20 Best Things to Do in Lincoln, NH

20 Best Things to Do in Lincoln, NH

Lincoln in New Hampshire is the second largest town in the state.

The town is a popular destination for travelers thanks to the wonderful landscape.

Visitors throng to this town throughout the year but more so in winter to enjoy skiing.

With many theme parks located nearby, it is no wonder that Lincoln is one of the favorite family tourist destinations.

The White Mountain National Forest that surrounds the town allows visitors to enjoy nature at its sylvan best.

There are plenty of things for visitors to do in Lincoln.

Clark’s Bears

Clark’s Bears
Felix Lipov / Shutterstock.com

If you are visiting Lincoln with your family, Clark’s Bears (also known as Clark’s Trading Post) must be on your list of places to visit.

It is a theme park that has a number of attractive rides and shows, including the highly popular Black Bear show.

Enjoy a ride on the White Mountain Central RR train and visit Merlin’s Mystical Mansion.

Enjoy the blaster boats and the Anaconda escape water ride.

Museum-lovers would enjoy visiting the five museums in the park. A fun place for people of all ages!

White Mountain National Forest

White Mountain National Forest during fall
Wangkun Jia / Shutterstock.com

This US Forest service managed forest is a destination you can visit any time of the year.

If you love nature and want to spend a relaxing time, then do include this destination in your itinerary.

Enjoy the amazing colors of nature during fall. During winter, skiing is one of the attractions offered in the mountains.

There are beautiful lakes and many places to explore in the forest.

You can also enjoy a ride on the cog railway that takes you to the mountain peak.

Flume Gorge

Flume Gorge
J. S. Wolf Photography / Shutterstock.com

This 800-foot natural gorge is one of the popular tourist attractions in Lincoln. It has an interesting history to it.

A 93-year-old lady accidentally discovered this gorge in 1808 while she was fishing.

She reportedly had a tough time convincing people that she had discovered something big! Since then, the place sees visitors thronging to it to enjoy the amazing scenery.

You can have a great hike while visiting the Gorge.

It is open for a walkthrough from May 10th to October 20th.

Apart from tourists, even the locals visit the Gorge regularly to enjoy the walk and the beautiful settings.

Ice Castles

Ice Castles
Keith J Finks / Shutterstock.com

Ice Castles is a frozen attraction located at four different places in the US, including Lincoln.

This is a winter attraction that features castles and sculptures built out of ice.

Professional artists use thousands of icicles to create attractions that bring in visitors from all over the country.

The LED-lit castles feature frozen thrones, slides, fountains, and tunnels.

There are also sleigh rides available for visitors. The forest light walk is one of the top attractions at Ice Castles.

Whale’s Tale Water Park

Whale’s Tale Water Park
Ken Gallager, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Theme park fans would love Whale’s Tale Water Park.

The award-winning water park is a huge one, spread over an area of 17 acres.

There are different kinds of attractions that visitors would enjoy.

A wave pool and lazy river are some of the popular attractions of the water park.

There are various kinds of rides suitable for people of all ages.

Families, couples, and large groups visit the water park to enjoy the varied rides offered.

Kids would enjoy playing at Whale Harbor that has many water slides and fountains.

Visitors will definitely enjoy the surf simulators.

Seven Birches Winery

Rated by TripAdvisor as the No. 1 thing to do in Lincoln, a visit to Seven Birches is a treat for wine lovers.

It is located in the Riverwalk Resort and welcomes visitors for its winery tour on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

During the winery tour, they can meet the winemakers and understand how they work.

The Tasting room allows visitors to enjoy some of the best wines made from local fruits and European grapes.

The hand-crafted wines can also be tasted at their wine bar near the Lincoln Village Shops.

Art’s Outdoor Outfitters

If you love canoeing and kayaking, then taking a trip along with the Pemigewasset River is a good way to spend time.

When you are in Lincoln, you can visit Art’s Outdoor Outfitters.

They offer canoes and kayaks on rental. They have four different trips that allow you to enjoy a great river ride experience.

Kayaking is a fun adventure activity for groups. If you prefer a quiet bike ride, then you can take a bike on rental.

Explore the beautiful places along the riverside and have an enjoyable time.

Franconia Falls

Water flowing from Franconia Falls
Sergey and Marina Pyataev / Shutterstock.com

Franconia Falls is a popular attraction located in the White Mountain Forest Park.

It is a popular trail for families since it does not have a significant elevation.

This makes it easy to visit, even during the winter months.

The falls do not have one big waterfall but have a number of small falls spread across the area.

There is also a water slide visitors love using. Be careful while using this slide when the water levels are high!

If you go upstream of the falls, you will find a large pool that is great for swimming.

Hobo Railroad

Hobo Railroad
Bob Pool / Shutterstock.com

The Hobo Railroad comprises heritage train rides through the White Mountains.

If you are a fan of railway rides or have children with you, then don’t miss this ride.

The train runs through some of the most scenic locations allowing you to enjoy nature at its best.

The train ride takes you into the mountains past lakes and forests.

Taking this train ride during the fall offers you a rich experience.

The Santa Express ride during the Christmas period is very popular and kids are sure to love it.

