17 Best Things to Do in Guam

17 Best Things to Do in Guam

Dreaming of the perfect island vacation but not having to worry about washing off the cash in Hawaii or Maldives? Guam is the perfect choice for an out of the box traveller wanting to explore the unexplored.

With its Chamorro villages and the Wednesday markets there, diverse World War history and monuments witnessing it, the Roman churches, ancient latte stone pillars, breathtaking Pagat caves, golden beaches, blue palette mingling the ocean and the crystal clear sky Guam is the ultimate choice for an unwinding and detoxifying get away into the ocean land.

Snorkelling at The Tumon Beach

Snorkelling at Ypao beach in Tumon bay
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Grab your snorkels, swim fins and glasses to go swimming through the turquoise under waters of Guam witnessing the endless fauna in the beaches like Ypao beach in south of Tumon Bay, falling under Guam’s five marine preserves.

Other areas like the Gun Beach in northern Tumon, Gab Gab beach at the naval base, the Piti Bomb Holes, the Family Beach, the Cabras Islands, the Coral Gardens, Aren Islands, Haputo, the Double Reefs or the Spanish Steps are perfect to witness reef sharks, octopuses, jacks and clownfish and other beauties.

Due to the restriction on fishing the sea wonders are even more available for the tourists and finding a beautiful sea turtle or swimming past the eel grass through the coral heads.

Strolling Through the Chamorro Village

Barbecued meats in Chamorro village
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The Chamorro village with its lively market in the Guam territory is a major point of action if you want to enjoy a countryside vibe along with relishing a mix and match of cultures.

Apart from being open on all days, the night market held on Wednesday nights becomes the main attraction of tourists from all over the world.

Walking through Spanish influenced buildings one can see lively markets smelling of barbecued meat, an array of varied kinds of ethnic products like the traditional Chamorro jewelry and even street shows!

All these roads lead one to the center court where the people can dance all night. The entire Chamorro village is also surrounded by a number of parks like the City Park, the Paseo De Susana Park or the San Antonio Bridge.

Visiting the Ritidian Point

Ritidian point
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Being the northernmost point in the entire island of Guam, the Ritidian point, located in Yigo area, has its own share of scenic beauty and can be called a tropical paradise. It is a part of the Guam National Widlife Refuge administered and owned by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

The ritidian point is a range of beaches with beautiful white sand shores throughout the stretch of northern Guam.  Due to the heavy popularity this spot has timings for the visitors which end at 4 pm every day.

There is shallow and clear water preferable for families and kids. The place still upholds its natural oceanic peace being comparatively unaffected by hotels and businesses.

The Talofofo Beach

Talofofo beach
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Witnessing the junction of the thick Guamanian forests and white sandy beaches the Talofofo beach is another major point of interest for visitors.

Apart from the main beach which originates from the Talofofo River, there are many sub-beaches. One can pay a visit to the Tongan Resort to indulge in the Pool Clubs or get a good view of one of the beaches.

The First Beach marks ultramarine waters with almost uninhabited sands to go into a quieter refuge. One can also go to the Talofofo Falls Resort Park to watch caverns, caves and waterfalls and rides for the children

For a break there are the Talofofo Onward Golf Courses with lush green lawns or the off-road tours.

Visiting the Magellan Monument

Magellan monument
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This historical monument is located at Umatac in Guam. It is said to be a tribute or remembrance monument to the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan and it was erected to commemorate Guam’s first documented contact with the Western World.

Magellan was travelling on the order of the Spanish Crown aiming to navigate the whole globe when he landed on Guam, stayed there for a few days during which he was well treated with good food and water.

In return to this Magellan decided to put the island in the map. The monument is surrounded by a park worth sitting and relaxing.

Underwater World Visit at Fish Eye Marine Park

Fish eye marine park
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The fish eye marine park located in Piti Bay Marine Preserve, Guam, is a fun pact touring spot for any tourist, solo, families or couples. Through the observatory one can enjoy a gorgeous panoramic view of the entire Pacific.

The area is also filled with numerous underwater activities. One can witness endless types of fishes, sharks, turtles and the entire wildlife from the observatory.

All together this place upholds the rich natural wildlife Guam has managed to preserve well along with keeping the marine beauties available for all tourists.

Magic Show at Encore

One of the most unique features of Guam is its magic shows! To top the already long list of activities to fulfill ones heart’s vacationing desires, the magic shows in Guam enrich the whole mystic aim with which a tourist is set to travel.

There are multiple shows held throughout Guam, some are performance based shows which are held even on the Wednesday night Chamorro night market. Others include the Nikko Magic Show and SandCastle Guam.

The most famous one is called Encore Guam held in Tamuning, Guam. A mixture of illusions, performances and comic relief, Encore claims a super friendly staff with audience involving shows that even feature Guam’s lion Rio.

Dolphin and Whale Watching

Dolphins in Guam
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Due to the boundless treasure of marine life in Guam, owing to its location in between the deep Pacific, one thing to be sure of checking off the wish list is witnessing the creatures of underwater world come alive.

Whether they are Dolphins or whales, even sharks, turtles and numerous fishes… Guam is waiting for their guests to take part in this world. The list of places to turn to in order to see dolphins and whales gliding through the blue ocean is endless.

Dolphin Watching Adventure,  Rainbow Dolphin and Diving, The Fish Eye Marine Park, Guam Ocean Adventure, The Valley of Latte Adventure Park, Alupang Beach Club, The Ocean Venture, Aquaman Charters Guam, Shotguns, Turtle Tours Guam… the list goes on.

