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15 Best Things to Do in Rock Port, MO

  • Published 2022/08/18

What makes a place great for a captivating trip of a lifetime?

Your sparkling love for Mother Nature will surely bloom in the beautiful city of Rock Port, Missouri.

What makes this city famous is its magnificent success in overcoming the enormous challenge of transitioning to renewable energy.

Situated in the Atchison County of Missouri, it is known to be the first community to become energy self-sufficient, as all its electricity is generated by wind power.

Aside from its gigantic turning wind turbines, you’ll find the city a lot more interesting with its exciting attractions, historical places, and recreational sites.

Without further delay, you’ll know the best things to do in Rock Port, Missouri:

Step Back in Time at the John Dickinson Dopf Mansion

Exterior of John Dickinson Dopf Mansion

JERRYE AND ROY KLOTZ MD, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Have you ever wondered what mansions looked like in the 1800s?

Located on the north section of Cass Street, the John Dickinson Dopf Mansion looms with beauty and deep history.

It is a two-story mansion and the epitome of a French Second Empire Victorian-Style house.

Built in 1876, it has been standing for more than 140 years, yet it is restored and well preserved as it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984.

You’ll marvel at its lovely mansard roof with alternating bands of square and hexagonal slate shingles.

If you fancy taking shots of vintage places, it is a great Instagrammable opportunity.

Start Your Rock Port Adventure at the Missouri Welcome Center

On a long drive to the City of Rock Port, you will surely meet the Missouri Welcome Center.

This rest stop is a must-visit for all passing tourists to get a glimpse of Rock Port with all its tourist information, such as the city’s attractions, history, and highways.

It is always a good choice to rest here after a drive to unwind, gather supplies, and enjoy Missouri’s beauty and fresh air.

The welcome center also has clean facilities, restrooms, and a shop for the guests’ convenience.

It also has a vast playground for kids to play on as well.

Rock Port did an excellent job of providing a welcoming environment for travelers and tourists through the Missouri Welcome Center.

Camp at the Relaxing and Calm All American Campground and RV Park

Before heading to the heart of Rock Port, it is a great choice to first check out All American Campground and RV Park, where you get to get close to nature.

Located along US Highway 136, this destination is perfect for wandering travelers to set up camp or for visitors on a road trip in their RV or campervan.

With its vast area, guests can have a relaxing experience with the fantastic scenery and landscapes, and children have a vast space to play and run around.

This park and campground are also complete with well-kept necessary facilities and amenities to give you the best camping experience Rock Port offers.

Head to All American Campground and RV Park and enjoy a night or two before touring other beautiful places in Rock Port.

Feel at Home with Rock Port Cabins

Are you looking for a break your typical modernized hotels and inns?

If so, Rock Port Cabins is a great place to give you a vintage twist to your escapade.

Located on Fourth Street, the motel offers fully-furnished country-style rooms and cabins with facilities and amenities for a comfortable stay.

Its wooden interior and quaint ambiance will give you a relaxing feel on your Rock Port getaway.

Guests can enjoy an outdoor cookout while enjoying the fresh air and environment with its outdoor grills, firepits, and cooking area.

Book a room or cabin at Rock Port Cabins with your travel buddies, so you can have a cozy home to go to while hopping from one attraction to another in Rock Port.

Feast on Mexican Fare at Iguana Baja

There are days when we crave the spicy kick and festival of flavors that only Mexican food can bring.

When you are in Rock Port, you do not have to worry when that craving comes creeping in because the Iguana Baja on Main Street will surely satisfy you and make you come back for more.

From quesadillas and burritos to steaks and fajitas, this restaurant serves only the best and most mouth-watering Mexican specialties bursting with exquisite flavors in every bite.

They also have excellent margaritas, exceptional wines, and beers from around the world that are best paired with great food.

The authentic flavors of Mexico are not hard to find anymore because Iguana Baja will serve them to you hot and fresh.

Be One with Nature at Brickyard Hill Conservation Area

Brickyard Hill Conservation Area is the perfect place to check out if you want to go on a hike full of wildlife.

Established in 1962, the area extends to about 2,896 acres and comprises lush green forested areas packed with good biodiversity.

You’ll see those interesting squirrels, deer, turkeys, and more as you walk under the extensive upland hardwoods such as the American elm, hickory, red oak, and bur oak.

In the remote part of Brickyard Hill Conservation Area, you’ll discover the bur oak, which lived for more than 300 years.

To reach the summit for exceptional views, you can take the hiking trail called 165th Street.

The adventure will be a lot of fun, especially if you take your friends or family on this journey.

Go Fishing to Your Heart’s Content at Charity Lake

After more than 50 years of good fishing, Charity Lake is the absolute fishing paradise for many locals and visitors.

This 13-acre lake is nestled in the gorgeous valley of the Missouri River.

Dominated by the largemouth bass that can grow 12 to 13 inches long, you can also catch other species such as blue gill, redear sunfish, and catfish.

Hiking trails and campsites for you to enjoy for the night are also available near Charity Lake.

Because it is a serene and secluded location, it is ideal for small recreational boats such as kayaks and canoes.

It may not be for the faint of heart, but it offers stunning scenes of nature.

Support Quality Local Products at the Rock Port Farmers Market

Situated on Main Street, the Rock Port Farmers Market is the ideal place to see and shop for local produce, food, and products from the residents’ small businesses.

The market was an initiative to introduce vendors and businesses that sell quality products to the community to grow and improve and eventually be brought to the forefront.

