15 Best Things to Do in Ocean Isle Beach, NC

Ocean Isle Beach, NC
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Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina was dubbed by Southern Living as "Best Tiny Town" as it is the perfect option to get away from the noise in the city while getting yourself satisfied with the sun and sand.

If you're searching for a leisure place, Ocean Isle Beach has plenty of activities, places, and attractive destinations that can take away your stress!

Without any further, here are the 15 best things to do in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina:

Discover New Things at the Museum of Coastal Carolina

Located at 21 East Second Street of the Ocean Isle Beach, you can see one of the most visited museums in the town.

It desires to make the people about the environment, natural science and grow their interests in it.

Other than that, in the same museum, you can get to know Ocean Isle Beach more by learning more about the coastal region of the country as well as their cultural history.

With all the pretty and interesting things inside this museum, it will be best if you will bring your family and friends together and enjoy watching the shark's sharp teeth, feeding lovely animals, and listening to the tour guide together!

Make sure to check the Museum of Coastal Carolina's website to get their most updated schedule.

Enjoy the Outdoor Activities at The Swamp Park- ZipLine and ATV Center

Situated 10 minutes drive from the Ocean Isle Beach Pier, the Shallotte River Park is the best destination if you are searching for an adventure!

Located at 5550 Watts Road, Ocean Isle Beach, The Swamp Park- ZipLine and ATV Center is open from Friday to Monday and closed from Tuesday to Thursday.

If you are with your group of friends or family members, you will never regret visiting this place because it is made especially for large groups!

Most of the time, the clients in this place are family members and friends who wish to have a perfect outdoor adventure, and they always find it worthy.

You can enjoy the zipline and appreciate the lovely view from above, ride an ATV like an action star from a movie, and many more.

Besides its exciting outdoor activities, you can also see wild animals such as alligators, snakes, eagles, etc., in the reptile sanctuary inside.

The park is deemed to be the ideal place for ecological education with fun activities!

Don't miss the chance to visit The Swamp Park- ZipLine and ATV Center.

Make a Stopover at Ocean Isle Beach Pier

View of Ocean Isle Beach Pier
Justin Champion, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

With only 7 minutes drive time from The Swamp Park- ZipLine and ATV Center, why don't you visit Isle Beach Pier?

Situated at 1 W 1st St of Ocean Isle Beach, this is one of the city's most popular and visited destinations.

This is not just a typical beach that everyone could ever imagine, because there are many things that you can enjoy in this place.

If you are traveling alone, with your friends, or with your family, this is best for casual grill cafes, stores, indoor arcades, and even fishing!

Don't ever forget to bring your cameras so you can take some pictures with an impressive view around while doing some fun activities together.

The dining area in this place, as perceived by everyone, is indeed an ideal place to relax.

The food is delicious, the atmosphere is always fun, and the staff are impressively polite and accommodating.

After having a good dinner together, don't forget to enjoy the arcade games ideally established for large groups that wish to play together.

YOu can play with $1 for adults and 50 cents for children under 6.

Enjoy the games, and win some valuable and valuable prizes!

Have Some Delicious Wine at Silver Coast Winery

Silver Coast Winery is a great place to visit if you want to have a great afternoon with a glass of flavourful wine.

Silver Coast Winery is a family-owned winery that was awarded for consistently producing an excellent quality of Chardonnay, Cabernet, White Merlot, Touriga, Viognier, and other fabulous varieties.

You can also take part in wine tasting and have an adventure in the barrel room and vineyards, and don't forget to visit the gift shop inside so you can take some of their high-class wine at home or as a gift to your friends and relatives!

Silver Coast Winery has always been the most visited winery in the town for maintaining its good quality wines, which made it popular among the people in Ocean Isle Beach.

Make a Splash at Carolina School of Surf

You can never have a complete vacation without having a splash at the water of Carolina School of Surf.

With just 17 minutes drive from the Silver Coast Winery, you can arrive at this place to experience the best ocean in the town!

From the place itself, you are undoubtedly correct if you think that they will teach surf lessons!

This is perfect for those who wish to learn to surf; regardless of age, you can take surfing lessons, whether adult or young.

Besides surfing lessons, they also have to stand up paddle lessons, tours and surf cramps, and equipment rentals.

If you are a bit confused about what to try first, you don't need to worry because the staff is always available to assist you in finding a suitable activity that you will surely enjoy.

If you don't want to make a splash, you can also participate in a paddle yoga class.

The excitement and fun at Carolina School of Surf are limitless.

Your visit will give you the impression that learning new things is always fun to do!

Participate in Ocean Isle Beach Sea Turtle Protection Organization

One of the lovely things you can do in Ocean Isle Beach is by joining or simply witnessing the cute turtles as their eggs will hatch at the seashore.

Their summer breeding grounds are the North Carolina shore, where these beautiful animals may be seen laying their babies.

The duties and responsibilities of being a member of the Ocean Isle Beach Sea Turtle Protection Organization are preserving and protecting the baby turtles as they swim away from the land to the sea.

You can also learn more about the adorable turtle as the said organization will conduct Turtle Talks. They will discuss some interesting facts about the turtles so the general public can be aware of preserving them.

You are not just enjoying the adorable creature as they hatch from their egg, but you are also taking part in saving them!

Join the Fun at NC Oyster Festival

October is always unique in Ocean Isle Beach, as they celebrate the North Carolina Oyster Festival.

This is an extraordinary event where you can taste various local cuisines and watch the stunning performance of musical groups!

