15 Best Things to Do in Woodstock, GA

Woodstock, GA
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Woodstock is a suburb on the outskirts of Atlanta, where many people want to settle down.

So, what's the reason behind the trend?

For many reasons, this small city in Cherokee County is known for its southern charm and vibrant community.

In addition, it's one of the fastest-growing suburban areas in the entire United States.

It was incorporated into its cityhood in 1897 as a former railway stop to becoming an important trade hub from the railway.

Although the railway operation stopped way back in 1949, Woodstock maintained its vibrant environment and flourishing economy, making it a top-notch suburban area outside Atlanta.

Woodstock is not your typical suburban city; it offers a one-of-a-kind travel experience for those who want to explore its streets.

It is home to a premier shopping center that houses more than a dozen shops and restaurants.

It's also home to an eclectic collection of leisure spots and parks worthy of visiting, while there are virtually limitless outdoor activities to enjoy for all ages.

Interested to know more about this place?

Here are the 15 best things to do in Woodstock, Georgia:

Wander through the Olde Rope Mill Park

A foot bridge at Olde Rope Mill Park
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The Old Rope Mill Park was named after an old rope mill that operated in the city in the 1800s.

The park used to manufacture cotton into a rope while numerous flour mills surround the area back in the day.

Today, it is a popular outdoor and historical attraction in Woodstock and a favorite place for outdoor enthusiasts.

Trees reflecting on a body of water in Olde Rope Mill Park
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The park is known for canoeing and kayaking activities along the Little River, while it has more than 30-kilometers of trail, which is popular for hiking and biking.

Other popular outdoor activities are fishing, paddle boarding, picnic, and nature viewing, making it a great place to start your travel adventure in Woodstock.

Trees along the grounds of Olde Rope Mill Park
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Hang Out at the Park at City Center

To immerse yourself in Woodstock’s charming southern beauty, you should head to the Park at City Center downtown.

This park is best known for its beautiful and peaceful environment.

Like most beautiful and well-maintained community parks, this one features a gorgeous gazebo, a stunning fountain, and benches, making it a perfect place to hang out either by yourself or with your loved ones.

In addition, the park also features the 9/11 Memorial and the Woodstock War Memorial.

The 911 Memorial is a unique attraction in the park that you should check out.

It features two 12-foot portions of track from the World Trade Center’s subway.

Furthermore, many people flock to the park to see concerts and shows at the Northside Hospital Cherokee Amphitheater.

Overall, the Park at City Center is a great place to hang out for relaxation and some outdoor activities with your loved ones while visiting Woodstock.

Go on a Shopping Spree at The Outlet Shoppes in Atlanta

Exterior of The Outlet Shoppes in Atlanta
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The Outlet Shoppes at Atlanta along Ridgewalk Parkway is a premier shopping center in Woodstock that boasts more than a hundred brands from local to the mainstream.

It’s a great place to bring your loved ones and go on a shopping spree while enjoying its picturesque environment.

When you’re there, drop by Michael Kors, Columbia, Nike, Coach, Kate Spade, Under Armour, Saks Fifth Avenue, etc.

In addition, the Outlet Shoppes at Atlanta is also home to a wide array of dining options that are a mix of fine-dining restaurants and fast-food chains.

Overall, this shopping center in Woodstock is a must-visit place in the city if you’re longing for quality leisure time.

Have Fun at the Stars and Strikes Family Entertainment Center

The Strikes Family Entertainment Center along 10010 Highway in Woodstock is one of the favorite places for locals to have wholesome and affordable entertainment.

This establishment features a top-notch arcade gaming center where kids and even kids at heart can play dozens of video games from classic to modern.

It also has bumper cars, a laser tag arena, a bowling center, and a virtual reality game.

It’s a great place to bring your loved ones or friends while visiting Woodstock and spend the day there trying out all its exciting features.

After the fun and games, head to its restaurant to treat the whole gang to delicious comfort food at affordable prices.

Channel Your Artistic Side at the Woodstock Arts

The Woodstock Arts is one of the leading organizations in Georgia that has supplied top-notch performing arts productions, workshops, concerts, and camps since 2002.

It was formerly known as the Elm Street Cultural Arts.

Visiting this place offers you a different view on your visit to Woodstock because of the art workshop you can join.

The facilitators and in-house artists in Woodstock Arts always offer various activities such as concerts, musicals, plays, visual arts education, and performing arts education.

It also has a beautiful rotating art gallery featuring local and regional artists' artworks, making it a great place to check out.

Go Bar Hopping in Woodstock

Exterior of Reformation Brewery
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Woodstock is home to numerous wineries and breweries that offer an eclectic selection of homemade signature booze that are simply irresistible to try.

With that in mind, you should make bar-hopping part of your itinerary during your visit to Woodstock.

One of the most recommended breweries to drop by is Truck and Tap.

Entrance door of a reformation brewery
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It’s known for its local craft beer on tap and delicious beer match food.

On the other hand, Rootstock is a rooftop restaurant known for its top-notch bourbon and wine bar situated in Woodstock’s downtown area.

Meanwhile, Reformation Brewery offers more than a dozen locally-brewed craft beers on tap at its tasting room/bar known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Along the way, you'll discover more breweries and bars that are equally worthy of trying out.

Rub Elbows with Locals at the Woodstock Farm Fresh Market

The Woodstock Farm Fresh Market in the city’s downtown area offers the best local produce and delicacies.

It opens every Saturday from April to December, and it’s a great place to visit, not just for its local produce.

It's also your best chance to rub elbows with locals and meet new friends.

The place features freshly harvested vegetables and fruits from local farmers around Cherokee County, while Woodstock locals feature some of the best homemade delicacies and treats.

