16 Best Things to Do in Southfield, MI

Southfield, MI
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Southfield is a city in Oakland County, Michigan.

This city is home to premiere residential addresses, comprising 26.27 square miles of land and 0.01 square miles of water.

It was part of Southfield Township before its incorporation in 1958.

The first settlers of Southfield City were from Birmingham, Royal Oak, New York, and Vermont.

In 1823, John Daniels and the Heth, Thompson, McClelland, Harmon, and Stephen families settled Southfield.

This city is famous for its towering buildings and highly urbanized areas.

Besides its skyscrapers and vibrant city vibes, this city also has exciting museums, nature parks, and recreational centers.

Here are the best things to do in Southfield, Michigan.

Appreciate Nature at Carpenter Lake Nature Preserve

Carpenter Lake Nature Preserve is a 42-acre nature preserve on West 10 Mile Rd.

It is composed of woodlands, native meadows, and forested wetlands, perfect if you want to spend some time just relaxing and appreciating the beauty of nature.

You’ll also marvel at the fantastic views of the five-acre Carpenter Lake.

Carpenter Lake Nature Preserve is hiker-friendly as it has trailheads, signages, and benches scattered everywhere for your utmost convenience.

Fishing is also allowed at Carpenter Lake.

Spend time catching channel catfish, bluegill, largemouth bass, and sunfish.

Carpenter Lake Nature Preserve also boasts picture-perfect landscapes, so bring your camera and capture the beautiful views of nature.

Your kids will also enjoy the Bauervic Woods Park, just a few minutes from the preserve.

Play Sports at Inglenook Park

Inglenook Park is on 12 Mile Rd. between Evergreen and Lahser Rds.

This recreational park is the go-to place for locals who want to play sports with friends and families.

Inglenook Park has jogging trails, picnic areas, and well-maintained restrooms.

It is also home to multiple baseball fields and a playground.

This park is for all members of the family.

Whether you want to get active or relax and enjoy the view, Inglenook Park is the place for you.

Bring Your Kids to Catalpa Oaks County Park

Catalpa Oaks County Park is a 24-acre open space on Greenfield Road.

Bring your kids to this park’s annual Great Marshmallow Drop, where 15,000 marshmallows are dropped from a helicopter.

Catalpa Oaks County Park also has four soccer fields and playgrounds.

It features a universally accessible playscape and swings accessible for all abilities.

This is also an excellent place for walking or running with its six-mile aggregate perimeter pathway.

Also, Catalpa Oaks County Park has 100-seat picnic tables and clean restrooms.

Park West Gallery is a commercial art gallery located on Northwestern Hwy.

It claims to be the largest art dealer in the world.

Albert Scaglione founded Park West Gallery in 1969.

This is where you can buy the most sought-after art pieces from famous artists across the globe.

It is also home to the Park West Museum, which is open daily to the public.

From there, you’ll find the original works of world-renowned artists like Pablo Picasso, Albrecht Dürer, and Rembrandt.

Also displayed inside the Park West Gallery are mesmerizing sculptures and more art collections from almost every artist you could imagine.

Take a Step Back in Time at Burgh Historical Park

Burgh Historical Park is on Berg Rd.

This hidden gem is home to some of the most historic structures of Southfield.

While at Burgh Historical Park, check out the Burgh House, built in 1849.

This house boasts Greek Revival architecture with a unique front porch and balcony details.

Burgh Historical Park is the perfect destination, especially if you want to learn more about history.

Return to when the city was starting to make a name for itself.

Bring your family and friends here for some quiet and relaxing time away from the chaos of everyday life.

Go Fishing at Valley Woods Nature Preserve

Valley Woods Nature Preserve is a 2.9-kilometer out-and-back trail in Southfield.

It is within the vicinity of Civic Center Drive on the eastern side of Telegraph.

Valley Woods Nature Preserve is perfect for fishing enthusiasts, but note that the lake freezes during winter.

You can still enjoy other activities here, like hiking and walking.

What makes Valley Woods Nature Preserve unique is it doesn’t draw too many people, so you can peacefully spend your alone time here.

Learn More about Armenia’s History at Alex and Marie Manoogian Museum

Alex and Marie Manoogian Museum is North America’s largest Armenian museum.

You can find it on Northwestern Hwy.

Built in 1992, this museum is home to Armenian art and artifacts representing its rich history and culture.

A visit to Alex and Marie Manoogian Museum feels like traveling to a different country.

The captivating paintings of some of Armenia’s greatest painters will touch your heart and mind.

There are also over 6,000 pieces of art created by Ivan (Hovhannes) Aivazovsky, displayed at the Alex and Marie Manoogian Museum.

You can also see rugs and carpets that symbolize the heritage of Armenia here.

Check out Armenian manuscripts, early printed books, household and personal objects, sacred vessels and vestments, and textiles.

Meet New People at Congregation Shaarey Zedek

Goldnpuppy, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Congregation Shaarey Zedek is a synagogue on Bell Rd.