Alpine Adventures Outdoor Recreation

Alpine Adventures is a mountain park that offers a number of adventure rides and other attractions.

High ropes and ziplining are some of the popular attractions at Alpine Adventures.

If you like to get your adrenaline racing, then try out the zipline rides that well managed. In case you visit with your family, there are family fun attractions also available.

The treetop canopy tour is a great attraction for families.

You can try out their off-road safari tour for a great experience.

During winter, don’t miss the snowmobiling and snowshoeing attractions on offer.

Betty and Barney Hill Incident Historical Marker

In 1961, a couple named Betty and Barney Hill made a sensational claim that they were abducted by aliens.

Their story was even made into a TV movie called ‘The UFO incident’.

While there have been many claims of such alien abductions, this has been one of the most publicized ones.

This is why the New Hampshire Historical Resources Division placed a historical marker in the area.

In 1961, they placed a marker at the site where the abduction reportedly happened.

This has now become a tourist spot. You can stop by and visit the mural.

You can also take a look at all the newspaper articles pasted on the walls of the adjoining gas station.

Attitash Mountain Resort

For all ski fans, the Attitash Mountain Resort is the perfect destination.

During winter, a visit to this resort will allow you to enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and various other winter sport activities.

Operational since 1938, this is one of the popular tourist attractions near Lincoln.

There are 68 different trails that can be accessed through the network of 11 lifts.

Whether you are new to skiing or an expert, there are trails that you can enjoy.

The resort has accommodation if you wish to spend the night. It is also popular during the fall.

Gordi’s Fish & Steak House

A hearty meal is one of the things to enjoy when on a holiday.

When in Lincoln, you can drop into this family restaurant and bar.

Fish and steak are the attractions here as the restaurant name suggests.

Other popular items on the menu are beef, seafood, pasta, burgers, and chicken.

Interestingly, the hotel owners used to part of skiing in the Olympics. Some of their memorabilia are on display here.

Apart from in-house dining, you can choose to enjoy outdoor dining.

Don’t miss their Thursday special of “all you can eat” fish and chips.

Pemi Valley Moose Tours

If you are interested in a moose tour, then you can opt for the tour offered by Pemi Valley Tours.

This is the only tour with a step-on tour guide. The tour would take you for a 3-hour ride in the White Mountains. Enjoy the ride in their air-conditioned bus while you spot moose and enjoy nature.

They also offer a night tour where you can get to see a well-made video about Moose.

Keep your eyes open and your cameras ready to capture the moment when you spot the elusive moose.

This is a tour that is fun and educative.

One Love Brewery

The Henry Paper Mill is one of the historic places in Lincoln.

Located within the mill is a German brewery named One Love.

It is a gastropub and larger house. The family-owned brewery offers a number of house-brewed lagers for you to enjoy.

Also on the menu is a range of delicious snacks. The firecracker nachos and fried avocados are specialties that you must try.

The renovated brewery uses recycled and eco-friendly materials.

You are sure to enjoy your time here and would definitely be back for more.

Santa’s Village

Here’s another theme park in Lincoln that offers a fun experience for visitors.

Don’t go by the Santa name and assume it is open only in winter!

The park is open throughout the year. The name is an indicator of the winter theme of the park.

There are more than 23 rides of different kinds for people of all ages to enjoy.

This is a theme park best suited for families. You can also spot Santa with his reindeer.

The food court offers a great selection of snacks and foods. You can even bring your own food with you.

Sled Ventures Snowmobile Rentals and Tours

Winter is definitely peak season in Lincoln, thanks to the skiing and other winter activities in the area.

If you wish to enjoy a snowmobile ride, then you can opt for the tours from Sled Ventures.

They offer guided tours for visitors. They also offer exclusive private tours.

Don't worry if you have never tried snowmobiling before, there are beginner-level activities also on offer.

You get all the resources needed to enjoy your snowmobile ride.

They have various tours on offer for you to enjoy.

The Common Man

Here is an interesting restaurant that offers almost whatever you would like to eat.

Located in the town, the ‘Common Man’ offers a warm place for you to relax and enjoy a hot meal.

The comfortable seating will make you want to spend more time savoring all that the restaurant has to offer.

Whether you prefer comfort food, Italian, or classic American food you can get it here.

Do try out their favorites like crab cakes, prime rib, and baked mac with cheese. The food is great and so is the service.

New Hampshire Route 112

New Hampshire Route 112
Elizabeth A Gloeggler / Shutterstock.com

Here is a scenic route that is popular since it allows visitors to enjoy the great views of the White Mountains.

The 60-mile route is popular throughout the year. September and October are when the route sees more footfalls.

This is thanks to the beautiful foliage of autumn on display.

The spectacular ride through the highway is open throughout the year.

Sometimes the road may be closed in winter due to snowfall. The closures are usually temporary.

Jean’s Playhouse

If you are a fan of the arts, then you will love watching theater performances at Jean’s Playhouse.

It is the premier entertainment venue in the area.

The North Country Center for Arts showcases musicals, children's theater, and Broadway-themed shows.

The theater is open from Memorial Day until the end of the year.

The variety of shows on offer ensure there is something for everyone.

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