15 Best Things to Do in Oak Island, NC

Oak Island, NC
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Oak Island is a pristine small town by the sea, located on the coast of North Carolina.

The island's bridge to the north connects it to the mainland.

Oak Island is not the most famous beach in North Carolina.

But it is surely the destination for you if you are looking for a good beach with amazing seafood.

There are many things to do on this beautiful island and its surrounding areas.

A one-hour drive from the beach can take you to the renowned Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.

Here are the things you can do if you are visiting Oak Island, NC.

Explore the beaches of Oak Island

Beach in Oak Island
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Oak Island has multiple little beaches that are very exquisite and unexplored treasures of North Carolina.

They are perfect getaways for a wonderful trip with your friends, family, or romantic partner.

Caswell Beach is the most popular beach and it is quite near to the Oak Island Light.

Near this beach is Oak Island Golf Club with a remarkable 18-hole course.

The community is very proud of their environment, and they have done a great job in protecting the beach from coastal erosion.

So, the beaches are sprawling in their natural grandeur, and are ideal places to connect with nature in its raw form.

Visit Ocean Crest Fishing Pier

Ocean Crest Fishing Pier
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If you are looking for a premier fishing pier in Oak Island, then Ocean Crest Fishing Pier is the place you should head out to.

Both weathered and seasoned fishermen love this pier, and this is a fun spot for children who love to fish off in their free time.

The pier takes on an altogether new beauty if you visit it during the midsummer sunset.

It is the longest fishing pier on the Southern Cape Fear Coast.

King Mackerel and Spaniel Mackerel are among the impressive catches that you can expect here.

The pier is also a great place to develop friendships with local people.

Embrace Nature at Oak Island Nature Center

Both kids and adults have great fun at Oak Island Nature Center.

Talking Trees Walking Trail is a nice medium to get close to nature and get amazing views of the flora and fauna.

You can also go for a walk or hike.

This place is also the house of many colorful native birds.

The place also offers an educational experience for children as it holds unique displays of fossils along with various kinds of animals.

People who love angling can visit the fishing T-dock located in this area.

Enjoy at Oak Island Jungle Golf

Visit Oak Island Jungle Golf if you are looking forward to spending some fun-filled time with your friends and family.

The establishment has a jungle theme and you can have fun playing mini golf with your children.

Apart from mini-golf, the place also has an arcade room where you can play classic games such as Ms.PacMan.

You can also win prizes through ticket games.

When you are done playing, relish your taste buds with multiple flavors of ice cream available there like bubblegum, cake, and mint chocolate.

So, you can have a good time along with having a unique experience of sugary delights.

Head Out to Iconic Oak Island Lighthouse

Oak Island Light
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Oak Island Lighthouse is the landmark of Oak Island as it is positioned at a very large height, towering into the sky, looking over the entire landscape of Oak Island.

It is the latest and most beautiful lighthouse among all the lighthouses of Oak Island.

The lighthouse is also exceptional in the way it is painted.

It is not painted in regular red and white hues, but has gray tone and looks mysterious on a foggy day.

The lighthouse has a wooden boarded walkway which gives a rustic feel to it.

Standing on the walkway, you can relish the grandeur of the lighthouse.

The Oak Island Light is located on Caswell Beach.

Enjoy Jet Skiing and Stand-up Paddle Boarding

Step out and talk to the waves at Carolina Waters Sports in Oak Island.

The water sports are a good way to refresh the spirit with the fresh breeze touching your face and the sea waves roaring around you.

You can do a number of water sports here such as paddle boarding, which is also a popular activity there.

Hire a jet ski if you are looking for a water adventure filled with an adrenaline rush.

You can rent a jet ski as per your time requirements whether it be for one or two hours, or half an hour.

Caroline Water Sports provides you with all the necessary safety equipment.

Enjoy your water sports to the fullest at Oak Island without any worries!

Capture Yourself at Oak Island Pier

Oak Island Pier
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Having a trip to Oak Island Pier is a perfect opportunity to click Instagram-worthy photos and create beautiful memories.

A trip remains unsuccessful if you cannot capture perfect moments with your loved ones.

The pier was once a fabulous fishing port.

Though it is no longer operational to its utmost capacity, you can enjoy delicious snacks and meals here at Flying Fish Cafe.

The café remains open daily and you can grab a bite anytime.

It is a nice spot to inhale fresh ocean breeze and relax your mind and body.

Take a Helicopter Tour

Oak Island is marvelous by itself on the ground.

But, you must head to the skies if you want to get the experience of exploring the island from a unique angle, which very few people do!

High Tide Helicopter tours can assist you in getting a hawk-eye view of the island.

You can also opt for a helicopter rise session if you are planning to go a step ahead in your adventure.

Three guests can fly in the aircraft at one time and each tour is of about 90 minutes long.

