15 Best Things to Do in Marble Falls, TX

15 Best Things to Do in Marble Falls, TX

If there is a single place in the entire world which you should definitely visit at least once during your lifetime, Texas if it.

Mable Falls is a small town in Texas Hill County. This place is surrounded with quite a number of explore worthy attractions.

This town is small, but it has a huge adventurous base for its visitors.

It has too much of everything, too much fun, too much adventure, too many places to visit, too many shops to buy stuff, too many places to eat, and too many dreams.

This article can be your guide to help you in planning your trip to this small yet wonderful town in Texas.

Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge

Established in the year 1992, Balcones Canyonlands national wildlife refuge is a major conservation site for protecting and preserving endangered species.

This wildlife refuge is a place where a large number of animal and bird species seek homage.

In addition to the fauna, the refugee also has a lot of fauna in form of local wildflowers and limestone.

With unbelievable views of nature, this place is ideal for watching animals, taking tours to the caves as well as enjoying hiking in the wild forests.

Hidden Falls Adventure Park

Hidden Falls Adventure Park is a place that will allow you to have some real adventure on your trip to Marble Falls.

Spread over in an area of 3000 acres, this adventure park is famous as the largest off-road park in entire Texas.

This adventure Park also has its own shooting Range- Copperhead Creek Shooting club which has multiple targets and different types of pistols, shotguns and rifles for target practice.

The place also provides various training classes and knowledgeable guides to help you in enhancing your shooting experience.

Johnson Park

The best way of exploring any city or town on your vacation is to cycle around the area.

Johnson Park is the perfect place to start your cycling journey around the vast trails and beautiful roads covered with lush green trees.

The Park is quite famous among the visitors due to its vegetation. It also has a number of trails which are ideal for biking as well as hiking.

In addition to the natural trails, the park also as additional amenities such as an Amphitheatre, open air pavilions, barbecue pits, softball fields, dog zone, and what not.

You can also indulge in a friendly chat with a local in this park and understand their culture in depth.

Lakeside Park

Lakeside Park is a good place to enjoy water activities and sunbathing. This part is quite ideal for swimming as it has a very huge swimming pool.

In addition to the well-maintained pool, Lakeside Park also has drug boats, basketball court, tennis court, pavilions, barbeque pits, and a specific picnic area.

This Park is a one spot location for having some friendly competition amongst your friends and family.

Covered with blue hues of water, you cannot miss visiting this place if you are really looking forward to cool down your mind.

Sweet Berry Farm

In the present world of adulteration and chemical mixing, nothing is better than picking up your own fruits and berries.

Sweet Berry farm is a place where you get an opportunity to pluck fresh berries right from the field. The strawberries are not only fresh but also taste heavenly.

This farm in Marble Falls is not restricted to growing berries only. You can also pick your own pumpkins in the fall season.

However, never forget to bring your own basket suiting your preferences twin sure a hassle-free berry collecting experience.

Turkey Bend Recreation Area

It is always great to spot a natural recreational park in the town you are visiting for your vacation for obvious reasons.

When you are tired of all the fancy places, the lap of nature is the place you seek to be in. Turkey bend recreation area is one such place located on Lake Travis and covering an almost 423-hectare area.

This recreation area is a hotspot for camping and enjoying the beautiful views of Lake Travis. The Park is also great for enjoying activities like fishing, boating, canoeing, kayaking, and casually strolling.

With just the right amount of wilderness and liveliness, this place will definitely make you feel alive again.

A beautiful art gallery established by a very famous sculptor, Dan Pogue, Dan Pogue Sculpture Gallery is a place you should head to if you want to feel overwhelmed and awestruck with the beauty of art and sculpting.

This gallery is famous all around the world for the famous sculptures produced by the master sculptor.

Most of the sculptures were purchased by churches and private collectors due to their intricate details.

In addition to the famous bronze monuments, this gallery also showcases various animal sculptures, human figures, public art, and other attractive art forms.

An absolute delight to your eyes, Dan Pogue sculpture gallery should be a definite visit on your list.

Rae’s R Bar & Grill

For any trip to be successful, it is extremely important that the food you taste during the trip is delicious and budget-friendly.

R Bar and Grill is one restaurant in Marble Falls that is not only pocket friendly but also serves some of the best grilled food in the town.

This restaurant has a very relaxed setting which allows the visitors to enjoy some personal time.

The restaurant has a classic as well as an innovative menu which is perfect for people who like to explore something new with their taste buds. This place will definitely satisfy you.

Double Horn Brewing Company

A place cannot be considered completely tourist friendly if it does not have a great brewery.

Double horn brewing Company is one place in the town which will take away all your tiredness exploring the city.

Right when you feel like falling down, you should head to this place and chug down their amazing drinks.  

