15 Best Things to Do in Pinconning, MI

Pinconning, MI
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Within the Michigan region, Pinconning is a city with the charming features of a small town.

It boasts a thriving local scene, providing personalized gifts, distinct flavors, and mellow experiences.

All of those began from a mere lumber settlement in 1872, positioned on the shores of the Pinconning River.

Pinconning hosts one of Michigan’s most popular annual traditions—the CheeseTown Festival!

Taste various kinds of handcrafted cheeses and join some of the fun competitions that bring their community together.

This place is also home to various natural destinations, from parks, nature preserves, and golf courses.

Whether you’re alone or with a group, this city offers much to see and explore.

Here are the best things to do in Pinconning, Michigan:

Explore Recreation at Bay County Pinconning Park

Located on East Pinconning Road, Bay County Pinconning Park is a beautiful place to enjoy with family, friends, or even on your own.

You can bring a tent and spend the night at the primitive campground or book a cozy log cabin inside the park.

Otherwise, you’re free to explore its array of nature trails, spacious beach, and facilities.

Bay County Pinconning Park is available for boating activities, fishing, swimming, hiking, and much more.

This park and nature preserve is filled with blooming wildflowers, towering trees, and abundant wildlife.

You can see them up close or head upwards to observation towers where you can get sweeping views of the whole area.

Whether it’s leisure or recreation, you can get the best of both worlds at Bay County Pinconning Park.

Take the Spicy Wings Challenge in Sporty’s Wing Shack & Smokehouse

Sporty’s Wing Shack & Smokehouse is a local restaurant that receives high praise from customers and food critics alike.

They have a comprehensive list of food items to satisfy your cravings, from burgers and sandwiches to fries and salads.

However, they take the most pride in their special chicken wings.

With about 26 flavors to choose from, there’s likely a taste that can suit your palate.

You can try new types of flavored wings or go basic with items like buffalos, garlic parmesan, or plan wings.

Sporty’s Wing Shack & Smokehouse also serves extremely hot chicken wings, going so far as to offer spicy food challenges.

If you’d like to give it a shot, head to Huron Road.

Have a Break at Nayanquing Point State Wildlife Area

Located along North Tower Beach Road, Nayanquing Point State Wildlife Area is perfect for those who want to connect with the untainted side of nature.

With diverse terrains, this area has become the habitat of many animal species in Michigan.

Its terrains include a list of dense woodlands, simple grasslands, and murky wetlands.

If you’re interested in discovering birds and animals, Nayanquing Point State Wildlife Area is one of the best options.

It’s ideal for travelers who enjoy nature and don’t mind missing out on modern convenience.

Nayanquing Point State Wildlife Area is a hidden environmental gem that you must see for yourself.

Relax and unwind in its tranquil surroundings.

Satisfy Cravings in Purtell’s Restaurant & Ice Cream Shoppe

Founded in 1925, Purtell’s Restaurant & Ice Cream Shoppe has been a local hangout for decades.

The place serves as a casual dining place, offering tasty homemade meals and sweet desserts to anyone in the city.

Their specialty ice cream takes pride in having more than 30 premium flavors, ranging from simple vanilla and chocolate to fun cookie dough.

If you’d like, they can add whipped cream, syrups, fudge, and other tasty additions to your ice cream of choice.

Aside from ice cream, this venue is also great for those who want a bite of home-style cooking.

They’ve got breakfast sets, sandwiches, burgers, and a few Mexican-inspired meals.

With over 1,000 reviews, Purtell’s Restaurant & Ice Cream Shoppe is one of the most popular restaurants in Pinconning.

Check out what the locals are having at this restaurant along South Mable Street.

Unwind at Green Hills Golf Course

For peaceful leisure, Green Hills Golf Course has got your back.

Located on North Huron Road, this golf course spans several acres of pristine greens and fairways, coupled with lush trees.

Those surroundings foster a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for a calming game of golf.

The course was also designed to be on the easier side, so it lacks difficult terrains and traps for players who want a challenge.

As a public course, Green Hills Golf Course offers tee times at affordable prices without any requirements for membership.

They’re also pet-friendly!

After a game of golf, you can stop by the clubhouse and try some of their home-cooked meals and drinks.

They also have a shop for golf tools, equipment, and novelty souvenirs.

Buy a Souvenir in TLC Treasures

Dainty handcrafted gifts, souvenirs, and home decor can be found in TLC Treasures.

One resident is responsible for personally crafting most of the delicate and beautiful pieces in-store.

From door hangers and framed signs to scented soaps, candles, and mini figurines, there are plenty of items to browse in TLC Treasures.

They’re perfect for taking home as souvenirs and a reminder of your trip to Pinconning.

You also get to support a small local business.

This quaint, cozy shop offers a short reprieve from the noise of a bustling city.

For a few minutes, you can feel free to roam around the shelves, pick up cool items, and maybe take home a few pieces you like.

You can find this quiet, hidden gem along South Kaiser Street.

Drink Beer in Roadside Inn

Contrary to its name, Roadside Inn is not an inn but a local tavern bar.

Along Borth Huron Road, this bar and grill offers a rustic, chill place to relax with cold drinks and delicious meals.

Embraced in a casual atmosphere, Roadside Inn also features amenities for a game of pool and a television for sports.

It has all you need for a classic dinner hangout with friends and family.

Their menu includes various beverages, snacks, sandwiches, and appetizers.

