15 Best Things to Do in Troy, MI

Troy, MI
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Situated 20 miles north of Metro Detroit is Troy, a vibrant and lovely city.

Officially established in 1955, Troy kept neighboring cities from acquiring land.

With a population of around 88,000, it is the most populous city in Oakland County and the 13th most populous in Michigan.

The city is a central shopping area for Detroit residents, boasting a plethora of shopping malls, including the massive Somerset Collection Mall.

It also has many parks, museums, and nature centers.

With so many things to discover, Troy is one of Michigan’s top vacation destinations.

Check out the best things to do in Troy, Michigan!

Go Shopping at Somerset Collection Mall

Interior of Somerset Collection Mall
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One of Michigan’s largest shopping malls is Somerset Collection Mall.

Somerset Collection Mall is a luxury shopping mall with an area of 1,450,000 square feet that houses over 180 stores divided across three levels.

You’ll find the mall’s premier shopping stores and brands on the first and second levels, such as Forever 21, Victoria’s Secret, The North Face, and more!

Walkway of Somerset Collection Mall
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Are you hungry after walking around?

Head to the Peacock Cafes at the third level, which features ten restaurants and 650 seatings.

Somerset Collection Mall is on West Big Beaver Road, so head there for a luxurious shopping experience.

Coach storefront at Somerset Collection Mall
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Learn about Mother Nature at Stage Nature Center

Are you looking for a fun time away from the suburban area?

If you are, then head to Stage Nature Center at Coolidge Highway.

Stage Nature Center is a 100-acre nature preserve that features indoor and outdoor nature-related activities for all types of nature lovers.

If you’re an outdoor person, the area has four hiking trails, a picnic area, a garden with native plants, and a butterfly garden that attracts monarchs, bees, etc.

For indoor fun, check out the center’s exhibit hall, activity area for kids, library, and animal observation.

Stage Nature Center also hosts events like its premier wine and beer tasting fundraiser: Nature Uncorked.

Chill and Relax at Firefighters Park

Have a relaxing afternoon with your family at Firefighters Park.

Firefighters Park started through the efforts of Gerry Young, a charter member of The Troy Fire Women’s Auxiliary.

The park serves as a dedication to the local firefighters, where they plant trees as memorials for deceased firefighters.

It boasts a unique open space and wooded areas, perfect for chilling with loved ones.

It has a variety of amenities, including designated areas for sports, fishing spots, a play structure, swings, and shelters.

Firefighters Park is on the north side of Square Lake Road between Crooks Road and Coolidge Highway.

See a Movie at MJR Troy Grand Digital Cinema 16

No matter where you live, going to the movies is always a good time.

The best place to catch a movie in Troy is MJR Troy Grand Digital Cinema 16.

Located on East Maple Road, MJR Troy Grand Digital Cinema 16 is not your typical movie theatre.

The cinema features premium leather chairs making the viewing experience as comfortable as possible.

The studio bar and lounge provide adult guests with a selection of cocktails and other alcoholic beverages.

They also offer unlimited soda and popcorn refills, so you’ll never go hungry and thirsty.

Still not enough?

The EPIC Experience will take your movie night to the next level with state-of-the-art seats, sounds, screen, and projection.

Enjoy Friendly Competition at Bowl One Lanes

Beating your friends in a game of bowling is one of the most satisfying feelings ever.

In Troy, Bowl One Lanes on 14 Mile Road is the go-to place to rub your bowling skills in your friends’ faces.

Bowl One Lanes feature a whopping 40 lanes where you can go all out and showcase your dominance in bowling.

Once you’re done beating your friends, a champion must have their victory meal.

Bowl One Lanes has a fully stocked bar and a kitchen that serves classic American favorites like burgers, hotdogs, and fries.

Their menu makes up a meal worthy of a winner!

Visit Bowl One Lanes and win some bragging rights!

Take a Tour of the Troy Historic Village

Gazebo at Troy Historic Village
WeaponizingArchitecture, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Even though this isn’t the famous ancient Greek city, Troy still has a rich history which you can experience at the Troy Historic Village.

The Troy Historical Village features a collection of 11 buildings, each with its own story that dates back to the 1800s and 1900s.

Sign up for their self-guided tour, where you can freely explore the village at your own pace.

Church at Troy Historic Village
Traveler100, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

They also offer seasonal exhibits and events, such as their Curious and Macabre Lantern Tour, where you’ll learn about Troy’s bizarre and creepy side.

Experience the Troy story at the Troy Historical Village on West Wattles Road.

Stride and Glide at Skate World of Troy

Roller skating is a popular recreation enjoyed by millions around the world.

If you’re in town, you should stop by Skate World of Troy.

Located on East Maple Road, Skate World of Troy offers the ultimate skating experience.

They offer a variety of fun skating events such as Afternoon Skating, Family Night, Adult Night, and Teens Night.

If you want to learn more about roller skating, they also offer classes for beginner and intermediate skaters.

Pop in Skate World of Troy for fun and family-friendly roller skating sessions.

Enjoy Freshly-Baked Bread at Tous Les Jours

One thing that makes Troy a superb vacation spot is its variety of delicious food.

One of Troy’s premier food destinations is the famous Tous Les Jours on Crooks Road.

Launched in 2004, the bakery’s name is French for “every day,” which shows its commitment to selling freshly-baked goods daily.

Their products come from a blend of French and Asian tastes and techniques.

