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15 Best Things to Do in Roswell, GA

  • Published 2022/02/12

Travelers visiting Roswell called the Historic District home, and many are delighted to still find a plethora of cultural activities and opportunities here.

Roswell is now the eighth-largest city in Georgia.

The city’s population has only grown steadily in the last few decades, which means that there has been a steady development boom since its beginnings.

Atlanta Magazine has featured Roswell twice as the best place to live in the Atlanta Metro Area, and the city also earned the “City of Excellence” award from Georgia Municipal Association in 2003.

Roswell has 13 different parks and 900 acres of outdoor recreational areas with facilities for active and passive recreation.

Anyone who wishes to visit Roswell will find that there are many things to do, such as strolling through one of the various parks, having picnics, and getting involved in some sporting events, amongst other activities.

If you want to visit and explore the incredible Roswell, you need to check out these 15 best things to do in Roswell, GA:

Visit the Bulloch Hall

The sun peeking behind the bulloch hall building.

9wittgiggs /

Bulloch Hall is a historic place in Roswell, Georgia, where some of the most notable moments in American history occurred.

Major James Stephens Bulloch, a well-known Roswell pioneer, settled here in 1839, and his daughter, Mittiem, became acquainted with Theodore Roosevelt Sr., whom she eventually married.

This marriage led to the birth of the United States’ 26th President Theodore Roosevelt.

A welcoming sign post with the bulloch hall history written on it.

JT, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Roswell, Georgia, has made an effort to preserve its historically significant buildings, and the Bulloch Hall is one of them.

The marvelous historic building is a national register worthy.

Bulloch Hall is an important part of Roswell’s heritage and aims to present an authentic interpretation of the house by giving tours and educational programs to those visiting Roswell while also providing a quality service to the public.

Front exterior of the white painted bulloch hall.

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The docents at the tour are incredibly knowledgeable and are happy to share all the facts that they know about the Roosevelts, Dunwoodys, Kings, and Bullochs.

A truly unforgettable feature of the Bulloch Hall tour is its woodworking and masonry — they’re impressive to behold as they open a window into the nation’s history within their walls.

Another highlight of the house is its two-room museum, which celebrates Theodore Roosevelt’s visit to his mother’s home.

Spend Time at Old Mill Park

A brick house at the old mill park with black colored doors and windows.

Sandra Burm /

Old Mill Park and Shop makes for a great place to spend some time in nature.

During your visit, you’ll have the chance to enjoy the waterfalls and observe the remnants of the old cotton mill that used to stand here many years ago.

There is plenty of free outdoor space in the area that can be used to get out and enjoy the weather if you want a bit of fresh air.

Body of water rushing on rocks and dried tree branches.

Napseys /

If you are traveling with your dog or children, there are lots of safe places where they can enjoy their time off.

Parking is free, so you won’t have to worry about paying to enter the park.

The restrooms are kept clean and well-maintained.

Water streaming from the roswell mill waterfall and big rocks.

Sandra Burm /

Learn about the Archibald Smith Plantation Home

The historic 1845 Roswell home known as Archibald Smith Plantation Home is a masterpiece of one of Archibald Smith’s original founders.

With three generations living in the same home over the years, there were little touches that each family member put into the house to make it their own.

Arthur and Mary Smith then completed the restoration of the great house way back in 1940 and have remained within the family ever since.

And then Roswell bought it in 1991 and transformed it into a wonderful educational museum bringing back fond memories of its past residents.

The Smith family and their enslaved people followed a dream of a fresh beginning when they left two Georgia plantations to make 300 acres of cotton farmland in the north of Roswell Square.

For over 16 decades, the Smith Plantation remained a dominant presence among the Georgia pines as Roswell evolved from a mill community into a popular destination for vacationers and sportsmen alike.

Today, this iconic home has been preserved as one of North Fulton County’s top attractions since it was renovated to reflect the local culture and, most importantly, tell its story.

You’ll enjoy lots of Civil War histories on display and gorgeous scenic views on the plantation grounds, and your tour guide is incredibly welcoming and knowledgeable when you need the information to help flesh out the past.

Pay Respect at the Faces of War Memorial

Faces of war memorial featuring 50 faces from marines - on a bronze sculpture

Thomson200, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

In Roswell, Georgia, there’s the “Faces of War” Memorial – an enormous monument featuring a bronze sculpture of 50 faces taken from actual marines who were once a part of the conflict (and many still are).

The “Faces of War” Memorial is an ornate piece that is 14 ft. tall and 20 ft. wide, featuring Georgia colonial bricks and marble capstones.

The monument shows all manner of emotions related specifically to battles and the aftermath like grief, courage, and fear, as well as everything in between.

The faces you see on the monument are representations of the Vietnamese civilians and American medical personnel, servicewoman, and servicemen involved in the Vietnam War.

A near view of the "faces of war" memorial bronze sculpture.

Thomson200, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

The war memorial sculpture includes a soldier reaching out to a young girl whom is recessed, creating a clever 3-D effect in which the sculpture looks as if it’s trying to reach out to the viewer.

