25 Best Things to Do in Karon Beach, Thailand

Karon Beach, Thailand
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Karon Beach is a spectacular beach located on the west coast of Thailand's exotic Phuket island.

The aqua blue waters and the white sands of this beach create a stunning contrast.

One can indulge in countless fun activities here without burning a hole in their pocket, making this beach the ultimate backpacker's paradise.

Being one of the longest beaches on the island, it never gets crowded.

It is known for its crystal clear waters and tranquil atmosphere.

This place is the perfect getaway for a relaxing vacation.

Here are some of the best things to do in Karon Beach, Thailand:

Check in at Resorts in Karon Beach

Waver crashing in the shore at Karon Beach
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The hotels and resorts located in and around this beach are very inexpensive.

Get the luxury of five-star hotels at unbelievably pocket-friendly prices.

Buildings near Karon Beach
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Some popular hotels here are Avista Grande, Mövenpick, The Shore at Katathani, Le Meridien, Novotel, Beyond Resort, Centara Grand, and Hilton Phuket Arcadia.

A swimming pool in Karon Beach's resort
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These hotels have lavish pools, heavenly spas, great restaurants and bars, gyms, and more.

Karon beach is a budget-friendly travel destination.

People at Karon Beach's resort
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Treat Yourself to Heavenly Thai Spa Therapy

Thailand has risen to prominence as one of the world's premier massage and spa therapy destinations.

The top tourist-loved spas in Karon beach are In Balance Spa at Novotel, Siam Herbs for Health Spa, Nin Massage, Palm Spa and Massage, Spa Cenvaree at Centara Grand, Oasis Spa, and Frutta Massage and Spa.

You must experience a Thai massage or spa therapy while visiting Thailand.

They're known to work wonders in relieving stress and body pain.

Karon Beach has some of the finest spas in entire Phuket.

Venture on a Parasailing Adventure

A young couple enjoying parasailing at Karon Beach
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Parasailing in Karon Beach is a thrilling experience.

The water sports here are very reasonably priced.

This experience offers mind-blowing bird's eye views of the beautiful beach.

People ready to start their Parasailing Adventure
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You should try out this adrenaline-pumping activity here and create unforgettable memories.

Jet Skiing is also a very popular water sport on this beach.

The crystalline bay and aqua blue water make the water sports experiences more sensational.

It is to be noted that some tourists have raised safety concerns regarding parasailing here.

Sunset illuminating a Parasail
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Have Your Fill of Mouth-Watering Thai Cuisine

Fried street food in karon beach
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There are countless places to dine in and around Karon Beach.

The beachfront restaurants near Karon Lake are amazingly affordable and serve delicious meals.

While dining here, one must try out their fresh and delicious seafood options.

Coconut and pineapple drinks at Karon Beach
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The stunning views of the ocean make the dining experience here all the more amazing.

Affordable dining options are also available at the temple market, which is open every Tuesday and Friday.

This market is well-known for its authentic, mouth-watering Thai street food.

Grilled street food of Karon Beach
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The flavorsome and authentic Thai dishes to try are Tom Yum Goong, Tom Kha Gai, Pad Thai, Gaeng Daeng, Khao Pad, Pad Krapow, Khao Soi, Pad Kee Mao, Khao Niew Ma Muang, Pad Phak, and Yum Pla Duk Foo.

Indian cuisine is also quite popular in Thailand.

A few of the best restaurants in the Karon Beach area are Eat. Bar & Grill, Golden Paradise Restaurant, On the Rock, Coast Beach Club & Bistro, Two Chefs & Grill, Istanbul Turkish Restaurant, El Gaucho, Palm Square, Ging, and Karon café.

A fruit stand at Karon Beach
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Visit Wat Suwan Khiri Khet

Majestic entrance of Wat Suwan Khiri Khet
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Buddhism is the most practiced religion in Thailand.

A temple is known as "wat" in this country.

Colorful exterior of Wat Suwan Khiri Khet
natussi andreeva / Shutterstock.com

Wat Suwan Khiri Khet is a Buddhist temple located 500 meters from Karon Beach, popularly known as Karon Temple.

