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22 Best Things to Do in Navasota, TX

  • Published 2023/04/05

As the second-largest state in the United States, Texas unsurprisingly has a lot to offer tourists.

With its rich history, diverse culture, and abundant natural beauty, the Lone Star State is a popular destination for travelers worldwide.

Navasota is a hidden gem among the many great places to visit in Texas.

While it might not have the buzz of a Dallas or a San Antonio tourist attraction, this small city has plenty of charms to keep visitors entertained.

With a population of just over 7,700, tourists might find it another quaint little city they can completely explore in a single day.

However, while it may be the case, there are still plenty of things to do and see in Navasota, TX.

This quiet had a rich history, which it still preserves through its many well-preserved buildings and antebellum homes.

It’s also great for nature lovers, with plenty of parks and green spaces to explore.

Of course, no visit to Navasota would be complete without sampling the local cuisine.

Before you get spoiled by the city’s offerings, check out this list of the 17 best things to do in Navasota, TX.

See a Show from the Navasota Theatre Alliance

Exterior of Navasota Theatre Alliance

Renelibrary, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Founded in 1985, the Navasota Theatre Alliance is a small town performing arts theater.

The group is well-known for hosting spectacular shows and productions throughout the year.

Watching a show from the Navasota Theatre Alliance is one of the best things to do in Navasota in the evening.

The team showcases talented thespians and entertaining plays that will guarantee a fun and exciting night for you and your friends or family.

Some of their recent performances that genuinely deserved a standing ovation include A Tuna Christmas, Steel Magnolias, and Southern Fried Murder.

So, if you’re in town, don’t miss a first-class performance by the Navasota Theatre Alliance.

Stroll Down Washington Avenue

Washington Avenue is Navasota’s main street, where your Navasota journey will begin.

As the city’s main street, Washington Avenue is also home to many of the best shops, restaurants, and cafes.

Start your day with a cup of coffee at one of the local cafes before browsing the shops for some exciting items.

Washington Avenue is also where you can find several historic mansions and other beautiful homes of Navasota.

If you’re fond of intricate Victorian-style architecture, then this part of the city should spark your interest.

While most of these homes are private, you can also find historic bed-and-breakfasts on Washington Avenue.

Appreciate Navasota’s Murals

Navasota’s streets are filled with impressive murals and public art.

There are tons of fabulous pieces that you would want to take a picture of.

The classic “Greetings from Navasota” postcard is a can’t-miss spot as it’s a well-known tourist magnet.

You can find this mural in the parking lot of Zipps Liquor.

The “Navasota Music Mural” is a celebration of Navasota’s rich history of Blues music.

You can find this iconic piece on the side of Classic Rock Coffee Co.

While you’re at it, check out these fantastic stores as well.

Zippy’s serves tasty liquor in attractive bottles, while Classic Rock Coffee Co. is well-known in the community for its coffee and food.

Visit the Horlock History Center

The Horlock History Center is one of the best-preserved Victorian homes on Washington Avenue.

Built in 1892, this beautiful home is well-known for sheltering local and foreign artists and giving them the space to work on their art.

This museum is yet another can’t-miss spot and one of the best things to spend time with your kids in Navasota.

Apart from showcasing a wide range of artworks, the Horlock History Center is also a great place to meet local artists.

Take a tour around the museum and discover the rich artistic history of Navasota.

You can also talk to some artists to better understand their works.

See the World’s Largest Teapot at Martha’s Bloomers

Martha’s Bloomers is a well-known garden center that contains the self-declared ‘World’s Largest Teapot.’

This roadside attraction is one of the most popular spots in Navasota and all of Texas.

When you pass by, take a picture of this iconic Texas landmark.

Once you’re satisfied with your photos, you can also check out the whole place.

Martha’s Bloomers features a nursery, restaurant, and antique store, all rolled into one convenient location.

You can buy plants and antique items or dine at their restaurant.

Stroll Railroad Street

Navasota is such a small city that all of the great things to do there are jam-packed into a couple of iconic streets.

Parallel to Washington Avenue is Railroad Street, home to some interesting buildings in Navasota.

When you turn to this street, you’ll still see the same abundance of 19th and 20th-century architecture.

However, what’s unique about the ones found on Railroad Street is that they also show hints of the city’s history as a thriving railroad community.

