15 Best Things to Do in Quakertown, PA

Quakertown, PA
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Quakertown is about 50 miles north of Philadelphia and is situated in the northeastern part of Upper Bucks County.

It was originally known as “The Great Swamp” and “Richland Center”; it wasn’t until 1803 that Quakertown was declared the settlement’s official name.

The town began as a crossroad village with a tavern and soon transcended into a stopover for stagecoaches and commercial traffic between Allentown and Philadelphia.

After the Civil War, railroad and national economic expansion lifted Quakertown from a tiny village into a bustling commercial center.

In 1969, Quakertown was able to generate its own electrical power but later abandoned the powerplant.

Still, Quakertown remained in control of the distribution lines within the borough and bought power in bulk and resold it.

Not long after, Quakertown operated their own water supply and sewer systems.

Today, a combination of historic sites, preserved state parks, and business districts plague the town’s streets along with the combination of the past and present in its infrastructures.

Although the town is considered a small area, there are certainly a lot of things you can do here that will make your trip an unforgettable one.

Check out 15 of the best things you can do while in the beautiful town of Quakertown, Pennsylvania.

Swing by Liberty Hall

Front exterior of Liberty Hall
PattiParker, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Situated on West Broad Street is the historic Liberty Hall.

Built in 1772 by Abel Roberts, Liberty Hall stands as the first permanent residence in Quakertown.

Aside from a cornerstone for the town’s rich history, it is also believed that the Liberty Bell was hidden inside the house for safekeeping in 1777 during the Revolutionary War.

The bell outside Liberty Hall
PattiParker, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The bell was kept inside the house for a day before it was transferred to the Zion Reformed Church in Allentown.

Liberty Hall is a two-story house with one room per floor, spanning 15x15 feet.

Visitors can still get a glimpse of the simple architecture adorning the house, which includes a basic fireplace as well as paneled walls and floors.

Traverse the Upper Bucks Rail Trail

Tourists looking to get a much-needed exercise can traverse the Upper Bucks Rail Trail beginning from East Pumping Station Road.

The hiking and biking trail finished construction in 2020, which took more than a decade to build.

The trail is a part of the Circuit Trails network, a trail system across Greater Philadelphia that spans 800 miles.

Get lost in the tranquil scene of lush green trees and a seemingly endless pavement that brings you closer to nature.

As you explore the trail, you’ll see several intricate rock formations scattered in the area.

You’ll also come across an open field where you can take a short break before wandering the rest of the route.

Get a glimpse of showstopping art pieces from local artists at the biggest art gallery in the Le-high and Bucks County area.

This gallery on South West End Boulevard is a cultural hub for art aficionados looking to collect unique pieces.

From original oils to giclee on canvas, you’ll find just about every creation in this gallery that showcases the talent of budding and renowned artists in the area.

Impressionism pieces and displays about the Civil War can also be seen inside the shop, providing a real treat for history buffs.

The shop also offers custom framing services, which is a great way to personalize or make your newly acquired art piece stand out.

Taste Local Brews at The Proper Brewing Company

Beer buffs are in for a real treat at The Proper Brewing Company on West Broad Street.

Nestled in the historic Downtown Quakertown, The Proper Brewing Company offers a selection of 12 locally brewed craft beers on tap.

Indulge in the sweet and refreshing taste of Blondie Bree, the malty Gabi Wit, or the unique combination of Acai Berry puree and cotton candy mix with Pucker Up! Sour Series Acai Berry Cotton Candy.

The Proper Brewing Company’s cocktail selection also carries the shop’s personal flair using craft spirits from the local scene along with homemade juices and syrups.

You can also have a glass of their wines and ciders that have been sourced from wineries throughout the Buck and Montgomery Counties.

Wander around Molasses Creek Park

Quakertown is full of beautifully landscaped parks, and Molasses Creek Park is no exception.

Located along Krammes Road, this park is a favorite among locals for its combination of a serene and playful environment.

Wander around and find yourself in front of Molasses Creek, surrounded by grasslands and towering trees.

The park is a popular spot for those who want to spend their mornings walking around and those looking to get a daily dose of exercise by playing sports like baseball, basketball, and beach volleyball.

During the weekends, locals like to spend their time grilling and barbecuing in the area.

Catch Live Performances at the Univest Performance Center

Formerly known as the Quakertown Amphitheater, the Univest Performance Center on West Mill Street is a great place to catch live concerts while enjoying the open air.

Let music fill your ears and enjoy a panoramic view of the area.

The Univest Performance Center is also the home of the annual Sounds of Summer Concert Series.

So, if you’re planning to visit Quakertown for the summer, don’t end your trip without swinging by the performance center to enjoy the festivities.

Book tickets to get designated seats, or you can also bring your own chairs for a more comfortable experience.

Spend a Day at Nockamixon State Park

Tree by the water in Nockamixon State Park
gailf548, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Fans of the great outdoors will have a great time spending a day at Nockamixon State Park.

Located at Mountain View Drive, this state park is the perfect place for enjoying boating activities, having a picnic, or going on a hike.

