and have fun!

Admire the Accommodation, Facilities and Views Featured at the Inn on the Cliff

The brand-new Inn on the Cliff in St. George provides a stunning outlook and a never-ending, breathtaking picture of several of the most beautiful tourist destinations.

The distinctive sandstone rocks of Snow Canyon, the summits of Pine Mountain, and the skyline of Zion’s Canyon are all visible from this cliff-edge building.

The hotel rooms are renowned for being simply abundant, with a pleasant, modern aesthetic.

They are intended to improve the cliff-side vista of the charming city of St. George and the stunning southern Utah landscape.

The restaurant is directly adjacent to the recently remodeled Inn on the Cliff.

Inn on the Cliff boasts not only magnificent scenery but also a special experience that is unmatched in Southern Utah.

Revisit History at the Daughters of Utah Pioneer Museum

Daughters of Utah Pioneer Museum is the colloquial and colorful name of the McQuarrie Memorial Museum.

Here, you’ll see various artifacts, including relics and items depicting scenes of daily life, such as clothes, tools, aprons, and blankets.

The farming tools include axes, blacksmith equipment, and plows.

Besides these, you can also read the correspondences of these early daredevils who risked it all to set base in an alien territory!

With social history becoming the primary paradigm of the 21st century, these everyday items are an incredible source of information.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Pay a Visit to Zion National Park

Zion National Park

Kris Wiktor /

The vast 230-square-mile Zion National Park’s beauty lies in the shades of red, pink, and orange of its marvelous sandstone rocks and cliffs.

Zion Canyon is the signature attraction, and it will fill you with excitement at first sight.

After enjoying the views, you can hike on the labyrinth of delightful trails.

A woman hiking on the cliffs at Zion National Park

Geir Olav Lyngfjell /

This span the entire range of difficulty levels to provide enough opportunities for hikers of all levels.

While some trails are meant for short hour-long strolls, others can challenge even seasoned hikers.

It might take several days to cover some of these.

To have maximum pleasure, we suggest you set up an overnight camp.

Creak at Zion National Park

Galyna Andrushko /

Many fantastic campsites are located here to provide you with an enriching experience on your excursions.

Finally, you can ride horseback or climb on foot on these exquisite landscapes.

Kayaking and canyoneering are other exciting outdoor activities available here.

People hiking at Zion National Park

OverlandTheAmericas /

Go Kayaking at Sand Hollow State Park

Sand Hollow State Park

amadeustx /

More thrill and shrill welcome you at the modern Sand Hollow State Park.

Have a blast navigating the endless red rocks and proud sand dunes on your monster ATVs.

Alternatively, you can choose to mountain bike over these lovely formations.

Cliff jumping at Sand Hollow State Park

Charles Mayo /

Even more, you can horseback ride to explore the terrain in a true wild west spirit.

You can do so as the sands are soft and ideal for horses.

Finally, Sand Hollow Reservoir is an alluring water zone providing visitors with many opportunities for boating, fishing, kayaking, and paddleboarding on its shimmering waters.

People exploring the Sand Hollow State Park

Christophe KLEBERT /

See the Many Fish at Quail Creek State Park

Quail Creek State Park

Traveller70 /

More majestic landscapes and a fantastic 600-acre reservoir await you at the Quail Creek State Park.

Enjoy the great pleasures of swimming or boating in the glorious waters!

Alternatively, you can try fishing.

Scenic view of Quail Creek State Park

MelaniWright /

The water is rich with a wide variety of colorful fish, including rainbow trout, crappie, and bullhead catfish.

You could try baiting these fantastic fish at the Quail Creek Reservoir.

The panoramic views of the enormous red rocks reaching from the blue reservoir waters to the elegant light blue skies above are stunning.

Landscape of Quail Creek State Park

Angela Dukich /

See the Art Galleries at Kayenta Art Village

Kayenta Art Village

Beavermouse /

You can get a feel of Bohemia in America by visiting the Kayenta Art Village for its art galleries, cafes, gifts shops, and lively atmosphere.

The place also goes by the colorful name of Coyote Gulch Art Village, and you can see artists at work here.

The displays span a rich diversity of media.

You can dole on delightful pieces of ceramics, sculptures, and exquisite paintings.

Another great thing about the Kayenta Art Village is that they sell many of these artworks.

For art connoisseurs, this could be a godsend for picking up beautiful masterpieces for their collections.

Alternatively, even casual buyers can buy a piece or two to take back as sweet souvenirs.

Witness the Rich Landscape of Snow Canyon State Park

Beautiful view of Snow Canyon State Park

L. M. Dunn /

Snow Canyon State Park is another fine example of the rich landscape formations of Utah.

The majestic landform takes its name after Lorenzo and Erastus Snow, who were prominent early pioneers.

You can enjoy the picturesque beauty of all the 7,400 acres of this fantastic park.

Massive sandy dunes and lustrous red rocks provide ample opportunities for shutterbugs to capture these scenes.

View of Snow Canyon State Park

Traveller70 /

You are also not restricted for your choice of transport.

You can hike or bike across the stony wilderness.

Alternatively, you can even traverse the mountains on horseback.

Finally, you might encounter exciting desert animals such as a Gila monster or a rare peregrine falcon!

Cascade at Snow Canyon State Park

Mark Bolen /

Visit Jacob Hamblin Home

Jacob Hamblin Home

AliveFreeHappy, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The two-story Jacob Hamblin Home was the residence of the eponymous early pioneer who founded the city of Santa Clara.

Jacob Hamblin was also famous for being a Mormon icon and a good friend of the indigenous American population.

You can explore this elegant brick house where the furnishing has been preserved, just like when Hamblin stayed here.

Closer view of Jacob Hamblin Home

David Jay Fullmer, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This experience can be enriching in providing details about how the pioneers lived during those times.

Guided tours of the home can get detailed by showing the visitors items and places about how the Hamblin’s ate, slept, grew food, and went about their daily lives.

Final Thoughts

St. George is a paradise for adventure seekers, renowned for its magnificent natural scenery.

The city is awash with options for adventure thanks to its stunning national parks, sand cliffs, spectacular canyons, dunes, and numerous sizable reservoirs.

You won’t run out of activities to explore in St. George ranging from hiking routes, breathtaking outlooks, a wide variety of watersports, and much more.

There are many opportunities to unwind and savor the better things in life, including a vibrant arts scene, a wealth of historical monuments, endless shopping opportunities, and delicious restaurants abounding.

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