This Jewish community welcomes people from all races and genders.

You may join their public activities, such as prayer meetings, candle lighting, exercising, and more.

Darren56brown, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Congregation Shaarey Zedek also holds same-sex marriage.

Established in 1861, this was the city’s first Conservative Jewish Congregation.

Relax Your Body at Irene’s Myomassology Institute

Irene’s Myomassology Institute is a nationally accredited massage school on Franklin Rd.

You can get a relaxing massage here for an affordable price.

Irene’s Myomassology Institute only offers high-quality massage services, which will take away all your problems.

The school’s senior students will be doing the massage.

Moreover, faculty members nearby the massage office can answer all your questions or concerns.

Aside from that, you can also enroll in Irene’s Myomassology Institute’s yoga classes.

Take free Friday night massage classes once every other month!

Plan Your Next Party at Great Lakes Culinary Center

Great Lakes Culinary Center is a state-of-the-art kitchen and events place on West Nine Mile Rd.

Its beautiful and ample event space might be the next venue for your birthday, wedding, or other important celebration.

Great Lakes Culinary Center is also perfect for corporate luncheons, team building, and holiday parties.

It boasts an outdoor garden & patio area with an open kitchen concept which adds more variety and fun to the overall atmosphere of the place.

Great Lakes Culinary Center has a capacity of up to 180 people.

Witness a Performance at Cabaret313

Cabaret313 is a live music performance venue on Northwestern Hwy.

It is dedicated to bringing cabaret performances close to the people of Southfield.

It was the brainchild of Sandi Reitelman and Allan Nachman.

Prepare yourself to be amazed at entertaining music performances that evoke laughter and tears.

A wide variety of cabaret shows play regularly.

Destress and have a great time at Cabaret313.

If you’re interested in a career in the performing arts, enroll in Cabaret313’s masterclasses to expand and hone your talent.

Other Things to Do Nearby

See Amazing Wildlife at Detroit Zoo

Detroit Zoo is located on West 10 Mile Rd., Royal Oak, Michigan, just a seven-minute drive from Southfield.

This 125-acre zoo is home to more than 2,000 animals of different kinds.

From mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and birds, this place will give you the once-in-a-lifetime experience of seeing animals that are only in textbooks and televisions.

Detroit Zoo is home to unique animals like aardvark, axolotl, bison, matamata turtle, and more.

While you’re here, visit the Polk Penguin Conservation Center, a 33,000-square-foot facility that serves as a habitat for penguins.

Ride a Steam-Powered Train at Greenfield Village

Greenfield Village is on Oakwood Blvd., Dearborn, Michigan, 16 minutes from Southfield.

If you’re sincerely interested in American history, this place is a haven for you.

You’ll ride a Model T Ford and jump on an authentic steam-powered locomotive.

You can also visit farm animals or order lunch from its 1830s menu.

Immerse Yourself in Art at Hamtramck Disneyland

Marlene Ann Brill, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Hamtramck Disneyland is in Hamtramck, Michigan, 16 minutes away from Southfield.

It was built in a 30-foot backyard.

Hamtramck Disneyland opened in 2012 and has since become the home of some of Michigan’s most important folk art.

Miolson1, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Its colorful decorations, such as gigantic handmade jet aircraft, plastic horses, propeller fans, collages, and other structures, make this place picture-perfect and suited for kids.

You can also find a windmill with cutouts of men and women doing manual labor.

Miolson1, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Play Vintage Arcade Games at Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum

Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum is on Orchard Lake Road, Farmington Hills, Michigan, an easy14-minute drive from Southfield.

Here, you can enjoy and play vintage coin-operated machines and the latest video games scattered across 5,000 square feet.

Memorabilia such as model airplanes, movie posters, and other vintage collector items are on the walls and ceilings of Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum.

This museum also has an in-house cafe with a free internet connection.

Enjoy a challenging yet fun time with their wide selection of games!

Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum is perfect for kids and kids at heart.

Spot the Polar Bears at the Arctic Ring of Life - Polar Bear and Sea Otter

Arctic Ring of Life - Polar Bear and Sea Otter in Royal Oak, Michigan, is one of North America’s largest polar bear habitats.

It was also hailed as the second Best Zoo Exhibit in the United States by the Intrepid Traveler’s guide to “America’s Best Zoos.”

Because of that, this destination is famous not just for locals but for people from other states and countries.

One of the best features of Arctic Ring of Life - Polar Bear and Sea Otter is its 70-foot-long Frederick and Barbara Erb Polar Passage underwater tunnel.

This will give you the experience of seeing polar bears swim and interact with each other up close and personal.

Arctic Ring of Life - Polar Bear and Sea Otter is also home to cute sea otters.

You can find this place seven minutes from Southfield.

Final Thoughts

Southfield is not just a place for tall buildings and busy city life.

It is also home to luscious and relaxing parks, galleries, and other destinations, which can give you peace of mind and reset your stressed mind and body.

Add the best things to do in Southfield, Michigan, to your next trip itinerary!


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