Visiting the Pacific War Museum

Pacific War Museum
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Apart from the natural beauty this island has to offer, it is also rich in terms of heritage and history around it. For those interested in museums Guam has the multiple choices to offer.

There is an entire history of World War 2 wrapped around Guam. The Pacific War Museum is a major spot that one must not miss! With a bare minimum cost for entry, the Pacific War Museum holds numerous artifacts to show what went on in Guam during the war and has military exhibits of the Pacific’s theatre in Guam.

There are even U.S. Marines, gift shops and artifacts too. This museum was established by a Corps Vietnam war veteran John Gerber.

Visit Dulce Nombre De Maria Cathedral-Basilica

Dulce nombre de Maria Cathedral
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After all the travelling and shopping, getting into a spiritual unwinding might be the best choice. This catholic church of Virgin Mary is the biggest church in Guam in Hagatana, Guam. It represents the spiritual.

The sanctuary represents the love of the Guamanians for their Mary, mother of Jesus. The traditional architectural style with white walls and colorfully tinted windows is sure to take ones breath away.

The inside is equally beautiful with a special attention to cleanliness. There is a shop adjacent that sells souvenirs related to this beautiful shrine that is surrounded by beautiful sculptures around it. One is bound to feel a calming sense of spirituality throughout the place.

Go Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving in Guam
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Being the largest island in Micronesia, surrounded by the pacific on all sides, ultimate marine adventures are at their finest at Guam. The endless untouched wrecks of Guam can be called a pristine playground for admirers.

From experts to beginners and young adults, there is a chance for everyone to take a swim. One after the other institutions will be ready to take anyone to the coral depths of the ocean.

There is The Blue Persuasion Diving Guam, Scuba Guam, Shotguns Scuba Diving, Bubble Junkies Scuba, Guam Ocean Adventures and many others to make you wear swim fins and dive into the blue.

Go Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding in Guam
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The love for outdoor activities will only seem to increase once you come to know about Guam’s paddle boarding activities.  The island is filled with centers for all types of paddle boarding, standing paddle boarding being the most famous choice.

To have a double view out of the trip, one can visit the Valley of Latte Adventure Park and take a boat ride through the jungle rivers enjoying the breath taking scene of the local vegetation of both sides with palm trees bending over to the waters.

In case of wanting to be around the beaches and into the ocean, paddle boating around the ocean is available too from a number of places like Guam Ocean Adventures, Captain Dan’s Marine Center and Guam Beachboys.

Coastal Hiking

Swimming pool built in the cave in Guam
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As deep as ocean underwater, the practice of hiking is sure to take you very high most literally! Guam is loaded with different caves and coastal structures at stretch, all open to hiking for tourists.

The hiking adventures are personalized for all age groups; easy ones for children but considerably rough routes for teenagers and professionals. One can hike through the Inarjan valleys deep inside which lies an oasis where the families relax.

Other major attraction spots are the Talofofo Caves. Almost hidden inside the hills of Merizo are the Priest’s Pools having seven pockets of refreshing water. Other areas include the famous Pagat Caves, Adao Caves, FaiFai beach and others.

To the Two Lover’s Point

Two Lover’s Point
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As the legend goes, much earlier in time at this place in the Mariana Islands, two lovers deeply in love with each other decided to take the leap to death by jumping from this cliff.

Remembering this legend Guam has named this point "Two Lover’s Point". The view from the cliff of the ocean is breath taking to say the least.  One could take their special loved one to this place and feel the beauty of love in the air.

It is also quite a famous place to visit for families and friends. To this day people believe that tying a lock with their names inscribed at the gates of Two Lover’s Point will ensure everlasting love to them.  

To accompany the thrilling and poignant visit one can also enjoy food available all around the place.

Other Outdoor Activities

Boats, Kayaks, and various other activity in Tumon Beach, Guam
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The list of activities to get indulged in Guam does not end here, loads of activities wait for tourists to savor.

There is the riverboat cruise adventure through the green rivers of Guam, many parks offer personalized activities and water games,   Kayaking adventure tour is a major attraction for tourists of all ages.

There are many more things to do like the buggy off road adventure, Jet Ski riding through the turtle rock islands, Island Park Deluxe at the Ocean Parks, parasailing, looking for anemone fish houses, fly boarding and many more.

This island is sure to make your days busy with adventure and nights filled with joy.

Alupat Island

Alupat Island
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Popularly called the “Island from Island’, the Alupat Island is a separate mini island at a visible close distance from the main Guam Lands.

While your island hunger is looking for a quieter and more serene area to dwell a day into, this is the perfect place to swim to, yes it is that close! Or one can take a 15 min walk. Go to the Alupat Island to unwind inside this small piece of land filled with lush trees and beautiful rocks.  

The island is often proven great for taking pictures and drone videos. The island is also famously used for seeing starfish, kayaking, diving and other activities.

Go Shopping

Souvenirs from Guam
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One might presume that Guam only caters to the scenic beauty of beaches and coral reefs. In all truth however, it is ready to give you an absolute city like feeling with multiple huge malls and plazas.

After all that adventure and travelling around the land and sea you might want to simply stroll through the glass windows of malls or buy a few things from Guam for family. The Micronesia mall is the biggest mall in Guam with a multitude of different shops and U.S. brands at cheap prices for all.  

There is also the Guam Premiere Outlet, the T Galleria by DFS, The Plaza,  the Kmart, the Acanta Mall, the Agana Shopping center, the SM Island Guam and many more to choose your products and leisure hours from.