15 Best Things to Do in Central Point, OR

Central Point, OR
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When you think about blue cheese, the city of Central Point in Rogue Valley, Oregon, comes to mind.

After all, the world has declared its blue cheese the best worldwide.

This city in Jackson County is in the northern part of Medford and is a component of the Medford Metropolitan Area.

One of the state's biggest and most well-attended fairs, the Jackson County Fair, occurs in Central Point annually.

In 1852, the pioneer Isaac Constant settled in the area and named it Central Point, thanks to its location at a junction.

One arm of the junction ran to link to the Oregon-California Trail and the other west to Jacksonville and Butte Creek.

In 1892, Matthias Welch constructed a flour mill on Front Street, sparing farmers the journey to Medford.

By 1910, the 761 residents of Central Point had access to electricity, schools, paved walkways and roads, water, and all other amenities.

If you need to learn about what this city offers, below are the best things to do in Central Point!

Browse the Displays at the Crater Rock Museum

Starting as a simple hut, Crater Rock Museum has become a fixture in Central Point since 1954.

Crater Rock Museum is home to an extensive collection of West Coast rocks, minerals, fossils, and exhibits.

It is currently a 12,000-square-foot building with international artifacts and collections of the fossilized wooden display.

The Crater Rock Museum has a workshop area and community meeting rooms.

Likewise, the gift shop is where you can buy items related to the museum's collections.

You can also join guided tours.

Spend a Relaxing Day at the TouVelle State Recreation Site

The picturesque TouVelle State Recreation Site is at the base of the famous Table Rock and along the Rogue River.

The recreation site is a favorite among picnickers and anglers as it has several volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, a boat launch area, and an off-leash dog area.

There's a lot to discover at the 58-acre TouVelle State Recreation Site.

Explore the TouVelle Nature Trail, with local wildlife and gorgeous flowers and plants along the way.

You can also fish at the Rogue River.

Since the government periodically stocks the river, you might catch salmon or rainbow trout.

Steelhead migrates through particular seasons.

The vistas of the river and Table Rock are breathtaking, too, so don't forget to bring your camera.

Stroll through Cascade Meadows Park

Cascade Meadows Park is a serene .23-acre park in the heart of Central Point.

Cascade Meadows Park is excellent for taking a quiet stroll or relaxing and enjoying the scenery while watching your kids run around and play.

The park has playground equipment and monkey bars to entertain your kids for hours.

If you're looking for a place to bond with your family, Cascade Meadows Park has a pavilion with a picnic table, and you can enjoy your meal while surrounded by nature.

An adjacent grass area is perfect for flying kites or playing catch.

You can also introduce your toddlers to the delights of playing in the tot's swing.

Go on a Hiking Adventure at the TouVelle Nature Trail

Located inside the TouVelle State Recreation Site, the TouVelle Nature Trail is a ¼-mile loop perfect for an easy hike.

As you enter the TouVille Nature Trail, you'll see the Rogue River's area, distinguished by the rare plant environment only found where the river and the land converge.

The TouVelle Nature Trail has several interpretive signs that discuss the area's history and the plants and animals there.

Great blue herons nest in the tall trees by the river, and if you're lucky, you may witness a heron fishing for lunch when the river is clear and shallow.

You can rest on the benches, which provide an excellent vantage point to observe different kinds of birds, such as coots, mallards, Canada geese, or the rare beaver.

Continue walking to marvel at plants not originally from the trail and see the rare Himalayan blackberries and teasal.

In addition to preventing erosion, plants along riverbanks also serve as a habitat for numerous animals, birds, and fish.

The marine species below the river receive protection from predators and shade from branches that fall into the river.

Revisit Your Childhood at the Rogue Valley Family Fun Center

If you want unadulterated fun, visit the Rogue Valley Family Fun Center.

The Rogue Valley Family Fun Center is an indoor amusement park with something for everyone.

The 12-acre amusement park offers several attractions, including batting cages, an arcade room, go-karts, mini golf, and bumper boats.

Inside the Rogue Valley Family Fun Center is a three-floor soft playhouse called Cactus Jack's Playhouse, perfect for energetic toddlers, as it features web crawls, tunnels, twists, and slides.

The amusement center also has facilities for parties, so it's the perfect place to have a birthday party.

You can avail of differently priced packages that suit your budget and needs.

Sample the Best Blue Cheese at the Rogue Creamery

Established in 1933, the American cheese manufacturer Rogue Creamery is in Central Point.

Rogue Creamery has produced award-winning artisan cheeses since 2002.

Founder Tom Vella introduced mold, cultures, and recipes from Roquefort, France, to Central Point.

Visit the Rogue Creamery Cheese shop, open daily with delectable items for your fridge and pantry, to get a taste of their famous blue cheese.

You can purchase Rogue Creamery's award-winning Oregon Blue Cheese with a creamy texture and complex flavor.

Browse the Consigned Products at the Jackalope Shoppe

The Jackalope Shoppe is a consignment store in Crater Cafe specializing in new and pre-used furniture, home decor, and more.

The store has an ever-changing inventory, so there's always something new to see.

Unique jewelry is some of the standout products at the Jackalope Shoppe.

The store is also great for finding handmade decorations, plants, and crystals to add to your collection.

You can find some rare art and collectibles at the Jackalope Shoppe if you're patient.

The store also offers Jackalope Shoppe merchandise, including coffee mugs, T-shirts, and tote bags.

The Jackalope Shoppe is the perfect place to find gifts for your friends and loved ones.

It is the perfect place to find one-of-a-kind items for your home, too.

