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16 Best Things to Do in Nevada, MO

  • Published 2022/08/19

Nevada, Missouri, is a powerhouse of state-wide tourist stops and nearby metropolitan areas.

Smack at the center of Vernon County, Nevada, perfectly portrays what small town living is while in the midst of urban accommodations.

Part of what makes this city shine are its murals and entertainment options at every corner.

There are many places to go for relaxation, whether you’re a first-timer, a resident, or a frequent visitor.

The city’s roots trace back to the Civil War in 1963, when the whole community burned down.

During the area’s recovery and development, it officially got its name, Nevada; the rest is history.

Here are some of the best things to do in Nevada, Missouri:

Tour the Exhibits at the Bushwhacker Museum

Exterior of the Bushwhacker Museum

Ammodramus, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Considered one of the premier museums in some small towns in the Midwest, the Bushwhacker Museum is a vital part of this list.

This place brims with historical relevance and interactive learning experiences.

Its exhibits include The Osage Indians, among the high-ranking tribes of the Great Plains.

Meanwhile, the Military History and Pow Camp exhibit pays tribute to the Vernon County people who have served in the army.

Side facade of the Bushwhacker Museum

Ammodramus, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

To commemorate your discovery of this museum, buy and take home a souvenir from the connected shop.

The Bushwhacker Museum is located on West Walnut Street.

Cheer for the Racers at Nevada Speedway

Living in the fast lane is possible in Nevada, which is made true with the Nevada Speedway race track.

This off-road race track is a mix of dirt and clay, circling back in a quarter-mile loop.

Nevada Speedway holds weekly racing for those interested to watch, and various contenders join from all over Missouri.

Get your voice ready to cheer for the racers on the track.

Chat with fellow race fans at the bleachers and discover the highs and lows of track racing.

Don’t drive past South Barrett Avenue, so you don’t miss an awaited match.

Tickle Your Taste Buds with a Wine Sample at DeLaney Vineyard & Winery

Located on South Main Street in the heart of Nevada, DeLaney Vineyard & Winery stands out with its impressive landscape.

This vineyard offers wine sampling and nine varieties of grapes growing around the property.

It stands as a testament to the thriving wine industry in Missouri.

Taste fresh fruit wines and the array of wine samples in store for you at the winery.

Outdoor and indoor seating are both available at DeLaney Vineyard & Winery.

Host a celebration or reunion in the area’s event space and bring your furry family along.

Host a Small Reunion at Marmaduke Park

Scattered foliage and a large expanse of open space await you at Marmaduke Park.

Just a few walks down Willow Circle and into Highland Avenue, this recreational park ticks off every box on your outdoor entertainment.

It offers a kids’ playground in a refreshing and relaxed environment, surrounded by sparse trees and man-made shelters.

Host a picnic reunion at one of Marmaduke Park’s shelters and reminisce on the old days.

Better yet, keep your children stimulated and happy with the swings and monkey bar, ready for their enjoyment.

Take pictures of the lovely scenery for keeps!

Get in Touch with Your Spirituality at A Sacred Spiral

Sometimes, your trip across states or cities is also a way for you to touch up on your spiritual healing.

You can get this kind of healing at A Sacred Spiral, also known as The Temple of the Sacred Spiral.

It features many magical products and herbs to help your spiritual journey.

More than that, the owner also offers Reiki services, an excellent way for you to release your pent-up energy and recharge.

There’s no better way to heal internally than by the guidance of an expert, and at A Sacred Spiral on North Washington Street, this is highly practiced.

Touch up on Your Skateboarding Capabilities at Walton Park Skatepark

What better way to spend the daylight than with a skateboarding adventure?

At Walton Park Skatepark, there are lots of opportunities for you to practice your skateboarding tricks.

This 100×100-foot facility opens to a top-quality street course that’s a go-to spot for many.

Challenge friends and fellow skateboard enthusiasts on a group or one-on-one skate-off.

Learn new tricks and stunts along the street course.

If you wish to spectate, you can always look on from behind the fences and cheer for those inside.

Walton Park Skatepark is a smoke-free zone.

Visit this park at West Atlantic Street.

Watch a Movie on the Big Screen at Century Six Cinema

When it comes to movie theaters, Nevada is never out of style.

Located on East Austin Boulevard, Century Six Cinema brings you the hottest Hollywood and international movies in a single movie room.

This family-run movie theater is an ideal venue for romantic dates, family hangouts, and even just alone times.

At night, you can easily spot Century Six Cinema because of its storefront’s large, bright lights.

Relax by the Water Fountain at Earp Park

Nevada is your one-stop city for all the best parks and outdoor recreation centers.

One of them is Earp Park, a simple but elegant roadside park.

It features a water fountain that can make your day feel more refreshing.

A picnic table also caters to snacking breaks or get-togethers with friends.

A caboose is also in place to make your stay even more enjoyable.

Nothing beats the peaceful experience you can get just by stopping by Earp Park on West Austin Boulevard.

Teach Your Littles Ones Baseball at Twin Lakes Park

Twin Lakes Park allows you to experience learning baseball all over again as if you’re still a kid.

