20 Best Things to Do in Manhattan Beach

20 Best Things to Do in Manhattan Beach

Nestled along California’s Pacific Coast, Manhattan Beach is a charming beach city in the Southwestern region of Los Angeles county.

It is one of the only three beach cities of the South Bay region, along with Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach. This small beach community has a population of about 36,000 residents.

Manhattan Beach is famous for its beautiful and pristine beaches with plenty of volleyball nets and paved walkways.

This sunny town has nature trails where you can enjoy hiking or biking with spectacular views.

It is also a perfect place to shop your heart away with lovely and gorgeous boutiques in the downtown area of the town. The food scene of the city is also fantastic with terrific oceanfront restaurants specialising in fresh and scrumptious seafood.

With the fabulous oceanfront eateries, charming boutiques, pristine beaches, along with breathtaking views and perfect Californian weather, Manhattan Beach will surely will over your heart.

Here are some of the best things to do and best places to see in this delightful beach city.

Witness A Sunset Or Sunrise From Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach
Chones / Shutterstock.com

Manhattan Beach is the main beach of the city and stretches over 2 miles.

This small beach is stunningly beautiful, with the blue ocean and sunny weather of California, this beach is a perfect place to spend an afternoon just strolling around on the sandy shore listening to the sound of waves crashing.

It also has more than 100 volleyball nets so that you can play volleyball with locals.

This wide sandy beach is located near the downtown and therefore, provides easy access to the gorgeous oceanfront restaurants and cafes.

Manhattan Beach is a favourite spot for locals and tourists alike so the beach can get crowded on the weekends.

Make sure to catch a sunset or sunrise from the beach to witness the beauty of this Californian beach in its full glory.

Learn About Local Marine Life At Roundhouse Marine Studies Lab and Aquarium

Sitting at the end of the Manhattan Beach Pier, Roundhouse Marine Studies Lab and Aquarium is a small aquarium and an educational facility that showcases and educates the visitors about the fascinating local marine life.

The aquarium is managed by Oceanographic Teaching Stations, Inc., which is a non-profit environmental organisation.

They aim to educate visitors about the importance of marine life and their habitats through interactive experiences.

The aquarium features stunning marine creatures including sea cucumbers, octopus, sharks, jellies, sea urchins, lobsters, sea snails, and more.

Click Stunning Photographs From Manhattan Beach Pier

Manhattan Beach Pier
FiledIMAGE / Shutterstock.com

Located at the end of the Manhattan Beach Boulevard, Manhattan Beach Pier is a picturesque 928-foot pier. Dating back to the 1920s, it is one of the oldest concrete piers of the west coast.

This hexagonal-shaped and red-roofed pier is one of the most beautiful piers of the Santa Monica Bay and is a perfect place to click stunning pictures of the unparalleled panoramic views of the ocean and its surroundings.

The pier has also been featured in many Hollywood movies including Point Break, Falling Down, Starsky and Hutch, and many more.

Go Shopping In Downtown Manhattan Beach

Downtown Manhattan Beach
Harun Ozmen / Shutterstock.com

Downtown Manhattan Beach is the heart and soul of Manhattan Beach and is located just a few minutes walk away from the beach.

The streets are lined with lovely eateries along with award-winning oceanfront restaurants. It is also a perfect place to enjoy retail therapy with several local boutiques and other quirky stores to shop from.

Apart from eateries and boutiques, the downtown area also features many charming art galleries, delis, furniture stores, coffee shops, bakeries, and so much more.

Check out the Downtown Manhattan Beach and roam around, eat, and shop in beautiful tree-lined streets overlooking the ocean.

Enjoy A Lovely Picnic At Live Oak Park

Live Oak Park is a lovely park located in the city of Manhattan Beach.  It is located near the beach and provides easy access to the waters.

It is the oldest park in the city and stretches over an area of about 9 acres. The park features a play area for toddlers, a basketball court, six tennis courts, baseball fields, a dog park, batting cages, and more for the visitors to enjoy.

The tennis courts host various local tournaments. The park also has a designated area for picnics with tables and barbeques.

It is the perfect place to enjoy a lovely picnic while relishing the cool ocean breeze in the perfect Californian weather.

Walk Along The Strand

The Strand
emmavgerard / Shutterstock.com

The Strand is a lovely beach sidewalk that offers impressive views of the sandy beaches and the blue ocean.

It is the best way to enjoy the beauty of the fantastic Manhattan Beach. You can walk along the path and relish the breathtakingly incredible views of the surroundings and appreciate the ocean breeze.

Stroll Around Bruce's Beach

Located only a two-minute walk away from Manhattan Beach, Bruce's Beach is a lovely small park popular among both locals as well as tourists.

The park has several benches under trees’ shadows and also a basketball court.

It hosts yoga classes, and it is also a popular place for walking dogs. The park has large well-manicured lawns that are perfect for just strolling around and enjoying the beautiful clear skies or for enjoying a lovely picnic with ideal weather.

Or you can just wander around the park and relish its beautiful lawns and pleasant ocean breeze.

Play Volleyball At El Porto Beach

El Porto Beach
Luc Mena / Shutterstock.com

Located in the northern part of the Manhattan Beach, El Porto Beach is a community beach. It is top-rated among surfers because of the more massive waves that it experiences.

It also has a popular paved path for biking and skating called Marvin Braude Bike Path. The beach also has volleyball courts where you can enjoy playing volleyball while soaking in the golden Californian sunshine.

Take Surfing Lessons From One Wave Surf

Surfing Manhattan Beach
oneinchpunch / Shutterstock.com

One Wave Surf is a local surfing school that provides private and group surf lessons in Manhattan Beach as well as Long Angeles area.

