15 Best Things to Do in Medford, Oregon

15 Best Things to Do in Medford, Oregon

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Medford is one of our top small cities in the United Sates. It lies in the state of Oregon and boasts of being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the USA.

It lies near the extremely beautiful Rogue River and is enveloped inside the delectable Rogue valley.

Imagine sunny vibes and windy roads as you smooth down the finely architecture roads with your friends!

With Comparatively warmer climates throughout the year, this is precisely what Medford will help you experience. This is one of the best places for much needed road trip with your buds and friends.

Enjoy water sports on the Rogue River

Rogue River
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The majestic Rogue River that runs through Medford is home to many different kinds of water sports that you can enjoy. From White water rafting to fishing, it has something for everyone.  

You can also rent a canoe or kayaks with your group and go kayaking down the mighty currents. There are also spots where the flow is relatively calm and you can do some leisurely fishing for salmons or trout.

The river itself is huge and divided into three sections along its length – The upper section, middle section and lower section. The lower section is especially popular among tourists where you can also enjoy some sports on your own with some great help from the locals.

Apart from this you can also go trekking or hiking on the nearby rocky terrains of the river. The Mountains and hills nearby make for great day hikes followed by a refreshing swim in the river.

Hiking on the Upper and Lower Table Rocks

Table Rocks Medford
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The famous table rocks are one of the most prominent features of the rogue valley.

The Upper and Lower Table rocks are humongous monolithic rocks located near the Rogue River. These flat based rocks are jutted out from the river bank and situated quite uphill.

It provides for great and refreshing hike to the tops. The view from here is simply breathtaking and is favorite among tourists.

These majestic monolithic mesas were formed almost seven million years ago due to a huge volcanic eruption. These were very important factors which shaped the culture and traditions of the indigenous tribes.

Shop till you drop at Downtown Medford

Downtown Medford
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All shopaholics rush to Downtown Medford, be it locals or globals. It’s the best place to buy some antiques and clothing.

Scour through boutiques and do some quaint eyed window shopping at the various shops.

You can then select the best place that you feel and buy some great and fashionable clothes and jewelry.

The Coop de Ville here is great to find some rustic antiques to take back home. There is also various shops selling souvenirs for friends and relatives. The Rogue Valley Growers Market on Thursday mornings is also a great shopping and community event to attend.

Fun train ride at the Medford Railroad Park

This huge park is spread over a large area of seven acres! With various miniature train models and cabooses it gives you a real time feel of how the railways looked or used to work.

It is also very family friendly and great to have some fun time with your kids. Travel a fun train ride with them while making some beautiful memories.

Though the trains are miniature models the scaled size is still huge and authentic. The park is also a great example of recycling waste lands since it has been constructed on a Sewer plant land.

The railroad park pavilion situated in the center hosts many elite clubs and parties. But remember the park is open only on the second and fourth Sundays of each month only. So, mark that into your itinerary without fail.

Explore the Natural Bridge Loop

Natural Bridge Loop Medford
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This exhilarating hiking trail is famous since it crosses as many as three natural bridges. It is located in the Upper Rogue section and extends for two miles.

The first bridge you will hike on is called the Sipapu Bridge. It is one of the most beautiful natural bridges and second largest natural bridge in the world.

This is what makes this hike more special. So, enjoy a short but awesome trek with your friends and family here.

Fish at Diamond Lake

Diamond Lake
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Spend some leisurely time lazing on the lakeside and having a picnic. Pack some sandwiches and cola ad you are all set. This lake was named after its discoverer after he paced the Diamond Mountain also named after him- Mr. John Diamond.

You can also combine this with low paced fun activities like fishing, swimming in the lake and horseback riding, hunting and mountain biking near the banks. You can also do some low key canoeing and kayaking in the waters.

If you visit Medford in the winter months, you can also enjoy some great winter sports like cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, Alpine and Nordic skiing, and sled dog racing on the snow covered lands. Skiing is especially thrilling and fun and must try!

Attend the Britt festival at Jacksonville

Groove to some great hip hop and rap music in this free festival hosted for upcoming talent. Get lost in the musical performances through the night in the cool breeze.

It is usually held in the amphitheater and is open air. Jacksonville city itself is a very popular tourist spot to visit.

It has many historical buildings to visit. There are also various cafes and restaurants where you can try out some great burgers and fries.

The city is also great for shopping at some high end boutiques as well as getting local souvenirs to carry back home.

Visit the Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National Park
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Crater Lake is the deepest lake in this country and one of the most humongous natural lake ever created. It was formed because of a 7000 year old volcanic eruption and rests today as a scenic spot.

The mount Mazama used to exist here in all its glory but today is quite diminished in size.

