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15 Best Things to Do in Randolph County, NC

  • Published 2022/11/06

See picturesque river valleys, pristine wilderness locations, and other beautiful sights that make Randolph County, North Carolina, known to many.

Even though Randolph County is a part of the biggest metropolitan area in the state, it still has numerous environmental attractions.

Its prime natural location is why this county is a must-visit for all certified adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Although if you prefer learning about a place’s history or hanging out at some of the frequent haunts of the locals, don’t worry.

Randolph County is also the home of numerous historical sites and iconic establishments.

If you want the perfect guide that will take you through all the great destinations in the county, look no further.

Here are the best things to do in Randolph County, North Carolina.

Ground Yourself in Nature at the Uwharrie National Forest

Nature trail at Uwharrie National Forest

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Enter an almost otherworldly natural paradise at the Uwharrie National Forest.

This forest spans over 51,546 acres across Randolph, Davidson, and Montgomery Counties.

You should explore this forest if you want to take in the scenic views of the Uwharrie Mountains and the Yadkin and Uwharrie rivers.

Scenic view of Uwharrie National Forest

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You can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities when you visit this national forest.

Go hiking and explore the captivating environment that fills the forest.

You can also ride down the ATV trails and go deeper into the national forest.

Camping at Uwharrie National Forest

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If you want to ground yourself and reconnect with nature, you can even camp at a developed campground.

Stay for a few days at the Uwharrie National Forest!

Learn about Aviation History at the North Carolina Aviation Museum & Hall of Fame

The North Carolina Aviation Museum & Hall of Fame is the perfect destination for all history buffs and aviation enthusiasts.

Jim Peddycord created the museum in 1994.

He was a businessman passionate about flying and collecting vintage military aircraft.

This institution is dedicated to making aviation and military history accessible for all who visit.

With its prime location close to Asheboro Regional Airport, this museum attracts many tourists.

Here, you can check out various military aircraft, as well as civilian planes.

Look at the artwork, memorabilia, and accurately restored aircraft models used in different historical moments.

You can also discover the stories of iconic professionals in the history of aviation at this destination.

Celebrate a NASCAR Legend at the Richard Petty Museum

Discover the racing industry’s beginnings and learn more about NASCAR’s legacy at the Richard Petty Museum.

If you are a fan of NASCAR or a racing enthusiast, you must visit this museum in Randleman, North Carolina.

Having opened in 1988, the Richard Petty Museum offers its visitors a glimpse into the past of NASCAR.

Here, you won’t only see legendary race cars, but you will also walk on the historic grounds where NASCAR began.

See race cars used by four generations of the Petty Family right in this museum.

You can also learn more about the more technical, nitty-gritty aspects of their car’s engineering.

Don’t forget their store and purchase excellent merchandise, like caps, shirts, and toy cars, that will make your visit more memorable.

Cap Off Your Day with a Beer at Four Saints Brewing Company

Once you’ve had your day’s fill of fun activities in Asheboro, North Carolina, sit back with a refreshing beer at Four Saints Brewing Company.

Four Saints Brewing Company is a brewery that offers exquisitely made craft beer to all its patrons.

The name of this company takes inspiration from the four supposedly patron saints of the beloved drink.

These saints are Saint Nicholas, Saint Augustine of Hippo, Saint Luke, and Saint Wenceslaus.

Whether you like your beer sweet, malty, sour, or bitter, you’ll find one you’ll love here.

If you are into beer’s sweet and malty taste, try their A New Hop Spiced Winter Ale.

On the other hand, if you want a roasted, dark beer flavor, try their Jamaican Rum Barrel-Aged Stout One Stout.

For a new flavorful experience, sip on their Peach Hefeweizen German Wheat Ale, which contains local peaches.

See Majestic Animals at the North Carolina Zoo

Signage of North Carolina Zoo

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Spend time with animals from all over the planet at the North Carolina Zoo.