The interiors of this temple are a kaleidoscope of paintings, murals, and traditional Buddhist architecture.

It also has many Buddha statues and some images of Hindu goddesses.

Gorgeous details of Wat Suwan Khiri Khet
Teo2802 / Shutterstock.com

The tranquil atmosphere of the temple makes it an ideal place to meditate.

One has to follow a dress code here, just like any other Buddhist temple.

Golden statues of Wat Suwan Khiri Khet
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Rent a Surfboard and Ride Karon Beach's Waves

Surf boards lined up at Karon Beach
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The perfect time to surf in Karon Beach is from May to October.

Stack of Surfboards on a vehicle
Ko Kim / Shutterstock.com

There are a few surf clubs in and around the area that provide rental surfboards and surfing lessons.

Ready to use Surfboards on Karon beach shore
Larcsky789 / Shutterstock.com

Explore Karon Night Market

People enjoying their food at Karon Night Market
Miroslaw Gierczyk / Shutterstock.com

Located in the Karon Temple premises, the Karon Night Market is open every Tuesday and Friday.

The stalls offer a wide range of jewelry, handbags, apparel, locally handcrafted goods, swimsuits, footwear, and great Thai street food.

This is a perfect place to shop for souvenirs.

The environment is vibrant.

Exotic street food of Karon Night Market
Miroslaw Gierczyk / Shutterstock.com

It is one of the most famous local markets in Phuket and is usually flocked by tourists all year round.

Visitors like to try out the local fruit, durian.

The market, in general, is relatively inexpensive and allows you to experience a little bit of the local culture.

Don't forget to use your bargaining skills while shopping here.

People buying grilled food at Karon Night Market
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Spend the Day Swimming and Sunbathing at the Beach

View of Karon Beach sunset
thaisign / Shutterstock.com

Karon Beach is great for swimming all year round, but the waves might get a little rough during monsoons.

The best time to swim is between November to April.

People swimming on Karon Beach
Simon Poon / Shutterstock.com

The water is a beautiful turquoise shade and is pleasantly transparent.

The soothing waves help relieve stress and feel like nature's own massage.

This beach doesn't usually feel crowded as it is one of the longest beaches on the island.

People enjoying the Karon Beach sun
Diego Fiore / Shutterstock.com

The entire atmosphere is calm and peaceful, making it a perfect spot to sunbathe and chill.

Beach lounge chairs are available for rent throughout the day.

Palm trees along Karon Beach shore
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Play Beach Volleyball with Locals and Fellow Tourists

Beach Volleyball net at Karon Beach
teerapon4956 / Shutterstock.com

This is the only beach in Phuket with public volleyball nets.

It's free for everyone.

People playing Beach Volleyball on Karon Beach
Mai Groves / Shutterstock.com

The court gets crowded in the evenings, and both tourists and locals join in for games.

It's a fun way to meet new people and have a wonderful time on the beach.

A volleyball ball on Karon beach sand
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Go on a Banana Boat Ride

Banana boats are inflated banana-shaped boats that can accommodate around five to seven people at one time.

The boat is pulled around in the ocean by a speed boat.

The persons on the inflated tube grab onto the handles and enjoy the exhilarating ride.

This is a popular adventure sport in Karon Beach.

The speed boat drivers pulling the tube often take a sharp bend at the end of the ride to throw everyone into the water for fun.

Hike Your Way to Big Buddha

Huge white Big Buddha in Phuket
BigaPixel / Shutterstock.com

Big Buddha is one of the top tourist attractions in Phuket.

It is a 45-meter high Buddha statue located on top of Nagakerd Hill.

It offers outstanding views of the ocean and southern Phuket.

Aerial view of Phuket's Big Buddha
Elias Bitar / Shutterstock.com

The perfect time to reach the top would be between 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Within this hour, you can experience phenomenal views of the postcard-worthy sunset.

The scenic hike from Karon Beach to Big Buddha takes 45 minutes to an hour.

The statue is also accessible by road, and one can choose to drive there.

Colorful fireworks view from Big Buddha
Chuv1 / Shutterstock.com

Play Miniature Golf at Dino Park

Dino Park Mini Golf is a dinosaur and jungle-themed miniature golf course with a restaurant.

