15 Best Things to Do in Savannah, GA With Kids

Savannah, GA
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Hailed as 'Hostess City of the South,' Savannah is a vibrant coastal city where classic Southern hospitality meets modern southern charm.

It's famous for its beautiful parks filled with carriages and charming living statues.

It is an excellent place to base yourself, as it offers numerous attractions that are perfect for visitors.

One of the top sites here is Forsyth Park, shaded by oak trees and covered with Spanish moss.

At the center of this picturesque park is the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, built in the Gothic Revival style.

Tours are available at this locale to help you learn more about Savannah’s history, beginning with its first European settlers.

Below are the 15 best things to do with kids in Savannah, Georgia.  

Experience River Street

Restaurants on River Street in Savannah, Georgia.
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River Street is a classic Savannah attraction for kids.

Whether you want to shop, people-watch, or just take a stroll along Savannah’s waterfront, River Street is arguably one of the best places to do it.

The shops on River Street are adorable and quirky, and there’s always something fun going on, from outdoor concerts to parades.

Plus, you can’t beat sitting by one of Savannah’s famous fountains.

Warm day in River Street in Savannah
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Get an ice cream cone at Menchey’s or grab a pizza at Spanky's while you sit back and watch folks enjoy the downtown.

You can rent a horse-drawn carriage, or you can just take a stroll on your own.

No matter what time of year you visit Savannah, River Street is sure to be bustling.

Be sure not to miss Fiddler's Green; they host great bands for fun family entertainment!

Take Old Town Trolley Tours

Old Town Trolley Tours in Georgia
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Old Town Trolley Tours is a fantastic way to get a good overview of Savannah.

Old Town Trolley Tours has something for everyone, from historic landmarks and local lore to significant architecture and unique neighborhoods.

These tours feature friendly guides who give you history lessons about everything from architecture to why there's moss hanging from the trees.

There’s plenty of flexibility regarding what part of town you want to explore with multiple routes available.

For families with kids, start at Forsyth Park on either Loop 1 or Loop 2 for a comprehensive overview that includes visiting City Market and Forsyth Park itself.

You can then hop back on another route that takes you through more iconic parts of town, such as River Street and Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens.

Your family will find several walking tours available as well.

Kick Back and Enjoy Forsyth Park

Forsyth Park Fountain in Savannah, GA
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You can’t go wrong bringing kids to one of Savannah’s many parks.

Whether it’s for a picnic, Frisbee, or just people-watching, you can’t go wrong with one of Georgia’s largest green spaces.

And during warmer months, they even host live music.

Forsyth Park in Savannah, GA
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So grab your chair and blanket, pack up lunch, and sit back to enjoy!

There are also tons of food options nearby if you prefer not to bring your own.

Relive Your Childhood at Savannah Children's Museum

Savannah Children's Museum in Georgia
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It’s not hard to find things to do in Savannah, GA, with kids.

However, if you want something that will keep kids of all ages engaged, you can’t go wrong with a trip to one of Savannah’s Children's Museums.

Located at 655 Louisville Rd. Savannah, GA 31401, this fantastic kids museum offers many interactive displays, exhibits, and programs.

The fun activities here are sure to inspire your inner child (or at least give your children hours of enjoyment).

The museum is open Tuesday-Sunday from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM and costs $8 per person (kids two and under are free).

It also offers special events throughout the year for an even more memorable family bonding.

The best part? You can visit more than once; your passes never expire!

Whether you live in Savannah or you just have a long weekend getaway planned, make sure to stop by.

If not just for fun, then also to see what skills your little ones will pick up while they’re there!

Visit Fort Pulaski National Monument

Fort Pulaski National Monument in Georgia
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If your kiddos like adventure, make sure you check out Fort Pulaski National Monument.

A replica of a Civil War-era fort, Fort Pulaski is fun for kids of all ages.

With kid-friendly tours, self-guided activity stations, and a great view of Ossabaw Island Lighthouse and Barrier Islands (ideal for picture taking!), there’s plenty to keep everyone entertained.

Once inside, tour guides provide an informative description of what life was like as a soldier during America’s most turbulent period.

Outside of Fort Pulaski National Monument
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It's fascinating for adults and entertaining for kids since they get to dress up as soldiers and pretend to defend against invading armies.

