15 Best Things to Do in Lincoln City, Oregon

15 Best Things to Do in Lincoln City, Oregon

Lincoln City serves as the coastal getaway in Oregon. The only motive with which tourists devour Lincoln City is the overabundance of coastal beauty that might be lacking in their circadian life.

Say yes to a myriad of activities that are waiting for you here in Lincoln City. You can fly a kite, seek treasures, build castles in the sand, or just go swimming!

Let’s get you a glimpse at the top 15 things to do in Lincoln City-

Visit the beautiful Road’s End State Recreation Site

Road’s End State Recreation Site
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If you want to enjoy the best of the beaches here in Lincoln City- you at least need to spend a day here at Road’s End State Recreation Site. Get close to the ocean and fall in love with the scenic beauty. Explore the true gorgeousness of Lincoln City like never before.

Containing miles of shorelines- Road’s End State Recreation Site is one of the sites that everybody loves. We won’t even complain if you visit the place, and decide to stay there for the rest of the trip!

You get uninterrupted ocean hoys and miles of pretty beaches and rugged coastline. The hiking options are endless. And, we’d have to say that you can access a lot of secret coves and beaches right through this recreational site.

Go hiking at the gorgeous Drift Creek Falls

Drift Creek Falls
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Are you thinking about the seas at Lincoln City? Well, the city has certain other aspects that you could look forward to. One of the most majestic ones happens to be the Drift Creek Falls.

Siuslaw National Forest lies just beside Lincoln City and is at the most just 15 miles away. But, the ambiance is just beyond words. And, the scenic beauty is something that needs to be experienced.

Drift Creek Falls is one of the gems of this forest. You need to hike to the falls, and don’t worry- it is quite easy. But, there is a suspension bridge that lies just before the falls.

You can take some of the most gorgeous photos standing on this suspension bridge. The bridge is placed above Drift Creek. It is almost at a height of 100 feet!

Go on a local food tour

Lincoln City is a haven for foodies. Are you looking for a hearty meal to fill your stomach? Most of us make our vacations- cheat days. We eat all we want and how we want.

In such a scenario it is essential to choose a place that has some good meals to offer you. And, fortunately for you- Lincoln City just happens to be one of those places.

Breakfast means waffles and pancakes here. And, diners provide this killer breakfast menu with freshly brewed pots of coffee that will give you the energy you require for an entire day of sightseeing.

Also, seafood is a must-try here. You cannot get such fresh seafood in many areas. There is a cool thing in Lincoln City- it has a lot of candy shops! Also, pizzas are awesome here. Do give everything a try.

Enjoy the waters at Devil’s Lake

Devil’s Lake
Ian Poellet, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The freshwater lake extends across a massive 685-acres. It then goes to meet the D River and finally flows into the sea.

But, the surprising thing is that this lake is not affected by the winds that come from the sea. A lot of parks are around this lake so you can get the best views from a lot of points.

Devil’s Lake State Park is a must-visit if you want to cherish the waters with some good sceneries. You can go boating in the lakes from this point. Also, there are good campgrounds all around, so you can get to spend a night in front of the lake waters.

Make your way to the Siletz Bay

Siletz Bay
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A perfect amalgamation of green foliage and seawater- Siletz Bay is one of the best things to see here in Lincoln City. Siletz Bay stands there with a history worth more than 100 years.

When you visit the place, you can still see the remnants of the fully functional harbor that still stands there- now isolated. This was the place from which the industries of Lincoln City got their lumber and other products from distant lands across the oceans.

The Four Brothers rocks is the best point to catch a gorgeous sunset. There are also craft breweries around where you can just head over to get a beer and catch the sunset with a beer in your hand!

Participate in the Finders Keepers hunt

Lincoln City is pretty famous for its glass art pieces. It is so much famous that the locals treat it like treasure pieces.

Yes, you could even take part in a local event where you get these glass pieces as prizes. Sounds interesting? Why don’t you live like a local for a day?

In the Finders Keepers Treasure hunt- the rule is simple. They are going to hide 3000 of such lovely pieces of glass artworks in different parts of the beach. And, you need to go search for them throughout the day. And, the prize? You get the treasure you hunted for!

Explore the beaches

Kite surfing on a beach in Lincoln
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Lincoln City is a paradise for beach lovers. With so many beaches around, you can find yourself almost struggling to cover all the 7 miles that are just nothing but beaches.

You can even spend a whole day and not regret one bit of it. The scenes are just amusing and lovely. Try revisiting your childhood days by building a sandcastle.

Wanna get a taste of the waves? Go surfing. Even if you are just looking for a chill day to spend with your family- these beaches are the ideal places.

