15 Best Things to Do in Madison, GA

Madison, GA
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Madison City in Georgia is the perfect, Southern getaway for a relaxing and educational trip that can take you back to the early 1800s with its well-kept, maintained, and preserved antebellum houses and oak-lined streets!

Located within the Historic Heartland Region, you can find many tourist attractions loaded with things to do and sights to see!

Characterized by unique, picturesque homes that are open to the public for visits, tourists can get a first-hand experience of the thriving city life of Madison during the 19th-century era.

You can get a taste of the Southern charm of this quaint city that is also best known as a historic district.

Despite its relaxing and calm aura, Madison isn’t going to shy away from festivals and other live events to change up the pace on certain nights!

Discover new things at their many tourist attractions, museums, restaurants, and more with this list of best things you can do in Madison, GA!

See Some of the Most Iconic Buildings on the Madison Film Tour

Exterior view of the historic Antebellum house.
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Madison City is rich with so much history after surviving the Civil War and the refurbishing of the antebellum houses.

This guided tour will show you all the iconic establishments that have made their way onto a Hollywood film!

Exterior view of the Morgan County courthouse.
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These tours include a trip to Morgan County Courthouse that was featured in "Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2" and "Goosebumps," among many others, as well as to Bonar Hall, which was featured in the TV hit series "The Vampire Diaries" and "The Originals."

Madison Film Tour is perfect for movie buffs and film fanatics who wish to see these buildings up close and personal for themselves!

These locations would also look amazing as a background for your photos that would make your friends and family jealous!

Exterior of the Bonar Hall.
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Explore the Madison-Morgan Cultural Center

Madison-Morgan Cultural Center is an art and performance center that provides a unique, educational experience in the fields of performing arts, entertainment, and humanities!

This establishment is also a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of those who have a passion for the arts and history.

They feature a variety of exhibits that showcase the history of Madison through their programs and presentations.

The architectural design of this building is breathtaking, with its Romanesque-Revival style elegance built originally in 1895 that will make your pictures stand out.

You may also attend their events that include storytelling, symphony performances, orchestral concerts, music festivals, and so much more!

Having been open for over a century, this cultural center is rich with tons of information which you can learn all about!

Conveniently located at the heart of Madison city, you can easily drop by on your trip!

Go on a Safari Trip at Georgia Safari Conservation Park

Combining education with adventure, Georgia Safari Conservation Park is a vast grassland that houses numerous species of animals!

Their main goal is to connect the community with the beautiful animals that call this conservation park their home.

The main attraction at this park is their drive-through safari, where tourists can get close to both exotic and endangered animals while staying safe inside their safari vehicle.

You may also check out their other programs and events to make the most out of your visit to this safari park.

There’s even the option to customize your tour, feed the animals, and even go behind the scenes to give you the best experience!

Check Out the Programs and Exhibitions at Steffen Thomas Museum of Art

Named after the German-American artist whose work brought this museum to life, Steffen Thomas’ masterpieces live on at Steffen Thomas Museum of Art.

This art museum honors the life and work of Steffen with the many programs and exhibitions dedicated to his diligent handiwork that seeks to inspire all up-and-coming artistic patrons and aesthetes.

You may also find works of fellow artists inside who have the same shared passion and love for the arts!

These carefully curated exhibits showcase a variety and wide range of art styles and concepts that have been specially chosen to ensure an educational and entertaining experience for all tourists who visit!

Home to more than 400 pieces of magnificent sculptures, paintings, ceramics, and other interesting art mediums, you are bound to be awe-struck at the intricate designs and human creativity found here.

Make sure to catch their other programs and events that regularly change, ranging from topics such as nature the four seasons to travel and more.

You can get a taste of an authentic art experience yourself at the Steffen Thomas Museum of Art!

Visit the Oldest Home in Madison City at Rogers House & Rose Cottage

Built in the early 1800s, Rogers House & Rose Cottage was privately owned by different people until the 20th century before it was opened to the public as a museum.

