15 Best Things to Do in Newport, Oregon

15 Best Things to Do in Newport, Oregon

Newport is small city of Oregon which is overflowing with beautiful beach, aquariums and recreational parks that offer the best possible spot for wildlife sightings, especially marine creatures such as sea lions and seals.

There are several designated spots quite frequented by the tourists and locals alike where they can admire the humongous whale during the migration season. The shorelines and popular squares of this Victorian town are lined with restaurants which serve unique sea foods,that are not available anywhere in this world.

Since it’s a maritime town, there is a plethora of museum and research centers which showcases different marine creature, at the same time educates the visitors about the ecosystem. The small town of Oregon has much to offer to its visitors.

Learn About Marine Life

Hatfield Marine Science Center
Visitor7, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Hatfield Marine Science Center does extensive research and is essentially a part of Oregon State University. In the year 1965, the university opened a visitor’s center so that the general public can acquaint themselves with the life of the marine animals.

The center gracefully displays live examples of marine animals in there aquarium and tide pools. It can provide educational information about the conditions of the ocean, ocean based topics, and weather which has an impact on the marine life.

The center opened a space where the visitors can watch the enigmatic phenomenon of Octopus being fed, a sight not available elsewhere. Hatfield Marine Science Center is open all year round and provides guided tours to the public.

Lighthouse and A Cliff

Yaquina Lighthouse
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The tallest lighthouse of Oregon rests atop a hill with a picturesque backdrop. The classic white lighthouse is providing service since 20th August, 1873 and regular guided tours are arranged to view the architectural style implemented on the lighthouse and give a detailed description of its history.

The area offers a plethora of recreational activities such as wildlife viewing which can be enjoyed by the family; it involves watching whales during the migration season and harbor seals.

The tidal pool near the coastline which falls under the national area is populated by brightly colored starfishes and anemones.

The Underwater Palace of Glass

Oregon Coast Aquarium
steve estvanik / Shutterstock.com

Learning through interaction has always created a form of connection with the subject. Oregon Coast Aquarium was opened in the year 1992 and its popularity has increased with time, especially with the film Free Willy, which featured the killer whale Keiko from the said aquarium.

The walk- in aquarium is home to various different species of marine animals which can be view through the glass. There are some corridors where the sea creatures swim above the head of the visitors and some giant tanks occupied by octopus, seals, giant pacific octopus and sea otters.

The aquarium also engages in regular exhibits and interactive sessions such as Sea Lion Kiss Encounters and Secret of Shipwrecks. To make learning more enticing, the Oregon Coast Aquarium organizes a program called Sleep in the Deep which allows the visitors to spend a night in the underwater tunnels.

A Place of Historic Relevance

Yaquina Bay Bridge
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Newport’s Historic Bayfront mainly popular for the fishing industry. Every day, the diners lining the waterfront receive fresh delivery of fishes from the watch ships.

Yaquina Bay Bridge offers a picturesque sight and is a giant landmark of Oregon. Apart from this, the waterfront is lined with diners, sea food restaurants, art galleries displaying local artists and small shops from where the visitors can collect souvenirs.

Trails and Historic Building

Yaquina Bay State Recreation site
Finetooth, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Located just in the northern side of the Yaquina Bay Bridge, the Yaquina Bay State Recreation site covers an area of thirty two acres. The recreation site was gifted to the Oregon state by the U.S. Lighthouse Service in two installments; once in 1934 and later in 1971.

The grounds of the site also have a historic lighthouse which was later used as a lifeguard station. But at the present moment, the lighthouse has been restored to its original state. The interior of the building is made entirely of wood and the tourists can uptake a self- guided tour.

Due to its location beside the waterfront, the building is popular destination for sighting whales, especially grey whales during the migration season.

Sunset at The Beach

Nye Beach
John DeJarnatt / Shutterstock.com

Nye Beach stands facing the serene Pacific Ocean which promises the best sunsets of the state. One of the most popular vacation destinations, this part of the town constitutes of the major cultural hubs as the shore is flooded by exquisite restaurants, cafes, food joints and shops.

There are several art galleries such as Newport Visual Arts Center which displays the work of the local and native artists in their giant gallery space. Newport Performing Arts Center ups the game by a notch as it provides mixed entertainment such as music, art, dance, theatre, performances and many more.

The music and performances bring live to the area and promise a day of absolute bliss.

In the Name of The Devil

Devil’s Punch Bowl
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Devil’s Punch Bowl is not as ominous as it sounds; rather the place has unique rock formation that appeals to the tourists and locals alike. It covers an area of eight acres and it was made into a park in the year 1971.

The Civilian Conservation Corps maintains the park and has worked for its betterment by installing proper picnic tables as it is a popular picnic spot, clean restrooms, safe drinking water supply and many more.

During the high tide, the interesting rock formation gets filled with sea water and during the low tides; the depressed bowls of the northern part of the park reveal tide pools abundant with marine creatures. The place is frequented by surfers and surf watchers as well.

Building of History

Victorian Burrows House Museum was built in the year 1895 and currently is owned by Lincoln County Historical Society, a body which maintains and manages the museum.