The sheer motion of the cascading waters highlights the 3-D effect, reflecting an image of any viewer into the pool below.

There are inscriptions at the base of the statue like “The Faces of War-heroic and tragic,” “Stepping toward the next generation a child – His legacy and ours,” “The whole concealed and reflected by a thin veil of water,” and more.

Spend a Fun-Filled Day at Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Sky Zone began as a business-friendly entertainment option and has been a global leader in group trampoline facilities, offering a variety of fun recreational activities.

They’re always looking to improve all of their facilities.

Sky Zone’s trampolines allow individuals to do leapfrogs and flips and enjoy their time, all while enjoying massive spectator appeal.

This amusement center has become a phenomenon by combining entertainment, fitness, and an interactive experience into one ultimate power play.

Roam the Roswell Mill Waterfall

Side aerial view showing the rushing waters from roswell mill waterfall.

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Roswell Mill Waterfall is a picturesque Roswell place to visit with your family and friends.

Here, you can make the hike shorter or longer depending on how many trails you choose, so it’s ideal for people of all ages.

The water looks mesmerizing as it cascades over moss-covered rocks in the stream below the waterfall.

And if you don’t mind getting wet, then you can even go under the waterfall to enjoy the water spraying your face and shoulders.

Front view of the roswell mill waterfall.

Steve Crooke /

These could be good for people who want something relaxing without too much distance to cover — perfect for walking through with friends on a nice day filled with sunshine.

The covered bridge provides an excellent opportunity for families to take beautiful selfies and even more.

The waterfall is a destination-worthy site where you can experience one of the best parts about being from the state of Georgia: clean, crisp air and gorgeous scenery.

Nature trails, picnic tables, barbecues—it’s got everything you need for recharging your energy and focus.

Rushing water on rocks from the roswell mill waterfall.

Andre Reid /

Explore the Computer Museum of America

A space gray colored Cray Y-MP EL on display at Computer Museum of America.

DavidCalvinLaufer, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Computer Museum of America in Roswell, Georgia, opened its doors in July 2019 to become the largest technology museum on the East Coast, and eventually among the largest in the world thanks to its plans.

The museum brings together enthusiasts, educators, academicians, and businesses to work on a variety of innovative projects in the vintage computing space.

They’re dedicated to revealing the little-known histories of computing, which are largely unknown even to professional IT people today.

Over the past several years, they have used these pop-up events like test runs in terms of how people react to their exhibits and layouts to learn what works for others so that they can improve on an already good experience for all visitors so when it comes time to move into their final space.

The exhibits here also include stories of individuals who built Apple and features rare artifacts, such as a disk II, the first disk that could store programs.

The museum also showcases artifacts such as models of the devices that changed the world: Commodore 64, original IBM PC, TRS-80, and Apple II.

Commune with Chattahoochee Nature Center

A man releasing butterflies from a box to show the children.

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The Chattahoochee Nature Center is a non-profit environmental education facility located in Roswell, GA, that empowers the community by providing nature experiences and knowledge.

This beautiful and spacious locale specializes in the display and interaction with various plant and animal species.

For over four decades, the nature center served as an inspiration to citizens and naturalists to create one-of-a-kind places on the spectacular Chattahoochee River.

Still waters of the empty chatahoochee river with trees surrounding it.

Wayne Hsieh78 /

The first local citizen activists founded the Chattahoochee Nature Center in the mid-1970s and since then became a productive, environmentally-sensitive learning center where children and adults alike can explore.

This is the destination to go and visit if you want to connect with nature and experience a sense of purpose within communities.

There are so many activities that no matter what your interests or skills, you can find nature programs tailored for you and your family.

At the nature center, you can camp out overnight, plan activities such as a birthday party or an educational field trip, or just kick your feet up in the café on its beautiful grounds.

A peacock butterfly resting on top of yellow flowers with green leaves and stems.

Images Frozen In Time /

Swing Away at the Horseshoe Bend Club

This golf course nestles in a magnificent spot that encapsulates the awe-inspiring Chattahoochee River.

Its rolling hills used to be an annual event venue for the Atlanta Steeplechase until the beautiful scenery caught the eye of golfers.

This awesome place is simply classy with a touch of sport.

The beautiful site where this stunning golf course has been molded into a premier golf club situated in an incomparable community.

At the heart of it all, nestled on top of a hillside with a jaw-dropping view, the recently renovated clubhouse features some nice dining options and an intimate area for fun, relaxation, and recuperation.

Horseshoe Bend Country Club is a great country club to visit if you’re looking to spend some quality time playing golf.

The state-of-the-art equipment and friendly staff really make this place stand out as well.

Turn the Pages of History at the Barrington Hall

Front view of the barrington hall exterior with white walls and green landscape.

Galen Parks Smith (Gsmith), CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The great Barrington Hall is a nice plantation home featuring Greek-Revival architecture and used to be a place of residence of Roswell King’s son Barrington King during the mid-1800s.

It was Willis Ball who designed this historic home in 1842 until the city acquired it and held tours here for those who wanted to go back in time and learn about the past.