If you are determined enough to join in a competition, there is a Shang Dance Competition and Oyster Eating Contest; and everybody is encouraged to participate to win prizes!

This festival has been celebrated for over 35 years already, so don't miss the chance to have a fun experience at the NC Oyster Festival this month of October!

Play Golf at River Country Mini Golf

There is no doubt that golf is a relaxing sport, and it is excellent leisure for the entire family and your friends.

Located at 1 E First St of the Ocean Isle Beach, this facility is one of the most popular and visited golf areas in the town.

They have a unique jungle theme space where you can enjoy playing with animal decorations that look real such as elephants, giraffes, zebras, and much more!

What made the sport famous is that in Ocean Isle Beach, golf is a fun summer sports activity.

Hence, don't miss the chance to play golf and make new friends in the area that you can play with!

Fish at the Ocean Isle Fishing Center

Situated at 65 Causeway Dr of Ocean Isle Beach, you can enjoy fishing with your family in the area!

The Ocean Isle Fishing center lets you rent boats as you catch some fish.

If you are a beginner, nothing to worry about because an expert staff will be with you to advise how to catch your fish effectively.

It is a great experience to try catching the fish as the water has a variety of healthy dishes such as yellowfish tuna, sailfish, black sea bass, king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, and others!

Your visit to Ocean Isle Beach cannot be completed if you don't get a catch at the Fishing Center and taste your success by enjoying your bounty as a meal.

Enjoy the Water Activities in Blue Planet Watersports

Located at 7156 Beach Dr. SW of Ocean Isle Beach, Blue Planet Watersports is the ideal place if you want to enjoy water activities!

Blue Planet Water Sports offers rentals of watersports such as kayaks, jetski, and canopies.

It was established in 2015, and since then, it has become one of the most visited places in Isle Beach, North Carolina.

Aside from its fun activities, the beach is genuinely wonderful as the water is entirely clean, and all you can smell is the fresh air!

This place is best if you are looking for unique outdoor activities.

Be sure to bring your camera with you so you won't miss the incredible shots of every view of the place!

Experience the Best Massage at the Sunset Massage

This is undoubtedly the best therapy you can have if you want to relax and get rid of the pain and suffering.

The staffs are professionals and experts in hitting the right spots that will take away and ease the stress.

Familiar clients are military, bodybuilders, construction workers, and the likes that deal with something that uses their physical strength.

Sprains, muscle pains, and body aches are inevitable for these jobs, but everything is just a piece of cake with Sunset Massage.

If the latter conditions are just pieces of cake, getting rid of your rest is a straightforward thing for them to deal with.

If you have been feeling stressed and wanted to feel such relief through a relaxing massage, then Sunset Massage is the perfect place for you!

Shop at Islands Art & Books

If you are searching for prints, photography, local artworks, books, jewelry, and such, this place is best for you!

Located at 6885 Beach Dr. SW unit C of the Ocean Isle Beach, you can arrive at this unique shop in the town with hundreds and thousands of unique art designs and books!

If you want to treat yourself or search for gift ideas, you will have plenty of options inside.

At reasonable prices, you will surely love their high-quality items!

You will never be disappointed with lots of things that are interesting inside, hence, don't miss the chance to visit the shop while you are at Ocean Isle Beach!

Feel Exquisitely Beautiful at All Dolled Up

If you want to have a stunning makeup service and hair makeover, All Dolled Up got your back, whether on-site or you are requesting to have it done at your home!

All Dolled Up is one of the most popular beauty teams in North Carolina, having themselves known for their prestigious contribution in every magazine editorials, red carpet events, television makeup and hair artistry, and others.

Whether you have a big event to attend or not, this place will make you feel exquisitely beautiful.

With All Dolled Up, your natural beauty will be emphasized!

Feel the Hawaiian Spirit at Makai Brewing Company

You might be thinking about how you can feel the spirit of Hawaii in Ocean Isle Beach.

Makai is a word in Hawaii that means "towards the sea."

It was established in Ocean Isle Beach for the people to feel the spirit of Hawaii with their specialties.

You can have a unique flavourful beer inspired by Hawaii ingredients and the famous best-selling drink, the Carolina Tropical IPA with mango and pineapple.

You can also have their tasty coffee made from real coffee beans!

There are many choices inside the store, and you will never regret tasting each of them.

As revealed by most of their customers, they cannot resist going back to the store after they visited it for the first time.

Complete your satisfaction in Ocean Isle Beach, and visit Makai Brewing Company.

Have a Friendly Race at the Ocean Isle Go-Kart Track

Have you wondered how it feels when you are the actual candidate for racing?

Well, Ocean Isle Go-Kart Track can give you the answer for that!

You have the option to watch or be the actual racer in the field.

What's best here is that regardless of your age, they have suitable Go-Karts for each where you can have a competitive but safe race!

Ocean Isle Go-Kart is the perfect race for kids who wish to try racing like what they can see in superheroes and cartoon characters.

It is now your chance to fulfill their dreams!

Over time, there are no recorded cases of injuries in the place, especially for children.

The facilitators are experts, and they are at all times promoting the safety of those who participate.

Final Thoughts

Ocean Isle Beach is not only suitable for vacation, but it is also best if you want to make it your home.

With all the tremendous attractions in the town, your heart is satisfied every day with adventure, sports, and memories that you can share with your friends.

Don't miss all the beautiful destinations of Ocean Isle Beach from museums, water activities, and shops; they will surely be worthy of your adventure!