This brewery is famous for serving some of the best brewed beers as well as specially made handcrafted food.

What makes this place better is its affordable prices and friendly environment.

Jolly Rodgers

Jolly Rodgers is a service providing company in Marble Falls.

The service provider makes an arrangement for all your requirements to make the maximum out of the water activities.

Starting from boards to fancy canoes and kayaks, the service provider has it all. You can also rent out water surfers, paddleboards, and diving gear.

A perfect way to enjoy water activities, it is not only thrilling but also a cool way of enjoying your time in Marble Falls.

Falls on the Colorado Museum of the Arts

Falls on the Colorado Museum of the arts what is established back in the year 1891.

This museum located inside a Granite schoolhouse is a perfect place to learn about the history of the development of the town and the nearby areas.

This museum has a really cool collection of photographs, documents, and other artistic works which describe the story of the development of this town in a very effortless and entertaining manner.

The time spent in this time is not less than travelling back to the moments when the town was getting into shape.

Westside Park Disc Golf Course

For enjoying some outdoor activities in a lush green area, the Westside Park disc golf course is the perfect place.

Located in the countryside, Texas, this golf course is having 18 holes. The entire area covers 13 acres of land and is located on the backbone Creek.

Along with the golf holes, the park also has additional facilities. These majorly include dog areas, water fountains, children’s swings, tetherball, barbeque grills, picnic tables, etc.

With a very scenic landscape, this is a perfect place to enjoy some casual resting time in Marble Falls.

Numinous Coffee Roasters

Who does not love a cup of coffee when life takes a grumpy turn? This coffee shop in Marble Falls is a perfect place to regain your confidence and boost your motivation.

The place will not only serve you the freshest cup of coffee and sides, but it will also provide you with a very warm and homely ambience.

Covered with the smell of scones and Joes, numinous coffee roasters is the dreamiest place to grab your favorite coffee.

Once Again Antique Dolls

A great place for antique collectors and kids, Once Again Antique Dolls is a really cute and lovable place in the town.

The place not only sells some of the oldest dolls in the world, but also allows you to read some of the oldest comics, and scroll through the oldest existing toys.

With perfect opportunities for everyone to keep their imagination running, this shop is going to be your favourite spot for getting toys and comic books.

Brass Hall

Brass hall is a place in this town which is perfect to visit when you are feeling a bit dull and want to regain your spirits and enthusiasm.

This famous concert Place is the venue of some of the most wonderful live music concerts.

In addition to the music, the place is also great for enjoying some drinks, playing pools, and just casually hanging around with friends.

A perfect place to make you feel electric and eclectic, this place will make you groove right through the entire night.

Blue Bonnet Cafe

It is always advisable to all the travelers to have a very fulfilling and refreshing breakfast in order to have a great day ahead.

However, spotting a place serving such breakfast is sometimes difficult. Blue Bonnet cafe is one of the oldest restaurants in the area.

It was established back in the year 1929 and is famous for its comfort food, and delicious breakfast.

If you are looking out for a place serving healthy, fresh, and reasonably priced food, your search will end here.

This quaint spot is quite famous among folks due to its delicious offerings, so make sure you head out a bit early in the morning to secure a place for yourself.

Dead Man’s Hole

Dead Man’s Hole
Nicolas Henderson from Coppell, Texas, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Dead man’s hole is a spooky and unusual tourist attraction in Marble Falls. It is a narrow cave located at the depth of 155 feet.

This cave has a very creepy story and is famous for being the dumping place of dead bodies during the civil war era.

It is believed that almost 20 bodies were dumped into the cave. It is not allowed to enter the hole, but the site is still worth stopping by.

Shopping in Marble falls

Marble falls is a very charming place when it comes to shopping.

The best place to shop in the town is the historic downtown. It is a quaint and unique place which is loaded with some local shops.

Take a halt at Choccolatte’s if you are looking for delicious handmade chocolates.

Fiesta Winery is the best place to buy some wine for gifting while Ms Lollipop is the perfect place to get your hands on some funny items.

Even if you don’t buy something, the streets of the downtown district are still worth strolling.

Take a wine Country Tour

A wine country tour is one of the best ways to explore the spectacular views of the surrounding hills, beautiful roads, and far-stretching legs.

These tours are not limited only to exploring the places but also allows you to taste food at different eateries and wines from various vineyards.

While the tours are quite reasonably priced, it is quite unbelievable that the guides are extremely knowledgeable and knows everything about the town.

The beautiful town of Marble falls is a great place to explore in Texas country. The town is ideal for enjoying outdoor life.

The culture of this town is precious and well preserved by the locals.

Same goes for the historic and artistic attractions of the city which are really well maintained and welcomes all the visitors with an open heart.