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20 Best Things to Do in New Philadelphia, OH

  • Published 2023/04/10

New Philadelphia is best known for its timeless theme park, the Tuscora Park, and the Tuscarawas River, drawing many visitors annually.

This small city in Ohio features a fantastic community that values its history and heritage.

In addition, not many know that New Philadelphia is home to plenty of natural attractions such as parks, rivers, and nature reserves.

Its downtown area offers a trip down memory lane while walking through its streets.

See lines of turn-of-the-century buildings where shops and local businesses operate.

Whether you’re fascinated by history, or you want a memorable outdoor experience, New Philadelphia has it all.

Visiting this city listed on the “50 Safest Cities in Ohio” is a perfect family outing.

Otherwise, bring your friends for another exciting adventure.

Catch a glimpse of the fantastic activities that await you there through this list of the best things to do in New Philadelphia, OH.

Snap Photos by the Tuscarawas County Courthouse

Exterior of Tuscarawas County Courthouse


New Philadelphia’s downtown area is known throughout Ohio for its focal point: the Tuscarawas County Courthouse.

This charming and historic county courthouse is one of the top tourist attractions in New Philadelphia.

Thomas Boyd built this century-old courthouse in 1882.

He followed the Classical Revival style to build the structure.

Front facade of Tuscarawas County Courthouse

Henryk Sadura /

Today, the original architecture and design of the Tuscarawas County Courthouse remain the same since its 1990 expansion.

Stopping by the Tuscarawas County Courthouse for photos is one of the best ways to start your New Philadelphia travel adventure.

In addition, you can schedule a tour inside this famous courthouse in New Philadelphia to learn about the city’s history.

Clock tower on Tuscarawas County Courthouse's dome

Henryk Sadura /

Enjoy a Magical Experience at Tuscora Park

This vast theme park in New Philadelphia is home to dozens of exciting rides, games, and wholesome entertainment.

Tuscora Park is widely known throughout Ohio as a smaller version of Cedar Point and Six Flags.

However, this one in New Philadelphia has operated since 1943.

Generations of visitors have made fond memories from their time at the park.

Apart from top-notch, affordable entertainment for the family, Tuscora Park offers visitors a trip down memory lane.

This theme park comes equipped with vintage rides, enhanced through modern technology for an enjoyable and safe experience.

Whether you want to enjoy activities like hopping on its amusement rides or playing carnival games, Tuscora Park brings the fun and excitement to everyone.

Aside from its roller coaster and other theme park rides, Tuscora Park is also home to a waterpark equipped with three pools, a picnic pavilion, and more.

In addition, you can watch concerts and live performances at the Tuscora Park Amphitheater, famous for its Summer Showcase.

Watch Concerts at the Performing Arts Center at Kent State Tuscarawas

For a night of entertainment in New Philadelphia, proceed to the Performing Arts Center at Kent State Tuscarawas.

See top-notch concerts and musical performances held there regularly.

This arts center, which features a theatre, is inside the Kent State Tuscarawas campus.

Most of the time, the Tuscawaras Philharmonic Orchestra plays concerts there.

At the same time, it also hosts touring Broadway shows, comedy shows, band concerts, dance performances, and other wholesome entertainment.

Watching a concert at the Performing Arts Center at Kent State Tuscarawas is a splendid experience you shouldn’t miss.

Hike the Crider Avenue Nature Trail

One of New Philadelphia’s best hiking trails is the Crider Avenue Nature Trail.

You don’t have to drive outside New Philadelphia to find a natural area to explore.

The Crider Avenue Nature Trail features the area’s unspoiled local flora and fauna.

The trail combines paved and off-road trails, taking you to forested areas and fields.

In addition, you can spot numerous bird species at the Crider Avenue Nature Trail, making it an ideal birdwatching location.

Overall, Crider Avenue Nature Trail is an excellent place for a relaxing hike.

See another side of New Philadelphia’s natural beauty.

Celebrate the First Town Days Festival

Locals gather every Fourth of July in New Philadelphia’s Tuscora Park to celebrate the First Town Days Festival.

This decades-old town festival started as a fund-raiser in 1978 to restore the Hershel-Spillman Carousel constructed in 1928.

However, it eventually became an annual tradition for New Philadelphia’s locals until it transformed into a full-fledged festival.

The First Town Days offer visitors dozens of exciting activities.

It usually kicks off with a pageant; the festival runs from July 1 to 4 with various activities.

You can see or join parades, contests, a five-kilometer footrace, and musical shows.

In addition, dozens of food vendors and concessionaires display specialty products that are worth checking out.

Enjoy Water Activities at the Tuscarawas River

The waters of Tuscarawas River

Brian Muntean /

This famous New Philadelphia River runs 130 miles to the Muskingum River.

Tuscarawas River in New Philadelphia is famous for its water activities like boating and fishing.

If you’re looking for a worthwhile activity in New Philadelphia, head to Tuscarawas River, rent a boat, and paddle along its scenic waterways.

Boating along the Tuscarawas River takes you to various natural and scenic areas, historical sites, and other attractions.

