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20 Best Things to Do in Springdale, UT

  • Published 2022/10/11

Springdale, Utah, is a charming little town in Washington County, just a short drive from Zion National Park.

This town managed to build its entire tourism strategy around the park — which is why it’s the most visited spot in Utah.

Springdale’s farmers and ranchers were among those who decided to settle here after flooding from nearby Northrop threatened their homes and land.

In 2008, Forbes Traveler listed Springdale as one of America’s 20 ‘Prettiest Towns’ after being recognized for its natural beauty and tourism industry.

Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or merely looking to take in some remarkable sites, Springdale is the ideal gateway, as it combines all of the things you could possibly want while still having an air of comfort.

You’ll be closer to the heart of adventure with great natural scenery, refreshing lakes and rivers, and access to outstanding parks.

Scroll down for 15 awesome things to do in Springdale, Utah.

Consider Pitching a Tent at Watchman Campground

A red colored tent in the middle of the campground - with the canyons behind it.

Andriy Blokhin /

Now, there’s a whole universe of different campgrounds out there, but we reckon that Watchman Campground is the best place to set up shop if you’re looking for one of those campsites in Zion National Park.

Tent sites and the majority of electric sites are available year-round, with RV sites and some electric sites being open between March and November.

All campsites provide spaces for tents or RVs, a fire ring, and picnic tables for seating.

A blue tent under a wooden roof at the empty watchman campground.

Kristi Blokhin /

Watchman Campground has accessible sites, flat sites, and first-rate facilities on-site with additional immediate access to level restrooms.

There is also a ranger to take care of the camper’s needs; they clean out and stock the restroom areas daily.

Enjoy taking your pooch along for whatever you enjoy doing when camping, Watchman Campground is dog-friendly as long as you keep them leashed!

Also note that this campsite does not include any showers for its visitors.

A white tent with green trees surrounding it at the campground.

Steve Lagreca /

Enjoy a Cup of Coffee at FeelLove Coffee Zion

It’s hard to go wrong with any of FeelLove Coffee’s drinks, but you might have a tough time choosing just one.

Luckily for you, they do offer a rotating selection of house specialties.

If it’s nice out and you’re in need of some caffeine after exploring Zion National Park all day (or even before), grab an iced coffee or espresso and relax on one of their outdoor tables with great views of Zion Canyon.

The charming local shop offers artisan lattes, with well-crafted flavor pairings like lavender, honey, or vanilla with cinnamon.

Or, if you want something warm and more filling than just a cup o’ joe, stop by for lunch as well – they serve made-to-order GF Keto Quiche, traditional French ham, and cheese with Béchamel sauce.

You won’t regret it.

Explore and Enjoy Nature’s Grandeur at Zion Canyon

Scenic view of the giant zion canyon during the day.

Ken Lund from Reno, Nevada, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The sights at Zion National Park are beyond beautiful, but words and pictures can never do them justice.

The point is that there’s almost no real way to summarize how stunning this part of Utah can be, as you’re guaranteed to find yourself in awe the more you take in.

When you visit Springdale, Utah, hike in Zion National Park.

You’ll follow trails older than the U.S., where past and present come alive as you take in scenery beyond description: a brilliant blue sky above cream, pink, and red cliffs towering hundreds of feet high.

Aerial view of the beautiful zion canyon on a sunny day.


You’ll experience wilderness and history in the Narrows, where 40-foot walls press close on both sides.

Enjoy nature’s grandeur as you explore rivers and canyons filled with twists, turns, and surprises!

Some of the favorite scenic points include Lower Emerald and Higher Emerald Pool, each of which requires a hike from the base camp.

This is what most people drive, but it’s also possible to go by bus for shorter distances, which would be much better if you want to visit most of all of the important spots around the park.

There are so many places to see in one day, given its size, and these can sometimes require a slight summit, so if you have time, you might want to consider bringing your own ride!

View from the top of the giant zion canyon on a sunny day.

Kenneth Keifer /

Have a Picnic at George A. Barker River Park

Located at Zion Park Boulevard, the George Barker River Park is the perfect place to go for those looking for a quiet and relaxing getaway.

It’s great because it combines the best of both worlds — there are cultivated grounds and native parklands where your pooch can roam free.

Picnic areas include a lot more than just places to eat your food when you’re having a picnic too.

Inside the park are trails for hiking and running, around areas by the river where one can cool off, and across the footbridge is Marj Bonner Dog Park, a dog park with several trails taking you along the Virgin River.

