15 Best Things to Do in Jim Thorpe, PA

15 Best Things to Do in Jim Thorpe, PA

One of the most romantic vacation destinations, Jim Thorpe is all beauty and serenity.

Nestled in the lap of the Pocono Mountains, it is a perfect getaway if there ever was one. Standing synonymous with the name of a great athlete, the city is definitely worth exploring.

Jim Thorpe is a Victorian styled town - one that has done well to preserve its eventful history - with romanticism blooming all over.

The overall vibe is calm and soothing and the city is also known for its impeccable hospitality and relaxing retreats.

If you are looking for a relaxing spot, Jim Thorpe bags the top position. What makes it different from any other destination?

Read the top 15 things to do in Jim Thorpe and find out for yourself!

Revitalize at The Glen Onoko Falls

 Glen Onoko Creek Cascade
Jonathan A. Mauer / Shutterstock.com

A waterfall is the most appropriate point to unwind. Glen Onoko Falls is located at a higher hike; it can be difficult to climb up to till the falls because the road is steep.

But if you are up for the challenge, you will be in for a treat. The trail is surrounded by trees and lush green bushes that enhance the effect altogether.

The view from up there is impressive to say the least. The falls are a gorgeous place to start exploring Jim Thorpe.

Make sure you visit it early in the morning so that you can even watch the beautiful sunrise.

Tour the Asa Packer Mansion

Asa Packer Mansion
Tito Slack / Shutterstock.com

It is always fun to explore the history of the place you are visiting. It will help you gain a deeper perspective of the town.

The Asa Packer Mansion is a Victorian wonder in the city of Jim Thorpe. The mansion is converted into a museum and is a historical landmark.

This museum will take you back in time, offering some vintage aura.

You should opt for a tour guide, as they will tell you the untold stories of the place.

It is well-structured and you must visit it to understand the rich history and ethos of the town. It will just take an hour to see the mansion in totality.

Board the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway

Lehigh Gorge scenic railway
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The vintage 1900s train is in trend even today. It is one of the most beautiful rail rides that you can experience.

The train traverses through stunning scenery and it is a visual treat for everyone who is on board. The service is accessible to the public throughout the year.

The interiors are majestic and offer a regal experience. The ride will last for approximately 45 minutes, but the memories will stay in your mind afresh for much longer.

It is recommended for family and couples equally. You will enjoy the ride and will get to view Jim Thorpe from a different perspective.

Catch a Glimpse of The Old Jail Museum

Old Jail Museum
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A jail converted into a museum is an intriguing place to visit. History always gets you astonished, and this place will be doing the same to you.

The Old Jail Museum is the oldest edifice in the city. It was a jail in older times and now is carved into a historical monument.

You will learn a lot from here; the guided tour is small, but very informative.

The jail is in good shape even today and has withstood the test of time.

They also display small clips of prisoners that are gut-wrenching to watch. But it is a great place nonetheless.

Visit the site in the afternoon as the crowd is relatively less. It may appear daunting from the inside, but it is a friendly and safe place.

Attend a Show at Mauch Chunk

Mauch Chunk Opera House
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Mauch Chunk Opera House achieved recognition when it got featured in the National Geographic Traveller.

The place is known for its excellent acoustics. It displays shows from every genre, be it jazz, classical, folk or rock.

It is a heaven for all the theatre and music enthusiasts and an excellent venue for concerts and performances.

Locals do not miss the weekend shows at any cost. So whenever you visit you should catch a show too. It is located in the heart of the town so is easily accessible.

The music is top-notch, and you will get to experience a crazy and energetic time here. You should at least watch one show during your trip.

Go Biking Around Pocono

Biking is a favorite activity of almost everyone in town. It is a great exercise and a fun activity to do.

One of the biggest advantages of riding a bike is exploring the untrodden paths and that's exactly what you should be doing around the picturesque city.

You can take up different trails to ride through distinct areas. The scenery is so stunning that you will not get tired of riding for hours altogether.

All in all, it will be an excellent adventure for you. Rent a bike early in the morning so that the atmosphere is pleasant too.

It is suitable for every age group. So put on the helmet and get going!

Meander in The Bear Mountain Butterfly Sanctuary

Butterflies are appealing creatures. And the Bear Mountain Butterfly Sanctuary consists of exquisite species of utterly beautiful creatures.

A must-see attraction in Jim Thorpe, the butterfly house here is absolutely stunning. It is a warm and welcoming place.

You will get to explore different species of butterflies here as it boasts of housing several different species. It almost appears as if one is in a fairytale!

Visit the place in the evening as the creatures are most active then. It is an offbeat place but is definitely worth visiting. You will enjoy it to the fullest and will want to stay a bit longer.

