15 Best Things to Do in Plymouth, NH

Plymouth, NH
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Small towns and cities always have that unique appeal that draws your interest.

Plymouth in New Hampshire is one of them.

It's a place where your average weekend escape from the city turned out to be more than you'd expected.

Plymouth is a town with around 7,000 inhabitants.

It's part of the Grafton County in New Hampshire near the White Mountains Region and is specifically seated right at Baker River and Pemigewasset River's convergence.

A three-hour drive south takes you to Boston, Massachusetts, while further up north takes you to Maine.

Plymouth has many attractions worth visiting, including its century-old theater, mountain ski resort, museums, and forest parks.

This peaceful town in New Hampshire is guaranteed to give you both an adventure and ultimate relaxation.

To give you a teaser of the great things waiting for you there, here are our 15 best things to do in Plymouth, NH, and its nearby places:

Watch Performances at the Historic Flying Monkey Movie House & Performance Center

Plymouth's iconic Flying Monkey Movie House & Performance Center must be the number 1 on your list of places to visit in the town.

This theater along Main St. has been entertaining Plymouth's locals and visitors since the 1920s.

Today, it serves as Plymouth's heart and soul for entertainment and arts.

After being abandoned and neglected, the theater also had an unfortunate past until the Common Man founder, Alex Ray, took over and brought back its old beauty and reputation.

The theater has a lot of scheduled performances year-round, so when you're planning to visit Plymouth, you'll surely get a chance to watch one.

Grab Your Outdoor Gears at Effortless Adventure

Outdoor activities with nature will be a big part of your itinerary in Plymouth.

Thus, you should not forget to bring your outdoor gear, but if you have none, Effortless Adventure offers all you need for a fun and safe outdoor adventure.

This store at 231 Main St. in Plymouth has outdoor experts who can recommend you the best outdoor gear to use for your preferred outdoor activities.

They are also up-to-date with the information on the White Mountains, nearby hiking trails, and camping grounds in Plymouth.

Lastly, they also offer numerous guided outdoor tours to visitors to Plymouth.

Regardless of whether you have your outdoor gear or not, before heading out to Plymouth's natural attractions, be sure to drop by at Effortless Adventure for some valuable tips and guides.

Hike Through the New Hampshire Heritage Trail

The New Hampshire Heritage Trail on Plymouth's portion covers 5.6-miles, which loops around the town's historical landmarks.

The Silver Cultural Arts Center, Holmes Rock, Plymouth Common, Plymouth Congregational Church, and Fox Pond Park are attractions you'll see along the heritage trail.

If you're planning to traverse the entire heritage trail, it covers New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and the Canadian border.

Plymouth's heritage trail starts at the town's Senior Center, a few meters away from the District Courthouse and vice versa.

New Hampshire allows locals and visitors to access the heritage trail across the state.

For more information about their future activities, visit the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce office at 100 Armstrong Rd STE 204, Plymouth, MA.

Climb the Plymouth Mountain

The Plymouth Mountain in the southern portion of the town is a popular destination for outdoor activities such as hiking.

It's a highly-recommended place for outdoor enthusiasts because of its unspoiled terrain teeming with lush vegetation and wildlife.

The trail leading up to the mountain's summit has a 900-feet elevation, which is relatively easy to climb.

Once you arrive on top of the summit, head to its eastern ledge for a beautiful view of Plymouth's forest and hills.

Before climbing Plymouth Mountain, it would be best to ask the local authorities for proper guidance.

Eat Delicious Food at George's Seafood

This local favorite at 588 Tenney Mountain Hwy in Plymouth is known for its fresh seafood and barbeque dishes.

What makes this place popular among locals and visitors is not just its food but its cozy and homey restaurant atmosphere.

So, after a whole day of outdoor activities, fill your tummy with all-time favorites, such as their seafood platter, calamari, lobster, fish and chips, steaks, and smoked meats.

Dave and Pam Castelot opened the restaurant in 2004, and since then, they have become Plymouth's most beloved seafood restaurant.

They open from 11 am to 8 pm.

Spend the Night at The Common Man Inn and Spa

Aside from managing the famous Flying Monkey Movie House & Performance Center, the Common Man also has an upscale rustic inn and spa at Plymouth's former wood mill.

The inn has 38 rooms, with all convenient amenities available.

Surprisingly, the inn offers hotel-like rooms and amenities, as it has lofts and suites that are large enough to fit your whole squad.

Their spa also has a treatment room, a sauna, a hot tub, and an indoor heated pool where you can relax.

The Common Man Inn and Spa are at 231 Main St, Plymouth, NH.

Go Skiing at the Tenney Mountain Ski Resort

The Tenney Mountain in Plymouth becomes a top-rated skiing destination every winter.

Experience the "Hornet Double," the ski resort's lift that takes you to five of the total 45 skiing trails across 110 acres of white snow every winter.

Also, you can ride their double, triple, or Poma chair lifts, which take you further to the ski resort's maximum elevation of about 2,100 feet with a drop of 1,400 feet.

To get to the Tenney Mountain Ski Resort, head to 151 Tenney Mountain Rd, Plymouth, NH.

The Tenney Mountain ski resort is open from 9 am to 4 pm daily.

Grab a Cold Pint at Biederman's Pub and Deli

To rub elbows with the locals in Plymouth, head to Biederman's Deli, a popular pub and grocery store.

The pub, which opened in 1973, has become a trendy watering hole for locals who want to enjoy a cold draft beer, sandwiches, and microwavable pizzas.

Plus, college students at Plymouth State University also hang out to chill and watch live games on television.

