15 Best Things to Do in Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh

Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh
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Change and reinvention keep life interesting with a beautiful tint of excitement.

An exquisite epitome of reinvention lies in the great neighborhood of Lawrenceville, shining with deep history and vibrant influence.

Within Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Lawrenceville is your unique historic getaway glowing with hyper-creative energy.

You can barely contain enthusiasm while exploring the welcoming and walkable little village.

Exquisite art galleries, antique shops, trendy bars, boutiques, and more, await you.

You’ll have a great adventure in this neighborhood.

Here are the best things to do in Lawrenceville, PA.

Roll Old-School in the Arsenal Bowl

The New York Times labeled the Arsenal Bowl as “where old school bowling vibe meets nightclub atmosphere.”

This bowling alley has a 20,000-square-foot spot for social gatherings and 22 bowling lanes for you to enjoy.

Built around 1938, the Arsenal Bowl is a true Lawrenceville institution.

The modern facility showcases a classic retro bowling alley design, a great sound system, and a pool table near its bar lounge.

Its bar offers excellent food with affordable drinks and beer.

It also hosts parties, meetings, and social gatherings where friends and family can bowl with great music, food, and drinks.

Experience retro bowling like none other at the Arsenal Bowl!

Awaken your Creativity in Art All Night

Do you want to see a multitude of artists flocking together?

You should catch the Art All Night event in Lawrenceville.

Art All Night features a 22-hour event of independent artists showcasing uncensored and free art shows.

The event typically happens held on the last weekend of April.

The event dates back to the 1990s when a group of friends put on an art show to commemorate its steel town roots.

In 1998, Art All Night debuted with 101 pieces, which grew to more than 1,100 art pieces, making it a fun, family-friendly event.

Growing more popular every year, it does not only showcase gorgeous visual arts but also top-notch performing arts.

Celebrate art all night in Lawrenceville!

Marvel at the Creativity in the Red Fish Bowl

Do you want to awaken your sleeping creativity through gorgeous artwork?

Creativity flows through your veins as you explore the lovely art pieces in the Red Fish Bowl.

Situated on Butler Street, it features a grassroots artist collective that unifies different genres, media, and creative networks.

Tying art, music, and performance together provides a perfect platform for many artists without judgment on their culture, age, ethnicity, gender, or ability.

It arranges diverse showcases and events periodically for locals and community visitors.

You can also buy the art if the appealing artwork captures both your heart and mind.

Indulge your inner artist at the Red Fish Bowl!

Savor the Taste of France at La Gourmandine Bakery

You may be in Lawrenceville, but the flavor of La Gourmandine Bakery will take you to France.

Fabien and Lisanne Moreau opened the bakery in 2010.

They were both born and raised in France.

They first planned to open a French restaurant, but their love for traditional French pastries pushed them to establish a famous bakery.

It features the taste of France, specializing in savory sandwiches, delicate pastries, and croissants that would melt in your mouth.

It includes the delectable quiche, chocolate almond, amandes croissant, abricotine, and crunchy French baguettes.

You can also grab a cup of coffee to match it up with your sandwiches.

Without a doubt, it is a French experience in the heart of Lawrenceville.

Experience Classic Theater in Row House Cinema

Did you miss how you used to see movies in the old days?

Row House Cinema on Butler Street brings you back to the grand old times with its single-screen neighborhood theater.

Located inside a historic row house, the theater is famous for its lovely events and festivals.

Join Pittsburgh Japanese Film Festival, the Pittsburgh International Children’s Film Festival, and the Sweded Film Festival.

The theater also links to a taproom and Bierport, a bottle shop, for tasty craft beers.

It has a great selection of movies away from the mainstream, with foreign language films and oddities.

Based on its unique theme of the week, the Row House Theater will screen an exciting choice of films.

Take the front row and enjoy the show.

Relive your Childhood in the Kickback Pinball Café

Unleash your inner child at Kickball Pinball Café, the haven for pinball enthusiasts.

Located on Butler Street, it features 15-20 pinball machines with different themes from your favorite movies and cartoon characters.

It includes themes from Star Wars, Godzilla, Rick and Morty, The Walking Dead, The Simpsons, The Addams Family, Indiana Jones, and others.

Beyond the awesome silver ball, they have a delicious food menu if you get hungry while having nonstop fun.

They have a chalkboard list full of various enticing coffee flavors whenever you want to relax.

Even if you’re not a fan of pinball, the Kickball Pinball Cafe is still a worthwhile place to stop by for a quick snack and coffee.

Explore the Historic Arsenal Park

If you want to lie down in the green grass field with a scenic view of looming trees, Arsenal Park is the sure way to go.

It is a 20-acre well-maintained community space with a significant heritage in the heart of Lawrenceville.

In 1862, the park was once the Allegheny Arsenal, where an accidental explosion happened.

The explosion killed about 78 workers, one of the worst civilian disasters of the Civil War.

Later on, the government turned the arsenal into a park to serve both the community and visitors as a place to unwind and relax.

It’s a gem for many people, with many activities, such as softball games, ice skating on the pond, tennis, and more.

Bring your family and don’t forget the picnic snacks and blanket at the historic Arsenal Park!