Found in central Madison, this uniquely built structure has a Piedmont Plain architectural style that encapsulates the era it was built in.

Interested guests can go on a guided tour of this historic building to get a glimpse of the life of a middle-class family living in this particular city.

Rogers House is adjacent to Rose Cottage, a small cottage owned and built by a young widowed woman named Rose, who was born into slavery.

The well-preserved furnishings and decorations inside these antebellum homes can transport you back to the respective period of their origin.

Rich with history, there’s so much to learn about Madison city through the lenses of the multiple owners who have passed this house and cottage down from generation to generation and have made its mark as a historical site.

Experience the Haunted Side of Madison at North Georgia Tours

For those with a fondness for all things haunted and spooky, North Georgia Tours can take you on the scariest, most chilling walks and tours of this city!

There’s more to the historical backgrounds and history of these magnificent houses lining the streets of Madison, and some of these tales are sure to send shivers down your spine!

This narrated tour guided by the owner of North Georgia Tours herself, Melissa Piche, will gladly tell you all about the horror stories behind some of the most famous architectures of this Southern city.

The Ghost Walk tours are perfect for the brave at heart or those intrigued by the supernatural.

You also get to learn about local history, legends, and spooky tales on their Haunted History Tour that take place almost every night.

These tours last up to as long as two hours in the dark, so make sure to bring a flashlight, wear walking shoes, and book in advance!

Get a Relaxing Massage After a Long Day at Pure Bliss Spa and Shop

Touring the city of Madison is fun but also tiring!

After a long day of walking and exploring, drop by Pure Bliss Spa and Shop, conveniently located at the heart of Madison.

You’ll be treated like royalty as you lay back and relax with the spa packages they have to offer, including facials, waxings, and more.

Both locals and tourists book a few hours at this spa and shop as it is one of the favorite establishments to go to if you want to be pampered, even if you’re on a budget!

This premier spa also carries a retail shop where you can purchase their products, such as essential oils, beautifully-scented candles, and other body products to take home with you!

Get rid of those muscle knots and kinks that inconvenience you to get the full, enjoyable experience of your vacation.

Have a Taste of 19th Century Luxurious Living at Heritage Hall

Exterior view of the Heritage Hall.
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Tourists who visit this authentic, Southern city traditionally drop by Heritage Hall during their trip to learn about the 19th-century history of elite families who lived in this Greek Revival-style mansion.

Preserved by the Morgan County Historical Society, this historic mansion invites and welcomes guests to stop by to admire the elegant decor and white columns of this structure.

A tour inside Heritage Hall gives you a glimpse of what it’s like to live in a high-society home through the viewpoint of some of the city’s most elite residents.

Upon entering the giant wooden doors, your jaw is sure to drop at the sight of the 14-foot ceilings on each floor, historically accurate designs, well-preserved furniture, and so much more!

Since its inception in 1977, Heritage Hall has attracted tourists from all over the world.

Go Horseback Riding at Southern Cross Guest Ranch

If you take a short 10-minute drive away from the center of Madison City, you can find Southern Cross Guest Ranch, complete with bed and breakfast, horseback riding programs, and countless other amenities.

This dude ranch offers a relaxing getaway from the city and out into the open air, with its vast pastures and green lands that are home to over 150 horses, and gives guests a change of pace from all the historical tours.

This accommodation is best known for its horseback riding programs that take guests out on their premier trail to see the spectacular views of nature!

Horse riders of all skill levels can enjoy the calm and peaceful environment on horseback, either with a trained guide or simply by themselves.

Their other amenities include a swimming pool, excellent restaurants, and a game room found inside the ranch to complete your trip in this paradise for horse-lovers.

Dine at Ricardo's Kouzzina

In downtown Madison, you can find a restaurant that serves some of the freshest, high-quality seafood and Italian cuisine at Ricardo’s Kouzzina!

Upon its original opening in May 2007, this facility was previously known as “Tequila Express” before rebranding to its current name and has been serving the residents and tourists of this city six days a week.