Whether you’re looking for a short boat ride between the towns by the Tuscarawas River or perhaps want a longer trip, this river offers many exciting activities.

There are numerous boat rentals you can visit to start your adventure at the Tuscarawas River.

Step Back in Time at the Schoenbrunn Village

This historic village in New Philadelphia is a fascinating place to discover.

Founded in 1772, the village was a Moravian mission and the first Christian settlement in Ohio.

Schoenbrunn Village is home to some of the first buildings constructed in Ohio.

These buildings are a settlement, schoolhouse, code of laws, gardens, and a church.

Despite the village’s prosperity and growth in the early 18th century, its residents eventually abandoned the place.

The nearby British-aligned Native Americans got into conflict with the new settlers.

Today, it is a famous historic site with 16 restored log structures, each with a fascinating history to share with visitors.

A visitor center at Schoenbrunn Village provides guests with a better introduction and insight into its fascinating history.

At the same time, it has a museum with exhibits featuring artifacts of Schoenbrunn Village’s settlers worth checking out.

Aim for a Win at Oak Shadows Golf Club

Planning a day out with friends?

Why not play golf while you’re at it?

Oak Shadows Golf Club has your back.

This golf facility has one of the best public courses in all of Ohio with its par 72 course.

It opened in 1995.

With 18 challenging holes and a wide perspective of lush green grass and native trees, it’s a scenic change from your usual golfing experience.

So, keep Oak Shadows Golf Club on your must-visit list!

You can find this golf course on Oak Shadows Drive Northeast.

Enjoy a Fun Performance at The Little Theatre of Tuscarawas County

You can never have enough live performances in New Philadelphia.

This is the mantra that The Little Theatre of Tuscarawas County lives by.

This community theater company has been around since 1951.

And in the years that followed, it has only flourished and continued its mission of providing high-quality productions to the New Philadelphia crowd.

It has already presented over a hundred productions, appealing to every age and generation.

But aside from comical performances and catchy musicals, this company also hosts summer workshops for children.

So, book your ticket and feel the magic of plays and live stages move you on your first visit.

The Little Theatre of Tuscarawas County is on Carrie Avenue Northwest.

Celebrate Local Art at the Annual Art on the Alley

The biannual Art on the Alley is a must-experience if you’re craving an art exploration while in New Philadelphia.

This festival lights up the downtown area every May and October.

Started in 2018, it graced the streets of Ashwood Lane as a means to present local businesses to the public.

After becoming a huge hit among not only residents but also recurring tourists, this festival soon became something more.

Marvel at the sidewalk chalk art and children’s arts and crafts activities.

Get ready for a full line-up of performances from local artists and bands.

Make sure you’ve included Art on the Alley in your calendar.

Watch Movies at the Historic Quaker Cinema

Throughout New Philadelphia’s historic buildings, nothing quite beats the significance of the Quaker Cinema.

First opened in 1940, it was the first built cinema in Tuscarawas County that’s exclusive for movie releases.

It exudes a classic-style exterior with its fake white brick facade and visible glass block.

With renovations set, it almost feels like you’ve gone back in time with the cinema’s historic charm.

Don’t miss out on new film releases while you’re on your New Philadelphia trip with just a drop by this cinema.

And commemorate your trip with a purchase of the cinema’s official merchandise.

The Quaker Cinema is on West High Avenue.

Practice Your Bowling Skills at Wabash Lanes

If an outdoor adventure is not for you, who says you can’t have fun while being indoors in New Philadelphia?

Wabash Lanes is your go-to spot for a round of family-friendly bowling.

Once going by the name Kinser Lanes, it reopened its doors as Wabash Lanes in 2012.

It features a 20-lane facility for training and a stocked Pro Shop that meets your bowling needs.

Drop by during Open Bowling hours every Friday night.

Wabash Lanes is on Wabash Avenue Northwest.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Enter the Reeves Victorian Home and Carriage House Museum

Check out the elegant architecture and lifestyle of Ohio back in the day by exploring the Reeves Victorian Home and Carriage House Museum.

You’ll find this museum in Dover, Ohio, seven minutes from New Philadelphia.

The Dover industrialist Jeremiah Reeves once owned this elegant mansion.

Today, the house is a fascinating place for history, elegance, and heritage.

The Dover Historical Society manages this mansion/museum, offering visitors a tour of this magnificent Victorian home.

A tour inside this famous mansion is virtually traveling back in time, especially roaming through its vast halls and exploring over 17 rooms and sections.

Inside, you’ll find a vast collection of splendid treasures of yesteryear, including furniture, jewelry, garments, and antique from the original owners of the mansion.

In addition, the Carriage House Museum features the Reeves family’s original 1892 horse carriage and a vast collection of artifacts.

Spending an hour or two at the Reeves Victorian Home and Carriage House Museum is a worthwhile historical experience you shouldn’t miss.

Sip a Glass of Fine Wine at the Breitenbach Wine Cellars

This scenic winery in nearby Dover is the perfect place to unwind by opening a bottle of its finest wine.