Sip Coffee with the Stars at Constellation Coffee

Have you tried drinking coffee under the beautiful stars of outer space?

Constellation Coffee boasts a wide array of specialty coffee blends, one of the best shops in town.

It has an elegant blue and white interior design, making it a cozy place to relax or work quietly.

You can buy one of their roasted beans as a take-home souvenir to bring with you.

Constellation Cafe has the best cortado in the city, making it a must-to-go place for all coffee lovers.

Choose the Best Gifts in Wildcard

Do you need a gift or a card for a friend while on a trip?

Stop by Wildcard on Butler Street.

It is your one-stop shop for handmade gifts, unique cards, original art, colorful gift wraps, handpicked books, and Pittsburgh-themed t-shirts.

Locally made by many creative, independent artists, various items are curated for you to explore.

Its fine-looking souvenirs and trinkets are better and typically cheaper than those in other places.

It features many surprising gifts and items, leaving you not empty-handed after visiting the place.

Don’t miss the perfect gift at Wildcard.

Enjoy an Old-Fashioned Drink in Arsenal Cider House and Garden

One of the lovely staples of Lawrenceville is its cider houses, rooted deeply in its history.

The Arsenal Cider House and Garden feature a wine-style hard fruit cider and mead with a Civil War theme.

Its name originated from the historic Allegheny Arsenal, just a few steps away from the shop.

It has shown pioneering influence as the first cidery in Western Pennsylvania, making it an early industry leader.

You can also find a cider garden around the corner of the Arsenal Cider House.

Enjoy local band performances while drinking your favorite fruit cider.

Try exquisite, authentic, and boozy ciders in the tasting room.

Dig into the Secret Taco Menu of Smoke Barbeque Taqueria

Do you fancy burnt ends?

Well, you’ll find a lot of this tasty food in the Smoke Barbeque Taqueria on Butler Street.

It prides itself on making all the listed dishes from scratch.

It means that they smoke all meats in-house and prepare all condiments in the kitchen, including their delicious handmade tortillas.

Their food menu includes a wide selection of tender and tasty barbecued meats, sandwiches, salads, and various tacos.

You can also opt for drinks such as wine, beer, and cocktails to match up with it.

Are you wondering about the secret taco menu?

Find out at the Smoke Barbeque Taqueria!

Enjoy Nonstop Fun in Barcadia

Do you know when a light bar combines tasty drinks and arcade gaming?

The result is an exciting retro-themed space named Barcardia, located in Market Square.

It offers over 35 arcade games, such as pinball machines, and a wide selection of delicious cocktails with popular game themes.

In its interior design, you’ll find cool circle lights, beautiful paintings, and comfortable lounge seating, adding to the whole place’s aesthetic.

On the weekend, they got DJs to make the night much merrier with upbeat music.

Bringing you nostalgia and fun, Barcadia is a good hangout place for the whole family or squad.

Try Indoor Golf with Five Iron Golf

Who says you need a vast open space for golfing?

Located near Market Square, Five Iron Golf transforms traditional golfing into accessible and enjoyable virtual worlds.

It offers eleven custom-built golf simulators with a fantastic array of multiple high-speed cameras dedicated to capturing all the angles of the golf swing.

Using Trackman and Fullswing technology, the golf ball quickly travels from the virtual world to the natural one.

You will forget you’re golfing indoors.

There are over 150 courses for the Trackman simulators, while the Full Swing simulators have 93 championship courses to play.

It has a stunning bar and kitchen to chill out in for various beers, wines, cocktails, and delicious food.

Enjoy this Pittsburgh’s best spot for a night out with family and friends.

Find your Way to the Future at Garrison Canal

If you find yourself near Garrison Place, just take a few steps to see the imaginary underwater future world of Garrison Canal.

It is a stunning art installation where you’ll pass under the waves of thousands of glowing lights.

Remarkably, the installation changes color and animates depending on the real-time changes in local weather conditions.

Andrea Polli led the installation, aiming to bring life to downtown alleyways through artwork, lighting, and pedestrian enhancements.

Take your camera out, and don’t waste this scenic photo opportunity.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Embrace the Vintage Essence of Toll Gate Revival

If you have an excellent eye for the eclectic, you’ll find the Toll Gate Revival a good shop to visit.

According to its owner, Seth Hunter, Toll Gate Revival represents the reflection of Pittsburgh with its rustic style that genuinely defined the city.

This rustic antique shop on Butler Street brings you a throwback collection of signage, furniture, housewares, and hand-picked vintage items.

Its curated front showroom presents many high-end items, while its back warehouse contains all the other things.

If the art of vintage is not your calling, you can also find exquisite candles, screen-printed t-shirts, and organic cologne that would make great gifts.

You’ll find it in Braddock, Pennsylvania, 20 minutes from Lawrenceville.

Final Thoughts

A trip to Lawrenceville shows you the glamorous way of transformation, innovation, and reinvention.

Its wide array of destinations and places to visit will help you appreciate all the beautiful things that the word “change” can offer.

Move this trip up your next-to-do list!

Begin your adventure with this list of the best things to do in Lawrenceville.

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