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15 Best Things to Do in Rosebud, MO

  • Published 2022/08/15

You can visit several cities within Missouri, but you might want to check out the small city of Rosebud.

The city sits on the east side of Missouri and within Gasconade County.

Rosebud spans roughly 558 acres, dating back to 1911.

As a city with a long history, it has many places that feature different vintage pieces and antiques.

Besides vintage items and antiques, you can check out shops and eateries, plus areas where you can explore nature.

Rosebud may be a small city, but it has plenty for you to find and do.

Don’t miss out on new experiences and adventures in this small but charming city!

Prepare for a new journey by checking out the best things to do in Rosebud, Missouri.

Fish and Camp at Tea Lakes

Enjoy the outdoors in Rosebud by heading to Tea Lakes by State Highway.

Tea Lakes is a wildlife preserve and conservation area with lakes and ponds, spanning 216 acres.

In addition to several bodies of water, there are 20 campsites in the area.

The campsites have many facilities to accommodate different types of campers.

For example, campers can use the seasonal shower that runs from April to October.

You are free to fish at the lakes and ponds at any time and fill your baskets.

Likewise, you can get more information by contacting the staff.

There are plenty of options for you to explore while visiting Tea Lakes.

Explore the Outdoors with Earth’s Classroom

Immerse yourself in nature by checking out the Earth’s Classroom programs.

Earth’s Classroom is a local nature group with a facility around Pump Station Road.

It features several outdoor programs for all ages.

Some of these programs include educational opportunities to get up close and personal with wildlife.

You can also enjoy different adventures with the familiar and take a chance to explore various landscapes and habitats.

Whether you want to go hiking or boating, Earth’s Classroom provides plenty of opportunities to immerse in the outdoors and have fun.

Visit the Pioneer Homestead & Village at Zelch Farms

Find a village within the city by going to the Pioneer Homestead & Village at Zelch Farms near the highway.

Pioneer Homestead & Village at Zelch Farms is a homestead with several facilities that guests can check out.

These facilities include a log cabin, blacksmith shop, and general store.

If you’re lucky, you can find the roadside stand and try an assortment of homemade baked goods, including brownies and cookies.

There is also a small farm where you can find different farm animals.

The Pioneer Homestead & Village at Zelch Farms has plenty to see.

However, you can only visit this area between April to December.

Get Fresh Products and Baked Goods in Clancy’s Marketplace

Clancy’s Marketplace is one of the best places to shop in Rosebud, but you can also get a treat there.

Located around Highway 50, Clancy’s Marketplace features a variety of local products and treats.

Some items you can find at this market include fresh produce, meats, cheese, and more.

If you’re looking for something to fill your stomach, you can grab a selection of salads, bread, and packed lunches.

For something sweet, try the market’s list of baked goods, including different cookies, tarts, and pies.

Clancy’s Marketplace has plenty for you to shop and find for a fun treat.

Browse Handcrafted House Products at the Rosebud Haberdashery

If you’re exploring the shops available in Rosebud, the Rosebud Haberdashery is a must-see stop.

The Rosebud Haberdashery is a local store mainly featuring handcrafted soaps and candles, among other items.

If you love soaps and candles featuring organic ingredients and natural scents, you’ll find plenty of options at this shop.

As for other items available at this store, you can check out their bath bombs and salts, plus other bathroom products.

You can find this shop by heading to Highway 50.

Check out Rosebud’s Grand Antique Mall

Rosebud’s Grand Antique Mall is one of many places to browse vintage pieces and antiques in the city.

Unlike a regular store, Rosebud’s Grand Antique Mall is only open on the second Saturday of every month.

You’ll mostly find a wide range of old furnishings done in different styles and a selection of house decor.

Anyone who loves vintage pieces should visit Rosebud’s Grand Antique Mall.

If you want to find Rosebud’s Grand Antique Mall, you can look around Highway 50.

Find Treasures at the Rusty Gate Antique Mall

Head to the Rusty Gate Antique Mall if you want to check out antique items in the city.

The store stands by Highway 50 across from Loebs Mill Bar & Grill and features a variety of items ranging from decor to accessories.

You can find other items in this antique mall like bags, household items, and knick knacks.

Likewise, you can visit the Rusty Gate Antique Mall any day of the week and discover several types of pieces to bring home.

Shop at Rachel’s Rustic Room & Boutique

Explore a combination of vintage and retail by checking out Rachel’s Rustic Room & Boutique near 3rd Street.

Rachel’s Rustic Room & Boutique is a store specializing in three products: furnishings, house decor, and women’s clothing.

The store presents a range of couches, bags, shirts, and more among the different types of products in this store.

Whether you want to browse for some vintage pieces or get a new blouse, there is a range of items to discover at Rachel’s Rustic Room & Boutique.

Buy Retail Pieces at the Rosebud Vault Boutique

If you’re looking for more casual stores in the city, check out the Rosebud Vault Boutique across Rachel’s Rustic Room & Boutique.