Explore Southern Pennsylvania’s largest lake via a canoe, motorboat, rowboat, sailboat, paddleboat, or pontoon boat and enjoy your time away from the bustling town.

Fishing is also a popular activity in the lake, with channel catfish, carp, pickerel, and other species inhabiting the waters.

You can also explore the state park’s three-mile hiking trail, 2.8-mile biking trail, and 20-mile equestrian trail.

Birdwatchers can also spend some time observing bald eagles and great blue heron rookeries perched on the branches.

Watch a Movie at Regal Cinemas Richland Crossing 12

Watching a movie is always a great way to spend your free time.

And at Regal Cinemas Richland Crossing 12, you’ll have a wide selection of movies to choose from while you munch on some popcorn and sip on your soda.

The cinema opened its doors to the public in 1998 and has since then become a go-to place for locals.

Catch the latest movies and get the full cinematic experience with the auditoriums’ all digital sound.

Aside from stadium seating, the cinema also offers assisted listening and descriptive audio devices.

Learn about Quakertown History at the Quakertown Historical Society

Get to know Quakertwon’s rich history and humble beginnings at the Quakertown Historical Society on North Main Street.

Explore historical records that date all the way back to 1767 and check out a wide collection of archival materials like business and municipal ledgers, photographs, newspapers, scrapbooks, deeds, and other documents.

Check out Quakertown’s 200-year-old journey at the Marketplace Barn and revisit significant events in the form of artifacts and memorabilia.

Next, you can visit the Burgess Foulke House right across the street from the Marketplace Barn and get to know more about Quakertown’s first inhabitants.

Built in 1912 by Quakertown’s first mayor, the Foulke House is a stone structure that embodies an early English Quaker design.

Go Horseback Riding at Golden Spike Farm

Learn how to ride a horse on this small farm on Allentown Road.

Golden Spike Farm gives visitors the chance to explore Quakertown’s scenic trails while riding on rescued gentle giants.

As you traverse the trails, you’ll be accompanied by a wrangler.

You’ll also get to ride around pastures and wander nearby forests.

These rides can last anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the trail.

Shop ‘Til You Drop at Quakertown Farmers Market

Since 1932, Quakertown Farmers Market has been the central shopping district for locals.

This farmers market on Station Road has hundreds of specialty stores offering various products, such as clothing, produce, crafts, food, and more.

Quakertown Farmers Market serves a five-county area and is home to over 100 departments, 120 indoor flea market vendors, and 450 outdoor flea market vendors, among others.

Try your best to check out every store within the area.

Locals also visit the farmers market for its 225,000 square-feet flea market, where you can find both new and pre-loved products.

Quakertown Farmers Market also welcomes new vendors, renting out spaces for as low as $10.

Learn How to Play Tennis at the Tennis Zone

The Tennis Zone on California Road is a family-friendly facility that provides tennis lessons for all ages.

Work out your playing style by enrolling in private lessons and learn from certified coaches.

You can also enroll your kids in a junior development training program and have them learn the sport at a young age.

Participate in The Tennis Zone’s leagues and tournaments under the singles and doubles category.

The Tennis Zone also lets you shop for tennis equipment sourced from the leading brands in the industry.

Listen to Live Music at Parlor Concerts at McCoole’s

Parlor Concerts at McCoole’s on South Main Street is the best place to catch live musical performances.

Since its opening in 2013, McCoole’s has become a staple in Quakertown’s music industry.

The small and intimate performance theater has a 182-seating capacity and has been graced by hundreds of artists.

Feel the lively atmosphere and let music fill your ears under the dim lighting and the theater’s surround sound feature.

If you’re lucky, you might even see Grammy-winning singers and a hall of farmers gracing the theater.

Bowl at Earl Bowl Lanes

There’s no better way to spend time with your friends and family than playing a game of bowling.

Earl Bowl Lanes on West End Boulevard is a 24-lane AMF center established in 1984.

It has a predecessor built in Earlington founded by Abram B. Landis in 1958.

Play a game of ten-pin, or try your luck bagging the crown by participating in tournaments.

The bowling alley also features a game room within the facility.

Take Your Kids to the Pennsylvania Basketball Shooting Academy

Located on Waterway Court, Pennsylvania Basketball Shooting Academy hosts training camps and programs for young kids to learn the ways of the sport.

From conditioning programs to honing offensive and defensive skills, this shooting academy has all the resources to make your kid the next sharpshooter.

The shooting academy has tailored basketball programs for kids between the 5th and 12th grades.

You can also take your kids to the daily weekday group workouts on South 14th Street.

Or, you can enroll them in one-on-one private workouts, too.

Final Thoughts

There’s no denying that Quakertown is full of unforgettable sights and experiences that will surely make your trip worthwhile.

With its rich culture and history, bustling art and business districts, and entertainment facilities, you’ll surely want to keep coming back to this pleasant town.

And with the many things you can do in this beautiful town, it’s hard not to stay for a few more days (or weeks!).

So, you might want to check your calendar and book a longer stay because that’s the only way you can take in everything Quakertown has to offer.

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