Overall, it’s a must-visit place to get acquainted with the city and enjoy what the locals offer best.

Sing along with Performers During the Summer Concert Series

One of the best times to visit Woodstock is summer because of the various outdoor activities happening around the city, including the summer concert series.

From May to September, the city hosts regular concerts at the Northside Hospital-Cherokee Amphitheater featuring local and regional artists.

They serenade the audience with their rendition of trendy country, alternative, and pop songs.

This event has been happening in Woodstock for many years, with most locals looking forward to it every year.

Adding to the festive atmosphere are the food and beverage vendors at the concert area.

When you’re in Woodstock, make sure you won’t miss this one-of-a-kind event in town.

Watch Exhilarating Races at the Dixie Speedway

Exterior of Dixie Speedway
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The Dixie Speedway is known for its unique red clay dirt racecourse that spans 3/8 miles.

It is home to more than 20 racing events happening every year.

It includes the national Touring Stock Car Races, the Weekly Touring Stock Car Races, Outlaw Sprint Cars, Monster Truck Nationals, and the American Flat Track Motorcycles.

This unique racing venue has had a historical value in Georgia since its operation in 1969, produced top-caliber race drivers in the state, and nurtured the racing culture in the Southern region.

With that in mind, you should check out its scheduled races to have an exhilarating experience watching them with your loved ones or friends.

In addition, the Dixie Speedway also hosts concerts and other events, making it a more exciting place to visit in Woodstock.

Explore Woodstock’s Local Cuisine

Woodstock is home to more than a dozen top-notch restaurants, cafes, and eateries, making it a nice destination for a food trip.

Anywhere you look, you’re guaranteed to enjoy a mouthwatering meal without the traffic and crowd of Metropolitan Atlanta.

Woodstock’s peaceful environment is a perfect place to have quality time with your family or friends while indulging in a wide array of cuisines from southern delicacies, classic American comfort food, Italian, Asian, and more.

Some highly-recommended restaurants are Jessa’s Tea Parlor, Jersey’s Sports Bar & Grille, Songs Garden, Vincenzo's, Peking & Tokyo Restaurant, Tuscany Italian grill, Pacific Spice, Pie Bar, Family Tradition Hickory Flat, China Fun, and Donovan’s Irish Cobbler.

Bike along the Taylor Randahl Memorial Mountain Bike Trails

The Olde Rope Mill Park’s trails span more than 20 miles for various activities like off-road mountain biking.

With that in mind, you should seize the chance to explore the park from a different perspective, particularly on your bike saddle.

Its trails are perfect for mountain biking because of their ruggedness and a bit of technicality, which is enough challenge to have an enjoyable experience.

The trail has paved portions that are perfect for cooling down, especially for beginners.

Biking along the Taylor Randahl Memorial Mountain Bike Trails is a great experience you should try in Woodstock.

Stroll through Downtown Woodstock

Buildings along Downtown Woodstock
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Downtown Woodstock is home to more than 30 local retailers, restaurants, and entertainment establishments.

It’s home to Woodstock Art, MadLife Stage & Studios, Reformation Brewery, and many more.

With that in mind, strolling through Downtown Woodstock offers you the perfect opportunity to shop and dine with the locals.

Establishments along Downtown Woodstock
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You’ll be passing through unique shops that offer locally-made accessories, clothing, along with antique collections, books, decors, and culinary goods, giving you the best opportunity to buy stuff as your souvenir.

Or perhaps, enjoy a drink or have a hearty meal in one of its local pubs or cafes.

There are many things to enjoy at Downtown Woodstock, so don’t miss strolling through this district in the city.

Fly High with Balloon Atlanta

Hot air balloon rides are also popular in Woodstock, thanks to Balloon Atlanta for making memorable rides since 1988.

Balloon Atlanta is a local hot air balloon operator in Woodstock that’s been loved by many.

If you’re not afraid of heights and want to see the beauty of Woodstock and northern Georgia, riding a hot air balloon would be an unforgettable experience you need to try.

When it comes to safety and standards, Balloon Atlanta guarantees its customers that they have the top-notch equipment and personnel that navigates their hot air balloon through Woodstock’s skies.

Experience Farm Life at the Big Springs Farm

If you’re seeking a fun-filled and relaxing activity in Woodstock, head to Big Springs Farm.

This attraction offers visitors a wagon ride farm tour featuring its famous giant pumpkins that weigh more than 60 pounds.

The tour also takes you down by its lake and towards the planting field of its pumpkins.

While adding more fun is the meet and greet session with the featured farm animals such as Willie the pig, its miniature donkey named Mac, and Gizmo, the farm’s friendly goat.

There are many farm animals you’ll come across in this attraction, including chickens and cows, where you can feed and pet them during your tour.

The perfect time to visit the farm is during fall, when you can harvest pumpkins and decorate them for Halloween, while you can also buy freshly harvested gourds, corn, and unique items.

Get Entertained at MadLife Stage & Studios

If you’re looking for an entertaining evening with your loved ones in Woodstock, the MadLife Stage & Studios regularly hosts live and musical concerts.

Its theater along Main Street is usually packed with people and regular patrons who want to watch entertaining musical performances.

In addition, it has excellent food and beverage for everyone who watches shows there.

Overall, MadLife Stage & Studios is another must-visit attraction in Woodstock for awesome music.

Final Thoughts

Woodstock has its own unique identity than being a suburb out of Atlanta.

It’s an excellent destination for a quick getaway for leisure and some outdoor adventure.

If you’re looking for a place to relax and a bit of a detour from usual travel destinations, Woodstock won’t fail to impress you.

If you find this post helpful, don't forget to bookmark this page as your future reference.