Rosebud Vault Boutique primarily features women’s clothing, accessories, and jewelry on the trendy side and offers a range of sizes.

A few items you can get at this store include a selection of blouses, jeans, and different accessories, such as bags and necklaces.

Notably, this shop was once a bank dating back to the early 1900s.

Then, it closed down and underwent a renovation before reopening as the Rosebud Vault Boutique.

Shopping enthusiasts will find plenty to enjoy when visiting the Rosebud Vault Boutique.

Browse Plants and Produce at the Second Creek Nursery

Anyone who loves plants must visit the Second Creek Nursery near 3rd Street on Highway 50.

You can find a range of fresh produce and plants in this nursery, ranging from flowers to fruits and vegetables.

The Second Creek Nursery might not be the most glamorous store in the city, but it is the ideal spot for plant enthusiasts to visit.

Whether you want to get some fresh fruit or purchase some potted plants for a garden, you can grab a range of items here.

Grab a Cold One at Loebs Mill Bar & Grill

Loebs Mill Bar & Grill is one of the different places to enjoy a casual meal with a drink.

It is a restaurant and bar with a range of beers you can pair with a selection of fried and meaty dishes.

These dishes include sloppy joes and nuggets.

In addition to different drinks and dishes, the bar and grill hosts live music and seasonal events.

You can find the bar and grill by heading to the area between 4th and 5th street and following Highway 50.

Enjoy the Barbeque at M. Clancy’s BBQ & Pub Fare

Take a chance to enjoy some local barbeque by dining at M. Clancy’s BBQ & Pub Fare.

M. Clancy’s BBQ & Pub Fare features a range of barbeque dishes you can try, including sandwiches and smoked dishes.

In addition to barbeque dishes and sides, the pub offers other options, including a list of chicken dishes and sandwiches.

Aside from a range of barbeque dishes, there is a selection of drinks you can try at the pub, such as the Bloody Mary.

Regarding local dining, M. Clancy’s BBQ & Pub Fare is a top spot to check out in the city.

Stop at the Holy Goat Homestead, LLC

Holy Goat Homestead is a farm and store you can find along Rosebud Road and features a range of animals you can meet, including goats.

Anyone who loves animals will find plenty to enjoy when visiting this farm.

From ducks to goats and puppies, there are several animals you can meet at Holy Goat Homestead, LLC.

Besides the animals, you can check out the products they sell, including house items and furniture.

If you’re looking for a unique place to check out in Rosebud, consider the farm/homestead as one of your stops.

Take a Break at the Rosebud Guest House

There is a list of places where you can book a stay in the city, and one of them is the Rosebud Guest House.

The Rosebud Guest House is a guest house you can find along Highway 50 and behind the Rosebud Haberdashery.

Notably, the guest house building dates back 100 years, featuring one bedroom and one bathroom unit with a kitchenette and other amenities.

If you’re looking for a cozy place to stay in Rosebud, the Rosebud Guest House is one place to check out.

Join the Rosebud Treasure Day

Enjoy local events by checking out the Rosebud Treasure Day.

The Rosebud Treasure Day is a local market day that occurs twice a year on a Saturday and features various items you can discover.

If you catch the event, you can browse through a range of local items, including food, retail products, and vintage pieces.

Several vendors sell various products during this event.

You can try a range of fresh goods or check out fun items like crafts.

The event only lasts a day so if you want to experience local treasure hunting, keep an eye out for Rosebud Treasure Day.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Enjoy Wine and Breakfast at the White Mule Winery

If you want to check out other attractions close to the city, stop at the White Mule Winery.

The White Mule Winery is in Owensville, Missouri, five minutes from Rosebud.

This place is a winery that doubles as a bed and breakfast.

It is a reasonably simple venue with comfy amenities but has plenty of options for you to explore.

Some features you can enjoy at this winery and bed and breakfast include a list of red and white wines that pair with different dishes they serve.

Whether you want to sample a list of wines or a comfortable place to stay, go to the White Mule Winery.

Swim and Play at the Lost Valley Lake Resort

The Lost Valley Lake Resort is a venue with plenty of facilities and several activities you can enjoy.

You can find this place in Owensville, 16 minutes or so away from Rosebud.

Whether you want to have fun outdoors or indoors, the Lost Valley Lake Resort has plenty of options to accommodate guests.

If you’re looking to have fun indoors, there is a mini-golf area and arcade you can check out, plus a small theater where you can select films to see.

If you want to play outdoors, there is a pool area, playground, and more in the resort area.

You can also enjoy some relaxation and check out the resort’s spa.

Lost Valley Lake Resort has more than its fair share of options for guests to experience.

Final Thoughts

Rosebud may be small compared to other cities in Missouri, but it has plenty for you to see and do.

Established in 1911, the city has more than its share of shops that feature vintage pieces and antiques.

Beyond vintage items and antiques, however, you can visit a selection of shops with fun items and different places to enjoy a drink and meal.

You can also find places to enjoy the outdoors and seek local treats.

Book your trip today and discover the best things to do in Rosebud, Missouri.

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