Go for the Beach Lovers tour if you want to get a brilliant view of the geography of the coast.

If you want to see the best and ancient lighthouses of North Carolina, then you should opt for the Lighthouse Tour.

It is a 15-minute short and sweet ride that offers an amazing view of the lighthouses.

You can choose a package as per your taste and time requirements and give an extra edge to your island trip.

Browse for Collectibles at The Hoarders

Hunting down for collectibles is a must if you are on a holiday.

The Hoarders is your shopping destination to get unique gifts on Oak Island as a remembrance.

The place has a huge collection of antiques, metal sculptures, art, and other artifacts.

These items are very engrossing and some collectibles are one of a kind.

They restock their items on a regular basis.

So, you must check from time to time if you want to get hold of a particular piece of art.

All pieces available here are new and you will not find any second-hand trash here.

All artifacts are breathtaking and some pieces are not available in any other place.

An ice cream shop will often accompany these places.

Go for an Expedition with Oak Island Fishing Charters

Booking a trip with Oak Island Fishing Charters is a wonderful way to explore Oak Island to the greatest possible degree.

You can see the waters surrounding the island.

Get to know about the small port town and the value of fishing in the area.

You can go for a trip with a group or have a private fishing expedition as per your choice and requirements.

The trips are available round the year and you can visit any time.

If you want to remain close to the coastline, then opt for a nearshore trip.

If you want to explore far from the land, then opt for an offshore trip.

Wahoo, Grouper, and Mahi-Mahi are the catches you can expect on an offshore trip.

Amberjacks and Snappers too can be caught if it's your lucky day!

You can have a custom experience with Oak Island Fishing Charters.

You can have a full trip of 7-10 hours, or you can pay based on per hour basis.

Kids Catch trips are a must if you are visiting with children!

Buy Local Produce at Oak Island Farmer's Market

Visit Oak Island Farmer's Market to buy local fresh farm produce.

Locals sell homemade items such as jams, which make amazing choices for breakfast.

They also sell homemade pieces of furniture and jewelry.

Parking space is also available here as there is plenty of space around the market.

It is also a great way to know about local Oak Island culture and the items that make a part of its tradition.

Buy fresh fruits and vegetables and have a great time interacting with the people.

Relax at Lazy Turtle Bar & Grill

Lazy Turtle Bar & Grill is the place to be if you want to relish the beach view while eating lip-smacking food.

It is a fun place to be with friends.

To visit this place, you must wake up early as it opens since the break of dawn.

So, it is a great location to enjoy your breakfast which watching the sunrise.

Enjoy a glass of cold beer in the evening while looking over the sunset in the vast ocean.

You must also head here for their Fish Fry Friday or Taco Tuesday Mexican Fiesta for an out-of-the-box experience.

Visit Ingram Planetarium Exhibit

The Ingram Planetarium is a nice place to discover amazing facts about science and have a wonderful time with your kids if you are visiting Sunset Beach.

It was built in 2002 and was inspired by the taste of Stuart Ingram for the night sky and planets.

Sky Theatre Library, Paul Dennis Science Hall, and music and laser light shows are favorite spots of tourists from all across the globe.

Members of the planetarium can visit for free and gain mind-blowing knowledge on Sun, Earth, and Moon.

You can discover the geological history of the planet since Pangea and the future evolution in the field of science.

Calm Your Nerves at Beachin' Day Spa

Have a relaxing experience through massages at Beachin' Day Spa.

The experienced staff of the spa is trained in providing various kinds of luxurious massages.

Apart from massage, you can also get other beauty treatments for your face and hair.

If you are looking for organic products, then you should explore FarmHouse Fresh.

The spa provides cruelty-free skincare and provides you with a soothing experience.

The spa is also a great way to end your day and have a good night's sleep to wake up fresh for your activities the next day!

Spot Flora and Fauna at the Environmental Overlook Trail

The Environmental Overlook Trail is a hidden gem that many tourists usually pass over.

It is located behind the Recreation Center at the end of 31st Street, at the foundation of the water tower.

Through this trail, you can cross the Davis Canal from Oak Island Drive.

There is a natural swamp area here where you can enjoy the natural scenery and spot unique wildlife and birds.

Then, you can walk for half an hour across broad walk bridges.

To reach the wooden bridge over Davis Canal, take a walk through the wooded area.

Egrets, herons, and loons and frequent visitors here.

Then, take a walk to the beach.

Oak Island is certainly a place to visit if you want to explore the natural beauty of the beach and discover unique flora and fauna.

Other big beaches such as Myrtle Beach are busier.

Oak Island is a quiet and serene place where you can spend quality time without having to deal with a large crowd.

There are plenty of ways through which you can have a memorable experience at Oak island.

You can discover this place through a boat, on foot, or by flying high in the sky!

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