15 Best Things to Do in Koh Chang

15 Best Things to Do in Koh Chang

An amphoe located in Trat Province, Thailand, on the eastern seaboard, Koh Chang occupies the majority of the district land area. Its oceanic beauty with the backdrop of hills of green makes it one of the most underrated destinations on the planet.

The name of the island translates to ‘Elephant Island’. Despite elephants being present on the island, it is more known for the other animal species like macaques, snakes, and loads of deer habitat.

The island is home to its unique cuisine the restaurants that reflect in their own but authentic way. The island is not only home to its own culture in food but also has restaurants that specialize in Mexican, Greek, Turkish, Belgium, French, German, Indian, and even Russian.

If you’re hungry and you want food, it’s going to take quite a few minutes to just choose what to order. And when your order would be served, you’ll be tasting heaven (well, if there’s were seafood in heaven).

Street Food and Restaurants

Street Food in Koh Chang
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To be honest you can eat Thai food from your home even. And there are not many restaurants that serve the traditional food, the way it had always been.

As Thailand became more for the tourists as it is now, the cuisine developed and enhanced even more. Now, they serve Thai food with a twist of international sauces and spices so that everyone could lick their fingers and marvel at what they were just served.

One of the many things you don’t have to worry about is the price. The food in your country would be quite more expensive than the food here. In 100-250 Baht, you can eat everything and everywhere (except the luxury hotels). A

nd for our fellow people who just want to eat Pizzas all the time, it’ll cost you not more than 350 Baht. Invito Al Cibo is your place to eat not only pizzas but everything Italian.

The people who love meat would not have the right to eat that cheap. As every dish that has meat is well over 1000 Baht as the meat is imported from other countries. For other meat dishes for which the meat is locally sourced would be over 350 Baht.

On the inland side of the main road and opposite Banpu Resort, we have Boogie Chicken and Nong Bua. The latter one is mainly a seafood restaurant. If you love restaurants for their food and not their interiors, this is the place you have to eat at.

Boogie Chicken on the other hand is (as its name says), a chicken restaurant famous for its Rotisserie Chicken. You will always see grills and chickens rotating over charcoal. Both of the restaurants also serve authentic Thai food.

Sun and Soul, at the Cookie Resort, has a menu card quite extensive than you can imagine, and serve quite decent cocktail options.

This place not only serves Thai food but a wide variety of tastes varying from eastern to western, from spicy to savory, and from seafood to pasta. Another one is near KC Grande, by the name of 15 Palms. This restaurant has better service and better food than many other places on the beachfront.

For our fellow Indians who can’t survive without eating naan bread or the ones in love with Indian Cuisine, we have A Taste of India near Koh Chang Hut Resort, in the center of the beach. For the people who want to try new things (and of course good things), we have a Turkish restaurant by the name of Alaturka, for mouth-watering specials.

For the people with a wish to taste the street food, we have the street food market in the center of White Sand Beach, the back of Apple and Bamboo Resort. The stalls are more focused on the tourists because of which you can find every snack there, may it be rolls or smoothies.

For the people wanting caffeine to enjoy the rest of the day, we have Le JaoJom. It is a Bistro and coffeeshops with excellent cakes by the beach. Having a cake by the ocean is awesome as hell. Don’t believe us…ask DNCE (the ones who made the song, Cake by the Ocean).

The list can be never-ending. Honestly, Koh Chang is stuffed with restaurants stuffed with extensive cuisine stuffed with new and luscious food (too much stuffed).

Every beach you visit in Koh Chang has its chain of restaurants located nearby. So, to satisfy your appetite for scenery we gotta include the list beach you can lay low and enjoy the cuisine you love.

Klong Son Beach

Klong Son Beach
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Starting from the north-west part of Koh Chang, one of the best Beaches is the Klong Son beach. It is a local village attached to a beautiful white beach that shines relaxingly bright.

This beach has the best elephant camp on the island. Not only this but fruit farms, the opportunity for trekking. And for the people who are just stuck in ‘that’ era we have the cockfighting arena and for our couples a romantic waterfall when you enter the valley nearby.

North White Sand Beach

The next one is the North White Sand Beach- a kilometer long beach with hotels, restaurants, and humble stores along the main road. This beach is also called the Thai Paradise, being the busiest and also the most developed on the island.

Craving for a tattoo as a souvenir, the shops will be visible to you from the beach only, and if perhaps you want other kinds of souvenirs, the beach will have your back. Even if you’re clueless about where to go and search for a tour agent, just gaze across the people there are many.

South White Sand

South White Sand beach
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The South White Sand beach is a bit quieter than the former but is a beautiful beach nonetheless. If you want to lounge back, lay low, and enjoy the grill all day, this is your place, people.

