15 Best Things to Do in Mansfield, Ohio

15 Best Things to Do in Mansfield, Ohio

The city of Mansfield is also known as the “Fun Center of Ohio’, for all the right reasons. Mansfield is a county seat of the Richland County. This beautiful city falls between Columbus and Cleveland through interstate 71, in northeastern and north central Ohio, also being a part of the western Allegheny plateau.  

The entire city can be called an offbeat beauty owing to its broad highways with thick vegetation on both sides. Mansfield, named after Jared Mansfield, is surrounded by fertile and dense farmlands and lies on the edge of the Mohican River.  

This city is also often called the ‘danger city’ or ‘carousel capital of Ohio’ or the ‘racing capital’ or The Heart of Ohio. Mansfield is filled with parks and bears witness to the historical Renaissance theatre. This city was even used for the filming of numerous movies including the legendary film The Shawshank Redemption.

Soak in the Beauty of Kingwood Center Gardens

Flowers at Kingwood Center Gardens in Mansfield
shriesik / Shutterstock.com

Are you a lover of aestheticism or gardens? Are you an orchardist or a photographer? Whatever your preference and whoever you maybe! This place is a must visit for everyone! The Kingwood Center Gardens is a botanical garden in Trimble Road, Mansfield, filled with all the green lush wonder one can imagine.

This property used to be a former estate of Charles Kelly King and turned into a garden in 1953. Spread over an area of 47 acres, this garden includes everything from succulent houses, herb gardens, historic gardens, perennial gardens, and rose gardens to tropical houses, terraces with tulip beds, parterre, daylily, iris collections and woodland.

The Kingwood Center Gardens were added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.

Feed Birds At The Ohio Bird Sanctuary

This attraction of tourists is located at the Orweiler road in Mansfield. Open on most days of the week till 4 pm, this sanctuary is a favorite of all age groups.

The sanctuary ensures a perfect family environment for tourists, who can go bird watching, attend presentations to learn about different resident birds like owls, walk through the hiking trails, as there are numerous hiking paths, stroll through the bird displays and even feed the birds at the aviary.

For families to enjoy their stay to the fullest there are arrangements of picnic tables at the grounds. It would not be a shock if a beautiful bird ends up landing at your arm while you try to feed it! Tourists can even make donations to help the sanctuary, which is also known for taking care of injured birds.

Go Snowboarding & Sking!

Mansfield does not only offer the lush greenery, it is also famous for the fresh snow where going for ski and snowboarding is a must if you want to take part in all the frolic and fun!

The very landscape is bound to blow your mind off with long valleys covered with white wash of fresh snow for as far as the eye goes, accompanied only by dried branches of tall trees. There are tons of snow activities waiting for you under different agents that must not be missed.

The ropeway is truly gorgeous and will ensure that you get a wide aerial view of this snowy landscape. In the evenings the entire area is decorated with colored lights giving it a relaxed mystic feel.

Soak In The Mystery Of The Mansfield Reformatory

Mansfield Reformatory
Sandra Foyt / Shutterstock.com

Apart from being a place of deep historical significance, this reformatory has been the place of filming for numerous movies. Become one of those adventure enthusiasts and delve deep into the building and match with the vibe.

The famous Hollywood classic The Shawshank Redemption was filmed here and since then the spot has gained major interest from tourists all over the world, as it provides information about how the prison was used in making of the film.

You can either have a self-guided or normally guided tour and due to the mysterious environment the haunted tours become all the more bone chilling and adventurous. Along with the thrilling atmosphere the historical significance and jam packed architecture make it a must visit spot.

Let The Biblewalk Museum Astound You

Formerly known as ‘The Living Bible Museum’, the Biblewalk is a wax museum, denominational in nature, it is related with the Diamond Hill Cathedral.

This is a deeply religious, cultural and artistic place depicting wax figures in references from Christian events, particularly from the Bible. It was established in 1987. This museum alone boosts the economy of Mansfield and Ohio in general.

The significance is such that each year more than 40,000 visitors come to see it, often from Columbus and Cleveland and other parts of Ohio. Sometimes visitors come from as far as South Africa, Asia and U.K.

The museum contains five tours with 78 scenes and over 300 life size figures. The museum also holds rare versions of the Bible and other religious artifacts.

Grasp The Flavors At The Blueberry Patch

Blueberry Patch
Wendy Pramik, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Blueberry Patch can literally be called the “sweetest” destination in Mansfield. Located around the Hanley road, this is a winery, a blueberry vineyard with restaurants and a gift shop. Get prepared to be pleasantly surprised by the cultivation cuisines and merchandize present here.

Who doesn’t love a good bunch of fresh blueberries! The gift shop has numerous gifts and takeaways and even blueberry printed fabric for you. There is a restaurant and café providing desserts and muffins and all sorts of food items, as well as takeaways. The food is gluten free!

There is the beautiful green vineyard with purple blueberries in full bloom; there is a winery with the best kind of wines. There is warmth and live music in the area to lift up your spirits as well as your taste buds.

Enjoy The Little Buckeye Children’s Museum

Whether or not you have a child, visit the Little Buckeye Children’s Museum to soak in this fun little world of the tiny! Located around the 44 W 4th Street, the museum is spread over two floors with two dozens of exhibits.