Stay Over at The Defeo’s Manor

Defeo’s Manor
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Defeo’s Manor is a warm and welcoming place. It is not a typical hotel, and it is an Inn with a home-like vibe.

The ambience is soothing and calm. Defeo’s breakfast is renowned in the whole town. They bake the best croissant and brew dark coffee. The interior decor is beautiful, and the rooms are spacious.

You can stay here for one night and relish breakfast the next day. Also, their continental breakfast served on the bed is delicious and fulfilling.

It is the best Inn in Jim Thorpe. Their suite is lovely and comforting too. This Inn will make your visit to Jim Thorpe worth it. You will not feel that you are in a distant land.

Pay a Visit at Jim Thorpe Memorial

Jim Thorpe Memorial
Mark Van Scyoc / Shutterstock.com

You should not miss out on the Jim Thorpe Memorial. The city is named after him, and if you are in the city, you must pay a visit to the Memorial.

The property is an excellent tribute to the person. They have exhibits documenting his life and it just the place for people for an insight.

The Memorial will help you understand the significance of the place. You will need around half an hour to visit the property.

It is small but a remarkable place in terms of learning. Soak tranquility and moments of stillness here.

Gulp Wine Glasses at Big Creek Vineyard

Big Creek Vineyard
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Wines taste different when in different regions. Jim Thorpe is said to stir the best wines all over the United States.

Their wines are delectable and smooth; Big Creek Vineyard offers several different flavors to entice your taste buds.

They have curated an exemplary menu that is customizable and you can mix and match different flavors.

We are sure that you will end up taking a few bottles home to enjoy it with your family. It is located amid the city and so is filled with visitors.

Needless to say, you are in for a treat. You would never have tasted such a smooth wine in your life. You will carry the taste of wine with you for years together. Go for it today!

Praise Art at Studio YNW

Every artform has its aesthetic quality, and do you know what happens when they all come together?

A magical world is built. Studio YNW is a gallery located in the heart of Jim Thorpe. The art pieces showcased here are one of a kind and an absolute a treat to the eye.

The ambiance is more of an art studio and less of a gallery. The paintings are created by the in-house artist, Yvonne Wright.

His pieces are composed of Surrealism and Fantasy. You can buy some items too if you love his art. It is a unique place, and you will surely love it here.

Take the Infamous Sidecar Tourz

Sidecars were in trend in the 80s and 90s. It was a style statement and a sign of aristocracy.

They are not available nowadays, but what if we tell you that you can ride them even today? Yes, you can find them even now on the roads of Jim Thorpe.

You can rent one from the tour operator and go around the city.

They come at very affordable rentals and are make for a good ride; you will feel as if you are stuck in some 80s movie.

Travellers make it a point to ride them as and when they get a chance.

You can tour the whole city on the sidecar if you like. But they do ask for a license as a precautionary step. It will be an exciting activity to try so do not miss out!

Raft Through the Pocono Whitewater

The Pocono Whitewater is a top tourist attraction in Jim Thorpe.

To get your adrenaline boosted, you must try out rafting through the whitewater. It is a daunting activity but is a lot of fun.

The guides accompany you in the waters so you'll have an instructor all throughout.

The water is not steady, and the tides are high and that’s where the adrenaline kicks in!

And if you are one who is looking to strike off an adventure on your bucket list, do not give it a second thought and just go.

Gain a Mysterious Perspective at Harry Packer Mansion

Harry Packer Museum in Jim Thrope
Frederikto, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Do not go by the name. The Harry Packer Museum is a luxurious Inn reserved for tourists. This mansion was used as a Haunted Mansion for Disney movies.

Well, don’t be scared off. It is an unusual but attractive place. You will get to dive into the various mysteries and stories associated with the house, some of which might stay with you for long.

It is a literal game wherein you play the characters and solve a mystery. You can spend a weekend and solve them all.

The rooms are comfortable and spacious. Also, do not forget to have their special Pumpkin Martini; you will remember the taste of it for years.

Say Yes to Pizza at Antonio’s

Who says no to Pizza anyway, right? Antonio's Pizzeria in Jim Thorpe serves delicious pizza. With a menu that is tailor-made to accommodate varied tastes and contains customized pizza options, this is a place for everyone!

You can head over here for dinner and hog on thin crust cheese pizzas. They serve salads and pasta too.

But when you have Pizza, do you hunt for something else? Arrive on time, and make sure that you have a table before the dinner rush kicks in!

This marks the end of our trip to Jim Thorpe. The city is lovely and definitely deserves to be on your bucket list. So, start planning an itinerary soon traveler!