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15 Best Things to Do in Lorain County, OH

  • Published 2023/04/09

The vibrant Lorain County, Ohio, is along the northeastern side of the United States.

It was established in 1822, taking in several cities from nearby counties.

It’s one of the largest counties in Ohio.

You can expect diverse attractions, from serene havens to live recreation.

A trip to Lorain County will show you the wonders of the bright, sunny region through pleasant sights and activities.

Most, if not all, the cities within are also embraced in a warm, charming atmosphere filled with a welcoming crowd.

Here’s a list of the best things to do in Lorain County, Ohio.

Enjoy Picturesque Views of the Falls at Cascade Park

Gorgeous waterfall at Cascade Park

Rye_Nature /

With stunning waterfalls and rivers, Cascade Park distinguishes itself from other parks in Elyria.

This beautiful park’s trails are known for having two scenic waterfalls along the Black River.

They present gorgeous, one-of-a-kind views of nature’s wonders!

Cascade Park spans about 145 acres, containing picturesque trails, riverside paths, and wooden bridges.

River at Cascade Park


If you visit during winter, you can partake in sledding uphill through the pristine white snow.

There are also inclusive playgrounds that children of various preferences can enjoy.

For those seeking an outdoor adventure, Cascade Park is great for hikers of various ages and skill levels.

Make sure to be careful around slippery rocks!

West falls at Cascade Park


Catch a Game at Crushers Stadium

For sports enthusiasts, Crushers Stadium is a worthy destination from the beautiful city of Avon.

This baseball park is the home of the Lake Erie Crushers, a good team of young players known for their dedication to the sport.

The facility is always in top and pristine condition due to its high popularity!

In some games, they will also display a show of bright, colorful fireworks to celebrate the game.

You can also purchase typical American snacks and drinks from concession stands within the premises.

Watching sports games are a traditional way of entertainment.

Visit the Crushers Stadium to see games in real life and have a closer look into the sport.

You can find this venue along Baseball Boulevard.

Explore the Miller Nature Preserve

If you’re seeking a restful reprieve, check out the beautiful features of Miller Nature Preserve.

This conservatory is a safe place for various plants worldwide in a natural environment.

As a result, Miller Nature Preserve has curated a mix of scenic flower gardens surrounded by lush trees.

This preserve takes pride in its unique collection, from orchids and ferns to bonsai and desert plants.

There’s also a butterfly house, a gift shop, and an on-site cafe to check out!

It’s a splendid venue for those who want to glimpse the gifts and beauty of nature.

It’s in the gorgeous city of Avon.

Step into the tranquil confines of Miller Nature Preserve and temporarily escape the noise of cities.

Place Bets at Lorain County Speedway

Lorain County Speedway offers a distinct, uncommon recreation that’s not available in most counties.

Watch colorful cars speed through a circular course to reach the finish line first.

You can watch the races while enjoying tasty snacks and drinks from the concession stand.

Whether traveling individually or with family, this place offers a fun, entertaining opportunity.

Lorain County Speedway presents thrilling matches and clear views of the different cars and their riders.

It’s an experience you must try at least once in your lifetime!

You can locate this venue along Leavitt Road in Amherst’s shining city.

Support Local Talents at French Creek Nature Center and Theater

The French Creek Nature Center and Theater is a venue for local talents to shine on stage.

This place stages spectacular shows to entertain guests from across regions.

They’ve been a part of Lorain County’s entertainment scene since 1957, a testament to their skills in the industry.

Their shows vary from princess-themed performances to musical concerts, comedies, dramas, and more.

Each season presents you with a new performance to watch and enjoy!

You can locate French Creek Nature Center and Theater within the cozy village of Sheffield.

Besides the shows, you can also head deep into the tranquil woods for casual outdoor recreation.

See show-stopping performances and well-made production sets!

Experience Diverse Cultures at Allen Memorial Art Museum

Exterior of Allen Memorial Art Museum


Allen Memorial Art Museum is a thriving space for all things related to various cultures and fine arts.

At Main Street, this building is home to an eclectic collection of artworks and memorabilia from up to 6000 years ago.

The museum has a lot to see, from intricate paintings, handcrafted sculptures, and distinct installation pieces.

Since 1917, Allen Memorial Art Museum has offered free admission to spread the influence of art further.

You may also book guided tours to learn in-depth insights about the artworks, but you can also explore independently.

Whether you stop by for a few minutes or spend the whole day there, this museum opens its doors to everyone.

It’s located in Oberlin, so add this to your list!

Explore the Terrains at Amherst Beaver Creek Reservation

While Amherst Beaver Creek Reservation isn’t the largest in the city, it’s still worth adding to your list.

This park has diverse terrains, making it an exciting place to roam freely.

There are lots to see, from mystical woodlands and pine groves to creek beds and floodplains.

You can also use its public facilities, including soccer fields, playgrounds, and the visitor’s center.

A deck behind the visitor’s center presents gorgeous views of Beaver Creek and its surrounding flora.

This hidden gem is one of the best places for those seeking peace within a natural environment.

Discover a tiny slice of heaven in Amherst Beaver Creek Reservation.

Sip Fine Wine at Paper Moon Vineyards and Winery

You’ll find Paper Moon Vineyards and Winery in Vermilion.

This family-owned establishment has won awards for its unique Paper Moon wine and cider.