Even then, it provides for some great trails to go trekking or hiking. There are also ferry rides you can take to visit the Wizard Island located nearby.

There is also great camping facilities available here where you can spend the night. Light up a bonfire and make merry as you drown away your sorrows by singing at the top of your voices!

Relax at the Applegate Lake

Applegate Lake
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This is a great place to cool off if you happen to visit in the summers. It is also near to California and frequented by many locals to have some fun and recreation.

The lake itself was named after the legendary pioneers Lindsay and Jesse Applegate, who had crossed the Applegate River when they were making the Southern Emigrant Trail in the 1840s.

You can enjoy a wide array of activities in its cool waters like swimming and fishing along with some trekking and hiking near the river banks.

The lake itself is very pretty and has some scenic locations around for the perfect photoshoot.

Luxurious Wine-Tasting at the DANCIN Vineyards

All the alcohol connoisseurs should definitely visit this alcoholic heaven to get a dose of some of the finest wines and alcohols in the world.

From Burgundian-style Pinot noirs and Chardonnay to Italian-inspired varietals such as Barbera, Sangiovese, Syrah, and Zinfandel you can take your pick from the rarest of rare.

The tasting room has a great gallery overlooking some really postcard natural beauty as you sip your wine. Moreover, it is located very close to the rogue valley making it very accessible.

It also has its own vineries and farms where they source their organic produce. They also serve some delicious dishes made of this fresh produce which you can also give a shot at.

Watch a show at the Craterian Theater

The Craterian Theater was one of its kind when it was first opened to public before getting ruined during the Multiplex and Television times. But, as more people started enjoying theater again it was restored and reopened for the public in 1997.

The theater today is back with a bang and serves you with a variety of theater styles on its platter. You can watch a children’s musical, a Russian ballet or comedy shows as per your liking.

Music lovers might also love the acoustic music concerts and symphony shows hosted here. Make sure you try to attend at least one of the shows at this regal theatre.

Visit the Oregon Caves National Monument & Preserve

Oregon Caves National Monument & Preserve
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Though it is located a little faraway I the Siskiyou mountains, this Preserve is worth a visit.

Filled with many natural wonders of rock formations and crevices, it will leave you enthralled with its beauty.

This subterranean world has a great underground location and you have expert guides to walk you through the different rocks and formations.

The adults can try out the popular Discovery tour while there is another tours especially designed for kids. There is a special site called the Cave Creek Campground which boasts of housing 17 sites.

This is though strictly on a first come- first serve basis, so make sure you plan the reaching time right.

Enjoy Bear Creek Park

Bear Creek Park
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The area is spread over almost 113 acres with plenty of  fun things to do! Three acres of the park are home too many cute and seasonal species of animals and birds since it is a dedicated wildlife refuge.

The Bear Creek Park itself is also a fun place and great for a family outing.

It has a skate park, an outdoor amphitheater, a BMX track and many mountain biking and hiking trails where you can enjoy some sporting activities with your kids.

Also, the park is open all year round, so you do not have to worry about finding the right time or seasons to visit.

Picnic at the Prescott Park

The humongous Prescott Park is one of the largest park and present on the East of Medford. It spreads over an area of 1700 acres and is lovely for unwinding.

Plan a nice family picnic here or pack some beers and spend time reminiscing about old times with your friends.

There are hiking and biking trails too for you to have fun with. The major attraction of the park is the Roxy Ann Peak. One of the largest and tallest peaks it stands towering at a height of 3,576 feet.

People hike up to the top of this massive giant and get some great views on the breathtaking scenery.

The park remains closed during monsoons and dry seasons, so you should plan out in advance in case you don’t want to miss picnicking here.

Dine at some fine dining restaurants

Drinks and Pizza are always a great combo and combined with some picturesque interiors and you have the perfect dinner in place!

Kaleidoscope Pizzeria and Pub offers you this exact delight. From wood fired pizza to hand crafted beers, this pub provides you with the choicest of food and drinks.

Order from a wide set menu having soups, salads, starters, calzone pockets and more. The best part is these are all made from local freshly available produce to ensure the crunch in your salads.

It is locally owned and the restaurant itself is very rustic and has a charm to it. Wooden ceilings and stained glass windows complete the look. There’s also a patio in the front.

The bar has on offer a variety of wines, cocktails, mocktails, and craft beers in store. Let loose and don’t count your calories while here.

Another recommended restaurant is the Pomodori Bistro & Wine bar. Enjoy some authentic Italian Fare like Bruschetta, Caprese salads and different types of pastas.

Medford is thus an eclectic balance of sporty and aesthetic. Make sure you visit this beauty in Oregon the next time you plan a trip with friends.

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