Dogs are welcome everywhere, but please keep in mind that they can go anywhere and at any time.

The river park also has a bathroom facility and an outdoor area that can be pre-booked for the purpose of grilling meals.

A visit to George A. Barker River Park is great for getting together with family, friends, or colleagues and sharing a meal while enjoying the nice vista it affords.

Sleep under the Stars with Zion Canyon Campground and RV Resort

If a national park and a getaway resort had anything in common, it would be Zion Canyon Campground and RV Resort in Springdale, Utah.

These locations are rife with outdoorsy know-how and prime destinations.

With many years of personal experience in the area, the staff at Zion Canyon offer their advice on getting to the right spots, dressing right for the conditions, and meeting those who will enrich your stay.

It’s like taking a breather from life’s distractions — except you can experience its best parts without needing any goals or ambitions of your own!

If the day’s trekking was physically demanding, and you’re feeling a bit weary after dinner, return to your site at Zion Canyon Campground to recharge for the evening.

Choose from more than two dozen restaurants and cafes in Springdale or Hurricane, UT, within a quick shuttle ride away from their facilities.

Revel in dining under The Watchman, a world-class sandstone monolith towering over the valley below, one of North America’s most accessible national parks.

Attend Zion Canyon Music Festival at O.C. Tanner Amphitheater

A combination of reality and magic, O.C. Tanner Amphitheater is a place that fosters art and learning and is likely the most unique outdoor venue in Utah.

O. C. Tanner built it in 1976 in an effort to give Southern Utah a venue where the arts could thrive and also serve as a place where learning could occur, as that’s a crucial part of understanding art first-hand, not just through books.

And while it’s open to everyone, there’s no denying the venue becomes quite a bit more magical during its annual “Zion Canyon Music Festival” that brings all of the different acts right to the base of some really breathtaking views of Zion National Park.

Fans that attend benefit from not just an acoustic experience but also by making sure they get to catch their favorite artists up close and personal with a much smaller crowd than one might find at other venues around the state.

It’s a weeklong series of live concerts that boast a diverse group of performers and some antique shops, art galleries, and local eateries sharing in the festivities.

There are even vendors on site who specialize in unique gift items, such as handmade jewelry, clothing, and scenic photographs for sale or souvenir purposes.

Appreciate Art at DeZion Gallery

Dezion gallery road sign during a sunny day.

Andriy Blokhin /

Springdale’s DeZion’s Gallery is a fascinating fine art gallery outside of Zion National Park that houses the work of some of the most talented local artists in the southwest.

Each piece of art drew inspiration from the stunning Zion National Park and its breath-taking scenery.

Art can be difficult to understand for many, and both collectors and public members seek exhibitions by organizations like DeZion’s Gallery, which strives to make it accessible for everyone.

It’s been their goal to provide the opportunity for artists and art collectors to come together, respectful and open-minded.

That DeZion’s Gallery would serve as a place to experience the grandeur of the Southwest in an intimate setting that positively impacts those who come here seeking the majesty and peace that this region inspires.

The art gallery features different artworks from jewelry, ceramics, paintings, mixed media, sculpture to photography.

This part of Springdale, Utah, is where you’ll find the amazing wildlife wood sculptures of veteran sculptors D.C. Ramon and Thomas Suby and the gorgeous watercolor paintings of Kimberly Harris.

Get Yourself Some Shiny Gems at Zion Rock & Gem

For those planning to venture into nature and who want to focus on stone collecting, don’t forget to stop by Zion Rock & Gem.

Zion Rock & Gem is an amazing rock shop with a huge collection of beautiful gems, glass, and stones in Zion Park Boulevard, Springdale, Utah.

They specialize in various kinds of rocks, and you’ll be able to find all types here, whether it be a slab of agate for your table or an expensive gem for your private collection.

The staffs are amicable and passionate, and you can feel that added touch from the jewelry specialist when making suggestions about the best piece fit for each member of your party during the purchasing process.

But keep in mind that not all souvenirs can come cheap.

Nonetheless, if you’re really into rock-collecting and buying unique pieces made out of different types of rock, then this store is ready with open arms to serve as a great addition to your trip in Zion!

See Amazing Zion Photographs at David J. West Gallery

Opened in 2007, David J. West Gallery specializes in all things related to photography and is in close proximity to Zion National Park.

The owner and operator of the gallery are photographer genius David J. West himself and his wife, Mary Jane, who both love taking photographs that many would describe as “breathtaking.”