The family-friendly establishment is located very close to Karon Beach and is loved by tourists.

The best time to visit is during the evening.

It takes about 40 minutes to complete a round of mini-golf.

Enjoy Karon Beach's Picturesque Sunsets

Picturesque Sunsets with a loney boat in the forefront at Karon Beach
Boophuket / Shutterstock.com

The sunsets at Karon Beach are truly phenomenal and romantic.

Soft-colored sunset at Karon beach
Elias Bitar / Shutterstock.com

The sky is painted with beautiful shades of pink, crimson, yellow, and purple.

You can sit back and absorb the blissful atmosphere.

People strolling along Karon beach during sunset
Netfalls Remy Musser / Shutterstock.com

Once the sun sets, you can enjoy a delicious meal at the beachfront restaurants serving fresh and exotic seafood and Thai cuisines.

Scenic sunset reflecting on Karon beach waters
Thexele / Shutterstock.com

Take in Panoramic Views from Karon View Point

Spectacular view from the Karon View Point
Preto Perola / Shutterstock.com

This observation deck is about 5 kilometers from Karon Beach.

It offers panoramic views of the Andaman Sea and the dense greenery of Phuket.

A telescope at Karon View Point
Sorakrai Tangnoi / Shutterstock.com

One can also get a bird's-eye view of the three beaches: Kata Noi, Kata Yai, and Karon.

This viewpoint is known to the locals as Khao Sam Haad, and it happens to be the most photographed location on the entire island.

Sunny day at Karon View Point
MosayMay / Shutterstock.com

Karon View Point is on every tourist's itinerary when visiting Phuket.

The observation deck is open 24/7.

Name sign of Karon View Point
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Enjoy Karon's Nightlife

Night time view of Karon Temple Market
avbss / Shutterstock.com

The best places in Karon to experience the nightlife include Patak Road, Karon Temple Market, Karon Bazaar, and Bangla Plaza.

The hotels and resorts around the beach also have some excellent pubs and restaurants.

Auto bar Phuket's van at Karon
Julia Baturina / Shutterstock.com

Some of the tourist-loved pubs in Karon include Angus O' Tool's Irish Pub, Coast Beach Club, Walkabout Sports Bar, Karon Aussie Bar, Art Space Gallery and Music Bar, and The Garage.

There are a plethora of smaller bars in Bangla Plaza and Karon Bazaar.

A different kind of nightlife can be experienced at the Karon Night Temple Market, with various stalls selling local goods, souvenirs, and Thai street food.

Go Shopping at Karon Bazaar

Beautiful tshirts and tops at Karon Bazaar
Chrispictures / Shutterstock.com

Karon Bazaar is a shopping center located on Karon Beach Road.

The shops here majorly sell apparel and beachwear.

Colorful bags at Karon Bazaar
Chrispictures / Shutterstock.com

There's also a multitude of spas, eateries, and bars.

Also known as Karon Plaza, it forms a significant part of Karon's nightlife.

Mini figure souvenirs at Karon Bazaar
Chrispictures / Shutterstock.com

Make sure to bargain before you make a purchase here.

This market is well-known for selling knock-offs of various high-end international brands and is frequented by tourists all-round the year.

People shopping for fruits at Karon Bazaar
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Get Inked at One of Karon's Famous Tattoo Parlors

Sak Yant Tattooing is a significant part of Thai culture and dates back to the 9th century.

It was believed that tattooing sacred religious scriptures, animals, gods, and goddesses would provide protection from evil powers and bring good fortune.

Thailand is world-famous for its Sak Yant tattoos.

Both Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have such tattoos.

Popular tattoo studios in Karon are Celebrity Ink Tattoo, Andaman Tattoo Studio, Army Freedom Tattoo.

Learn to Cook Thai Cusine

There are several businesses providing cooking lessons for authentic Thai cuisine in and around the Karon Beach area.

The prominent ones include Kata Thai Cooking Classes by Sally, Thai Cooking Lessons by Miss Chel, and Phuket Thai Cooking Class by VJ.

Some of the resorts in Karon Beach, such as Mövenpick, Centara, and The Village Resort and Spa, also provide such classes.