This is why so many little baseball player wannabes flock around the park.

With its impressive lighted field extending to 300 feet, your kids can learn a thing or two about being in the big leagues.

If they’re interested, a special tee ball with dugouts is a suitable practice venue.

It also has various swings for your bigger kids and toddlers, so the fun never stops.

Find Twin Lakes Park on East Quail Road.

Score a Vintage Find at Wagon Wheel Flea Market & Antique Mall

It’s never the wrong time to shop while you are in Wagon Wheel Flea Market & Antique Mall.

This market in North Centennial Boulevard has all the craziest finds you are looking for.

Its array of booths welcomes you to handmade crafts and souvenirs that you can add to your Nevada mementos.

At the same time, its stores get you access to retail items, ranging from household supplies to outdoor equipment.

Rustic key chains and healing stones are also a massive hit to the public.

Let out the vintage lover in you by browsing the antiques up for purchase at Wagon Wheel Flea Market & Antique Mall.

Go Fishing at Radio Springs Park

Are you tired of the extravagance and vibrance of large cities?

Why not drive down to Radio Springs Park and keep yourself occupied with the fishes you can catch?

This park south of College Street satiates your wildlife exploration.

Here, you can find a bridge that leads you to a white pavilion overlooking the river.

Aside from its shelters and benches, Radio Springs Park also offers a picturesque view for a special celebration or a nudge in another milestone, like a proposal.

Throw out your bait and peacefully wait for fish to come to you.

You might spot cute ducks waddling near the shore if you’re lucky.

Watch a Play at The Fox Playhouse

History meets the arts at The Fox Playhouse.

This community playhouse on South Main Street originally served the community in 1910.

In the 1950s and again in 1921, it underwent significant remodeling.

Now, it stands stark-red along the busy streets of Nevada, rich in history and nostalgia.

From Dr. Seuss to choral recitals, The Fox Playhouse promises only optimal entertainment in its four walls.

Its wheelchair-accessible amenities open its doors to everyone.

Start a Crossfit Routine at Osage Prairie YMCA

Osage Prairie YMCA will take you on a physical regime—your starting point to ultimate wellness.

Whether you’re a member or just a passing visitor, it’s sure to get you in a class or routine that suits you.

Its youth programs focus on afterschool care, sports, and physical hobbies, like roller skating and swimming.

For adults, Crossfit courses offer immersive skills training and workout routine.

Instructors at this center can tailor your routine to better fit your physical health needs and goals.

Your functional fitness journey starts within the doors of Osage Prairie YMCA, located on West Highland Avenue.

Enjoy a Peaceful Fishing Moment at Katy Allen Lake

Located a mile from downtown Nevada, at the public property in Centennial Park, Katy Allen Lake will ensure your fishing experience is worthwhile.

This reservoir is a great venue to sit back and watch the waters lap the shore.

From bass to crappies, a wide selection of fish species roam around the lake.

During winter, the entire area turns into a white wonderland that’s straight out of a novel.

It’s best to get your fishing license ready and your fishing gear checked before you embark on this drive to Katy Allen Lake.

Other Things to Do Nearby

If Nevada has given you the thirst to explore more and learn about Vernon County or Nebraska in general, here are some remarkable things you can do at nearby spots.

Visualize the Past through Interpretive Trails at Osage Village State Historic Site

Landscape of Osage Village State Historic Site

Ammodramus, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Osage Village State Historic Site is 15 miles northeast of Nevada and a short 22-minute distance from the city.

Its historical exhibits depict life and settlement in 1700 and 1775.

Breathe in the fresh scent of nature as you follow the trails of this historic site.

Be in awe at the archaeological excavations that made the presence of two dwellings known.

Trail at Osage Village State Historic Site

Ammodramus, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

On your walking tour, learn more about Manuel Lisa’s Post, a staple in Little Osage village since 1802.

Regarding natural attractions, the site also features bedrocks and grooves that tie up your walk with a mesmerizing view of nature.

There’s more to explore and learn at Osage Village State Historic Site.

Bedrock at Osage Village State Historic Site

Ammodramus, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Spot Some Fowl at the Peabody Conservation Area

Just a few short minutes—28 minutes to be exact—from Nevada is the 298-acre Peabody Conservation Area.

Around 1960, this area became in the position of Conservation Department, but it served to help the community with its coal mine right before.

This place is best known for its camping grounds and expanse of hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails.

It can be the ideal place to spot some birds and expand your fowl knowledge.

This conservation area permits leashed dogs to let your pet practice their hunting skills.

You can go fishing at the Peabody Conservation Area’s 96-acre lake.

If you’re coming from Rich Hill, take Route A west to arrive at this attraction.

Final Thoughts

Nevada has its perks and quirks, including its wide variety of outdoor recreational spaces.

The best part about all this is that it’s open to kids, teens, adults, and seniors alike, so everyone in the family can enjoy exploring this city and what it offers.

Now that you know the best things to do in Nevada, Missouri, have you decided where your first stop would be in this community?

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