You can play on mock battlefields or even climb over real cannons!

Its location is just right off I-95, so there are lots of dining options nearby, too.

The entrance fee is $10 per person and $35 for the park annual pass, but it’s free for those who ride their bikes to visit, so let them burn off some energy on their way over.

Make sure you visit Fort Pulaski if you have kids visiting Savannah!

Watch Puppet Shows at Angela Beasley's Puppet People

Puppet shows are always fun for kids, and Angela Beasley’s is home to old-fashioned hand puppets and cool modern creations.

Angela Beasley’s Puppet People is not only a fantastic puppet theater, but it also boasts some of the best puppet shows for kids.

Bring your little ones to any of their Monday-through-Saturday puppet shows for an afternoon of silliness.

If you’re visiting on a Tuesday or Wednesday, be sure to check out open puppet-making classes held every week from 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm!

If you want to make memories that will last a lifetime, stop by for an hour and enjoy.

Bonus: Angela Beasley’s is a couple of steps away from Forsyth Park.

Go Artsy at SCAD Museum of Art

Outside of SCAD Museum of Art
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SCAD students are incredibly talented artists who work at every level, from emerging to internationally renowned.

The museum's collection has always focused on modern and contemporary American art.

But its recent addition of several important Chinese pieces proves that it is truly an institution to be reckoned with when collecting contemporary art.

They offer a wide variety of contemporary art and film exhibits to educate and entertain children and adults.

You'll also love that each exhibit area has a detailed explanation of how something worked.

After spending some time here, your kids will better appreciate what it takes to be an artist and hopefully become lifelong appreciators of great art.

$10 is the general admission.

However, if it's a family (three or more), the ticket price is $20.

If you're a college student with ID and SCAD alumni, then it'll cost $5 for your ticket.

Lastly, they waive the $10 fee for children who are 14 years old and under!

Visit Telfair Museums Jepson Center & Owens-Thomas House

Manicured garden of Owens-Thomas House
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One of the things to do in Savannah, GA, with kids that you shouldn't miss out on is taking your kids to explore Telfair Museums Jepson Center & Owens-Thomas House.

These two museums on Telfair Square offer a perfect snapshot of Savannah’s history and art.

Start at Jepson Center, where you can see an American art exhibit, including artworks by Childe Hassam, David Gumbs, and David Mitchell.

Just next door is Owens-Thomas House, which includes exhibits of antebellum era furnishings.

Jepson Center and Owens-Thomas House are free to visit and will hold your family’s attention for hours.

Inside Telfair Museums Jepson Center
Chris Allan / Shutterstock.com

With interactive exhibits for all ages, it's a perfect place to enjoy some family time together.

During warm weather months, pay extra attention to all of Jepson Center’s outdoor exhibits as well as their giant chess board – fun for kids and adults alike!

There are many options for dining within walking distance of these two museums.

Take a Ghosts and Gravestones Frightseeing Tour

This 2-hour guided tour of historic Savannah features stories of ghosts, voodoo, hauntings, and even a little history.

You’ll be visiting multiple locations where spirits are said to roam around.

While these tours are pretty spooky, they’re also fun for all ages, so you can rest assured that your kids will love them.

The tour takes place mostly at night (it’s best if you arrive about 45 minutes before), but there is one afternoon version available as well.

Tours can include different ghosts depending on when you take them; for example, some nights feature more activity than others!

Tickets are $17 per person; children three and under are free.

Explore Fort Screven at Tybee Island

Outside view of Fort Screven at Tybee Island
Judson McCranie, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Just a short drive from downtown is one of the tourists' favorite spots, Tybee Island.

Fort Screven is an 1898 brick fort on Tybee Island.

It offers beautiful scenery and a bit of history for tourists who want to see what life was like on Tybee Island before it became a bustling vacation destination.

Inside, you’ll find an award-winning museum that tells of its life during two different wars.

The fort also offers tours of its underground bomb shelters and WWII bunkers, making it a fun way to give your kids some hands-on history lessons.

Its mock rifle drills show kids how soldiers prepared for battle during that time period.

There are plenty of great restaurants nearby, making it an excellent destination for an afternoon or whole day.

Plus, it’s got one of Georgia’s best beaches right next door!