You can pair those refreshing drinks with light, tasty snacks such as cheese plates, pizzas, or panini sandwiches.

The ambiance of Paper Moon Vineyards and Winery is also top-notch.

Musicians often play there, which fosters a cozy ambiance.

They feature artists of different genres, including hard rock, jazz, folk music, orchestral music, etc.

Since its establishment in 2009, this winery has provided customers unique tastes and casual entertainment.

Drop by State Road to locate the building!

Comb the Beach at Lakewood Beach Park

The perfect summer destination in Lorain County is Lakewood Beach Park in Sheffield Lake.

At Lake Road, this small space is home to soft, sandy beaches and cool waters for public swimming.

It’s in a secluded area, so it’s not as well-known as other tourist destinations within Sheffield Lake.

This hidden gem boasts stunning sunsets, refreshing waters, and shaded areas for relaxation.

It also has public grills and picnic tables for a more convenient stay.

The waters are regularly tested to ensure they’re safe for people of all ages to swim freely.

They also allow entry to dogs!

Truly, Lakewood Beach Park is an ideal attraction when you need to beat the heat.

Catch a Movie Old-Style at Aut-O-Rama Twin Drive-In Theatre

Aut-O-Rama Twin Drive-In Theatre takes you back to the good old days when drive-in theaters had been the trend.

Built in 1965, the business has already opened for about three generations of the Sherman Family.

They present a thoughtful way of seeing movies on a big screen, paired with the movie’s soundtrack on a portable radio.

A wide assortment of movie-worthy snacks is available, from hot dogs and burgers to pizza and fries.

Meanwhile, their drinks include sodas, coke, energy drinks, and many other liquids to quench your thirst.

Aut-O-Rama Twin Drive-In Theatre offers a casual, time-old activity, whether alone or with family and friends.

You can find them in North Ridgeville, along the lengths of Lorain Road.

Enter the Historic Rose Garden at Lakeview Park

The waters of Lakeview Park

Sergey Demo SVDPhoto /

Lakeview Park is known for its extensive facilities, making it a top recreational destination.

Nestled within Lorain, this park spans 20 acres worth of explorable lands.

You can roam the Historic Rose Garden, dine at the Sunset Cafe, or glimpse an impressive lighthouse.

There’s also room for lively activities like swimming, lawn bowling, and sunbathing, among many others.

Watching spectacular sunsets from the terrace is also a popular activity!

Scenic trails are also scattered within Lakeview Park, so feel free to choose from all the options!

With so many activities to try, you could spend the whole day in the park no matter your age or preference.

If you’d like to drop by, this venue can be found along Erie Avenue.

Check Out the Artifacts in the 103rd OVI Civil War Museum

The 103rd OVI Civil War Museum is dedicated to preserving the history of men from the 103rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry.

Its origins date back to the 18th century, boasting an impressive historic allure.

In the 1970s, the place was carefully restored to provide a space for military-related artifacts.

The 103rd OVI Civil War Museum is full of treasures, from precious antiques and vintage decor to authentic photos.

The building itself has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places!

It’s also well-known for hosting pancake breakfasts yearly on specific dates.

The event allows you to meet the community, taste fluffy pancakes, and learn more insights about the previous war!

At Lake Road, head to the city of Sheffield Lake!

Visit the Iconic Home in the Hickories Museum

Learn about history through the Hickories Museum.

With the help of the Lorain County Historical Society, you can now book guided tours within the historic home.

A tour will take you inside the iconic home of the Garford family, the first people to have electricity.

You’ll be guided around the premises, including the second floor, so visiting guests must be able to climb up the stairs.

Completed in 1896, this beautiful home remains well-preserved through careful volunteers.

It’s praised for having a balanced mix of Richardsonian Romanesque and Shingle architectural styles.

If you’re interested, you can find the Hickories Museum in Elyria.

Beat the Heat at the Ellen Trivanovich Aquatic Center

For family-friendly attractions, have a look at the Ellen Trivanovich Aquatic Center.

This water park is full of thrilling water slides and colorful umbrellas for bright and lively recreation with the family.

It’s a splendid destination if you’re ever aiming to cool off from the hot weather.

Lifeguards ensure that you and your companions stay safe for the whole duration of your stay.

It may not be as large as other waterparks, but the Ellen Trivanovich Aquatic Center has all the summer staples.

You can also join swimming lessons, even if you’re a beginner.

On-site concession stands can also provide you with tasty snacks and cold refreshments!

At Electric Boulevard, this center is the pride of Avon Lake City.

Catch Fish with Lake Erie Fishing Adventures

As its name suggests, Lake Erie Fishing Adventures provides access to the gifts of the region’s waters.

You’ll meet Captain Larry, who will take you along his boat and teach you helpful insights into expertly catching fish.

Whether it’s yellow perch, salmon, or wallow eye, the lake is full of diverse species awaiting discovery,

The package is also open to people of all skill levels, even if you’re a complete beginner!

From the boats and fishing rods to live baits, they’ll provide all the necessary tools and make things convenient for you.

At California Avenue, you can discover Lake Erie Fishing Adventures within Lorain.

Final Thoughts

Lorain County shines with many diverse cities within, providing endless places to explore.

You can relax in picturesque nature, try lively activities, and enter historic sites.

Discover the best things to do in Lorain County, Ohio.

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