15 Best Things to Do in Seagrove Beach, FL

Seagrove Beach, FL
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Seagrove Beach is a neighborhood in South Walton County, Florida, known for its luxurious beachfront overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.

While Seagrove Beach is locally known as an independent community, it’s officially part of the unincorporated community of Santa Rosa Beach.

There are a lot of things to do in this beautiful waterfront community—generally a laid-back place to relax and enjoy the ocean.

Various establishments are found along Seagrove Beach, from fine dining restaurants and rustic cafes to all sorts of hotels and villas, making this a perfect quiet beach getaway.

Best of all, it’s surrounded by several other communities with their own personalities.

To maximize your stay, here are the best things to do in Seagrove Beach, Florida:

Relax at Seagrove Beach

Waves at Seagrove Beach
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While Seagrove Beach is the name of the community, it’s also the name of the beach that’s found right in front of the community’s resort and restaurant districts.

What makes Seagrove Beach special is the presence of lush oak trees and magnolias, intricately planted throughout its shoreline.

This oasis-like aesthetic makes it one of the most beautiful beaches in South Walton County.

Bird flying over Seagrove Beach
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Beyond that, there are beautiful wooden boardwalks that overlook its fine, white sand—making this a popular spot for wedding photos.

Located at the heart of the community along East County Highway 30A, Seagrove Beach should be the first stop in your itinerary.

Aerial view of Seagrove Beach
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Dine at the Historic Seagrove Village Market

There are a lot of restaurants around Seagrove Beach, but none of them has a long-standing history as Seagrove Village Market.

Dating back to 1949, Seagrove Village Market is a culinary and tourism icon in Seagrove Beach.

They’re known for all kinds of seafood favorites, such as shrimp baskets, fried and blackened groupers, plus their seafood Po’ boy.

Seagrove Village Market has a great dining ambiance that keeps customers coming back, epitomizing the classic beach restaurant vibe.

You can find Seagrove Village Market conveniently along South County Highway, right at the heart of Seagrove Beach.

Get an Elegant Dinner at Surfing Deer

If you want something more special than the rustic beach restaurants at Seagrove Beach, Surfing Deer is a fine dining establishment that’s perfect for special occasions or an intimate dinner date.

Right beside Seafood Village Market. Surfing Deer offers a gastronomic experience that utilizes the local seafood produce caught in the Gulf of Mexico.

The food here is both delicious and aesthetically pleasing, sure to impress any couple who’s looking for an intimate meal in this quiet neighborhood.

Try their tortilla-crusted grouper, scallop risotto, and pesto pappardelle with shrimp, among many other favorites.

While seafood is their specialty, they also have various meat and vegetable-based viands that go well with their wide selection of wine.

Surfing Deer is a renowned fine dining destination in Seagrove Beach, so give it a try.

Bike along Timpoochee Trail

Seagrove Beach is marked by a major biking and jogging trail that stretches for several miles across the community, connecting it with other neighboring areas.

This trail is Timpoochee Trail which stretches together with County Highway 30A—the main road of Seagrove Beach.

Biking along Timpoochee Trail not only gives you complete access to all the major attractions in the city but it also lets you experience the western and eastern parts of Seagrove Beach.

Timpoochee Trail also leads you to other gorgeous waterfront areas, such as the community of Watercolor, Watersound, and Seaside.

Whether you’re bringing a bike with you or not, biking at Timpoochee Trail can be easily done thanks to a number of bike rentals found in Seagrove Beach.

Do Beach Activities at Santa Clara Regional Beach Access

While there are tons of beach accesses throughout Seagrove Beach, Santa Clara Regional Beach Access is one of the most famous for all sorts of fun beach activities.

Two big reasons for this is because of its proximity to famous hotels and restaurants, along with its vast shoreline featuring fine, white sand.

The waves here are gentle, making this a great family beach as it’s great for young children.

A great alternative or addition to Seagrove Beach, you can find Santa Clara Regional Beach Access along Country Highway 30A.

View Eastern Lake

The area of Santa Rosa Beach features two distinct lakes present near the Gulf of Mexico—Eastern Lake in Seagrove Beach and Western Lake at the Seaside community.

Because of its changing landscape, Eastern Lake offers a unique experience in your itinerary, making this a must-visit.

It’s a cool little topographical wonder in Seagrove Beach, as you can witness the lake drain out to the Gulf of Mexico, depending on the tide.

Because of this, there’s a sort of creek that runs across the sandy dunes along Eastern Lake, connecting it to the ocean.

You can best further experience this through a nice wooden boardwalk along the park, but walking or even going kayaking is an even better experience.

Eastern Lake is found along Eastern Lake Road, which connects to County Highway 30A.

Shop at Clay Garden & Gifts

Along Country Highway 30A near Eastern Lake Park lies Clay Garden & Gifts—a great shop selling all things plants and gardening.

Clay Garden & Gifts has a beautiful layout that features an indoor shop and their own greenhouse where you can look at all sorts of plants.

If you’re looking for a neat souvenir in the area, why not try buying a small plant? Perhaps some of their hundred pottery products may interest you as well.

Tucked in a quiet corner far from the busier touristy areas, Clay Garden & Gifts is also a great respite if you just want to be closer to nature, away from all the beachfront life.

Going in here almost feels like going to a mini botanical garden, so try stopping over if you have spare time.

Have a Fun Night Out at Old Florida Fish House

Found along Eastern Lake lies Old Florida Fish House, one of the most visited family restaurants in Seagrove Beach.

With its rustic location coupled with a modern, vibrant ambiance—Old Florida Fish House is a great place to listen to live music over great drinks and scrumptious comfort food.

They’re best known for their grouper dishes along with their sushi bar, best enjoyed with their wide selection of drinks featuring cocktails and beer.