While viewing David’s lovely gallery in Springdale, you can enjoy not only the artwork but also its handcrafted drums and pottery.

The gallery also regularly hosts photo tours every year to Zion National Park.

As a gallery owner with many years of experience, David is confident in his art collection and his framing craftsmanship and can accommodate any customization requests.

David J. West Gallery is located on Zion Park Boulevard in the heart of Springdale, Utah.

Turn Yourself into a Work of Art with Canyon Community

Turn yourself into a work of art with Canyon Community Center’s amazingly low-priced classes in art and creativity!

Canyon Community Center is a wonderful venue for various community events near Zion in 126 Lion Boulevard, Springdale, Utah.

Whether you really would like to learn how to paint a beautiful scenic scene or if you’re just kind of feeling inspired and want to try something new, they have exactly what you need.

They also have a great library where you can take a load off and read some books or even be inspired to write your own.

Other facilities at this incredible community center include an auditorium, a gallery, a craft room/kitchen, and so much more!

It’s a simply amazing spot to play softball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and tennis as well.

Sip on Ice-Cold Craft Beers at Zion Canyon Brew Pub

A tall canyon behind the zion canyon brew pub.

SimonaKoz /

Looking to unwind after a long day at work or tour of Zion National Park?

Soak in the views and sip on ice-cold craft beers with friends at Zion Canyon Brew Pub near the popular South entrance, serving lunch and dinner every day.

Take in some local tunes as your taste buds tour their variety of famous brews from award-winning brewers, served up fresh daily.

This establishment offers the best of all worlds—a wide selection of flavorful beers, as well as a restaurant with picturesque and spellbindingly gorgeous views.

The menu is vast, and they have mouthwatering starters served alongside flavored lemonades, burgers made from the freshest ingredients, delightful chicken wings, steaks, and so much more.

The Frost Bottom Brew Pub is where you go to not only enjoy a great meal and beverage but also experience live music and join in a range of other activities.

Tour Zion National Park on an E-bike with Zion Peddler

Zion Peddler offers adventurous visitors to Zion National Park the most exciting and unique way of exploring this beautiful area.

Conveniently located 0.4 miles from the park entrance, they offer a fleet of distinctive and colorful e-bikes set to accommodate all levels of fitness and terrains Zion has to offer.

Riding an E-Bike is one of the best ways to experience ZION National Park.

Similar to a standard bike in that your pedaling power gives you movement, so does their e-bike.

It allows you to tour the whole park without having to climb any hills and without worrying about long queues for the shuttle buses.

Riding an e-bike will allow you to fully experience what this National Park has to offer because it lets you go where the buses can’t and offer diverse options for seeing everything there is to see.

This way of experiencing ZION National Park is a fantastic option for both first-timers & returning visitors alike!

Enrich Your Mind at Springdale Library

If you are in Springdale and looking for a stunning place to enrich your mind during your day, use Springdale Library.

The staff are always friendly—ask them a question about a book or diagnose an issue with your computer, they’re more than happy to help.

There are computers here as well, but if you’re not a local resident, you can still use their computers at an hourly rate.

And did you know that they partner with local library systems in Utah?

All you have to do is request the title you want, and it will come straight to their library for you to pick up.

Whether you’re looking for something new, want to do some research before writing that essay, or need a quiet place to study with some friends, the Springdale Library is the best place to visit.

Find Unique Treasures at Frontier Plunder Antiques

Frontier Plunder is an extraordinary shopping experience where you will discover many treasures, such as antiques and collectibles inspired mainly by Native American culture.

The store itself is nestled on the side of Springdale’s Zion National Park, where the Virgin River gradually trickles and churns through the tan and red crossbedded sandstones.

For over 20 years, Harriet Killshorse has run a successful trading station, finding unlikely treasures on her journeys across the country.

When you step foot onto Frontier Plunder Antiques’ premises, a rush of Western history comes right at you in an extensive collection of the trapper fur trade, early Californio, Indian, and Cowboy finds.

Rummaging through this trading post, you are bound to find one-of-a-kind treasures: delicate silverwork, vintage textiles, and baskets created by Native Americans of the past and present; early tomes; frontier artifacts—from cowboys to buckaroonies; Indian beaded fabrics, and more amazing things.

And the friendly staffs are on hand whenever you need them to share their knowledge about many different items add a nice personal touch.

Hang around ZNP Visitor Center

Located at the entrance of Zion National Park, the visitor center features a lot of interpretive displays about the landscape’s geological formation and historical significance to Native American peoples.