Sip fine luxurious wine amid the picturesque natural landscape of Ohio.

It’s 15 minutes away from New Philadelphia.

Breitenbach Wine Cellars is known throughout New Philadelphia and Amish County as a top-notch wine producer.

It is known for its award-winning dandelion wines, berry wines, fruit wines, and other varieties.

Breitenbach Wine Cellars produces over 150,000 gallons of wine annually.

To taste its fine wine, head to Breitenbach Wine Cellars’ tasting room which is also a restaurant.

Pair its fine wine with its famous wood-oven pizza, salads, and other delicious gourmet food.

If you’re looking for a romantic spot in New Philadelphia to bring your special someone or loved ones, you could try going to the Breitenbach Wine Cellars.

Admire the Peaceful Surroundings of Sugar Creek

Unlike other outdoor attractions in New Philadelphia, Sugar Creek provides visitors with a peaceful ambiance.

If you’re looking for a place in New Philadelphia to take a break from your tour, then Sugar Creek is an ideal place to go.

It is an excellent place to hang out while listening to the gentle stream of the creek and listening to the birdsong from the treetops.

In addition, Sugar Creek is not as crowded as other places in New Philadelphia, making it an excellent place to meditate or reflect.

The creek spans 45 miles long, running through Muskingum, Tuscarawas, and Ohio rivers.

You’ll find Sugar Creek 20 minutes from New Philadelphia.

Bring Home a Bottle of Wine at the Silver Moon Winery

Another must-visit winery in Dover offers you a vast collection of fine wine, perfect as a souvenir from your trip.

It’s 13 minutes away from New Philadelphia.

The Silver Moon Winery is a charming local winery and gift shop in Dover that opened in 2005.

Choose from over 40 wine varieties from Silver Moon Winery, which makes an excellent souvenir from your trip to New Philadelphia.

Moreover, you can taste Silver Moon Winery’s wine varieties at its tasting room to complete your experience there.

Embark on an Adventure at the Norma Johnson Center-Yellow Barn

This 303-acre area is one of east-Central Ohio’s most famous outdoor destinations.

It’s also in Dover, but it’s 17 minutes away from New Philadelphia.

The Norma Johnson Center-Yellow Barn is an excellent place for you and your loved ones to embark on an outdoor adventure.

It boasts numerous nature trails taking you to various picturesque natural areas in Amish County.

While hiking its trail, you’ll discover the beautiful flora and fauna of east-central Ohio.

At the same time, the Norma Johnson Center-Yellow Barn offers various educational programs for everyone fascinated by the area’s natural habitat.

See the Trumpet in the Land

A unique experience in New Philadelphia you must not miss is the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Paul Green’s Trumpet in the Land.

This stage play at the Schoenbrunn outdoor amphitheater features the story of the Revolutionary War in Ohio.

Fascinatingly, the stage play’s location is also the birthplace of the famous story.

The Trumpet in the Land is an exhilarating stage play featuring top-notch actors that passionately tell the story of how the Revolutionary War affected Ohio.

Meanwhile, the Schoenbrunn outdoor amphitheater can accommodate as many as 1,400 people.

It is a must-watch show in New Philadelphia, especially for those who are huge fans of Broadway and stage plays.

Lose yourself in some captivating acting and fantastic effects.

Pitch a Tent at the Wood’s Tall Timber Resort

New Philadelphia is also home to a charming 157-acre nature resort named Wood’s Tall Timber Resort.

For those who want to spend a few days visiting New Philadelphia, Wood’s Tall Timber Resort offers a tranquil and fun experience for everyone.

It boasts a seven-acre lake which is also its focal point and main recreation area.

At the same time, it has cozy campgrounds, cottages, and cabins for everyone to choose from.

The Wood’s Tall Timber Resort also features numerous recreational facilities such as boat rentals, paddles, diving boards, basketball courts, playgrounds, and a fishing spot.

This nature resort in New Philadelphia has it all.

You won’t need to drive out of the city to look for outdoor activities and top-notch lodging.

Mingle with Locals at the Tuscarawas County Fairgrounds

There is always something special at county fairs.

Don’t forget to check out the Tuscarawas County Fairgrounds every September.

You’ll need to go to Dover for the fairgrounds, seven minutes away from New Philadelphia.

The series of side events such as concerts, contests, food fairs, and its farmer’s market make this county fair in New Philadelphia exciting.

It is where you can shop for local produce, and local specialties and, of course, enjoy the locals’ festive mood.

In addition, the Tuscarawas County Fairgrounds has an RV camping site for those who bring their RV.

From dining, shopping, and games to meeting locals, the Tuscarawas County Fairgrounds has something for everyone.

Final Thoughts

New Philadelphia is perfect for bringing your family or travel buddies for an affordable yet fun experience.

Its famous theme park, historical sites, and natural attractions are a stone’s throw away from each other.

Consider New Philadelphia as your new holiday destination.

It’s a much easier choice if you come from nearby Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Columbus.

If not, visiting Ohio’s New Philadelphia for your next getaway should still be an attractive possibility.

Start planning your trip today!

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