While you can visit anytime, Old Florida Fish House is a great experience at night, thanks to the bands that grace it.

A fantastic location for friends and large families, this is a must-try if you want a fun night with drinks and live music in Seagrove Beach.

Shop for Fresh Seafood at Goatfeathers Seafood Market East

A trip to Seagrove Beach isn’t an authentic Florida experience without buying freshly caught local seafood.

Goatfeathers Seafood Market East is one of the best markets where you can both buy fresh seafood and have it cooked for you as well.

They’re best known for their large shrimps and crabs, all of which you can request to be boiled in a bag—a neat service that really accentuates the beach life experience.

Right along the beach area of Seagrove Beach, having a bag of seafood boiled for you and bringing it to the beach is an experience you must try.

Goatfeathers Seafood Market East also sells other products apart from their signature shrimps and crab claws, such as homemade gumbo and quality meat products like angus beef.

Check in at Seagrove Highlands

Seagrove Beach is sprawling with many resorts that offer various takes on luxury beach life.

However, if you want one of the most highly-rated resorts that offer great end-to-end service for large groups or couples, Seagrove Highlands is a good place to consider.

It’s a low-rise condominium complex with a large common area, making you feel as if you’re actually living in Seagrove Beach, no matter the length of your stay.

Although a condominium, Seagrove Highlands excels at offering a hotel experience thanks to their stylish rooms fully furnished with modern furniture and decor.

They also have a nice outdoor pool here and a beautiful viewing deck that overlooks a large pond right next to the resort—accentuating its beautiful aesthetic even further.

Seagrove Highlands can be found along Somerset Bridge, tucked a bit farther from the beachfront, which adds tranquility to the place.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Stroll along Western Lake Park

The waters of Western Lake Park
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While the unique charm of Eastern Lake Park is its natural wonder, Western Lake Park, which is just a 6-minute drive from Seagrove Beach, offers a more serene experience.

Located in the neighboring community of Watercolor, Western Lake Park is much larger, with more flora and fauna than Eastern Lake.

It’s a beautiful park surrounded by lush trees and beautiful water lilies, making this one of the most relaxing parks you’ll find near Seagrove Beach.

The park has a lot of scenic trails, so you can spend a couple of hours here just getting lost.

If you want to take a break from the ocean, Western Lake Park offers a serene alternative where you get close to nature.

Go on an Urban Exploration at Seaside Central Square

Seaside Central Square is the central hub of the neighboring community of Seaside that only takes you three minutes to reach from Seagrove Beach by car.

Seaside offers a different experience from Seagrove Beach, as it has more of an urban atmosphere thanks to its bustling food businesses, art galleries, and shopping districts.

Its central square is an award-winning space, recognized as one of the most beautiful public spaces in the world.

At Seaside Central Square, you can find many of the top establishments along with the community’s farmers’ market, so exploring this area is highly recommended.

If you choose not to bring a car, Seaside Central Square is actually right along the Timpoochee Trail, making it a convenient place to reach by bike or by foot.

Explore Grayton Beach State Park

Dunes at Grayton Beach State Park
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If you want to go further out west from Seagrove Beach, Grayton Beach State Park is one of the most famous attractions you’ll find, needing only a 7-minute drive to reach.

Grayton Beach State Park is a sprawling expanse of woodlands that extend out to the beach.

It’s right in between Western Lake, almost as if it’s an island surrounded by the lake’s waters.

The waters of Grayton Beach State Park
Larry D. Moore, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

There are a lot of things to do here, primarily camping and hiking due to its dense woodlands.

If you want to see a bit of wildlife and the rich biodiversity of South Walton County, Grayton Beach State Park is a must-visit.

Have a Blast at The Big Chill 30A

Found further west of Deer Lake State Park is The Big Chill 30A—an entertainment hub in the neighboring community of Watersound that’s just a 7-minute drive from Seagrove Beach.

The Big Chill 30A has a little bit of something for everyone, featuring loads of food businesses, a full bar, and a central courtyard with live concerts and a giant widescreen monitor for viewing sports games and movies.

The food culture here is one of the best in South Walton County, so be sure to visit on an empty stomach.

It’s also surrounded by all kinds of shops, from gift shops to general stores.

Tons of people and their families go here, so if you want a break from the tranquil districts of Seagrove Beach, The Big Chill 30A is a great place to check out.

Trek the Dunes of Deer Lake State Park

Dunes at Deer Lake State Park
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On the eastern side of Seagrove Beach is Deer Lake State Park, a geological wonder that only takes a 10-minute drive to reach.

Deer Lake State Park is a geological wonder because of its diverse topography, featuring natural dunes, dense forests, and the white sand that connects it to the Gulf of Mexico.

The dunes here are a must-see, as their snow-like appearance makes the area look like a winter field right next to the ocean.

A person walking along Deer Lake State Park's boardwalk
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Long boardwalks are available for you to trek through the massive expanse of dunes, after which you’ll find nature trails leading deep into the woodlands that cover Deer Lake.

If you’re lucky during your trip here, you may also find sea turtles that make their home at Deer Lake State Park.

Footprints on Deer Lake State Park's dune
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Final Thoughts

Seagrove Beach is a great place to appreciate the scenic beauty of the Gulf of Mexico when you’re traveling to Florida.

It’s an upscale tourist hotspot that isn’t a mainstream destination unlike Miami, offering you a tranquil beach life experience.

The best part about it is that it’s surrounded by so many varied communities that offer variety during your stay.

From buzzing urban districts to natural wonders, there’s so much to do in this beautiful beachfront community.

So, what are you waiting for? The best things to do at Seagrove Beach, Florida, are waiting for you!

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