If you’re seeking a place to dine or drink, Roadside Inn has a few options to satiate your cravings.

Visit the venue and get a feel for the flavors of local Pinconning.

Explore Ron Beson’s Corner Store

Ron Beson’s Corner Store is one of the best places to purchase your meats and groceries within the quaint city.

They’ve been in business for about 20 years already.

Lined up on several shelves, they’ve got a nice list of meats, beers, wines, and other essential items to have at home.

As a family-owned grocery store, the products in Ron Beson’s Corner Store can compare to some of the top retail chains.

They also try to increase their range of products and add variety.

This way, they can cater to many more of their customers’ tastes.

Support family-owned shops like this one on North Huron Road.

Join the Festival at Doc Letchfield Park

If you’re looking for simple leisure, Doc Letchfield Park can be a good option.

The beautiful park on North Street has facilities that people of all ages can enjoy.

For children, there’s a playground with fun structures like swings, slides, and climbing towers that they can enjoy.

For those on the mature side, there are sports fields for active recreation and designated rest areas in case you prefer to relax.

Doc Letchfield Park is also home to the annual CheeseTown Festival, where various producers of cheese and the community gather to have fun.

Taste Local Goods in Pinconning Cheese Company

Despite its name, Pinconning Cheese Company offers much more than cheese products.

Located on North Mable Street, this store is proud to host a wide range of local and regional products from the Michigan region.

This company provides a venue for locals to showcase their unique tastes and flavors.

From homemade fudge and Michigan-made syrups to regional soda pops and locally grown coffee, Pinconning Cheese Company has them all.

If you’d like to get a glimpse of local fixings, this place would be perfect.

Cozy up in Bittersweet Quilt Shop

Located on West 5th Street, Bittersweet Quilt Shop is a quaint little store that offers pretty fabrics, soft quilts, and cozy materials.

The staff is high-skilled in the intricate practice of quilting and sewing detailed patterns.

Sometimes, they also hold lessons so customers can discover the joy of making things with their own hands.

From adorable patterns to holiday-themed products, Bittersweet Quilt Shop puts in distinct styles with each of their works.

Just like paintings, homemade quilts and fabrics are a form of art as well.

You can own a unique and affordable piece of art through this humble store.

Aside from quilts and fabrics, Bittersweet Quilt Shop also features a few antique pieces that might pique your interest.

Get Active in Old Town Gym

Old Town Gym is loaded with facilities that provide comfort and convenience to tiring workouts.

Established in 2022, this gym highlights an assortment of cool, modern equipment.

Old Town Gym takes pride in premium cardio machines, updated pin select machines, and various strength equipment.

They’re positioned in a straightforward, minimalist facility with cream-colored wallpapers and wooden ceilings.

You can also join group classes where you’re trained alongside fellow gym beginners and enthusiasts.

Depending on the day, their instructors teach different activities like yoga and zumba.

Even when traveling, keeping a healthy, active lifestyle is important.

Drop by the newly established Old Town Gym at North Huron Road!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Try Your Luck at Saganing Eagles Landing Casino & Hotel

Less than 15 minutes from Pinconning, Saganing Eagles Landing Casino & Hotel hosts a venue for fun entertainment.

It was established in 2007 as a project of the Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Council, a native tribe of Central Michigan.

With about 1,200 slot machines and virtual table games, this place is a source of pride for the community.

Its outdoor architecture looks like a sleek, modern version of a cozy log cabin.

Inside, Saganing Eagles Landing Casino & Hotel offers a few options for dining.

These include the Landing Restaurant, the Creekside Lounge, and the Aerie Cafe.

You can also spend the night in comfy bedrooms, browse through a quaint gift shop, and explore the hotel’s amenities.

More than a casino and hotel, this venue seeks to offer its customers the full experience.

Shop in Frank’s Great Outdoors

Before heading to your next adventure, make a quick stop at Frank’s Great Outdoors in Linwood, less than 10 minutes away from Pinconning.

From fishing, hunting, camping, and apparel, they’ve got all the gear and equipment you need to use in your trip to wild nature.

Established in 1945, this small family-owned business began with Frank and Margaret Gorske.

Frank’s Great Outdoors has undergone several renovations to become the massive facility it is today.

It’s a worthwhile destination that helps you prepare for the activities in Pinconning’s unspoiled environment.

Other than that, Frank’s Great Outdoors features an assortment of home decor, toys, and hygiene essentials.

The friendly and knowledgeable staff can also assist you with some of their best affordable tools!

Support Local Shops in Williams Cheese Co.

Williams Cheese Co. is known to sell some of the best homemade cheeses in the Michigan region.

Established in 1945, they’ve had lots of time to craft the perfect methods and ingredients for high-quality dairy.

They’ve got all kinds of cheese like cheddar, Swiss, Colby, and a few interesting spreads unique to Pinconning.

All they are now began from a humble warehouse inside the old barn of Jim and Jenny Williams, who took a chance on the cheese business.

Williams Cheese Co. is located in Linwood, about 10 minutes from Pinconning.

Final Thoughts

It’s true that Pinconning is a city with the heart and characteristics of a pleasant town.

There are many opportunities to discover small, unique businesses that sell homemade products.

The city also has a nice mix of natural destinations and outdoor adventures.

All in all, a trip to this place has loads of appeal—so be sure to try all the best things to do in Pinconning, Michigan!

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