They sell a wide range of baked goods, including bread and pastry, cakes, sandwiches, salads, and coffee.

The store also boasts a minimalist, aesthetic interior so you can take the perfect picture for your Instagram story.

With their dedication to keeping a standard of freshness and high quality, Tous Les Jours is a must-stop for bread and pastry lovers.

Taste Exquisite Wine at the St. Julian Winery & Distillery Tasting Room

St. Julian Winery & Distillery is a must-stop for people who enjoy drinking wine and other alcoholic beverages.

St. Julian Winery & Distillery has produced high-quality wine and spirits since 1921.

That means they have served Michigan the best wines for 100 years!

They source their ingredients from local farms, making their products from 100% Michigan fruit.

This commitment to perfection and local ingredients has made St. Julian Winery & Distillery the most-awarded winery in Michigan.

They boast a collection of over 100 products, including distilled spirits, ciders, and every type of wine out there.

The tasting room is on West 14 Mile Road in front of T-Mobile and Verizon.

Buy a Fresh Bouquet at Telly’s Greenhouse & Garden Center

Buying flowers is not only for birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day.

You can give someone flowers any day, so how about you stop by Telly’s Greenhouse & Garden Center?

Situated on John R Road, Telly’s Greenhouse & Garden Center started as a roadside stand.

Now a full-blown business, it is the best place to buy all sorts of flowers and decorative plants.

They have a vast collection of roses, annuals and perennials, all kinds of orchids, and even bonsai plants!

They even have the freshest fruits and vegetables like strawberries and cucumber.

Stop by Telly’s Greenhouse & Garden Center for the most beautiful flowers and plants.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Learn about Detroit’s Automotive History at the Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site

History marker of Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site
MichaelAnthonyPhotos / Shutterstock.com

If you’re into cars and history, you must visit The Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site.

The Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site is a 17-acre land filled with the rich automotive history of Detroit.

The Packard Motor Car Foundation founded the site, which made efforts to preserve the site when they heard it was slated for demolition.

Because of its historical significance, the National Register of Historic Places added the site to the record in 2007.

A vintage car at Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site
MichaelAnthonyPhotos / Shutterstock.com

The site offers an in-person tour where you’ll explore the site and check out its historic buildings.

It also has a park, perfect for hanging out and relaxing after the tour.

Stop by The Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site in Shelby Township, 15 minutes from Troy.

A building at Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site
Andrew Jameson, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Unleash Your Pent-Up Rage at Rage Room

Have you ever felt so angry that you want to destroy everything in the room?

Rage Room has got you covered!

Rage Room is in Madison Heights, Michigan, and it lets you go all-out and release the beast within.

You’ll enjoy 20-minute access to the rage room, a bin of 25 breakable items, protective gear, and a loudspeaker that plays a song (of your choice).

Once you’re ready, there’s only one thing left: smash!

Rage Room is just a 15-to-20-minute drive from Troy but drive slowly.

You’ll get the chance to smash things at Rage Room in Madison Heights, Michigan, 11 minutes from Troy.

Hang Out with Reptiles at the Reptarium

Reptiles often have the reputation of being scary and disgusting.

Luckily for our cold-blooded friends, places like the Reptarium ensure they are treated as beautiful and majestic creatures.

The Reptarium is a zoo house in Utica, Michigan, with many reptiles, amphibians, and creepy crawlies.

These animals live in naturalistic enclosures and habitats, so you’ll get the chance to see what they’re like in their natural state.

You’ll get the chance to hold a giant Burmese python and other snakes, interact with lizards of all sizes, and hang out with baby alligators.

The zoo house is home to rare reptiles such as their two-headed snakes and albino alligators.

If reptiles aren’t your thing, you can make friends with the zoo’s collection of amphibians and arachnids.

The zoo is ten minutes from Troy.

Experience the Beauty of Contemporary Art at Cranbrook Art Museum

Sculpture at Cranbrook Art Museum
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Cranbrook Art Museum is one of America’s first contemporary museums in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, 16 minutes from Troy.

Cranbrook Art Museum is in the heart of Cranbrook Educational Community, an institution founded by Detroit newspaper publisher George Gough Booth.

As one of the leading proponents of the Arts and Crafts Movement in America, Booth donated his time and resources for the education and enjoyment of the people.

Sculpture fountain at Cranbrook Art Museum
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The museum features exhibits showcasing the local art scene’s incredible and mesmerizing contemporary art.

They offer tours, workshops, and lectures to entertain and educate visitors about contemporary art.

Go on an Aquatic Adventure at SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium

It’s time for aquatic fun at SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium in Auburn Hills.

SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium is Michigan’s largest aquarium, offering visitors the chance to meet and greet majestic sea creatures.

The aquarium has many exhibits with different habitats for various animals.

Experience the wonder of sharks and turtles swimming above your head at the Ocean Tunnel.

Get surrounded by a school of fish at the Shoaling Ring Exhibit.

You’ll also get to touch some animals at the Interactive Touchpool.

Aside from these, they have plenty more exhibits to experience, so you’ll never run out of things to do!

SEA LIFE Michigan is a must-stop, so take a 20-minute drive to this beautiful place in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Final Thoughts

Troy is one of Michigan’s premier vacation destinations due to its vibrant atmosphere and many fun activities.

With one of the largest shopping malls in the state, relaxing parks and recreation centers, great food, and lots of museums, Troy has everything for the typical vacationer.

If you’re looking for a place with it all, check the best things to do in Troy, Michigan!

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