Named after the man who established this restaurant, Ricardo Casillas has reimagined family dining with the friendly atmosphere and amazing local dining they offer.

Locals have also deemed this restaurant one of the favorite eateries in all of Madison City!

Ricardo’s Kouzzina features a bar and grill and indoor and outdoor seating, so make sure to reserve a table for you and your family and friends before they’re fully booked!

Attend MadisonFest during the Spring

Every April, Madison City hosts a day-long festival called MadisonFest at the Town Park!

During this event, community members and tourists gather together with their friends and family to purchase handmade items, listen to live music, and simply spend quality time together.

They also feature food carts, plant vendors, and lots of fun activities that are fun for both children and adults!

You can practice your yoga skills and learn about its benefits, go safe solar viewing, or learn how to prune potted shrubs and other plants, too.

This family-fun day will guarantee lasting memories, so be sure to add this festival to your to-do list if you’re visiting during the Spring!

Rent a Bike at MADcycles

Tired of walking on foot while on your trip?

Then try biking!

MADcycles allows visitors to rent their bikes while they take a self-guided tour around Madison City!

Breeze through the city’s streets as you pass by the historic homes lining this district to be efficient on your trip!

Guests can rent their comfortable cruisers for up to a whole day and even have the option to have their bicycles delivered to where they’re staying.

This bicycle rental shop makes your trip convenient and easy, as long as you book it ahead of time.

There’s nothing more refreshing than going on a leisurely bike ride around the historic district while the wind flows through your hair!

Purchase a Variety of Items at The Madison Flea Market

This indoor flea market is home to countless items that are perfect for souvenirs, gifts, and so much more!

The Madison Flea Market is located right at the center of Madison City, where you can conveniently stop by while on your visit.

Whether you’re looking for something old, something new, vintage, or refurbished, this market spans over 14,000 square feet of indoor space!

You may also opt to go window shopping or simply admire the wide array and range of products.

This bustling flea market plays live music to keep customers entertained!

Eat the Best Barbecue Madison Has to Offer at Crowe's Open Air Bar-B-Que & Catering

Situated at the heart of Madison, Crowe's Open Air Bar-B-Que & Catering has some of the best barbecues, landing as the #1 spot for this particular food!

Family-owned since its establishment in 1991, this eatery has been serving consistent, mouth-watering marinated barbecue for a good price.

Their friendly staff will be more than happy to serve you their tasty barbecue sauce that goes perfect with anything, like their fries and chips!

You’ll be treated like family here at Crowe’s Open Air Bar-B-Que & Catering, even if it's your first time visiting.

Be sure to drop by and get a taste of their renowned smoked meat, and you’ll be sure to leave this restaurant with a wide smile and a happy stomach!

Learn about African-American History at The Morgan County African American Museum

Dedicated to preserving and sharing African-American heritage and culture, The Morgan County African American Museum has so much to offer since its founding in 1993!

Inside, you can find exhibits, displays, and artworks that promote the diversity of local African-American culture at Madison City.

This non-profit organization seeks to share the significant contributions of this particular community to their country.

They also host special events and programs, such as workshops and conferences, to deepen one's knowledge regarding the historical merit of the African-American community.

This museum stands on the old home of John Wesley Moore, an African-American man who was born during the final years of slavery.

There’s so much rich history to learn at The Morgan County African American Museum!

Final Thoughts

Madison City is best known for its historic sites after withstanding the Civil War.

The antique, renovated, and refurbished homes perfectly encapsulate the era in which it was built, which can take you back in time!

The locals will gladly welcome you with their Southern charm and hospitality that will make you feel like you belong.

This historic gem is also home to some of the most interesting museums that provide a relaxing yet educational experience for all who visit.

Despite not having such crazy nightlife compared to its neighboring cities, Madison is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a relaxing getaway.

You’ll be sure to fall in love with this quaint city to make sure to book your trip now!