The museum showcases the costumes and furniture of the Victorian period in all its glory. The tourists are made to go on a self- guided tour as all the items are properly detailed.

The Log Cabin Research Facility that stands beside Victorian Burrows House Museum stores all sorts of archived newspaper, articles, maps, photos, information related to the region and its history.

A Day at The Beach

Beverly Beach State Park
Finetooth, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Beverly Beach State Park occupies an area of 135 acres and is located seven miles away from the center of Oregon. Within the beach area, there is a designated spot for camping, where all the necessary equipment is provided to make the stay of the visitors worthwhile.

The serene beach is one of the most sought locations as during proper weather it is the best spot to indulge in some kite competition, family time and collecting fossils from the south side of the beach. This beach is also frequented by the surfers and the surf watchers.

A Combination of Research and Museum

Lincoln Country Historical society purchased another building in the year 2004 which they turned into a research center as well as a museum.

The Pacific Maritime Heritage Center preserves the history and culture of the region while researching on the lives of the maritime creatures. The museum has a plethora of exhibits conducted every week and showcases artifacts, sunken treasure they have collected through years, aquatic memorabilia and a working wharf.

Guided tours, educational tours and interactive sessions are conducted for both the tourists and the locals. Another enticing session for the kids is the story telling session where folk tales related to the seas and oceans are narrated in an eloquent manner.

A Beach to Visit

Cape Foulweather
Joseph Sohm / Shutterstock.com

Cape Foulweather has immense historical significance, previously known as Captain James Cook as the said dignitary experienced a particularly foul weather in this area. Located nine miles away towards the north of Newport, the beach has a picturesque view of the ocean, with the tumultuous waves crashing against the golden beach.

The street near the beach is lined with small gift shops where tourists seek shelter during bad weather. The place also provides a panoramic view of the ocean front as it is situated on top of the cliff. The beach along with the gift stores is open all year round.

A Green Forest to Visit

Siuslaw National Forest
Robert Mutch / Shutterstock.com

Siuslaw National Forest is guarded by the Pacific Ocean in the west and covers an area of 630,000 acres of land which has numerous rivers, lush green trees, dunes and mountains.

The forest cover has Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area which is known for its oblique dunes which are not available elsewhere in the world. Cape Perpetua Scenic Area is a prominent whale sighting area, especially during the migrating season.

The area receives moderate amount of rainfall and mellow winters, hence is populated with variety of flora and fauna.

A Tour of Discovery

There is always a joy in roaming on the salt water with the splendid horizon at the backdrop.

To serve this unquenching desire, Oregon Coast Aquarium started the marine discovery tour. This tour offers a plethora of activities for individuals as well as group and is active on March and October.

The 65 feet long ship is loaded with experienced crewman and captain who does not only drops the tourists from one destination to another but gives a detailed account of the history of the region and the ecosystem.

Visit the Giant Rock

Seal Rock State Recreation Site
C. Echeveste / Shutterstock.com

Seal Rock State Recreation Site gives indication to the nature of the place. This recreational site is frequented by both humans and sea creatures.

The visitors can easily spot a sea lion sunbathing on the beach alongside seals and other native sea birds which attracts a lot of wildlife watchers.

Located ten miles away from the main center of the city Newport of Oregon, the beach is filled with unique rock formation that acts like a landmark because of the sheer size.

Seal Rock State beach is a well- known picnic area for families. The tidal pools present in the area get filled with marine creatures during the high tide and is visible during the low tide.

Live the Dream of A Surfer

The Ossie’s is a must visit for the surfers and adventure seekers. This shop which is standing for more than fifteen years, mainly sells the best surf boards and surf related equipment.

Since there are many beaches which are frequented by the surfers, the shop is always in demand. Recently, the shop has started selling Kayaks as well as arranging Kayak tours.

The Kayak Tours are guided by proper professionals and the visitors have four tour options to choose from, each tours takes approximately one to four hours where more than six people can be accommodated in one particular kayak. For the adventure seekers, this tour is a dream come true.

Eat Tasty Sea Food

Georgie’s Beachside Grill is the perfect place to enjoy the view of the serene Pacific Ocean and tastiest dishes.

The place is tastefully decorated and offers numerous cozy set ups facing the Ocean. The restaurant is filled with warm greetings and smiles which make the guests feel right at home.

They serve some special sea food which is not available anywhere else in the world and the portions served are more than adequate. The menu does not have only just sea food, it is filled with different kinds of cuisine; hence, it is the best place to engage in some family time as it caters to everyone’s needs and tastes.

For the Foodies

Apart from the beaches and parks, Newport serves the best chowder in a restaurant called the Chowder Bowl which is conveniently located in Nye Beach. Chowder Bowl has been active since the 1980’s and it has won several awards for their chowder.

The main dish is made by using the ingredients available locally.  Apart from their famous chowder, they serve all sorts of other cuisines, making it favorite for visitors who are coming with their family.

Since, the restaurant is located close to the beach; the visitors are presented with the opportunity to check the condition of the beach with the help of the live webcam available on their website. The Chowder Bowl is open throughout the year.