We already talked about the Finders Keepers that take place on these lovely beaches. There are just a plethora of activities that can be done here.

Plan a day at Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Yaquina Head Lighthouse
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Lincoln city is surrounded by beauty on its outskirts. If you have some free time on your hands, you could always set out to explore these beauties.

Who knows you might even end up finding a hidden gem? Well, there is one hidden gem on the outskirts of Lincoln City that we know of. Yaquina Head Lighthouse is not known to many tourists but is one of the prettiest places lying along the coast of Oregon.

The lighthouse is not fully isolated even now. And, it offers some hiking trails too. There is a beautiful spot that you can come across when you make your way from Lincoln City to the lighthouse, and that happens to be Depoe Bay. You can do some fun whale-watching right here.

Buy some souvenirs from Lincoln City Outlets

All these beauties might make you wonder if there are any shopping centers here. Fine we will take you on a well-deserved shopping break in a few minutes!

The Lincoln City Outlets is the best place if you want to grab some stuff under a budget. The site is along the coast so you get to shop and see some good scenes at the same time.

Almost 50 shops are selling a wide variety of things. The clothes are stylish along with pretty shoes. Also, souvenirs or small gifts are available in plenty.

If you have an interest in antiques, then we might have to recommend the Taft District.

Enjoy the Summer Kite Festival

Summer Kite Festival in Lincoln
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The D River State Recreation Site sees one of the most gorgeous festivals in Lincoln City. If you are not aware of the Summer Kite Festival, let us break it down for you- it is gorgeous.

The sky looks vibrant and is filled with some of the best kites of all colors flying around over you.

What was once just a festival that used to entertain the tourists, has now become more like a family tradition.

You can take part in the festival, make your DIY kites, and fly them up above with all the others. It is a fun-filled summer activity and usually takes place in June.

Plan your stay at Chinook Winds Casino Resort

Chinook Winds Casino Resort
Lonelystudentwithtoomuchtime, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you are looking for some grand entertainment- we suggest you book a stay at the infamous Chinook Winds Casino Resort.

The resort is well-maintained with some of the best amenities. You can find yourself chilling in a swimming pool on a sunny summer afternoon. It even has its luxurious golf course.

The casino is addictive on a new level. After a long day just books a spa appointment within your hotel and relax with a massage. Also, there is a massive gaming floor that might seem like a dream to you gamers.

The hotel also hosts some of the best events in Lincoln City throughout the year.

Enjoy a fancy dinner at Culinary Center

The Culinary Center is not a restaurant per se. So, how about we tell that you get to be better at cooking and enjoy your dishes? Yes, the culinary center hosts a lot of cooking classes.

Even if you are an amateur- there is nothing to get all worked up about. The Culinary Center hosts some of the best cooking classes. A lot of cooking competitions are also held where you can take part.

Some events are celebrated where you can cook for your beloved and even have dinner after that. Father’s Day is the best example of that. You get to cook up a delicious spread for your dad, and then get to celebrate the special day with him.

Catch a show at Lincoln City Cultural Center

All of the performances and events in Lincoln City are held here in Lincoln City Cultural Center. Several performances, visual arts, events, functions, and festivals are held in this center all year round.

It is also used as a theater and holds some of the best shows all year round. You can even attend classes here. A lot of yoga classes are also held here. Up to break some sweat? Go hang out in a Zumba class!

The Summer Cultural Fair is one of the best events that are held here. People from all over Lincoln and even tourists flock to the center to attend events and shows.

Learn a new art at Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio

Are you interested to take up a new skill? Well, here in Lincoln City, you could take up a hobby if you are interested under a weekend.

At the Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio, the experts will show you how to perfectly blow glass like a pro.

It is associated with the Lincoln City Glass Center, and the artists know what they are doing! If you want to go and check out the majestic pieces they have created, you can do so.

However, if you want to give it a try for yourself, or see how it feels like- you could always book a class with some professionals!

Go on a tour with Tide Pool Exploriences

Lincoln City is renowned for its tide pools that are available at different locations. How about we head over to the NW 15th Street beach for a bit of local fun? Tide Pool Exploriences has one of the best things planned for us. And, you shall even be provided with guides and some experts in the field.

Hatfield Marine Science Center sends their very best men to take you to see some rare aquatic life. This is a tide pool tour where you get to interact with the marine life that can be found in and around the beach area.

You can see a lot of vibrant colors as urchins, starfishes, and many other species wash up to your feet at the beach.

The best feature is that the excursion is free of cost! Yes, all you need to do is just sign up and be there. But, don’t forget to bring some gloves and rubber boots for your safety.

This is the end of our Lincoln City trip. We hope you enjoyed it. We shall be back with another one of these wonderful trips. Till then, stay tuned.