For the people who have come here as a refuge from the chaos their life contains, this is your low-key relaxing station where you can finally do ‘nothing’. The road here leads to the Little Pattaya area, the main bar area near the beach.

North and South Klong Prao beach

Klong Prao beach
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North and South Klong Prao beach are two beaches close to each other. The north beach is a curved land that is split by an estuary. The beautiful scenery of the estuary makes it one of the most serene beaches on the island with a bunch of shopping plazas on the roadside.

The south beach is more for people who want a little privacy. Lesser people, quieter sands, and gushing winds on the water. This part of the beach is still in development but won’t ever give you the feeling of being incomplete, making it a must-visit for the tourists.

Kai Beach

A man riding elephant in Kai Bae Beach
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Kai Bae beach is the beach you should visit with your ‘bae’ and if you have kids, Voila! People who wish to stay here usually want their privacy kept away.

This one is for the fellas who don’t really prefer the hotels and rather prefer a beach bungalow instead. The best resorts are located here just in the center of the village. Restaurants in surplus, you’ll have many things to eat, drinks, and munch on.


Tourists Snorkeling at Koh Yak Lek
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Snorkeling (as it never gets old)! Snorkeling trips vary as per your time preferences and your budget. But everybody knows even 20 minutes gaze of the marine life underwater is something you won’t replace anything with.

And then we have Scuba Diving. Many are often confused between snorkeling and scuba diving; the major difference being snorkeling being done without any complex apparatus and scuba diving is all about it.

For snorkeling, you can visit Koh Rang National Marine Park, Koh Thang Lang, and Koh Wai, the best season being the period between October and May. The budget may vary from 500 to 1400 Baht.

For our fellow scuba divers, HTMS Chang Wreck is the place that offers diving in 30m deep waters. And the cost varies from 1000 to 30,000 Baht.

Speed Boat

Speed Boat in Koh Chang
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One of the best things you can do here is the speed boat tour. It takes you around the marines and aquatic beauty of the island making you awestruck amid the serene water crashing against the hull.

The best season for a speed boat tour is between October and May. Within 1300 Baht you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the island (a guide included).


Kayaking in Koh Chang
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Speaking of boats, Kayaking Opportunities are also available. These two activities are the greatest way to relish the beaches and the waters of the island.

All the beaches mentioned above offer it and are just 57000 Baht for the whole equipment and other expenses including food and accommodations. The best time to enjoy kayaking falls between October and April.


For our Man vs. Wild fans, we also have a Crocodile and Snake Show. Presented in Chai Chet from October to April this show features professionals playing with snakes and jeopardous crocodiles.

The charges range from 200 to 400 Baht depending on your age group. And for the stans- well you can also play with these creatures too.


Koh Chang is the second largest island in Thailand and has vast stretches of beaches making it an ideal spot for camping. The tourists here usually camp amid in tropical forests of the island.

Even if you know nothing about camping there are guides and pre-established accommodations so you can go and stay there without self-recriminating yourself. For the tree huggers, we also have tree houses. Everything for everyone.

Zip N Zorb Adventure Park

In the Zip N Zorb Adventure Park, one of the most adrenaline rush activities is Zorbing (you know, keep rolling in a ball inflated with air). Especially for kids but is suitable for whoever yearns for fun.

Plus, we highly recommend the 150 feet Zorb Run, for kids who are above 5 years of age. And in just 700 Baht you can roll five times. It is very easy, even for people who are a little claustrophobic. So keep rolling!

Tree Top Adventure Park

And if rolling is not your thing, we have an alternative. Try Zip Lining in Tree Top Adventure Park. The season is the period between October and November.

If you even want a tougher route for zip lining you’ll have the professionals to guide you. The ‘Red’ courses are tough and the ‘Blue’ ones are the easy ones. It is must-do if you’re in Koh Chang. In 1250 Baht you can surf in air across the sky from tree to tree.

ATV Rides

Almost all over Koh Chang valley across Klong Plu River, you can enjoy ATV rides. These rides are available in different batches. Only night ours are available during the bright seasons of summer, though the day rides are available every season of the year.

In around 2500-2800 Bhat you can enjoy riding the ATVs for upto 90 minutes. And if you want you can even learn how to ride them for 450 Baht.


Yacht in Koh Chang
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People who visit Koh Chang often do it for privacy and relaxation. And for relaxation many turn to adventure.

One of the best things to do on the island is sailing. About 15-20 yachts are availableduring the peak seasons. The two main locations for sailing are Salakphet Bay and Island View Pier, you can even find accommodations here.

There’s a lot on this island. More than I can write here. There will always be things left even after we get to write a part-2 of this article. It is surprising how many things a single island can offer.

So many accommodations, so many beaches, so many cuisines, and so many activities. Basically if your life sucks for a bit, Koh Chang is the place you can visit. It is basically the Paradise of Asia.