Enjoy a Friday Night Out at Comal Bar and Grill

Check out Latin food and good times at Comal Bar and Grill.

The menu features all your favorite Latin American dishes, including Camarones Diablo, burritos, quesadillas, fajitas, and more.

You can also create your combination of work or chicken tamale, tostada, chile relleno, and chimichanga with one or two choice combo.

Both varieties come with rice and beans.

Seafood such as shrimp and tilapia are available if you want something other than chicken or beef.

The bar serves a variety of margaritas, cocktails, beers, and wines to help you wash down your meal.

Comal Bar and Grill's atmosphere is also easy on the eyes with high wooden chairs and marble table tops.

So, check out Comal Bar and Grill, whether you're in the mood for good food or good times.

Commune with Nature at the Upper Table Rock Trail

Upper Table Rock is immediately north of the Rogue River as one of Jackson County's two notable volcanic flat plains.

Millions of years of erosion sculpted the andesitic volcanic rock in the area, which currently rises roughly 800 feet above the nearby Rogue Valley.

Moreover, a 1.25-mile walking path leads to the top of Upper Table Rock Trail and rises 720 feet.

In the spring, hikers follow the paths, revealed in the summer wind from March through May, walking through blooming wildflowers.

September through October marks a new high for the Upper Table Rock Trail, as you can gaze at several landmarks on clear days, including Roxy Ann Peak and Mount Ashland, all visible from the edge of the cliffs.

You should bring water with you for the two-hour trek will not give you access to fresh water, although there are restrooms along the trail.

Complete Your Hiking Experience at the Lower Table Rock Trail

Drawing more than 45,000 tourists annually, the Table Rocks are some of the most well-liked hiking destinations in the Rogue Valley.

The Oregon Department of Forestry, the Youth Conservation Corps, and the Boy Scouts carved Lower Table Rock Trail and Upper Table Rock Trail across the plateaus' incline in the early 1980s.

Lower Table Rock Trail offers a less strenuous walking path, ascending at just 780 feet at the plateau's summit.

Along its course, eight informational panels provide details on the area's history, flora, and fauna.

The 3.5-mile trail loop is moderately hilly and could take three hours to complete.

Try the Amenities at the Don Jones Memorial Park

Central Point's largest city park, Don Jones Memorial Park, sits on an eight-acre site on the city's east side.

Don Jones Memorial Park features a playground, benches, a gazebo, a basketball court, and a water spray park.

In addition, the park also houses Oregon's Fallen Heroes War Memorial, a monument that honors those who have served in the military.

The water spray park is open during summers to help you and your kids beat the summer heat with your loved ones.

You can rent the gazebo in the Don Jones Memorial Park for weddings and other special events.

Likewise, the playground on one portion of the park caters to younger children, with slides and swings.

Older kids will find the basketball court to be more their speed.

Join an Event at the Jackson County Expo

The biggest event venue in Southern Oregon is the Jackson County Expo, a short drive from the Rogue Valley International Airport.

Events at Jackson County Expo include dog shows and trade exhibitions.

In various ways, you can use Jackson County Expo's facilities, which span over 180,000 square feet over seven buildings.

Join a concert at the Jackson County Expo's Bi-Mart Amphitheater, one of the best outdoor concert venues in the state.

With a total seating capacity of nearly 6,000, 1,985 fixed seats directly in front of the stage, and numerous grass seats, there is a lot of space for concertgoers.

The amphitheater has hosted various musical acts, including country, pop, Rock, and Christian concerts.

Spend Peaceful Moments at the Skyrman Central Point Arboretum

The land where the Skyrman Central Point Arboretum stands comes from a donation from Mr. Wallace Skyrman, a former teacher, in 2010.

Mr. Skyrman's one condition is that the new owners must use the land for educational purposes for future generations.

The City of Central Point has since worked to make Mr. Skyrman's dream a reality, and the arboretum is now open to the public.

The Skyrman Central Point Arboretum is a 3.1-acre park with various trees and plants and a walking path perfect for a peaceful stroll.

The Skyrman Central Point Arboretum is distinctive since Mr. Skyrman's father planted every type of natural tree and vegetation in Oregon, including the enormous gray pine tree in Oregon.

The site also has two buildings: the Skyrman residence and a log cabin the family erected in 1976.

The classroom space in these facilities host various educational programs.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Discover the Kenneth Denman Wildlife Refuge

When the seasons are correct, the Kenneth Denman Wildlife Area is also a well-liked spot for fishing and hunting.

Kenneth Denman Wildlife Area offers homes for highland birds and water improvements for waterfowl traveling and breeding.

There is a self-guided informative trail and great opportunities for wildlife observation in the area.

Still, you can also gather data and maps at kiosks spread out around the Kenneth Denman Wildlife Area.

The Kenneth Denman Interpretive Trail provides a chance to learn about the background and ecosystems of the Kenneth Denman Wildlife Area.

The Takelma Native Americans first inhabited the land before the Europeans arrived.

During World War II, it became a training camp, and in 1954 it became a Wildlife Area, thanks to the efforts of its namesake, the attorney Kenneth Denman.

You may easily spend a couple of hours exploring the 0.7-mile route, accessible from TouVelle Road and State Park, which loops through six diverse environments.

This place is in White City, Oregon, 12 minutes from Central Point.

Final Thoughts

Central Point offers an exciting and engaging lifestyle with plenty of things to do in the area.

Whether you're looking for an adrenaline-pumping activity or a peaceful place to relax, you'll find it in the city.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Central Point, Oregon!

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