Check Out Circle P Antiques and Collectables

Going back to Washington Avenue, Circle P Antiques and Collectables is an antique mall filled with priceless vintage items.

It’s a great place to visit when it’s raining, and you have nothing else to do.

Whether you’re an antique collector or someone who wants to find an excellent souvenir to take home, Circle P Antiques and Collectables is a great place to shop.

The shop offers an extensive array of classic items and collectibles such as furniture, art, antique lamps, toys, and more.

Visit BeeWeaver Honey Farm

P. Nemir isn’t the only long-standing business in Navasota.

Located on County Road, Navasota, BeeWeaver Honey Farm has sold bee-related items in the area since 1888.

If you’re looking for unique things to see in Navasota, BeeWeaver Honey Farm is an absolute must-visit.

The farm has sold quality honey products for 134 years and continues that tradition today.

The BeeWeaver Honey Farm takes pride in its rich history and contributions to the city of Navasota.

The local staff offers informative tours to appease visitors and honey enthusiasts of all ages.

Take an Alpaca Farm Tour

You can’t visit Navasota without checking out one of their three alpaca ranches.

As the alpaca capital of Texas, you can get up close and personal with these adorable animals.

If you’ve yet to visit Navasota, this unique tourist attraction will surely surprise you.

Make sure you see one or all of the three alpaca ranches in the area: Alpaca Ranch, Rancho Inca Alpacas, and Mountain Dream Alpacas.

Shop at P. Nemir Dry Goods

Not every day do you get to shop at a store that has been open for over a century.

Yet, you can find just the place at P. Nemir Dry Goods in Navasota.

P. Nemir is one of the oldest businesses in town, having first opened in 1911.

This family-run business is now 111 years old and is still thriving as if it just opened a couple of years ago.

However, being old doesn’t mean it sells outdated items.

It’s the exact opposite of that.

P. Nemir is a popular destination for locals and tourists looking for fashionable apparel, accessories, and home decor.

Shop for Unique Items at Stonecroft Marketplace

Established in 2018, Stonecroft Marketplace is like an indoor garage sale.

Located on Washington Avenue, this home goods store has a lot of items that will surely catch any shopaholic’s attention.

From fashionable items to unique home decor, Stonecroft Marketplace has an assortment of goods that will satisfy your cravings for shopping in Navasota.

The store also has a food section where you can eat and recharge your energy after hours of shopping.

See a Real-Life Wolf at the Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary

The Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary is a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center for wolves and wolf dogs.

Located on Pavlock Road, the sanctuary is home to over 40 species of wolves and wolf dogs.

Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary is open to visitors; however, you’ll need to schedule an appointment as they only allow a limited number of people daily.

When you visit, you’ll be able to see the wolves up close and even interact with them.

The visit will surely be an unforgettable experience for the kids and everyone in the family.

Donations are also encouraged to help support the rehabilitation of the wolves in the sanctuary.

Go on a Picnic at August Horst Pavilion

Wondering where you can take your family out for a relaxing day while in Navasota?

August Horst Pavilion might just be the answer to your questions.

This picnic ground’s amenities include a playground and a walking trail.

Should you feel energized for a game, the site has a 9-hole disc golf course.

If you’ve got a special celebration coming up, the pavilion is also available for rentals.

Head over to Veterans Memorial Drive to reach August Horst Pavilion.

Learn to Play Golf at Pecan Lakes Golf Club

Nothing beats the picturesque golfing facilities of Navasota’s Pecan Lakes Golf Club.

This public golf facility first opened its doors to the community in 2002.

The golf course layout is one of architect Jay Reviere’s masterpieces.

Whether you’re an expert player or a first-time learner, you’ll find the course—and its four sets of tees—suitable for your playing preferences.

The facility also has a clubhouse onsite with an exercise room and a swimming pool.

So, what are you waiting for?

Book a tee time at this best-kept golf secret in Navasota.

Pecan Lakes Golf Club is on Fairway Drive.

Learn about the Heritage of Texas at the Six Flags Over Texas Monument

Your Navasota historical expedition is never complete when you don’t stop by the Six Flags Over Texas Monument at least once on your trip.

Situated along Veteran’s Memorial Drive, this monument tells of the six countries that helped shape Texas as it is in the past and today.