Not only are some areas wheelchair accessible, but many other trails will definitely prompt you to take a moment to breathe deeply and enjoy the scenery.

The center runs shuttles to take visitors to different parts of the park, but during certain times of the year, the service is unavailable (from November to Christmas Eve).

The staff here is amiable and helpful, and they do their best to make sure that everyone who visits Zion National Park has fun.

The trails range from ones that are wheelchair accessible to strenuous, so it’s simply a matter of knowing your limits before deciding what one to take.

Just want to let you know that parking is on a first-come, first-serves basis, so make sure you get here nice and early.

Go on an Adventure with Rock Odysseys

Rock Odysseys is a guiding service for the ever-popular Zion National Park.

They were founded in 2013 and are pleased to be one of the few guide services in the USA run and owned by a woman.

Rock Odysseys specializes in adventurous rock excursions, such as combo trips that combine climbs, canyoneering, and rappelling.

The Rock Hoppers, an exclusive children’s program, is also available at Rock Odysseys.

They only hire a limited number of the top climbers and instructors in the region since they are a small business prioritizing excellent client service.

Whether of a participant’s variety of talents, age, gender, culture, or degree of expertise, Rock Odysseys aims to motivate and empower them.

Enjoy the Meal and Wonderful Views at the Bit and Spur Restaurant and Saloon

Since 1981, residents and visitors have made The Bit and Spur Restaurant and Saloon, situated in Springdale, Utah, at the entryway to Zion National Park, their favorite dining establishment.

They are also the go-to watering hole and meeting place since they have the greatest assortment of microbrews and fruit margaritas in Southern Utah.

Across the year, their dining room hosts various art exhibits, and their expansive terrace offers views of the garden and the setting sun.

You can count on a fantastic evening of delicious food provided by skilled staff in a welcoming environment.

The Bit and Spur Restaurant and Saloon are presently accessible seven days a week from 4 pm to 9 pm for takeaway orders and indoor and outdoor sitting.

Avail the Services at Flanigan’s Resort and Spa

Flanigan’s Resort and Spa, a full-service luxury hotel in Zion Canyon, is situated in Springdale, approximately 5 minutes on foot from the south gate and Zion National Park Visitor Center.

It is an all-year-long resort with a rustic park lodge aesthetic.

The rooms, suites, and villas include wireless internet service, a coffee machine, a big television, and mattresses with Frette linens.

Find out about their luxury facials, body wraps, and therapeutic massages available at their spa and salon.

Yoga, Pilates, meditation, nature hikes to their mountaintop labyrinth, and much more are available at Flanigan’s to enrich your visit.

The desire to unwind, relax and appreciate life is partly fulfilled by Flanigan’s Resort and Spa, which offers more than just accommodation and food.

Treat Yourself to a Vacation at Desert Pearl Inn

Road sign of Desert Pearl Inn


The Desert Pearl Inn is a top-tier Zion National Park accommodation option for family adventures and romantic retreats.

At Desert Pearl Inn, pieces of Douglas fir and redwood restored from a century-old railroad bridge that formerly crossed the Great Salt Lake surround native stone pathways and sun-hued stucco.

Their large rooms lead to personal balconies and terraces that look out over the river’s tree-lined bank and magnificent red rock features.

Every detail was thoughtfully picked for aesthetic appeal and practicality, including a seat by the water’s edge, the echoes of a calming waterfall, and unique handmade furniture.

It goes beyond enjoying warm summer days, breathtaking recreational pursuits, and starry nights hidden in a magnificent copper canyon of rocks.

Savor Homemade Meals at MeMe’s Cafe

Mechelle, often known as MeMe, has devoted her life to studying the art of delicious cuisine.

In July 2012, she founded MeMe’s Café in Springdale, Utah, accomplishing her aspiration of owning and running a restaurant.

The Cafe is accessible on foot from most lodgings in the Springdale downtown area, is accessible by shuttle, and is bordered by the stunning Zion National Park, boutiques, and art galleries.

MeMe’s Cafe offers dine-in and two outside patio seating options and is available seven days a week.

Come to MeMe’s Café for fantastic homemade cuisine made entirely from scratch!

Final Thoughts

Springdale is where you can let go and enjoy all of the enjoyable things available throughout the town.

Tours, hiking, biking, e-biking, camping—the list goes on!

When you’re planning a trip to Springdale, Utah, consider looking at the places listed here.

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