It's a great way to meet new people and learn a skill.

Relax at Hat Karon Noi Beach

Aerial view of Hat Karon Noi Beach
Dmitry Zudin / Shutterstock.com

This is Le Meridien hotel's private beach.

It's a small and immaculate beach meant only for hotel guests.

Aerial view of a resort in Hat Karon Noi Beach
fokke baarssen / Shutterstock.com

It is one of the few private beaches on the island and is sometimes known as Relax Beach.

It is located to the north of Karon Beach and is surrounded by lush green trees and hills.

Clean waters of Hat Karon Noi Beach
fokke baarssen / Shutterstock.com

The views here are awe-inspiring.

The hotel also has a gigantic pool and other fantastic facilities.

A couple posing on a heart-shaped chair at Hat Karon Noi Beach
fokke baarssen / Shutterstock.com

Take a Stroll in Karon Park

Karon Lake, also known as Nong Han Lake, is a serene lake in the northern part of the beach.

The lake is a part of Karon Park.

It is mainly meant for jogs, runs, and workouts.

The park hosts various festivals and fairs, such as Loy Krathong.

Create a Photo-op Moment of the Karon Beach Roundabout

Statues at Karon Beach Roundabout
Joey Santini / Shutterstock.com

Located at Karon beach's northern edge is a roundabout called Karon Beach Roundabout, which serves as both a navigational aid for beach-goers and a pleasing source of natural beauty to those who pass by.

Anyone who stands at this roundabout will be pleased to see it, as it offers a view of the beautiful Paton beach to the north and that of Karon Beach to the south.

Sunny day at Karon Beach Roundabout
Simon Poon / Shutterstock.com

Karon Beach Roundabout is an ideal spot to enjoy one of Karon's many excursions because nearly all attractions in Karon are reachable within a short walking distance.

You can easily locate attractions here, such as supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, and even mini shopping centers.

The Karon Beach Roundabout is located less than an hour from Phuket International Airport and offers hotel rooms that are comfortable and spacious, with free Wi-Fi and air conditioning.

Bask in the Wonder of Pukan Watercolor

Once you enter the Pukan Watercolor on Patak Road, you will be transported to an exciting universe filled with colors of every imaginable shade and variety.

If you're an art enthusiast, you'll feel like taking home one of their watercolored artworks.

Pukan Watercolor is a sanctuary of art for tourists passing by on the way to Karon beach, and it's a nice way for those passing by to learn what contemporary art has to offer.

Bask in the wonder of the gallery that houses a collection of watercolor artworks from landscapes to still life, figurative works, and marine views of Thailand’s beautiful Phuket island.

No day is complete without stopping by this place!

Snap a Selfie with the Karon Dragon Image

People admiring the Karon Dragon Image
Natalia Kokhanova / Shutterstock.com

Karon beach has a novel convention known as "The Golden Naga."

Situated in the seaside front of Karon Beach is this beautifully designed Karon Dragon Image.

There's a lot that can be said about dragons.

Typically fierce, these mythical creatures play important roles in cultures across the globe.

Close details of the beautiful Karon Dragon Image
laksena / Shutterstock.com

One thing you'll undoubtedly learn during your stay in Phuket is that this traditionally Asian area is no different, and the presence of a dragon statue readily draws attention to that fact!

The Karon Dragon Image in Mueang Phuket District happens to be quite easy to find since it's prominently displayed near Karon road.

And yet, despite its popularity, it's still one of the best-kept secrets around, and even locals are often unaware of just how significant this important monument truly is.

Night time view of Karon Dragon Image
thaisign / Shutterstock.com

Final Thoughts

It doesn't come as a surprise that Karon Beach is one of the most popular places to visit in Thailand.

After all, the area is marked by breathtaking views, exciting beach activities, and restaurants that boast mouth-watering cuisine.

Additionally, Karon is an excellent vacation spot whether you'd like to relax at the spa, get your adrenaline pumping by engaging in water sports, or have a fun time and explore the town's shopping and nightlife scenes.

For a memorable visit, make sure to reference this list of things to do in Karon Beach!

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