Located in Asheboro, North Carolina, this zoo was created in 1967 in hopes of inspiring many people to take action in conserving the environment.

The North Carolina Zoo is the biggest natural habitat menagerie in the world, allowing animals to roam freely around and move about like they were in the wild.

Visitors feeding the girafee at North Carolina Zoo

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Enjoy observing over 1,700 animals, including African lions, baboons, black bears, and lemurs.

If you get too hungry after getting up close and personal with all the animals, you can dine at a farm-to-table restaurant inside the zoo.

You can even bring some packed food and have a nice meal with your loved ones at one of the many picnic areas all over the vicinity.

Kids taking pictures in front of the polar bear at North Carolina Zoo

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Feel the Thrill at Richland Creek Zipline Canopy Tour

Fill your day with excitement by joining one of the many adrenaline-pumping activities at Richland Creek Zipline Canopy Tour.

It opened in 2008.

This facility in Asheboro houses one of the first zipline systems in the state.

Today, there are 14 ziplines all over the facility, which many guests enjoy.

Challenge yourself and your friends by successfully attempting to go through the four rope obstacles.

See the green wilderness surrounding the facility from a new angle by riding a zipline.

You can also participate in the Mendenhall waterfalls tour and take excellent snapshots with the splashing waters as your backdrop.

The Richland Creek Zipline Canopy Tour is the perfect place to visit if you are an adventure-seeking adrenaline junkie.

Score Antique Gems at Collector’s Antique Mall

Are you looking for a unique vintage find?

Then Collector’s Antique Mall is the perfect place to shop!

Thanks to its wide selection of antiques and vintage items, this mall will surely draw any thrifting enthusiast.

Established in 1993 in downtown Asheboro, this shopping mall houses 100 dealers that offer numerous vintage items to all customers who enter.

Unleash your inner thrifting skills as you roam around this 35,000 feet establishment and find one-of-a-kind items you can keep or gift to your loved ones.

From furniture and home decor to costumes and exquisite jewelry, this mall has something for anyone who loves a great vintage find.

You can also purchase vintage collectibles like toys, books, and even merchandise from old brands at the Collector’s Antique Mall.

Discover the State’s Farming History at the Linbrook Heritage Estate

Marvel at the beauty of properties with a Greek architecture design and learn North Carolina’s farming history at the Linbrook Heritage Estate.

The Linbrook Heritage Estate is an events venue and a museum in Trinity, North Carolina.

The Neal family has owned the land where this property has stood for over 250 years.

Roam the premises of Linbrook Hall, an events venue that houses a Shakespearian table made right in Stratford in 1850.

You can also enjoy a self-guided tour of the Neal Agricultural and Industrial Museum, which features restored vintage tractors, skinner generators, and an antique Lombard boiler.

Another property you can check out within the estate is the Historic Hoover House.

Linbrook Heritage Estate is more than two centuries old and still has the original furnishings from the 30s and 40s.

Catch Fish at Randleman Lake

Picturesque view of Randleman Lake

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Go on a fishing trip to Randleman Lake and spend a relaxing day with your family or friends.

Situated on the Deep River in Randleman, North Carolina, Randleman Lake is a stunning water body surrounded by luscious greeneries.

With 3,007 acres of the lake’s surface, this is a great place to engage in water adventures and recreational activities.

Catch some fish as you relax and catch up with your friends by the lake.

You can also go boating and spend quality time with your loved ones while gliding through the waters.

If you prefer to unwind and relax, you can also bring a blanket and take a satisfying lakeside nap.

This is the perfect place to visit if you want to escape the stresses of your daily life in the city.

Check Out Vintage Motorcycles at the American Classic Motorcycle Museum

The American Classic Motorcycle Museum is perfect for admiring stunning vintage motorcycles.

Based in Asheboro, North Carolina, this museum houses one of the biggest collections of vintage Harley-Davidson motorbikes in the whole country.