It was established in 2003 and has since been the most well-liked and most famous surfing school in the city. They also offer surfing lessons for kids, along with the adults.

The instructors are well-trained, experienced, and knowledgeable; they will make sure to provide you with the best possible surfing lessons. The surfing school offers both long term and single-day classes.

Go Sightseeing in Hollywood

Maks Ershov / Shutterstock.com

Manhattan Beach is located only a half an hour drive away from Hollywood. You can take a one day trip and go sightseeing for the fantastic Hollywood Boulevard where most of the Hollywood movies are filmed.

Or you can go and see another myriad of places such as visit the icon of Hollywood’s golden era TCL Chinese Theatre or stop by the  Hollywood Walk of Fame or see the world-famous wax statues at Madame Tussauds Hollywood or appreciate stunning views of the city from Griffith Observatory.

Make sure to take a detour and check out the world-renowned town of Hollywood.

Spend Your Afternoon At Manhattan Beach Farmer’s Market

Manhattan Beach hosts a lovely Farmer’s Market in Downtown, and it is open every Tuesday from 11 am to 3 pm. It is the best place to sample the local produce.

The vendors are very friendly and sell inexpensive local and fresh organic produce including fruits and vegetables along with ready to eat food items such as hummus, preserves, jams, butter, cheese, yoghurt, and more.

It also has food trucks from where you can eat the best of local cuisine.

Get Ice Cream From Manhattan Beach Creamery

Manhattan Beach Creamery
Eric Glenn / Shutterstock.com

Manhattan Beach Creamery is the best place to get ice cream in the city. This place hand makes all of their ice creams with local and fresh ingredients.

Along with their in-house incredible ice cream, this creamery also serves candies, cupcakes, frozen bananas, macarons, acai bowls, and much more.

Make sure to try their signature ice cream sandwich- Cream’wich.

Eat Mouth-Watering Fresh Seafood Fishing With Dynamite

Fishing With Dynamite is a local restaurant that specialises fresh and delicious seafood-focused food.

The menu of this eatery is diverse and features several dishes from various cuisines. Some of the must-try dishes of this great restaurant are Yellowtail Tacos, Fish And Chips, Grilled Octopus, Peruvian scallop, Oyster Sampler Platter, and Key Lime Pie.

Dine With A View At Nick’s

Eric Glenn / Shutterstock.com

Nick’s is a modern taverna that serves delectable comfort food with a tasteful setting. It is located only a few minutes’ scenic walk away from the Manhattan Beach Pier.

The service is excellent; the servers are friendly and attentive and will not disappoint you.

Don’t forget to try the fried asparagus, Scottish salmon, seafood enchiladas, Chilean sea bass, and California omelette.

Appreciate Lovely Views From Sand Dune Park

Sand Dune Park is a popular workout spot and has been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers as such.

It has dunes on steep slopes that are used by professional and amateur athletes to workout. But it is also a great spot for children to play with sand and climb dunes that are not very high.

The view from the top of the sand dunes is fantastic; you can see the entire city in its full glory.

Apart from sand dunes, the park also has picnic areas and nature trails that feature the local flora.

Check Out The Local Art Scene At Manhattan Beach Art Center

Manhattan Beach Art Center is the heart and soul of the city’s culture and arts. It hosts educational programs along with exhibitions and displays.

The centre aims to showcase contemporary urban art that people can understand and relate to. The exhibitions are well-curated and frequently change to showcase what’s new.

The entry into the Manhattan Beach Art Center is free, and it also has free parking. Visit the art centre to check out and appreciate the local art scene of this delightful town.

Delicious Drinks And Scrumptopid Food At Big Dean’s Ocean Front Cafe

Big Dean’s Ocean Front Cafe is a beach bar located adjacent to the pier.

This bar serves inexpensive and delicious drinks and local food along with vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options to cater to their wide range of customers.

It is a great place to enjoy a chilled beer and tasty, filling food for lunch while relishing the stunning views of the ocean.

Take Your Little One To AdventurePlex

AdventurePlex is a playground designed specifically for children to make physical activities more fun and engaging for them.

The facility covers an area of over 16,000 square feet, and it offers classes, adventure camps, and fun activities featuring tunnels, mazes, rock walls, and more.

This place also hosts private birthday parties with catering. Make sure to visit the AdventurePlex with your little ones and let them have the time of their lives playing around.

Located on Manhattan Avenue, Riley Arts Gallery is an incredibly curated gallery, and it showcases an extensive selection of pieces of art by local South-Bay based artists.

It was opened in 1999, and it has since been a significant part of the local art scene. The art displayed includes photographs, fine arts, sculptures, paintings, and much more featuring coastal themes.

The staff is very knowledgable and friendly and will answer all of your questions regarding the artworks and local art scene. Visit the Riley Arts Gallery to appreciate and support the stunning work of local artists.

Stay At The Belamar Hotel

Located less than a mile away from Manhattan Beach on Sepulveda Boulevard, The Belamar Hotel is the best hotel to stay in Manhattan Beach.

It provides modern amenities with a retro style to make your stay as worthwhile and luxurious as possible. Some of the amenities include bicycle rental, allergy-free rooms, outdoor pool, fitness centre, valet parking, special diet menus, and much more.

Due to its close proximity to the beach, the views from here are incredible.

This lovely beach town is a perfect destination to get away with golden Californian sunshine and easy access to the beach along with bustling and vibrant downtown area with cafes, restaurants, boutiques, and more. What are you waiting for?

Visit Manhattan Beach and do not forget to tell us your favourite thing from the list and make sure to do and see all these things when you visit this delightful city.

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