Located on Barrington Drive, the Barrington Hall is open for public tours from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. from Monday to Saturday and Sunday (1-3 p.m).

The historic cottage didn’t only become Roswell Historic District’s contributing building, but it also achieved National Register of Historic Places status and even earned a spot in “50 Most Beautiful Homes in Metro Atlanta” by the Atlanta Magazine.

View from the side exterior of the barrington hall during a sunny day.

Galen Parks Smith (Gsmith), CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Your tour of Barrington Hall will inspire you as you learn about the legend of how one family preserved this historic landmark for over 16 decades.

From 1838 until 2005, they came to life in furnishings, artifacts, and stories told at every step.

As you explore the grounds of what is Atlanta metros only antebellum public garden, you’ll also find numerous original outbuildings with stories of their own.

And the tour guide here is very knowledgeable about the family who once lived in the lovely and spacious Barrington Hall and its history.

This historic house has been lovingly and expertly decorated, with many family heirlooms and furniture items incorporated into the overall charm of the property.

Try Different Flavors at Variant Brewing

Variant Brewing is a fabulous place to go to have a break from your busy schedule and be around wonderful people.

Their beers are amazing, and so is the environment, sparkling clean with some nice lighting.

The most trusted brewery in the area, this business always has beneficial new drafts and beers coming up every week.

Their draft choice is also very extensive, especially because they continue to make all kinds of new brews available.

They have everything they need to make good beer and keep customers happy, from the lively atmosphere to their friendly staff that shows off their passion for the job in chatting about all things brewing-related, making it a fun place to visit regularly.

Visit Roswell Presbyterian Church

Sunny day view of the Roswell Presbyterian Church with white colored walls.

JT, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Founded in 1986, Roswell Presbyterian Church is a warm and friendly environment that runs a program geared towards the development of youngsters from infancy to early childhood years.

The Roswell Presbyterian Church focuses on the spiritual, social, and emotional development of the children in their care, as well as facilitates the academic creativity and physical growth of each individual.

This historic sanctuary has created a safe environment for your child to learn, grow and even just build friendships with people they don’t get to see in their everyday lives.

You can visit this place to listen and enjoy their traditional and contemporary music showcasing the giftedness of their musicians and vocalists who are so talented throughout all of their services.

Take a Stroll along Leita Thompson Memorial Park

Blue skies, and cars parked outside a house.

Thomson200, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Leita Thompson Memorial Park has many lovely amenities, including trees galore, mile markers, and several bridges over the trails from which you can take pictures if you’re so inclined.

This park is an uber green facility with a cultural ambiance and a mild and padded terrain.

Tall trees with no leaves at the empty memorial park.

Thomson200, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Mile markers are clearly visible, making it easy to track your progress as you go.

You could also say that the trails create a simple but coherent circuit that’s made up of different lengths depending on how far you want to go.

And because dogs can also come to Thompson Memorial Park, many people take their pets out for walks here.

You can definitely get a good walk or jog in on the trails of this incredibly lovely park.

Beautiful green landscape with the sun shining down on it.

Thomson200, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Schedule a Tee Time at the Settindown Creek Course

Ansley Golf Club has earned a reputation as one of the friendliest and most fun country clubs in Atlanta today.

Membership is as luxurious as it is enjoyable at Ansley Golf Club because the clubhouses offer elegant dining and catering, plus a variety of deluxe perks for members to take advantage of.

Just some of the club’s outstanding amenities include eight great clay tennis courts, a large swimming facility, youth programs, a nice fitness center with classroom programs and personal trainers, and two pickleball courts.

Additionally, Ansley offers 27 holes of alluring golf at their Settindown and Midtown locations that most experienced golfers often visit.

So if you’re tired of the city bustle and long for a relaxing day at the golf course with friends, or want to encourage your children’s sporting habits while they do something they love, then please see what all the fuss is about!

Take a Walk through the Roswell Riverwalk Trail

Empty riverwalk trail with wooden rails and tall trees framing it.

Thomson200, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Roswell Riverwalk Trail is a beautiful 5-mile trail that runs alongside the Chattahoochee River and provides bikers, hikers, runners, and even birders with a serene path for exercising or relaxing.

There are many parking areas for visitors visiting the trail, including Riverside Park, Don White Park, Willeo Park, and Azalea Park.

The Roswell Riverwalk Trail is also perfect for anyone with long-range views of the eastern part of the Chattahoochee River and the Roswell Creek area.

There are two paved parking areas with designated spaces for accessibility and three parking stripes.

You’ll enjoy at least a 6-feet-wide paved trail with an estimated grade of 5% or under, which is excellent news for wheelchair and stroller users who can tackle these gentle grades with ease.

So grab the kids (or your pup) for a day out of the house because best believe that everyone will be able to enjoy this trail.

Final Thoughts

Roswell, Georgia, is a place with history and has a number of amazing places and sights.

In fact, it is home to historic sites and museums that are downright fascinating and leave you wanting more.

What would you say if you could even go back in time and see just how the city was founded?

Well, now you can!

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