Onsite, you can find a historical marker that details this part of Texas’ history.

The raised flags around the site are the flags of Spain, France, the United States, Texas, Mexico, and the Confederate States.

The spot also offers a peaceful park setting, so after a day of exploration, come by to wind down at this site.

You can find the Six Flags Over Texas Monument just outside August Horst Municipal Park.

Start an Adventurous Ride Along the Southern Tier Route

When you’re in Navasota, there are several reasons for you to explore the outdoors.

And one of these reasons is the Southern Tier Route.

This biking trail offers the best of short cross-country routes from California to Florida.

It passes by Texas, specifically within the cities of El Paso, Del Rio, and Navasota.

Some of its charming features are its scenic vegetation, changing terrain, and challenging pathways.

Pass by abundant and verdant sage brushes and tumbleweeds and keep an eye out for native bird species on your ride.

Southern Tier Route’s access point in Navasota is on Main Street.

Savor Wine at Threshold Vineyards

Get a taste of Texas-grown vines at Threshold Vineyards.

This family-owned and operated winery is just a few miles away from the stunning Brazos River.

The place once served as a choose-and-cut Christmas tree farm, housing a multitude of Virginia pine trees.

Several years later, the site has transformed into a scenic spot for some picnicking and wine tasting.

This winery also sells wine and offers live music and entertainment on some nights.

Located along the southern section of Navasota, Threshold Vineyards is on County Road 318.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Visit Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic Site

Independence hall replica at Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic Site

Alizada Studios /

If you’ve attended elementary school anywhere in the Lone Star State, you know that Texas began on the Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic Site.

It’s also in Washington, Texas, 12 minutes from Navasota.

Located in Washington County, the Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic Site is where the delegates signed the Texas Declaration of Independence from Mexico in 1836.

Visitor's center of Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic Site

Alizada Studios /

Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic Site is one of Texas’s most famous historical sites and a great addition to your Navasota itinerary.

Take a picture at the replica of the delegates’ meeting place.

Landscape of Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic Site

Christian Hinkle /

Sip Good Mead at WildFlyer Mead Company

One hundred thirty years later, in 2018, the owners of BeeWeaver started a new venture and introduced mead into their line of products and a new company.

Four years after its inception, the WildFlyer Mead Company has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Navasota.

The WildFlyer Mead Company is known for its handcrafted meads and relaxing atmosphere.

Situated at BeeWeaver Honey Farm, the Wildflyer Mead Company is one of the most comfortable and romantic places to visit.

If you’re visiting Navasota with a loved one, check out WildFlyer Mead Company.

It’s a great place to unwind and have a romantic time sipping good mead with your partner.

Enjoy Good Food at Rail & Rye

You can’t leave Navasota without trying out some of its iconic restaurants.

Among the list of places to dine is the must-try Rail & Rye.

It might be one of the latest restaurants to open in the area, so it doesn’t have the benefit of history.

Still, the restaurant’s cozy atmosphere and the fantastic menu have gained fame and recognition among the locals.

Whether you’re there for brunch or dinner, you will have a good meal at Rail & Rye.

They offer both classic and contemporary dishes that will tantalize your taste buds.

Some of their best sellers include crispy pork belly, poutine, seared scallops, and crab cakes.

They also serve some fine wine and other beverages to complement your meal perfectly.

Have a Great Time at the Western Club Bar & Grill

End your Navasota trip with a bang at the Western Club Bar & Grill.

The steakhouse offers some great food and entertainment.

You can also choose a selection of their beers on tap while listening to some great country music in the background.

The horseshoe-shaped bar lets you have a drink while socializing with the friendly locals.

Whether you’re just dining or looking to have a great time, the Western Club Bar & Grill is the perfect destination to unwind before you leave Navasota.

Final Thoughts

While it’s small compared to the well-known Texas metros, Navasota holds its own by having shops, restaurants, and historical sites that keep visitors on their toes.

Navasota is a must-visit city in Texas with its historical roots, antebellum architecture, and love for the arts.

When planning your next trip to the Lone Star State, include Navasota in your itinerary and check out the best things to do in the city.

From exploring its historical sites to dining in its iconic restaurants, you will surely have a great time in Navasota.

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