Delve into the history of motorcycles and feast your eyes on displays that date back to 1936.

With all the gorgeous bikes on display, this exhibit should get your motor running.

If you are running low on “fuel” and feeling a bit hungry, you can dine at their onsite restaurant and enjoy a home-cooked meal.

Stop by the gift shop and buy fantastic motorcycle-related merchandise and memorabilia to remind you of the American Classic Motorcycle Museum.

Sip on Delicious Wine at Zimmerman Vineyards

Who knew that a breathtaking view would pair perfectly with wine?

At Zimmerman Vineyards, you can enjoy the scenery surrounding the establishment while sipping a glass of wine.

With its location in the Uwharrie Mountains, this is the best place to hang out with your friends over a couple of drinks while taking a gander at the stunning gardens and picturesque mountains around you.

First opened in 2007, this vineyard offers exquisitely made wine from freshly grown onsite grapes.

Whether you prefer red or white wine or just like the view, you’ll have something to enjoy at Zimmerman Vineyards.

Find Rare Collectibles at Antiques & GEEKS Collectibles on Sunset

If you love everything vintage and rare, Antiques & GEEKS Collectibles on Sunset is the place for you.

Based in Asheboro, North Carolina, this retail business houses more than 50 vendors who sell a wide range of antique items.

Besides antiques, this establishment also offers rare collectibles like coins, toys, and baseball cards.

This is also the best place for hard-to-find comic books and video games.

Stop by this mall if you are on the hunt for rare, vintage collectibles now worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Buy Handcrafted Home Decor at Seagrove Pottery

Outside view of Seagrove Pottery

Indy beetle, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Seagrove Pottery is a must-see stop in Seagrove, North Carolina, where you can score a bunch of stunning, handmade home decor.

A family of pottery enthusiasts established Seagrove Pottery in 1995.

It is a well-known spot among crafts and pottery lovers in Randolph County.

This store features numerous handcrafted items by local artists, including baskets, sculptures, pots, and many more home or office decors.

Thanks to its wide range of unique pottery styles and designs, this store has something for everyone to enjoy.

You can purchase high-quality pots which you can use for your plants or ceramic glasses that will upgrade your afternoon tea.

Other things you can purchase here include custom handmade rocking chairs perfect for relaxing and ceramic plates you can display in your kitchen.

Feast Your Eyes on Religious Artifacts at the St. Paul Museum

The St. Paul Museum is the perfect place to learn about the county’s history and culture and the community behind the St. Paul Methodist Episcopal Church.

The North Randolph Historical Society established the St. Paul Museum in 1966.

It houses an extensive collection of documents and artifacts relevant to the history of the Randolph community.

Besides the county’s history, this museum also preserves the heritage of the St. Paul Methodist Episcopal Church and offers all visitors a glimpse into its history in the county.

This is a great place to visit if you want to discover the role of religion in the county’s history and how it intertwines with different historical events.

The St. Paul Museum is also a must-visit for all history buffs who want to explore the county’s historical roots.

Sharpen Your Golfing Skills at the Tot Hill Farm Golf Club

Tot Hill Farm Golf Club is the ideal location for anyone looking to improve their golf skills.

Located in Asheboro, North Carolina, this golf course was once the country’s seventh most challenging golf course.

If you want to sharpen your skills and take your game to the next level, then you must visit this course.

Practice your golf shots and feast your eyes on the stunning creeks and rock formations around the area.

Enjoy playing on a course with five complete tee sets, and challenge your abilities as you take the approach.

Don’t worry if you are a beginner because you will still have a great time bonding with your friends at Tot Hill Farm Golf Club.

Final Thoughts

There’s something for everyone in Randolph County!

You should have an exciting and memorable time with various activities and attractions.

To make your trip even more unforgettable, add these best things to do in Randolph County, North Carolina, as a part of your itinerary.

Plan your next adventure in Randolph County today!

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