It is an excellent opportunity to get to know the locals and mingle, celebrate, and spend time with them.

The whole family will have fun with the family-friendly activities and views of the market.

Bring your family or travel companions to theRock Port Farmers Market, and you will indeed find something to buy and take back home.

Have a Good Swing at the Rock Port Golf & Country Club

Do you want to play a game of good golf with a tint of great history?

Head to the Rock Port Golf & Country Club on the North Country Club Drive.

It is a nine-hole golf course featuring 2,542 yards of green and hilly landscape.

The Rock Port Golf & Country Club opened in 1928 and is considered the most western course in the state.

A large picturesque pond can be seen in the middle of the course, ensuring all fairways are well-irrigated.

It is a fair course for quick gameplay with your buddies.

Take Your Time and Unwind in Memorial Park

If you’re stressed, take some time to relax and reset your mind in Memorial Park.

As the most extensive open space in the city, the park spans over 100 acres, featuring a sprawling network of rivers, marshes, and swamps.

The green trees are evenly spread, providing plenty of shade from the sun while you sit on the available benches and picnic tables.

Your furry companions will definitely enjoy the park, as it has a large area for them to roam and play around.

For recreational activities, Memorial Park has three baseball fields, two soccer fields, playing areas for children, and a majestic pond full of turtles.

It has excellent walking and biking trails that are paved and well-maintained.

With lots of space and amenities to enjoy, it is best to spend a relaxing afternoon here.

Other Things To Do Nearby

Rock Port is blessed to have scenic and flourishing neighboring towns and cities with well-loved attractions worth visiting.

Taste Heavenly Wines at Whiskey Run Creek Winery and Distillery

If you are seeking quality wine, consider yourself lucky because the best-tasting Nebraska wine is not that far from Rock Port.

A 15-minute ride west from Rock Port and through the borders of Missouri and Nebraska will lead you to Whiskey Run Creek Winery and Distillery on Main Street, Brownville.

With its rich historical setup and tranquil landscape, the winery has perfected the craft of wine distilling in the 20 years of its operation.

Visitors can taste various wines, from red and white wines to fruit wines or other distilled spirits, to find the perfect blend and flavor that best suits their taste buds.

Make your celebrations memorable by purchasing a bottle of good wine or two from the Whiskey Run Creek Winery and Distillery.

Enjoy a Musical Show or Performance at Brownville Concert Hall

Music and theater lovers will indeed have a good time at Brownville Concert Hall, just a 13-minute drive from Rock Port.

Since its inception in 1991, this elegant concert hall has served as a venue for many crowded concerts and celebrations, igniting the town’s residents’ burning passion for music.

Even though the past was not that kind to the place, with all the unfortunate accidents and renovations the hall has gone through, it continues to host must-watch events and concerts by various musical artists and musicians from around the region and state.

Visitors will indeed have an immersive and unique musical experience within the doors of the lovely concert hall.

Book tickets and visit Brownville Concert Hall on Atlantic Street in Brownville.

Fall in Love with the Beauty of Indian Cave State Park

Every day is the best day to wander through tranquil natural parks, and you can definitely do this in the protected woodlands and the majestic cave of Indian Cave State Park.

This park has well-kept trails for hiking, strolling, and horseback riding, as well as neat grounds to play disc golf or set up camp for a solo outdoor adventure.

You can also witness the natural cave of the park, where you can observe carvings and petroglyphs that date back to the pre-colonial era.

To visit the park and have the best date with nature, you can drive for 30 minutes southwest from Rock Port to reach Shubert in Nebraska, where you will find it on 720 Road.

Go the extra mile and stop by Indian Cave State Park for a memorable and peaceful day with the gifts of the earth.

Go on an Educational Journey within the Brownville Historical Society and Museums

Brownville might be a small town, but it has an extensive and wealthy history worthy of sharing with the rest of the world.

The Brownville Historical Society pioneers and aims to preserve the stories of the past by opening seven different museums, historical houses, properties, and attractions around town to the public.

Located in the center of Brownville, the various museums showcase displays, antiques, and foundations of the town’s beginnings and early lifestyle.

There are a variety of eye-catching exhibits that will make you want to learn more and study about them, ranging from houses of war veterans and Native American history to train depots.

Bring your peers and family to the Brownville Historical Society and Museums and dig deeper into the rich past of Brownville and the state of Nebraska.

Marvel at the Astounding Sight of the Missouri River at Langdon Bend Public Access

Langdon is a neighboring community of Rock Port and is endowed with a breathtaking view of the Missouri River, the longest river in the United States at around 3,767 km.

From Rock Port, you can arrive at Langdon Bend Public Access after a 15-minute drive southwest until you reach the banks of the Missouri River.

In the 12.5-acre parkland, visitors can enjoy camping on the vast grounds, bird watching in the access area, or fishing in the river.

Watch out for the many fish you can catch in the river, such as channel catfish and blue catfish.

The incredible views and pleasant surroundings will soothe your soul and help you take a break from all the city’s noise.

Langdon Bend Public Access is truly the best destination to go to before taking your leave from Rock Port with a smile on your face.

Final Thoughts

The hustle and bustle of the great cities may sometimes be too much to handle, making us seek the tranquility of the country and small cities such as Rock Port.

With its spectacular natural attractions, scenic parks, and historical tours, the city is a haven for people needing the most sought-after vacation.

Wait no more and accomplish all the best things to do in Rock Port, Missouri!

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