The place has its own story to tell after surviving a deadly fire many years back.

After its new owners took over, Biederman's Pub and Deli welcomed the public with the same warm hospitality.

To visit Biederman's Pub and Deli, it's at 83 Main St. in Plymouth, NH.

They open from 11 am to 8 pm daily.

Pass Through the Historic Smith Bridge

Covered wooden bridges are always fascinating.

Although these are old and rarely used in today's engineering, Plymouth maintained the Smith Bridge over the Baker River in great shape.

The Smith Bridge, completed in 1850, is one of the 54 wooden covered bridges in New Hampshire.

The charm of these wooden structures played a crucial part in history for connecting communities divided by rivers in New Hampshire.

Today, the Smith Bridge is still passable but only on foot, not with motorized vehicles anymore.

It is to preserve its current state since it's already considered a historic site.

Below the bridge is a small sand bar, which is a popular swimming spot for locals and visitors.

Discover History and Arts at the Museum of the White Mountains

The Museum of the White Mountains is in the vicinity of Plymouth State University.

The museum, opened in 2013, houses a wide array of New Hampshire's historical, artistic, cultural, geographic treasures and artifacts.

Aside from the main museum, other facilities include the Silver Center for the Arts Lobby Gallery and the Lamson Library.

It's also where you will find the Karl Drerup Art Gallery, which keeps the collection of Karl Drerup, Plymouth State University's pioneer art professor.

You will get a closer look at his masterpieces in the gallery dedicated to all his artworks and contributions to Plymouth State University, a rising source for visual arts in New Hampshire.

To visit the museum, it is in Plymouth State University's 34 Highland St.

It is open from 10 am to 4 pm and is closed every Sunday.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Enjoy the Scenic Sculptured Rocks Natural Area

View of the Scenic Sculptured Rocks Natural Area
Kristine Reed / Shutterstock.com

A one-and-a-half-hour drive south of Plymouth takes you to Groton's famous Sculptured Rocks Natural Area which stretches 272 acres.

Take pictures while hiking at the nature park's famous sculptured rock formations resulting from thousands of years of water erosion.

Don't forget to pass by the Cockermouth River's canyon and bedrock and the Newfound Lake along the trail.

The park is at 251 Sculptured Rocks Road in the town of Groton, New Hampshire.

Buy Antique Collectibles at the Chalet Antiques Barn & Museum

If you are fascinated with antique collectibles, head to the Chalet Antiques Barn & Museum at 12 Perch Pond Road in Campton, NH.

It is a 13-minute drive north of Plymouth.

It is a haven for antique collectors since the shop offers a vast collection of antique collectibles like clothing, furniture, glassware, jewelry, decors, and tapestries sourced from Europe.

The antique shop also has an Alaskan museum that houses numerous artifacts, including a prehistoric tooth from a Mastodon.

Plus, they have a guest apartment to stay in for those who want to spend the night in Campton.

The antique shop and museum are open on Fridays and the entire weekend from 10 am to 5 pm.

Discover Beautiful Art at the Hood Museum of Art

Outside View of Hood Museum of Art
Daderot, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

An hour's drive west of Plymouth takes you to Hanover, NH, where you will find the Hood Museum of Art, which houses a massive collection of 65,000 artworks and artifacts.

These artworks and artifacts come from a diverse range of historical periods and different cultures worldwide.

It is a remarkable experience to visit this place, which is more than just an average museum.

Outside View of Hood Museum of Art
Gunnar Klack, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

There, you will experience a one-of-a-kind insight into culture and history from around the world through its collections of Asian, African, European, and Native American artworks.

Plus, you will also find very rare ancient Assyrian stone reliefs dating back to the ninth century.

To visit the museum, it's at 6 E Wheelock St, Hanover, NH.

This museum in Hanover, NH, is open every Wednesday to Saturday from 11 am to 5 pm.

Have Close Encounters With Animals and Nature at the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center

An 11-minute drive east of Plymouth takes you to the town of Holderness, where you will find the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center.

This attraction near Plymouth is a nature education center and a zoo that has been operating since 1966.

The place is famous for its zoo, where you can get up close with river otters, mountain lions, bobcats, and black bears, to name a few.

Meanwhile, its nature center primarily caters to the public educational programs through its nature tours.

To visit the nature center, it is at 23 Science Center Rd in Holderness, NH.

Visit its official website to learn more about the nature center's hiking trail, lake cruise schedules, and visiting hours.

Take a Dip at the Wellington State Park's Freshwater Beach

A 19-minute drive south of Plymouth will take you to New Hampshire's most extensive freshwater beach, the Newfound Lake in the Wellington State Park in Bristol, NH.

The freshwater beach and the entire state park are popular destinations in New Hampshire for outdoor and water activities.

The park's scenic view and the pristine lake are perfect for swimming or doing other outdoor activities.

The state park covers a 220-acre land for recreation.

You will find a nature trail, camping grounds, water vessels, and many other amenities there.

Don't forget to hike around Bear Mountain, Mt. Cardigan, Goose Pond, and Welton Falls to complete your outdoor experience.

The state park is at 614 W Shore Rd, Bristol, NH 03222, United States.

Outdoor recreation is allowed from 8 am to 6 pm.

Final Thoughts

Plymouth's attractions are examples of hidden gems that you'll find in rural areas of the country.

It gives you more reasons to travel in the United States rather than flying to another country.

There are tons to do in Plymouth and its nearby places, especially the White Mountains and the rest of New Hampshire.

The list you've read is just a few of the many things you'll discover when you get there.