Children of 2 to 10 years are quintessential for this museum; there are miniature train sets, cities, miniature rooms for children to showcase their creativity and even things to buy for your child. It is an ideal location for families and their children, extremely tourist friendly in nature.

There are water connectors, dance shows, Lego, dentist’s office. There is an area for kids to perform on the stage, a police station, a farm, a water table, a dinosaur dig area, beauty shops, grocery stores, construction areas and what not! It is a perfect place for letting the child out, your child or the child in you.

Relish Nature At The Gorman Nature Center

Being in the lap of nature is bound to find its true meaning in the Gorman Nature Center. This is a nature and wildlife area immensely popular with the people of Ohio.

Located at the Lexington Avenue, this place is a not so much of a “hidden” treasure for lovers of life. There are numerous water bodies to do all sorts of activities in, there are ponds and lakes with short conventionally beautiful bridges, there are long stretches of greenery and very old plants and trees which often make the area an educational site.

There are nature houses and other old bodies one would find extremely beautiful to relax at. It is often a preferred location for nature photographers, nature lovers, naturalists and hikers. Yes, hiking is another activity you can carry out here.

Get To Know About Mansfield’s Fire Museum And Educational Center

The historical significance of the Mansfield fire museum and educational center is supreme. It should be a prime area of interest for travellers. This significantly beautiful museum is located W 4th Street. Often Mansfield’s fire fighters give you tours filled with information around the museum.

The entire museum is filled with red glossy gorgeous and complex engines of all times as memorabilia. There are fire trucks and other equipment too. Almost every engine or old fire truck has a story of its own which the guide will tell you.

Demonstrations are given by the guides too. All in the entire place is packed with beautiful machinery with memorabilia and history that is sure to make you awestruck.

Breathe In Art At The Mansfield Art Center

The Mansfield Art Center is located at the Marion Avenue and whether you are a visitor, an artist, art lover or an art enthusiast your senses are sure to be touched by the thoroughly beautiful and rich collection of artworks present in this museum.

A whole building with many stories, the center is available for purchases of art pieces as well and has a massive range of sale going on throughout the year, most of which the tourists carry out. Many fetes, fairs and shows are held often in this center.

The architecture in itself is sleek and modern, clean and well decorated to create the perfect ambiance for an art gallery. There are also gift shops with handmade items available.

Be A Part Of The Historic Renaissance Theatre

Renaissance Theatre
User:OHWiki, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Get ready for your breath to be taken away because this is one of the heritage spots of Mansfield, Ohio. It is located in the Park Avenue and was previously known as the Ohio Theatre. It is by far the largest theatre in the north central area of Ohio with a gaping 1402 seats in a larger than life auditorium/ galaxy.

The architectural style is bound to set forth piano classics in your heart with its neoclassical nature. This museum was established in the year 1928 and runs beautifully till date with audiences from all over the world.

There is theatre, music, dance, melodies, drama and all that is history, culture, art and fun! An average of 40 productions is produced in a year in Broadway style. Most state level pageant shows were also held here. This beauty marks the mix of history and entertainment.

Relax At The South Park

Located at Brinkerhoff Avenue, this place has significant historic importance in the locality. This park is a pleasant amalgamation of history and playgrounds in the lay of nature.

The South Park holds different events in different seasons like fun in the park for youngsters in summer and in fall there are historic enactment events. There is something for everyone at the south park.

For children there is a playground area, for families there are picnic spots with tables and chairs and for nature lovers of any kind the entire area is located beautifully in between lush greenery with cabins and tree houses to get the countryside vibe going.

Swirl At The Richland Carrousel Park

Richland Carrousel Park
OHWiki, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Richland Carrousel Park is the entertainment and gaming center for Mansfield.  Who doesn’t like a gorgeously lit Carrousel with beautiful horses and golden lights to have some warm fun time with their loved ones?

All the animals and horses are well decorated and maintained properly with the addition of a melodious piece of music playing on with it at all times.

The architecture of the park is very warm and happiness inducing, there is a sitting area for resting and having fun, there is food and there is a gift shop too to buy whatever you want from the Richland Carrousel Park. This park is therefore a fun filled area to go to with your kids or family and spend some jolly time.

Shop Antiques From Mansfield

True art pieces can be found at the Mansfield antique store. Located beside the Main Street, the antique shops will blow your mind with their detailed collection of products. The shopkeepers sure know their things well and are sure to guide you through your visit.

From body products to cups to vases of different materials, crockery, décor, plant shelves and home ware all sorts of materials are available and all of them look regal and classic. This place is an art lover’s dream center for shopping.

Grab A Drink At The Phoenix Brewing Company

After all that touring and shopping you would surely like to grab a good beer and the Phoenix Brewing Company might just be your best bet! This place used to be a funeral home at one time and people often go for tours to see the basement’s brewing now.

The architecture is regal with a heritage looking building and the ambiance is beautiful with brick red walls and golden lights. There are endless varieties of beers and other drinks to choose from and the vibe is definitely cool. Music channels are on all the time to add on to the vibe.