Eat Ice Cream at Leopold’s

People outside of  Leopold’s Ice Cream
Carol M. Highsmith , Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

As anyone visiting Savannah, Georgia, can tell you, it pays to have an ice cream or three!

One delicious place to indulge is at Leopold’s Ice Cream, a former soda fountain serving cravings since 1919.

You'll find it in the heart of the historic district and open from 11 am-noon daily (line begins forming before then!).

Inside Leopold’s Ice Cream
Rosemarie Mosteller / Shutterstock.com

This tasty spot still uses some of its original recipes unchanged, and they're delicious.

Choose your favorite scoop of ice cream and top it off with one of their unique flavors like blackberry cheesecake or warm caramel sauce and Heath bar bits.

If your little ones aren’t big on ice cream, Leopold’s also serves up tasty milkshakes.

Oh, and don't forget about their famous hot fudge!

Go on a Treasure Hunt at The Pirates' House

Outside view of The Pirates' House
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No list of kid-friendly things to do would be complete without a trip to The Pirates' House.

History lovers and pirates alike will enjoy touring its historical rooms and learning about its time as a general store for seafaring men and women.

The historic house features all kinds of exciting pirate memorabilia, and it’s fun for kids to imagine they’re discovering buried treasure.

Just a few walks away from the Savannah River, The Pirates House has been entertaining kids for generations.

Built in 1753 as a private residence, it became an inn shortly after the Civil War and has operated as a restaurant ever since.

Perhaps best known for its pirate show at dinner time, The Pirates House is also one of Savannah’s oldest buildings and is well worth visiting even if you don’t see any shows!

Make sure you stop by during Pirate Week (the last week of October) or schedule your visit during Halloween—it gets crazy both inside and outside!

Explore Roundhouse Railroad Museum

Outside Roundhouse Railroad Museum
William Silver / Shutterstock.com

The kids can explore a real roundhouse, where you can learn about trains and even sit on historic locomotives.

Roundhouse Railroad Museum is one of those can’t miss experiences for families visiting Savannah.

If you have a child who’s a train fanatic, Roundhouse is sure to delight.

The centerpiece is an old-fashioned caboose that kids can tour from top to bottom, peeking into rooms and imagining themselves as train conductors or engineers.

Roundhouse Railroad Museum in Georgia
William Silver / Shutterstock.com

Roundhouse Railroad Museum serves as a place to preserve and display railroad history, artifacts, and exhibits.

The purpose of its establishment is to provide an educational experience for all ages that demonstrates how railroads affect our daily lives.

You can learn about train safety as well as traveling on trains from yesteryear to these days.

Roundhouse has lots of interactive exhibits, models, tools, and more.

Visit Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace

Outside view of Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace
Gestalt Imagery / Shutterstock.com

More than just a museum, Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace is definitely worth visiting.

The birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low (1860-1927), founder of Girl Scouts, lies in East Oglethorpe Ave, Savannah.

A lot of effort went into preserving the soul of the house while giving new life to its former history and atmosphere.

This house is also where they play croquet and roll out tennis balls every morning.

Step onto its manicured lawn for an al fresco game of croquet—it’s all part of how the place sparks imagination while celebrating excellence through character-building experiences.

It's basically a girl's dream come true!

The birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low and the site of her inaugural croquet game is now part of the Museum complex.

Visit Bonaventure Cemetery

People touring in Bonaventure Cemetery
Dana J Lewis / Shutterstock.com

Bonaventure Cemetery stretches over a lovely bluff in the harbor.

It looks so much like an island as if you need a boat to get across it!

Though its location is in Savannah, Georgia, Bonaventure attracts visitors worldwide for its historical appeal.

After being featured in John Berendt's book "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil," Bonaventure has been repeatedly voted one of America's most beautiful cemeteries.

Chapel in Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah.
James.Pintar / Shutterstock.com

With almost 160 acres, Bonaventure Cemetery is one of Savannah’s largest, most beautiful burial grounds and one of the largest rural cemeteries in America.

Anyone traveling through Georgia shouldn't miss a visit to Bonaventure.

Many celebrities are buried here, including Johnny Mercer.

Final Thoughts

There are many fun things to do in Savannah, GA, with kids, but what will keep your little ones happy and engaged for hours?

Check out our list of recommendations, perfect for keeping children amused while you check out some of Savannah’s most notable attractions.

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